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Went to Chiltern Firehouse with my best friend. We are both successful, influential, charming and certainly not ”bad to look at” women. Just to get that out of the way! Besides from that, my friend went to this place before with friends and I was a regular at the Chateau Marmont (owned by the same company) many many times.
The wine was excellent, but the food (my friend had a burger) absolutely overpriced for what she got. You'd get a much better value at places which are just as charming and upscale in London. The location is wonderful though, but this totally goes downhill by the pretentious, arrogant and dismissive stuff that obviously has a rather mediocre education and clue whom they're dealing with unless they see someone with a big name they know from the tabloids. I don't like to point that out at all, but the way me and my friend were treated is absolutely unacceptable and I don't see a reason to let that go unnoticed. We are decent guests and persons in general and we are living in an age where age-shaming and sexism should not be performed by anyone and certainly not by the stuff of an acclaimed upscale hotel. Unfortunately this is exactly what we experienced at the Chiltern Firehouse. At 8:05pm me and my best friend got pointed by a very rude waitress that it's last order because after 9pm only hotel guests are allowed at the bar. Nobody told us before, what would have been fair at least and we were somehow quite shocked as it's an awful experience to get kicked out that way -- especially for two girls. When we expressed to one of the bartenders how we felt about this treatment, he frankly replied ”this goes after looks” and when we (further shocked but still trying to be friendly) pointed out that it's very strange to kick out guests when the bar wasn't even half filled, he just replied ”it might get full later”. Next to us was a group of girls with cheap fake fur coats, greasy hair and lower class behavior (excuse my honest opinion in that case), who didn't get thrown out. ??? So we were prompted out and went to the reception to ask if we could get a recommendation for something nice in the same area as we didn't want to travel too far for just a couple drinks more. We just wanted to have a nice evening and being thrown out just made us feel horrible. What serious hotel would give their guest that kind of experience???? The guy at the reception had the edacity to recommend us to a PUB. When we expressed out dissatisfaction with this recommendation, a lady jumped in and looked for a more decent alternative. There was a woman at the hotel reception ”hanging out” which, let's put it that way, did not resonate the image of an upscale hotel. At all. To be frank, I'm under the impression she was on drugs or something. Were very surprised to see that in a place like that. But the staff seemed to know her very well (they called her by her first name) and tolerated her. But we got thrown out and redirected to a local pub. I hope it doesn't take much of your imagination to understand the humiliation we felt. especially since we are elegant women and professionals who on top regularly stay at the Chateau Marmont (what will be a blast of the past from now on). When I told the lady at the reception that the company just lost a regular hotel guest, she just said ”Well, I don't care. spend your money somewhere else then.” We just walked out without any further comment. And we surely won't ever come back neither any of the people we know -- which are a view who used to go there. What a shocking and sobering experience. This is supposed to be one of the best places in London? This place is a joke!!
Assumption: The location is nice, but the staff absolutely unacceptable and bad behaved. Also, the acceptance policy doesn't make any sense. Won't ever go to any place of this company and can't recommend to people I know who are used to go to the best places. It's pretty awful. They brave themselves wi

1 by Review source

I ate at the restaurant when it first pre-launched or whatever the 'marketing' term is: the food was okay, not up to Nuno Mendes normal standard, but fine. The service was appalling: basically most things went wrong, and nobody bothered to apologise.

Female friends refuse to go there, because apparently the rest of the world thinks they're mature, intelligent women - but in the restaurant they are treated as inferior to flash men (literally a friend ordered wine, then was told some nonsense ...).

I have been to the bar since then, reluctantly.

The two daytime visits this summer were fine; once went smoothly, and everything went well (correct drink, food arrived, the staff were great, etc). The second time it was almost empty: I was repeatedly brought the wrong drinks and they couldn't be bothered with the food (although they did bring the dog water).

On my only evening visit, the female staff were amazing and that part went smoothly.

