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41 Connaught St, London, W2 2BB

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I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT ( Masgouf Restaurant 41 Connaught St, London W2 2BB, UK مطعم المسكوف لندن ) TO ANYONE .
I went with my partner for a dinner for the first time in this restaurant as we like middle eastern food and I can tell that the experience wasn't impressive from the very beginning as we had to wait for about half an hour for our starters, we have ordered two soups one lentil and one chicken and when they finally arrived after long wait we have been brought lentil and a vegetable soup!!! and when we asked the waiter to change it he took it without even an apology or a sorry, and after couple of minutes we had the main courses (which are another story!) when we started the main courses I asked the waiter to cancel the chicken soup as it was supposed to be a starter!! and we were already having the mains, and again without any apology we have been told it's the chef's decision and if he already cooked it then we must have it!!! as if it was our fault that they missed up our order, and now for the main courses, I have ordered kebabs and my partner ordered fish (Maskouf!!! as they said) the kebab that I had was one of the worse, it was almost burned from outside and pink from inside socking in a watery salad! the fish was very cheap quality and overpriced, after all of that we had the final bill with the three soups in it (lentil, vegetable which we never ordered and chicken) we complained so they deleted the vegetable soup, so please don't waste your money for a less than average food and a customer service which is fairy described as RUBISH ..

P.S. Please stop telling people that ' It is another place opened round the corner who is copying our famous name ''
I have double checked the gallery on your website and it is the same restaurant not the one round the corner !!!!!
And as a matter of fact your restaurant has 2 setting areas ( upstairs and downstairs ) and we sat downstairs .
Unfortunately I did not keep the receipt but I have uploaded a copy of my bank statement which shows that a payment have been taken from Masgouf restaurant !

1 by A I Review source

Masgouf Restaurant
Iraqi Restaurant Visited on 12-10-2017m
Applications was a chicken soup, and Homs with meat, and problem grills, and fried okra and potatoes.
Was presented a beautiful guesthouse and one bread dish and vegetables after finishing eating was introduced baklava delicious
On the one hand eating quality that has been requested
Chicken Soup 05 10
Homs Meat 05 of 10 chickpeas which gave us old as evidenced by its taste.
Problem Barbecues 08 of 10 which distinguishes it is also served with rice.
Okra 05 of 10 Okra with rice and meat.
Fried potatoes 08 10
On the one hand dealing 08 10
On the one hand decorated restaurant 10 of 10
On the one hand hygiene 10 of 10
On the one hand place 08 of 10 because the restaurant Street Off Arab Street.
1. good hospitality was delicious Baklah.
2. a good deal by the staff.
3. The presence of external and internal sessions.
4-eating in the amount of dishes compared to other restaurants are considered good.
1. The shop location is not good for his presence in the sub-Arab Street Street.
2. High-priced dishes compared to eating quality.
3. The delay in bringing the bill and in return the remaining amount.

3 by shaker Review source

1st of all they charge 12.5% “service charge' and the service was horrible, we were told that food will take some time to be ready (half an hour) and we waited an hour. Same thing happened at the end when we ordered tea, they put empty glasses and said we have to wait till the tea is ready, 20 minutes passed and no tea.
2 the staff extremely rude, due to delay the order twice when I told the waiter cancel the tea im not gonna wait over half an hour for it and refund it (by the way most restaurant who respect the business dont charge you for a small tea espically if 4 people dinning bill was over 90 pounds)… the waiter poured 4 tea cold glasses in a rude way to avoid refund.
3 we ordered fish with rice and salad, the rice was definitely microwave heated, salad isn't fresh for sure.
All in all masgouf restaurant 41 connaught st w22bb over priced, under average food, very rude staff… when tried to speak to manager they dont even bother

1 by Review source

This little gem of a place has just gone through a completely brand new refurbishment.

As for the restaurant its always busy through the day they have plenty of varieties of dishes on the menu spoilt for choices there always something for everyone to indulge in they even have a great selection for both vegetarians and Non veg mustn't forget to mention the nice plater of salad on the house while the chefs prepare your feast.

Last and least not to forget the impeccable ambience & Swarve Service Nevertheless I would highly recommend those who are visiting the area to definitely try this small chic place tucked away in the prime location only a stone throw away from Hyde Park.

