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1, downlands retail park, Lyons Way, Worthing BN14 9FB

+44 344 561 0000




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Very poor customer service - bought a laptop from there, after two months of very little use a crack appeared on the LCD screen. I took it to the store straight away, they basically told me it had been dropped - I assured them that it hadn't. The laptop itself was in pristine condition, not a mark on it. Anyway, they sent it away to be assessed - naturally it came back with a letter saying they couldn't fix it. No reason as to why and the lad in the store had no idea. I didn't want to pay out anymore money on the computer (already spent a fortune!) and as the crack was so small and the laptop still working 100% I took it home as I urgently needed to use it for uni. I got it home, opened it up and the whole screen had gone and was totally unusable! Took it straight back to the store where I spoke to the manager, he basically implied I initially took it in that state!?! I was furious! He said he would need to speak to the girl who saw it when I first took it in and if necessary check the CCTV to make sure I was telling the truth!! This was 7 days ago - I put in a call to see where my laptop was and as you can't speak directly to the store, whoever I spoke to emailed the store asking them to call me as a matter of urgency....

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Shocking. Watch out when they tell you to go back to another store for an exchange or a refund.. it’s absolute rubbish.

Was told I’d have to go back to the original store I purchased my coffee machine from to get a refund because it harms the stores profits which I point blank refused and said that’s absolute nonsense... manager came over and said “well you do return a lot of items to this store don’t you?” And my reply was “well yes because it’s my local store”, he then walked off and told his drip of a colleague to process a refund.

Manager even said we were incorrect when quoting consumer law until we showed him and he then shut up and didn’t even apologise. Apparently at this Currys you can’t get a refund when you’re coffee machine is 4 weeks old and faulty.

Don’t trust these guys for help, for returns and for selling, they’ll deliberately miss sell you and add on “free care plans” to give you a deal and little do you know they’ve signed you up to a premium monthly cost to get “free help”.

Shop online.

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The place is run by semi trained chimps. I went in for a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 convertor. I asked a member of staff if they had any, his response was just 'no'. Not 'sorry we don't have any in stock', or any other pleasantry. Just a plain 'no'. So I went to the Apple accesories section of the store to look for myself. I found the item I was looking for, even though the moron behind the counter said they didn't stock it. When I went to pay he said he couldn't sell it to me because it wasn't it the system. I was baffled. Most of the work these idiots have to do is now automated, and the one instance they could've been of use they did nothing to help. It was like talking to a self checkout counter. Frankly I'm looking forward to when these morons are replaced by the self checkout. I'll just order the item I need off of amazon, less hassle and the staff actually know what they are talking about.

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DIABOLICAL. DO NOT USE THEM. I bought 3 Beco Domestic Machines from Currys PC World at Worthing, West Sussex for an amount of £600.00

I employed a registered plumber to install. Thankfully they tested the washing machine as on spin mode water cascaded from under the machine. I reported the fault to the shop that I bought the item from Currys PC World and they told me to contact Beco. After 'holding' for what seemed forever I was given an appointment for an engineer to call with a 6 day wait. I was told that an engineer would be with me in a window of 10am to 2pm. No call from him to inform me that he would be considerably later than promised.

I have been unable to do any washing now for 10 days !!!! THE MACHINE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED IMMEDIATLY.

I will now have to wait again, stay in all day again before a new another machine is delivered, JUST SCANDALOUS

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So currys decided to deliver a fridge/freezer, and dump it without unpacking it to see if we were happy with it (plus they are supposed to take away the rubbish). Also the item didn't arrive within the delivery slot I paid for.

We open it once they have left, and the top is completely smashed in. I ring them and explain, they say they cannot get a new one to me for another 2 days. Terrible.

They then cannot give a guaranteed collection time, great!

They collect the item, I have had emails saying they have the item back and will process the refund within 3 working days. 5 working days later and nothing, I ring them and they cannot give me any proof that they have processed the refund through paypal.

So I am sat here £250 down, with no refund in sight, I'm glad paypal are escalating my claim and that they are stepping in to help.