What I found more upsetting was the way some younger women were treated in that same visit; a male waiter had harassed them to the point that one was crying by the lavatories and her friend was also very upset. I got the impression from the female staff that he regularly harassed both female staff and vulnerable female clients.

Honestly, the guys on the door, the overwhelming majority of the staff etc are all hard working and amazingly lovely. But there are still unpleasant staff and clients who make the Chiltern Firehouse somewhere that many women prefer to avoid: it's 2017 and we don't need to be made to feel inferior or like the Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir, 1949).

1 by Dr Dorothy Lobel King Review source

Having sold my soul to the devil to get a table here shortly after it opened I can't say I was disappointed by the place, which is buzzy and nicely designed, or the service (even though it was a bit 'Sunday evening' style slow) which was friendly without Michelin style servility or its frequent opposite of matiness. The sommelieuse was brilliant - at my great age I want novelty, not impressive labels, and her suggestions were delicious. However, as an admirer of Nuno Mendes's 'Viajante' which was fabulously good, I have to say that the food, while adequate for, maybe, 1 Michelin star, is not really fabulous. My sea trout starter was sashimi of sea trout with not much else of interest. My turbot main was memorable only for the spiky bits (unidentified) in the skin, which were very sharp and inedible. Carrot pudding was whacky, as desired and expected, but lacking in wow factor. Understandably, NM can't produce Viajante style results with a larger team and so many more covers. Maybe the owners have judged that their clientele are just not that adventurous?

3 by D LS Review source

We have arrived at the location 10 minutes before new years the door staff was nice to us but the receptionist was very rude and said us “i would ruin your near years eve” because we were not on a list her name was “Poppy” according to her but I wouldn’t be surprised if she lied about her name. It wouldn’t have been much effort to offer us a place on the not so busy place at this time. I am sure the location is ok but the lady gave us such a hard time that it will be out of question to visit this venue in future again. It’s a shame to have rude staff working at such a venue. We were all genuine people and could afford easily a beautiful evening there. We came on recommendation with an expectation. The lady on the reception needs clearly a training on how to speak to clients. At the end I am happy we spend our money elsewhere. I gave 1 extra star for the doorman who was friendly and spoke well menaced. I hope this review helps the management to avoid such mistakes in future. Such a bad service for a group that traveled far to london to have a good start into a new year.

2 by Jan Burchard Review source

The location, interior design and overall ambience are spot on but that's pretty much it. We had cocktails at the bar and they were ok but didn't surprise me and lacked any real flavour. We then moved on to the restaurant and that was the biggest disappointment. Although the service was attentive and friendly the bottle of Champagne we ordered was warm and we had to wait for the somellier to chill it for us, the food was below average: the chestnut risotto was over cooked, bland and insipid, the octopus rubbery and the gnocchi were not freshly made and too chewy. We had a panna cotta and that was probably the most interesting plate of the entire evening.
This is a place you go to for the hype and for people watching, I get it, but they should really get it together when it comes to food. Not a place I would honestly return to, there are so many other good restaurants in London that will not disappoint you the way this did.

2 by Review source

Got to the restaurant about an hour before our 10 o'clock dinner reservation, but were told they had no room at any of the bars for us and were sent away. The hotel bar was not full but we were excluded as that was for the hotel guests only.
We came back for our dinner reservation and were seated, served by very nice waiters - but the food was way below expectation - I had the Gnocchi which was not freshly made but kind of dry on the outside, seemed re-heated in the oven. My friend had the chicken - as well re-heated and chewy - not impressed at all, and for this price I do expect to be at least happy with my food. My friend was still hungry, - she had starter, main and dessert - and therefore asked for some bread, was charge 5£ for 3 slices of bread, come on - this really just felt like a money machine.
Not a place I will recommend to anyone, a shame as the rooms are gorgeous.
Wine was good...

