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TL;DR version.
Stayed for 2days. Lied about parking and bed size. Shower was either arctic cold or arabic hot. Or a series of both. Restaurant staff was rude and food was terrible.
Would not stay/eat again. Stick to what you know and stay at Village hotels.

Long version.
I have never complained about a bad hotel I've just avoided in future but this one got to me.

I stayed for here for work for 2 days. Checked in to be told that they 'HAVE' to take my bank card details for any extras I 'might' have, to which I said 'no that's fine i will pay if i need anything'.Only to find out that you have to pay for parking £12 a day which is the equivalent to parking in London! (nothing was said on website, just 'self parking'). After checking in I was told my room was on the 2nd floor and that was it. No direction no bar/restaurant closing times no breakfast times. All had to be asked by myself.
I requested online for a king size bed to find 2 single beds pushed together so I kept sinking in the middle of the 'king' size bed when i rolled over in the middle of the night. Went to the hotel restaurant 'collage' after working a 14hr shift after I hurried having a shower but was faced with a battle with the shower mixer. It was either arctic cold or Sahara desert hot. The mixer wouldn't mix the hot/cold water properly. After getting frostbite and 3rd degree burns simultaneously I rushed down to the restaurant as soon as I could because i was told the restaurant shuts at 10pm. I walked in at 9.40pm and was presented by Richard who was rather rude or was annoyed at me arriving so late in the day. After asking if it was OK to order food he said in a huff, 'well the kitchen closes at 9.45 so you better get a move on and order now!' Rather taken aback with his attitude, I replied defensively 'erm OK sorry' He pointed to a table and told me to 'just sit there'. I asked for a drink and he actually said and I'm not kidding. 'No! Order your food now and I will sort your drink later'.
Ordered food to find there was no salt or pepper shakers on the table and no sauces. But that was fine because Richard generously salted my sweet potato fries already, with what I can only describe as the salt equivalent of the dead sea. Put me right off my food. Had to actually scrape the salt off the chips! At no point did he ask if my food was OK. And i felt pressured to finish my meal asap. And when it came to settle the bill richard had the cheek to ask for gratuity. Not once did he say please or thank you.

I don't ever complain but my word what a bellend.

Village hotels are the way forward. Its a shame they dont have more sites. I would have travelled up to Newcastle to stay at this site there if I knew what I was up against.
Ive never had a problem with any of the Village hotels/restaurants and I've stayed at at least 10 of them around the UK numerous times.
They are better furnished, actual king sized beds tassimo coffe machines and dyson fan 65' Tv with Sky and free gym/pool access to club users which radisson blu does not offer.
Better staff relations very helpful and a lot cheaper ~£80 for a club room vs rudeissons blu ~£115 for a normal room.
Hell I would rate any Premier Inns, even any Travel Lodges and I've stayed at some bad ones more than radisson blu Durham.

Sorry radisson, you have put me off going to any other radisson blu hotels. You offer budget accommodation for premium prices. Never again.

2 by Review source

The Radisson is in a lovely location and has good facilities, however service is painful. Every request I made on a professional (meeting rooms) and personal (bedroom) basis took multiple requests and often was not resolved completely. The complaint that my bedroom had no TV remote hence the TV screensaver stayed on all night was met with the promise that a remote would be put in the room straight away. They turned the TV for off, I never got a remote. The request that our meeting room needed the projector setting up needed three requests before anything happened. Our keys to the meeting room expired part at through the second day of our meeting. Having them recut (in somewhat of a hurry) lead to the Manager getting visibly frustrated that I looked impatient (legitimately as I had customers wishing to access the room) and directing me to a member of staff who had already told me she had no access to be able to complete my request. He then had a whispered argument with her in front of me before dealing with my request. This hotel has all the facilities to be excellent but the service is severely lacking.

2 by Darren Hancock Review source

Firstly the positives. Lovely modern hotel in a fantastic location to visit this truly majestic and beautiful city. It's public areas are clean, spacious and airy. The concierge staff were very efficient and helpful. The spa is good and the treatments reasonable value. The poor. The restaurant is a catastrophy. Disorganised and chaotic. They need a total about the organisation or get a new restaurant manager. I saw no evidence of leadership and as such customer service was diabolical. This is a great pity because it has the potential to be great. Oh, and take the scooter and bike out - they don't add to the ambiance, they just get in the way... Overall I'd recommend if you're visiting the city for its location. If you're not on a food package, go try some if the great cafes in the city; they offer better value and service.