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Called KNOWHOW on Saturday afternoon, helpful but could not resolve my problem with Laptop, advised to take to store & would only take the time to drink a coffee & then collect.
I was at the store just after 10 on Sunday, firstly I was told that it would need to be sent away, then told they could do it in store but would take an hour or 2 & they would call, returned 3 hours later as I had no call, not even started on it yet, said they would start it now - about 1pm, called me at around 3pm to say it would be at least another hour or so - THE STORE CLOSED AT 4.
Called KNOWHOW again today explained what was going on, they can’t get through to the store either.

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The customer service in this store is appalling. I joined a queue; with 3 customers in front of me and a congregation of 4 staff members talking on the shop floor quite blatantly ignoring the queue. Eventually after 5 - 10 minutes I was finally fed up and asked if Anyone was actually working and able to serve. All rolled their eyes and slowly dispersed, with one member of staff finally walking towards the till. The older brunette, whom I think is the Manager then had a very awful attitude when serving me. At first, refusing to honour my warranty on my faulty product, eventually realising she in fact was in the wrong. Family members of mine have received the same awful service directly from the manager. None of them should be working there if they don't appreciate their jobs.

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I purchased a laptop from this branch. The sales assistant requested my personal details so they could put them on the receipt for the guarantee and to send me a copy via email.
I have since become aware the sales assistant signed me up for a PC World business account without me giving authority and I'm furious.
I only checked my emails because I watched the BBC Watchdog programme last night, otherwise I wouldn't have known they had set up the account, attributed my purchase as a business purchase not personal (so I have lost my consumer rights to a 12 month guarantee) and they have credit checked me without authority.
I have written to the head office, awaiting a response.

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Dyson desk fan,
Very disappointed at the product, it was very quiet but it doesn't cool the area down, we brought a £25 basic fan at the same time which cools the room down, we returned within 21 days as we believed it to be faulty or not as described on the packaging, however because we had unpacked it and tried it they would not take back.

For £200 odd I am disappointed with the product and the attitude of the staff I spoke too. I use Currys for personal and business but I won't any longer, as the manager said if I brought online I would have been able to send back but not when I buy in store.

So don't support your local store buy online for more rights.

1 by Terry Goldsmith Review source

Made 2 purchases at this store in separate occasions and both times found the staff unhelpful and lazy. First time paid for the items and waited for more that 20 minutes for the item to collect from the back of the store, in the end had to challenge the manager which by then had been chatting with two members of staff for over 15minutes. They were rapid at taking my money but not as efficient at giving me the goods.
Second time , paid the items online to collect in store, got to the store which was empty, again staff talking away and didn’t seem to care that their only customer was waiting! Stay away from the Worthing branch ! Lazy and unhelpful staff !

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My parents have bought an oven from Currys that arrived broken, they're having to have it taken away and replaced - only weeks before Christmas - and Currys is being difficult for them to deal with.

I live in Birmingham and have also had separate problems ordering a washing machine from Curry's. It arrived broken TWICE and I lost two paid days of leave waiting for them to deliver it (from 7am to 7pm).

When a working one did arrive, the crew didn't have the tools to install it (which we'd paid for!!)

AWFUL company. Do not buy from them, they're nothing but hassle.

1 by Alex Review source

Very disappointed all we wanted was a Microwave, 2 stores visited neither of them had what we wanted 4 different models chosen all had display models but no stock to sell and no idea when they would be available. Lyons farm branch was the worst for service once we found a member of staff to help us, at no time did any if the staff suggest any models that they could sell or even in any way try and help. Lyons farm branch has a customer service button by the door which of course I selected the sad face to be given sarcastic comments from a member of staff female who was clearly enjoying the male attention.

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I ordered a pebble smart watch for next day delivery. It did not come next day and on the following day also did not turn up. They do not deliver to the shop at the weekend so I have to hope it comes in next week. In the meantime they will not cancel my order and refund my money because the item is out with their courier. This is appalling service and I would tell everyone to go to Amazon to order rather than this useless company. Never will I buy anything on line from them again and you should be careful too. I have to chose one star to post and would rather it be none at all.