1 by Review source

I’m quite disappointed to be honest, we are a family of 5 travelling from australia, booked for table of 5 weeks advanced for a Sunday brunch, on arrival the guy said I have only booked for 4 people and asked me to show him my confirmation letter, which I did and it clearly showed for party of 5, he then apologised and asked us to wait at the bar and said will get us in shortly because we arrived 10mins before. We waited till 1:50pm which is way pass my booking time, no apologies and I had to asked again how long do we have to wait until we can be seated, seriously what’s the point of making a reservation if you cannot provide the seats at the appointed time. Especially under such a good reputation.
Anyway, it’s noisy and crowded inside, we have a tiny table for 5 of us.

I would not recommend anyone to be here. Of course it’s over priced. Very bad experience.

1 by Review source

I'm warning anyone thinking of going here. I've left many reviews good and bad so I'm fair. This place is so pretentious it's literally untrue. It's unbelievable. As many TripAdvisor people have mentioned (over 100 terrible reviews) they have a recognition system for allowing you into bar. Its an absolute rip off. I also do not see a celebrity and a 'normal' menu so why are 'normal' people treated differently. Seriously get over yourselves on your minimum wage. Visit Hakkasan which although pricey too has fantastic food and great staff. Mind you if you drive a Ferrari on finance, think you'll find a rich man here or generally love pretending you're rich then this place is for you.... I see allot of the good reviews are from excited women probably out on a pretentious date with a jerk......

1 by Pani Spyrou Review source

We had a very nice dinner at 10:00 pm. They were lovely and the food was great. But when we tried to visit the bar, which is gorgeous, we were blocked from entering and told that on certain nights, only hotel guests are welcome at the bar. We thought that was strange and quite exclusive, not in a good way. We were then escorted out the back way and left in the alley behind the hotel. Felt like trash thrown out in the night. Very surprised to be treated that way by such a classy place.

Then, for the next three days following our dinner at Chiltern Firehouse, my friend and I experienced gastrointestinal problems. We concluded that it may have been caused by the raw seafood we ate at Chiltern Firehouse. It was too much of a coincidence that we both got sick for the week.

I guess I won't be back.

2 by Michael Pambianchi Review source

This is undoubtedly a stunning venue, with a beautifully restored interior. At the restaurant however, we had a very disappointing experience. Our table was not ready when we arrived, despite booking months in advance, the bar we were directed to while we waited was cramped, and when we tried to relocate to the (empty) garden bar, we were told it was full. While service was attentive, the food was a bit overwrought in presentation, while flavours were either overwhelming or absent, depending on the dish. Given the absolutely staggering price (you are definitely paying for the cool factor) this was disappointing. Go if you want to experience the stunning venue, but expect to pay a high price for a meal that you can probably find for 20 percent less elsewhere.

3 by Bella Review source

Delightful food that was sophisticated and geared towards fish and with a reasonably healthy interpretation on a lot of dishes. The pumpkin soup was delicious with a slight chilli kick. They were sold out of the prawn and crab omelette unfortunately so I moved to the smoked salmon which was well cooked and combined well with the flavours of the salad. The custard tart dessert was the best custard tart I have had (but then it should be for £14) with a beautifully smooth texture that was held together just perfectly on the edge of collapse. Rammed in to small tables and overpriced of course as it trades off a celebrity reputation but for an occasional treat a worthwhile diversion.

5 by Andy Cole Review source

You go there because of its trendy reputation. You never return because of the apparently put-on snobbery of the staff (is the maitre d' trained to give unnecessarily protracted wait times, or simply dismiss potential customers?) It's a bit awkward that the servers, in their 'designer' livery and the bartenders in bowties, are actually better dressed than the patrons. The service is painfully slow and the price of a cocktail is exhorbitant. Maybe the Balasz brand has tried to adapt to please London's sophisticated elite, but frankly I prefer the laid-back coolness of the Standard in NY, and the friendly accommodation of its staff members.