5 by Phoenix kaur Review source

very authentic Iraqi traditional grilled fish 'Masgouf' offered here.. Its small and sometimes service tend to be slow, but the food is worth it.. In some point food quality got slightly degraded due to change in staff, but last time I was there they seemed to have picked it up and food is as good as before. Small place, hidden off Edgware road which is sometimes tricky to find. But worth the visit. Don't rely much on their online reservation system, just call them if you need to reserve (which is recommended as the place is small)

5 by Tamara Alsheikh Review source

Eat beautiful and good
What I expected in this restaurant was this
Their prices are expensive
Overall the amount of food was excellent
The size of the appetizer dishes was good
Unfortunately, the hall to under the smell of the kitchen spread everywhere and can not be a person relax with the presence of this spirit
As usual London restaurants are narrow and small tables, and if one solves the lengths to your back, do not think about it
Between you and him less than a meter

4 by abdul toyo Review source

Have been to the restaurant on several occasions with different friends. The members of staff are very helpful and go out of their way to please everyone. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the food. The quantity is very generous and I can hardly finish. When I want to impress my guests, I usually invite them at the restaurant. Highly recommended

5 by Review source

The restaurant is characterized by the famous Arab fish specialties, especially the Iraqi and what distinguishes this restaurant from the rest of the Arab restaurants is that it offers pickles and bread with appetizers and after the meal main served with tea and baklava blancmange and all for free, unlike the rest of the Arab restaurants.

4 by Ali Albloushi Review source

Nice restaurant and its price a little high. Eating delicious.

They provide free Shahe after the meal. I do not know that it was our guesthouse or it offers free to all.

The place is spacious and suitable for families and individuals.

Great restaurant, excellent food.
Sutible for family.

4 by Review source

Local food offering Iraqi food. Selection of varied varieties of cold starters humus, vine leaves, and an exquisite aubergine cream. Very welcome hot appetizers fried dumplings with lamb meat lamb and goat cheese, potato dumpling with meat. Very friendly waitress recommended us in the choice. To try!

4 by Flavio Bruno Review source

Frankly, the most fabulous restaurant and a private branch located at 57 Knightsbridge, London, England, United Kingdom, near the Harrods department store global ,, In terms of taste, decor and service is very very very beautiful but somewhat expensive and frankly deserves

5 by Review source

Didn't enjoy the experience at all. Staff were cold and inattentive. Food was just thrown onto a plate without any care. The staff and manager didn't try to sort out my order despite the kebab being soggy so I won't be going back again unfortunately.

2 by Review source

Overall it was a great experience. The staff were very friendly and the food was delicious. good prices, great quality. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a little something different from a day out

5 by Review source

Haven't tried their specialty, the masgouf fish, yet, but tasted many other plates. It is a joy for the eyes as well as for the mouth, although I expected their lamb to be slightly more tasty. I loved the appetizers.

4 by Parnaso Elettronico Review source

Roowouah restaurant in all respects to eat sweet tried large quantities of Bs grape leaves Moshe is worth the visit and Bs repeated after
Hukra to Mozuwenh on their service and treat them upscale

5 by حلمي تحقق Review source

Iraqi restaurant asked sheep shoulder give it 10/10 very delicious assortment of nuts, onions and falafel I recommend it provided that the number of 3-4 people because it is enough and increase

5 by bo Ahmed Review source

The restaurant has become a failed change for the worst asked Shish Taouk Mzfr and Nashef Mo Mthblan justice and reap the crusty plastic eating
Mo power brushes cool tricks

1 by Review source

Shockingly bad. I don't usually write reviews but these guys are worth it. Tiny portions at extortionate prices, bland food which was packed in microwaveable containers.

1 by Review source

Authentic quality Iraqi cuisine.
Generous portions and attentive service.
I've been going here for years, good people.
Thanks Rabi!

5 by Review source

Great service , nice food and reasonable price I strongly recommend it specially the Masgouf fish and the kofta
One of the best quality in the town

5 by Review source

delicious food, high quality and reasnobal price

Of the best restaurants in London Arab presence in the eating and very reasonable Alasarh

4 by MOHAMMED AL-HAMELI Review source

Order the masgoof fish for delivery and you will not be disappointed. Basically, grilled seabass with the taste of barbecue charcoal.

5 by Dana Khajah Review source

Delicious food and lovely staff & management the value of price is good the location and decorate is beautiful
We will be back again.

5 by Mundher Yousif Review source

Went there once and didn't go there again. If you're a fan of Iraqi food, this place is for you. Décoré was ok and food was ok.

2 by P J S Review source

With many better options on Egdeware Road, I will never recommend this restaurant to a friend. Poor decor, poor service, food is OK.

2 by Review source

Nice food excellent service... Their masgouf is delicious and their makbous as well. Don't miss it... It worth visiting.

5 by M Med0 Review source

Excellent restaurant and frankness worthy staying but the price expensive to eat Bs Etbi Zain does not care about the price

5 by Review source

Rubbish all in all! Food is normal quality but overrated and expensive! Long wait to get the meal. Not recommended at all

1 by Nosay Sayno Review source

It very nice restaurant the staff was amazing and it is very good for family and food was deleshes me and my kids liked

5 by Review source

The go to place for Iraqi cuisine in London. If you never had masqoof fish, your first experience has to be here.

5 by Review source

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