3 by Michael Richardson Review source

Four star hotel situated near the train station. But if you are on foot you have to make a long way to reach. I'm Slightly disappointed that it's an eco hotel. Convincing people to not to change linens for 3 days is disgusting. It was near the river. Easily accessible to city centre. Tourist map that they give you is totally garbage. I'm glad that I have GPS in my smartphone. I liked the red theme. I've asked for a room facing the riverside. I've got no replies. Front desk agents are so so.. Seeing that there is a one and only customer waiting at the reception desk and the staff simply acts like never seen from the back office is not nice. It makes a bad impression as well. They have got a nice restaurant. Friendly atmosphere, service and staff in the restaurant

4 by Malith Geekanage Review source

Great room, clean and spacious with great view of the river and cathedral (Superior room is worth it). The building itself is modern and kept to a very high standard. Breakfast is very good with everything you could imagine available. Slight issue with the beds though which in themselves are clean and comfortable but for some strange reason the sheets don't quite fit the bed. Means while sleeping they move around and that can (and has, I'm on the second night of a two night stay) been quite an annoyance while sleeping. A small and odd (given how well done everything else is to not have sheets that fit the bed) issue in what is otherwise a great experience. Overall though, still highly recommended\\u200b.

4 by Ali Review source

Wasn't the best value for money considering some stuff atitudes when trying to deal with certain situations. I'd rather have rather stayed somewhere less expensive and not have to put up with key cards locking us out of rooms after requesting a late checkout. I feel there is better for the cost although I can say the additional facilities themselves were excellent, other than food which I didn't get a chance to experience.

3 by Luke Daly Review source

We visited the Radisson hotel for a PuddleDucks swimming lesson. The changing rooms are clean and there is also a family changing room. The only downside top having swimming lessons there is that hotel policy doesn't allow non guests to watch from the poolside. That, however is more of a positive from hotel a guest's perspective. Overall a nice environment from what I've seen.

4 by Dave Hunter Review source

Lovely hotel with spacious and very clean rooms. Offers a great night's sleep and large beds. Great river views. The location is great, however it can be difficult to get to on foot during times when the river floods though this should not detract from the excellent service the hotel provides - which includes providing towels for guests at the entrance during these flood times.

4 by Samuel Gard Review source

Save your money! This place thinks its way more than it actually is, way over priced for what you get, didn't even have US plug adapter, then when we cancelled breakfast it's going to take a month to get the money returned to us! Really! In 2018! This place will have its awakening once Indigo opens in the centre of Co Durham, now that's 5* at a way more reasonable price.

1 by MTW WB Review source

Really happy with my stay here. Good sauna/steam room/pool area, had a great night's sleep with a nice view of the river from our room. Breakfast was as good as any hotel's that I've ever eaten - comprehensive buffet with fresh juices,fruit meat and cheese as well as all the usual fare and a selection of special dishes made to order and included in the price. Excellent.

4 by Tom Williams Review source

The hotel is situated by the river with a great view of Durham town centre including the castle and cathedral, all of which is only a short walk away.

The hotel rooms are very comfortable and well decorated, definitely up to the standard of other Radisson Blu hotels I've stayed at. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Durham for a short break.

5 by Robert Thorneycroft Review source

Really nice spacious rooms with good toiletries. They got a lot of the small thing right (plugs next to the bed!) but could improve on a few things; the AC can't be set to a particular temperature for example. Helpful front desk staff. I was there for an event at which lunch was provided: uninspiring selection of cold foods and soup, although what was there was decent quality.

5 by Jamie Lawler Review source

The main meal served on the night of arrival was lovely. Service was prompt and the whole table was provided with their meals at the same time. Breakfast was also delicious with a lot of options for all tastes. Room was clean and provided all amenities. Only downside was the lunch provided during the conference the next day. No hot food was provided and the selection was very poor.

4 by John Donaghy Review source

Excellent stay at the Radisson. Can't fault a thing. Easy to get to, with on site parking. Check in was straightforward and the room (Business Class on the 4th floor) was spacious and well equipped. Enjoyed our meal in the on-site restaurant and the buffet breakfast the next morning had plenty of choice. Service throughout was excellent and would go back in a heartbeat!

