The Giant Bellflower - Selby

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47a Gowthorpe, Selby, YO8 4HF

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It was my birthday yesterday so we decided to go out for lunch. Noticed this place, looked nice enough. This was around 1.30pm.
First off the tables and chairs were a mess so we tidied it up ourselves so we could sit, and the tables were filthy. Next we needed baby food warming up. 'Here's a jug to fill with hot water', erm yeah thanks mate only my pot doesn't fit into that jug so I asked for a bowl from the kitchen. The heat barely penetrated the plastic bowl enough to even warm it up after 4 or 5 refills of hot water. For a family friendly place that serves food, I suggest a conventional microwave be installed for customers to use for this purpose!
Next we go to get drinks and we were told there were at least 4 cocktails from the menu unavailable. On a Saturday??! After this we were given the filthiest glasses I've ever seen from a bar. Luckily we were having pitchers so we saw the dirt while they sat empty on the counter and asked for clean glasses. The dirty glasses look like a glass I have been drinking and refilling from at home when my hands were dirty from eating pizza or something! We saw the bar staff member check the glasses before giving them to us as well! What kind of standards does he have? Disgusting! His attitude was definitely a 'do the minimum possible at the slowest pace possible', either that or he didn't know what he was doing because he kept looking around between every action made.
Then we ordered food and my plate of chicken and avocado salad looked great. And it was great until I tried to cut into the avocado. What the heck do you do to the avocados in there for them to be rubbery??! Unripe avocados are hard like an apple and overripe avocados are soft like a paste. I couldn't even cut into this avocado it was that hard, picked it up and I could squeeze water out of it without breaking it! Asked for a replacement which was happily done by the member of staff waiting tables. Received my second plate to find it had the same problem! I informed the member of staff and said I'll just eat everything else as long as I can have some sort of a refund but she said I couldn't be refunded anything if I eat some of it?! I don't know the policy but from my experience, if a customer isn't happy with their meal it gets refunded whether it's half eaten or not. The food would be going in the bin if it wasn't eaten, what difference does it make to the pub if I eat it? I wasn't waiting another 20 minutes for another plate so asked for a full refund. Was offered a dessert 'to keep me going'. I wanted a meal, not a pudding so thanks but no thanks.
My friend's chicken burger was also not great. It had such a hard layer on the bottom of it, it couldn't even be cut with a knife!?
Smaller points to mention as well: we had 2 tables but only 1 food menu. No salt or pepper on our table. No children's menus. Then we had to ask for crayons because nobody told us where they were.
The only thing we were happy with was the kids meals. Luckily they weren't left to go to Gregg's like I was. Happy birthday to me!
Never setting foot in there again!

1 by Review source

Took over 20mins to get my first order of drinks despite not been busy (7/8 people at the bar it was a sat afternoon 15,30), only 2 staff working and not in any hurry, no clue who was next and 3 times served people that had just turned up at the bar, only got served as the 4th person who walk upto the bar pointed to me as been there before them, decided to try the app to order a second round, 25mins later had to go to the bar to find out what the delay was, told to wait as they was busy seriving all the people that had walked into the bar after my order, got my money refunded and walked out.
yes the beer is cheaper (not better tasting) than other places in town, but I would gladly pay a little extra for good customer service.

1 by Paul Taylor Review source

We have been using the bellflower since it opened and it was really good, but not any more, we waited over one hour for our food then when I asked the waitress if there was a problem she said no it's on its way, another twenty minutes past I then asked again, this time the bar staff/waitress went to the kitchen and brought one meal out at a time, my wife's burger had to go back to be replaced with another one my mixed grill was cold and should not have been served that cold my two sons meals were ok, such a shame as it was really a nice place when it opened

1 by Review source

The Giant Bellflower? More like The Giant Bellend. The service and food here is at an all time low.

As I ordered the chilli, they clearly put through the wrong order. The waitress came over with a completely different dish. As my family were eating I had to wait 15 minutes for the right meal. While waiting, a staff member came over to the table and asked me to pay an extra £1.20!! Excuse me? Are you serious?

The service here was beyond poor and I will not be returning to this Wetherspoons.

1 by Megan Anderson Review source

As with all Wetherspoons you get what you pay for. Well decorated and great atmosphere. Food has been served promptly on every visit. However the biggest gripe I have and it has stood for every single one of my visits here, is the slow and unefficient service received at the bar, Not to mention the unenthusiastic nature of many of the staff. But if you need a low cost meal or a comfortable catchup with friends most recommended, just don't expect a smile at the bar.

3 by Review source

Doesn't look it from the street but this is a surprisingly large place with lovely modern decoration.We went on a Saturday evening and it was packed it took us ages to get served at the bar because there wasn't nearly enough staff .But we did manage to find a table and we ordered food which came out really quickly it was piping hot and really inexpensive for what we got.Well worth a visit if your in the area and it won't break the bank.

4 by Jane Woodhead Review source

Using the app to order is really great. We can seat ourselves and just have the food and drinks brought to our table with the least fuss. Do try it if you haven't already.

This is a lovely warm pub and staff are also warm, friendly, hard working, caring and polite. They do a great job.

Food is nice and there's a good selection.

Value for money is excellent.

