Roz Ana - Kingston upon Thames

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4-8 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7NH

+44 20 8546 6388




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I ordered last night and I must say for the price of the food, it was not very good... The salad was turning brown, the tandoori chicken was really dry and they sent me a Coke that was out of date by 10 Months!!!. I called and they did send another guy round but this time he came with a Coke that was 5 months out of date! the can says on it do not sell separately and I am assuming in date!! The guys said that the date at the bottom of teh can refers to the date that the can is made.

I hate to be a negative reviewer but I would not recomend this place. Park the out of date Coke aside the food was not great....


3 by Review source

really nice and clean Indian place. food and service are good. we really liked the concept for side dishes, which allowed us to try more things without over ordering or breaking the bank.

the dal makhani was authentic, although the food isn't as spicy as some might like. they'll gladly make it more spicy. just ask.

good place. worth a visit for sure.

5 by Rajat Chopra Review source

Staff were very nice, accommodating and looked after us well. Would recommend reserving before you come in though as it gets pretty busy during dinner.
Only issue was had to remind the waitress a couple of times for the drink order as she kept forgetting it and I ended up getting it after I finished my meal. The Daal Makhani and Rara Lamb were delicious!

3 by Presita Satyal Review source

I visited RoZ-Ana in December 2017 with my Dad. (Just found the receipt again) We both had beautifully cooked and full flavoured dishes and excellent friendly and efficient service from Cristina. Shall definitely visit again when next in Kingston.

5 by Neil Fraser Review source

Cocktails are amazing! Came here and had the Baron Samedi cocktail which was made with a lot of flair in front of us and tasted delicious. The food was by far the best Indian I've had, especially the starters. Chcoclate samosa is a must try.

5 by James Banurji Review source

This is best Indian food I've ever eaten. Nothing compared to the others. It's fine dinning and amazingly tasty! The spices are well proportioned and everything is so good. Plus, the staff are very kind. I do recommend this place!

5 by Onja VISONNEAU Review source

Wow! I LOVE the Laphroaig Chicken Tikka, a stunning dish with the sweetness of Tikka and the subtle smokeyness of Islay. I've forced myself to try other dishes but will happily default to the Tikka Masala.


5 by Peter Gush Review source

Trendy ambiance and friendly staff. Good quality food and an interesting menu. I enjoyed a contemporary arrangement of British meat and Indian flavours. Portions perhaps on the small side.

5 by Oliver Thalmann Review source

The food here is very good but don't try and order takeaway. Their delivery driver is terrible and has let us every time.

The restaurant is better.

3 by Review source

The food is amazing, drinks are good, service is quality... but most of all the staff are all friendly and can converse with you. I go there a bit too much to be honest...

5 by Review source

Fantastic food and service. There is a specials menu that follows different regions of Asia allowing you to try different dishes/flavours at different times of the year.

5 by Joe Brennan Review source

Superb food , good service and some great quirky cocktails - beware the ones with chilli!
This was probably my 10th visit and certainly won't be my last

5 by Bob Reid Review source

This is very high quality, fresh indian food. Not the cheapest, but worth it. One of the best indian experiences in a simple relaxed environment. Perfect.

5 by Nick Tyler Review source

This is the best Indian restaurant I've tried in London. Never had a bad meal here. Amazing soft shell crab and chicken tikka cooked in whisky.

5 by Review source

Excellent food, excellent service and buzzy comfortable atmosphere. Pretty soft furnishings and well presented food. Would definitely go again.

4 by Review source

Really nice place and tasty food. Coctails are a bit expensive as there is not much of it in the small glass. That's why only 4 *

4 by Be Karni Review source

Quite good Indian in the Kingston locality. Tried many Indian restaurants in the Kingston area. This is the best. But a bit pricey

5 by Suresh Babu Review source

Great food, friendly service and nice location.
Perfect if are looking for a quiet place to have lunch or a pleasant dinner

5 by Andrea Piseddu Review source

Had a selection of vegy dishes, unfortunately none too impreasive. I heard the meat ones might be better. Good service tho

3 by Daniela Filip Review source

We have eaten at Roz Ana on several occasions, no visit has failed to delight, great atmosphere and fantastic food.

5 by Review source

Really interesting curry restaurant - seems to be more authentic and fresher ingredients than a usual curry house.

5 by Review source

By far the best Indian in SW London. Great bar area too. Lamb shank amazing. Amritsari fish stunning.

5 by Review source

Good Food, Good service. We had to get extra rice.

Whiskey Chicken Tikka was interesting.

4 by Wai Chan Review source

Best Curry House Ive ever been to, these guys ramp up the spice flavour beyond imaginatin! Love !

5 by Review source

Very good location poor ambience and very expensive for the small portions and casual sitting.

2 by Alnasir Chatur Review source

Best biriyani I've eaten in the UK hands down. But it's the most expensive as well.

5 by Chris Cross Review source

Not your average curry house. Recommended by friends and will definitely be going back.

5 by Simon Willis Review source

Always have an outstanding time at Roz ana's. The food and service is excellent.

5 by Review source

excellent food really good attentive service. will be back. excellent service!

5 by Cristina Shipton Review source

Sat in and had takeaways. Food never disappointed. Service is very good also.

4 by Gordon Padkin Review source

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