5 by Scott Suttie Review source

Helpful professional staff, slightly over priced but very clean, very spacious. Will be even better once the surrounding building work is completed. It's also quite complicated getting to the hotel as you need to drive away from the hotel to get to it!! But again once the surrounding building work is completed it should easier to get to.

4 by Andy Salisbury Review source

This is a lovely hotel in the heart of Durham. Very close to all the major attractions. I used the hotel for two nights on a business trip. As far as hotels go, this one met my needs; comfy bed, lots of space, great shower (small bathroom though) and a decent breakfast. I'll be staying here again when I come back to Durham.

5 by Neil Correia Review source

I had a really poor experience at this hotel and considering what it costs that's not a good thing all I simply wanted was a desk lamp and that seemed impossible for the manager to provide he gave me a variety of excuses didn't seem that concerned and overall I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anybody

2 by Nik Pugh Review source

Room was tidy and had a nice view, however the air conditioning didn't work very well so it was too warm in the room through the night. The menu in the restaurant is limited and not what I expected from the hotel. The food we ordered tasted nice though. Breakfast the next morning was the best part of the stay!

3 by Sarah Pennington Review source

No complaints...I stay at these corporate hotels all the time so you know it's not going to have any unique charm, but it does what it should do and it's very good. Staff really nice and appear to be locals. Food good, restaurant good, gym and pool great, view out of the front over the river is nice too.

5 by Review source

We were overnight guests as we were attending a wedding. Ideally located next to the river. Just a short walk across the bridge to the centre of Durham.. The room was spacious and had all the features I would expect from this standard of hotel. We will definitely be back and will stay a little longer next time.

5 by Review source

The afternoon tea we had was nice but there was not much to eat. The pieces of cakes were very small and the sandwiches had very common flavours. The spa facility is lovely but unfortunately the sauna was not working. It is also a shame we have to pay for parking. It is in a nice location though, near the river.

3 by Isabelle Webb Review source

This is a really nice hotel situated on the river, close to the town centre. Our room was spacious, clean and well appointed. The reception staff were very friendly and helpful. Meals were good.
Car parking is not free but reasonable considering the location. I would recommend this hotel and will be back.

4 by Joseph McGrath Review source

Really nice hotel in a good location in Durham. Had a family room for 2 adults and 2 kids which was plenty large enough. Staff are generally friendly. Pool and spa are an added bonus. Food in the restaurant is overpriced (as usual for chain hotels) and there are lots of options within a 10 minute walk.

4 by Alastair Macdonald Review source

Wonderful rooms, great staff & service. However I was annoyed that I left my phone charging whilst I attended to a 2 hour meeting, returning to find the sockets as well as the lighting trips out if you remove your key card from the slot... hence no phone for the rest of the night. GRrRrRrrrrrr.

5 by Ian Scott Review source

Firstly parking costs £9 per night which is ridiculous if you are a guest
Air con in room was very noisy and kept me awake until I turned it off
Breakfast was barely warm and then turned cold quickly when it touched the freezing cold plates.
Apart from that it was nice !

2 by Eastdurhamjoinery Shameless Review source

Expensive for the area, great pool, friendly staff and decent room if a little shabby in places. My biggest complaint is there are sooooo many spiders. So many spiders. Imagine how many spiders would scare Indiana Jones, then double it. They are on the outside, but still traumatising.

3 by Stephen M Review source

Great spa area, great sports staff! Shame that it appears the hotel management are not prepared to budget for maintenance of the spa. The shower screen in the male changing room has been removed for months now, one shower constantly runs only warm, a tap has run for over a year now!!!

4 by Tom Cunningham Review source

Had a lovely stay here. The staff were great and very helpful. The room was very clean and comfortable. The food was pretty good and relatively good on cost. My wife and I enjoyed the pool and spa facilities which were pretty good.

Will be returning again in the future.

4 by Phillip Dixon Review source

Nice enough location but building site next door currently spoils view and so does electricity substation in grounds. Room wasn't properly cleaned with a dropped chip left on the floor. Aircon does not appear to work either. Not up to usual Radisson standards currently.

3 by John Page Review source

We had afternoon tea and used the spa here after purchasing a groupon deal. It was such a relaxing evening-staff were lovely and the whole experience was wonderful. Delightful afternoon tea and a peaceful spa. Would highly recommend if you need some rest and relaxation.

5 by Flamegirl Review source

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