1 by Bruno OGHITTU Review source

High expectations and worse experience ever
1. 6 person booking have us 5 person table. Couldn't even sit comfortably
2. We had a coffee to start but took them 40 minutes from being seated to take our food order
3. Ordered 3 pancakes 2 came with 20 blue berries and 1 came with 3 drops. There is no consistency or standards.
4. Having raised the issue with them they said 'the chef was generous on the other 2' - bad response
Ok that's enough rant from me.
The place is not worth the money you pay as the food is average but my experience was totally destroyed so it tasted bitter and sour.

1 by Anthony Wong Review source

Had the intense pleasure of visiting the Chiltern Firehouse last week while on holiday from the U.S. We had a marvelous time! The staff was very professional and extremely accommodating. We had reservations at the Chef's Counter and were so very excited to watch the action and sample the fare. From beginning to end, our meal and experience were perfect. Although very busy, the chefs interacted with us throughout the evening, which made the experience that much better. We ordered course by course, and never felt hurried at any time. Definitely recommend the octopus, lamb, and pork. The key lime pie is exquisite!

5 by Review source

Incredible service and absolutely delicious food. We started with 3 snacks: the crab donuts, cornbread (bacon was involved) and fried chicken. All 3 were great and I'd order them all again. For mains I had the fillet (cooked perfectly) and my boyfriend had the pork shoulder (if I remember correctly). We shared the strawberry dessert which I as a bit doubtful of since I prefer chocolate over anything, but ended up really enjoying it. It was one of their more popular dessert options so we went for it. We were able to sit at the bar afterwards and enjoy some more cocktails. Overall a great experience.

5 by Jessica Safir Review source

The restaurant here has not just consistently excellent food, but with flashes of real brilliance - I have never before been wowed by a Caesar salad. The service is perfect too - friendly and attentive without being intrusive.
Get a seat at the chef's counter for a good view.

I had:
A glass of very good St. Emilion
Bacon cornbread with avocado
Caesar salad (featuring crispy fried chicken skin!)
Bavette steak (delicately cooked, buried amongst a host of charred greenery)
Panna cotta, with meringue and shiso granita, accompanied by the recommended Sauternes

5 by Alex Henderson Review source

Been in the late afternoon, unfortunately it wasn't possible to be outside since it was raining but, we were able to find a place inside. The service was perfect. Our waiter Federico was really helpfull and we ordered one starter and two mains. The starter was a burrata and the flavour was really good. As mains we had the salmon and the chicken. I must say that both where good but the chicken was amazing. We had a couple of glass of wine as well, and both of them where goods. I will strongly recommend to my friends this place. Both for the service and the food.

5 by Flavio Pastano Review source

Food is decent but not amazing, staff is kind of nice if you are lucky but clearly staff makes you feel that they are more important than you are... and if you happen to be there a little bit too late (not because of you, mind you, but because they are late to give you a table, serving you your main course at 11:30 when you have a 9:30 PM resy), they will ask you to leave by the back doors, where kitchen trashed are, considering yourself pretty much the same way as trash... not exactly what you expect for a £150+ restaurant per heads... food for thought...

1 by Review source

Despite a bit of an attitude received at some point, we had a pleasant time there.
I wanted to make a reservation for drinks for a big group, but I was told it wasn't possible to have a reservation just for drinks. The bar was too packed when we arrived, so we went to the pub next door and had a blast.
I went back for brunch and the food was really great.
Tip: make a reservation for dinner even if it's just for drinks, and order some plates. You'll be sure to have a spot and will enjoy the cool atmosphere of this place.

5 by Francois G Review source

Best meal I've had in London. Every single dish was amazingly put together. So many classic dishes with unique twists added. Every new ingredient or method applied was done so purposely too. If going as a couple I'd strongly recommend sitting at the chef's counter, son you get to see the fantastic kitchen in progress. Dinner for two (five courses, wine and other drinks) came to over £200, but that was so worth it for a special occasion. Service was fantastic too, attentive and friendly whilst never being overbearing

5 by Adam Shenton Review source

I took the monkfish, with caviar served in a Christophe dish. Very tasteful, and subtly complimented by well selected, north-western Italian Coppia Ferrarese. The table was I believe from Fortunoff. The cutlery was nonvintage which opposes an article I read in The Indepedent. However I fanatically agree with Zanny Minton Beddoes from The Economist, who said the interior was born into neomodernism, and has yet to develop it's brand. The food was great, and so was the service and the pre-service and reservations team.