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We returned a faulty printer to the store, as directed by Epson, but Emily at the store was incredibly rude and insisted on talking over myself and my husband, and offered no solutions to the problem - she would really benefit from further customer service training. Working in the property market, over the past twenty years we have used Curry's a lot - but this incident has left a very bitter taste and from now on we shall purchase all electronic and white goods elsewhere.

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Unhelpful staff.
We want to pay monthly. One of the staff just didn’t do anything and said that we a not allowed to pay monthly an give us a WRONG number to check what wrong , why we can’t pay montly . And after 1h and a half I found the correct number and they said everything is fine maybe they don’t want to give you to pay monthly . Isn’t a first time . It happened before. Im very upset!!!
And they said collection on Friday but nothing ! Still we wait

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the worst customer service in the world, they seemed more interested in talking to each other and messing around on their computers rather than serving customers even though there was a long que, we ended up walking out of the store when we were going to buy a computer oh well they lost out on hundreds of pounds, i found this with most of the currys stores the staff just dont care, i think they need to be threatened with the sack if they dont pull their fingers out

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I bought a fridge, when it arrived it had 2 dents in it.
I went back to the shop who put me through to the manufacturer which I thought was strange. I wasn't told this was company policy.
I eventually had the fridge exchanged a week later.
In the corner was a lovely man who seemed to deal with all the complaints. He had people being very rude to him. He still smiled and did everything he could for me.

4 by victoria harrison Review source

Very unhelpful. Trying to help my nan set up her tablet, they asked for an extra charge to help her set it up. Which I understand, but I went with her to assist her and they wouldn't allow us to use the WiFi unless we paid. Might as well have bought it online, but my nan insisted on buying it from a store to try it out. Very disappointed, won't be buying from Curry's again!

1 by Sat Bat Review source

My 3 stars are for the store as a whole. Individual staff are pleasant and helpful as was the lady we met who looked things up on the computer and advised me even though I had said I would be ordering online. Other staff just got on with talking among themselves and I know from past experience that unless I am buying something they are not helpful.

3 by Chrystabell Young Review source

Second attempt at buying a new laptop, on both occasions I came out with nothing. First member of staff was incredibly patronising. On the second attempt both members of staff couldn't answer my questions and immediately tried to upsale without asking appropriate software questions. Ridiculous. Annoyed I gave them another chance.

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Bought an american fridge freezer, last week. Delivery was today. Fridge arrived. Delivery men refused to deliver because i had more than 8 stairs which i had already told the store. Took the day off work and then customer services actually told me to get a smaller fridge if i needed it delivered. Honestly?????

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When I visited what I wanted was upstairs. Was unable to find any staff so went back down to ask for assistance. The guy couldn't answer my questions. So he got someone else. Who had to look up on his phone to give me spek on product. Guy at till very unfriendly. Very quiet in store so was done in good time

4 by Chrissy eames Review source

Fairly average PC World store, staff weren't exactly forthcoming with assistance and when we did get someone to help they showed very little interest. However they had a reasonable stock level and the items we wanted to the trip was worthwhile. Always plenty of parking here.

3 by Graham Martin Review source

Tried to return a faulty kettle purchased on line, they wouldn't refund and said i would have yo get fefund on line, however the shop were supposed to send the faulty kettle back, they lost it!! It took 4 weeks to get my money back, not impressed!!

1 by Bob Vandendyck Review source

The salespeople here are helpful without being pushy. It's not one of those stores where they hound you the minute you walk in. Good knowledge of what they are talking about and a good selection of tech to buy

5 by Sam Olliver Review source

Delivered wrong product.
Found actual product online 20 pounds cheaper.
No direct phone number to store.
Told to go back to store once I got through to 'call' centre.

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Very quiet in the store. Wanted to buy a printer and asked for help. Was told to wait by the printers and someone would come and help. No one bothered so I'll look elsewhere. Thanks!

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I went to buy some stuff .Found only one member of staff working rest were on a tea break .Sadly there was two people in front of me waiting to be seen .I waited ten mins then gave up .

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I always find Currys over priced and the sales people over sell, but can be handy if there's something you need at short notice and you can afford to pay a bit more.

2 by Dan Dorje Review source

Had the best sales man ever Michael,
Knows what he talking about , and is so so so helpful, need another appliance and will definitely go back to Michael

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