I have no complaints.

5 by nic R Review source

It's a Wetherspoon's, it is what it is like all others. Wide selection of local and international drinks and the kitchen still believe there is a potato famine when it comes to serving chips. The only bugbear in this place is they can never quite manage to have the right number of bar staff on at any time so they lose track of who's next and it becomes a free for all.

3 by Paul Daly Review source

This place has gone down hill fast. The place is very dirty food all over the floor and trampled in to the carpet all the way up stairs . We went in mid week and there was a horrible smell of drainage. The young man behind the explain to us it was the air con. Another young man behind the bar was asked if they did de caff coffee he response was I don't know.

1 by Paul Hampshire Review source

Always a warm welcome from the staff, yes sometimes you have to wait a while, sometimes the tables need a clean but that's because I feel the staffing levels are at times too low but the staff never stop working hard... I like it because there's always a good choice of beers at good prices but it's the STAFF that make it good for me.. x

4 by Review source

Didn't eat this time but it's generally pretty good food in here.
Nice, bright and fresh decor.
Service was good. Apologised for delay but it was minimal.
Nice atmosphere, Saturday night at 11pm, didn't feel threatened or worried. Bouncers on the door doing a great job.
Everyone seemed pretty chilled.

5 by Jodi Jodi Review source

Pleasant service, nice food and value-for-money. Sometimes have to wait a bit to get served but food comes quite quickly after your order's gone in. Recommend the piri piri chicken. Would have been a 5 if you didn't have to wait so long at the bar and they hadn't stopped doing hot chocolate!

4 by Helen Silverwood Review source

Started going back in this place said I wouldn't because of one bad experience with a member of staff who was really rude I complained to Witherspoons and they apologized I am glad we decided to go in again the same girl couldn't do enough for us .She must have had a bad day previously.Harry

3 by Review source

Food okay but not great . Eggs not runny, bacon dry wife didn't even get her bacon had to ask for it came after she had finished her meal, butter been left under lights so was like water,coffee was nice .plus how matter how many times you say coke no ice you always get ice in drink .

3 by Review source

For a spoons I will give this one credit. It's always very clean, especially the toilets. The grub is your standard Wetherspoons food but it is a nice place to meet a friend for a drink or quick bite to eat. The staff work very hard and are always polite.

5 by Review source

Really like this place only down side today was, coleslaw that didnt have coleslaw in it as photo shows it was all red onion otherwise everything else was good. The waitress was very good about it when questioned apparently they dont make it here but buy it in

4 by Shirley Wilson Review source

I used their app for the first time to order food and drinks at my table using my tablet. Works very well. It definitely improved the experience of the pub. I have been a fan of the place since it opened. Friendly staff. Excellent value food and drinks.

5 by Review source

Average in terms of Wetherspoons - could improve in a few areas: Have found lipstick on pint glasses which is pretty gross, food has been a bit rubbish sometimes. Overall it's been good though, just need to pay a bit more attention.

3 by Review source

Its a large place with plenty of seating and a larfe bar. Really busy on a Friday night. It's the same food as at all other Wetherspoons, but I think because it was busy it wasn't prepared very well. Cheap and mostly cheerful.

3 by Charlotte Hannam Review source

A nice Weatherspoons venue. Staff are always friendly and helpful, but they often seem to be short staffed and wait times at the bar can be excessive, though food is usually delivered quickly once you've been served.

4 by Lee Mason Review source

Have to say Maureen was the perfect host so friendly and accommodating. If she isnt on a bonus she should be. Nothing too much trouble, she never stopped cleaning serving and been friendly brilliant.

5 by Review source

Its a Spoons, good prices , bit of a wait if you happen to be their at popular times, sometimes they need a rocket up them, or a member of management needs to be floating about to lead my example.

4 by JB BB Review source

Busy place for its size. Staff were polite and efficient, but really is a no frills place and could do with extra staff to clean. Dirty tables and nobody working the floor. Typical of a spoons

3 by Darren Storey Review source

Service and place excellent and spotless give full marks to Mary Winterbottom all ways very pleasant and Carnt do enough.give her full marks.pontefract pub need her as our local BUT filthy

5 by Graham booth Review source

A pub so obviously a good thing. Food is available and its standard spoons food, not rated great by the locals but I like it, great value, great pub. They go through alot of staff too

4 by Thomas Speight Review source

Was ok place. Busy and service was slow. No soft drinks available when i went which was odd and only eanted soft drinks as i was driving. Food wasnt too bad. Have eaten better.

2 by Christine Review source

Very friendly staff always willing and helpful. Prices great and food excellent standard. Seating area and outside clean and tidy. Toilets very clean and we'll maintained.

5 by Keith Agnew Review source

Went for a vegetarian breakfast.
Served cold.
Horrible sausages - tough and dry.
One large mushroom.
Slimy fried eggs.
Will never go again

1 by Pauline Galna Review source

Food is ok and reasonably priced but I would pay a bit more for clean tables and menu's not covered in food! Put me off!
Ladies loo's are lovely.

3 by L P B Review source

Probably the smartest Wetherspoons I've ever been in, it's like a swanky wine bar than a local boozer but all at cheap as chips Wetherspoons prices

4 by colin spash Review source

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