5 by Alex Foster Review source

The perfect place for your hangover bloody mary - stylish, quiet, beautiful.
You're not going to get in here in the evening - the restaurant is packed and by reservation only. Don't fret - the restaurant isn't the best bit! We went for a Saturday recovery drink. The bloody Marys are very very nice. The oyster bar looked nice, but the best bit of all was the hotel bar in this converted firehouse. One feels like one is sitting in a glossy architecture magazine. Yes, it's that beautiful

5 by Aidas Palubinskas Review source

Okay... so the deal is: yes it's super expensive but it's an interesting restaurant with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs at work. The model-like maitre ds are in matching dresses and are very welcoming. I liked the mains but the octopus starter was the best octopus I've ever had. You can just go to the bar if you're not having dinner. If you are, book well ahead. I went on a Tuesday and could only get a reservation at 7pm even though we booked far in advance!

5 by Review source

This is the most amazing Brunch experience i've ever had.
We arrived a couple minutes early to this wonderful restaurant and got seats at the bar. the service there and when we got seated was impeccable.
The food was delicious and everything complimented each other, the prices were very fair for this area as i expected them to be higher.

Another cool thing - The Hostesses wore red overalls which had a very cool 'Handmaiden's Tale' vibe.

5 by Kobi Rubin Review source

- we sat in the doorway area waiting to be seated in the nice lounge area, and the waitress made it seem as though we would get a place soon
- the sudden “shortage of water” meant we ordered our cappuccino’s- and ended up having it in the doorway area because they never moved us
- no teaspoon with the cappuccino- a basic you’d expect when you’re paying 3x the normal price!
- overall, really cosy place but bad service if they don’t think you’re going to spend

1 by Ceci GD Review source

The build up was long but in the end it was over egged for a number of reasons. No booking available until 3pm on Sunday for brunch - kitchen closes at 3:30pm. Few vegetarian options (two to be exact)! £2 for the hot sauce that was supposed to come with the fries! Coffee nothing special, and tables all very closely put together. You have no choice with hearing the conversations next to you. Dessert - ok but not mind blowing. The wild rice looked like meal worms!

3 by Angela Lau Review source

I have fallen in love. This place is my favourite hotel anywhere in the world. Why? It’s the wonderful romance of the building and it’s interiors, the fact that it’s only got a small number of beautifully appointed rooms, all of the details from the working fires to the hue of the dusky pink walls.

The service is homely with nothing been to much trouble.

The lounge bar in the old fire engine is one of the nicest bars in London.

5 by James Layfield Review source

Beautiful venue, very disappointing food. The atmosphere is stunning. I can imagine the patio area is incredible in the summer but honestly the food was mediocre at best. Had a bowl of kale, a piece of cod with a tiny piece of veg and a coffee for £60. I left hungry and thought the food tasted bland. Oh, and the service was so slow. We had to keep calling our servers over - our awkward glances across the dining room weren't enough.

1 by Review source

Can't recommend this restaurant enough. The service is really amazing, everyone who works there is really nice. We have been three times now and each time it has outdone the last time we have been. The food is SO delicious and the cocktails are really inventive - different to any we have tried before.
We have woken up today still discussing the food and how great it was. 5 stars in every sense! Can't wait to go back!

5 by Stephan Dune Review source

Can't recommend this restaurant enough. The service is really amazing, everyone who works there is really nice. We have been three times now and each time it has outdone the last time we have been. The food is SO delicious and the cocktails are really inventive - different to any we have tried before.
We have woken up today still discussing the food and how great it was. 5 stars in every sense! Can't wait to go back!

5 by Review source

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