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Metro Park West, Pinetree Way, Gateshead NE11 9XS

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Huge store with a vast array of choices in many different colours and finishes to your chosen piece of furniture. Prices are mixed but generally worth it. Helpful staff to ask any questions about furniture or room set ups. They literally do sell everything and that's including the kitchen sink. Keep an eye out for the baskets with sometimes really handy things in for your home that you might not thought you needed but now you do. There is a nice restaurant with a few choices on the menu, the vegetarian meals are always really tasty and well thought about. They have their famous meatballs in varying amounts to fit on your plate along with the sauce. They sell a very nice filter coffee and other hot drinks. Handy play area for kids while you eat. Great soft play area at the entrance of shop that you can leave your children at with nice friendly staff while you whizz round the many floors in peace. Dont forgot to check out the bargin corner before the tills and then the ice-creams after the tills...a reward for finding the way out.

4 by Cheryl Blake Review source

Who doesn't love a family day out at IKEA. Get lost in the never ending corridors. Wonder just what 'skellterigestub' really means. Feel cultured eating Swedish meatballs in the food court whilst watching videos of Swedish people cooking lingonberry jam. Find that all your tiny impulse purchases have actually ended up costing your whole month's pay check. Discover that no, the Billy bookcase definitely will not fit in your Corsa but like heck are you going to go back in and request home delivery so you choose to wait for your mate with a van to come rescue you. But at least you can get donuts whilst you wait.

5 by Jennifer Rudd Review source

Sloppy floor design. Lack of disabled facilities, including but not limited to disabled bathrooms that arent used as storage.

When i asked at customer services if they could help me load my car with the table I bought, the lady scoffed as if I was putting her out... Fortunately the man who helped me was lovely, more than making up for the previous rudeness.

I gave this IKEA 2 stars due to the bad design for disabled people and the toilet situation (impossible to use one and the other being all the way across the other side of the store), plus I suppose the rude lady at customer services.

2 by Robert Rush Review source

CRYSTAL MAZE MEETS NIGT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Love idea of Ikea as a concept sadly not in reality. Lots of great ideas and products unique to those very clever and unique Swedes but the actual experience of endless tunnels and passageways sort of Crystal maze looking for crystals while being pushed along by crowds sort of ruins it. Reminds me of scene in awesome terry Gilliam film Brazil where Mr warenn is followed by subordinates asking questions. Ikea needs breaking up into subsections with individual coffee shops to allow you to peruse. I'd probably buy more.

3 by Peter Conlin Review source

Do NOT buy kitchen from Ikea. The 25yr guarantee is bullcrap. All the money I spent on a kitchen and bought items that were advised by Ikea staff then when they break, through no fault of your own they claim it is not under warranty or not manufacturing fault on a product that clearly is not up to standards therefore not there problem. Then you mention 25yr guarantee and no that is not covered under that?? It is a SINK that has cracked through only washing dishes and they say not their problem?? After they advised me to buy this sink. Be very wary folks.

1 by Rich Power Review source

It's fantastic if you want to look at and buy furniture. It's a nightmare if you're simply WITH someone who wants to look at and buy furniture. It's labyrinthine layout makes me lose the will to live after less than five miles of walking, many, many miles from the tills and the exit (and freedom).

On the up-side, the fast food after the tills is fantastic and goes to demonstrate how much we're being ripped off by the other fast food people (yes Ronald, yes your Majesty, yes Colonel, I'm looking at you)

3 by Andy Wright Âû Review source

I visited Ikea Gateshead very recently and felt the need to seek out a review page to say how pleased I was with my visit. I have been to Ikea many times for good low price household furniture and always happy with my purchases.
This time it was with a more extravagant purchase in mind a new kitchen.
I was helped out with the design by Ania and was very pleased with how comfortable the process was and how Ania thought outside the box to give me an innovative design.
Can’t wait to go back to finalise.

5 by Margaret Grieves Review source

Actually love Ikea. It is a very unique shopping experience and I love it. The selection is quality and varied, the value is fantastic, the staff are very helpful and the meat balls are legendary. Plus I do love daim bars and you can buy bags of them. I had one issue with a shoe cabinet we brought, it wasn't as good as we thought so we took it back fully assembled and they refunded us without any hesitation. Amazing customer service which encourages me to use Ikea in the future. Top notch.

5 by Jason Snowden Review source

What can I say about IKEA that hasn't been said before?!

Crèche, free fruit and breastfeeding groups make for a family friendly (if noisy!) place.

Get a free family card as it gives you free tea and coffee in the cafe.

The cafe is very good value.

The store layout can be a little perplexing but the staff are very helpful.

Sign up to their mailings to be first to know about in-store events.

5 by Jan Barker Review source

They've changed the displays lately and now there's little rooms made up as you walk around and there's some great ideas.
I give it 4 stars because they still sell cheap wobbly furniture but the higher priced items are nice. There's also always huge queues at the tills, even on a random week day.
Don't even attempt to go on a bank holiday unless you want to spend an hour queuing in the car park to get out.

4 by Naomi Malligan Review source

I've practically lived here for the last few months after buying my house. Great place and great furniture. Everything someone needs for a new or existing home.

However if an electrical item goes wrong, be careful as they insist on you taking it to them in order for them to replace it or see about fixing it. When asked what I was to do with loose wiring etc I was told I'd have to get an electrician.

5 by Darren Hull Review source

The usual type of Ikea. Great selection of goods, pleasant and helpful staff in the shop itself. Lovely food in the cafe however some of the staff ( mainly the older male cook!) in the cafe can be abrupt if you request anything other than what they want you to have! It may just be us be we always seem to get lost in the shop however there are always staff on hand to point us in the right direction.

4 by Tom Cunningham Review source

They have great stuff as any Ikea in the world. Yet, the customer service is beyond any standards. The staff cannot answer basic questions. After I ordered and they gave my a delivery date they called back to say they don't have a blanket in store so they cancelled the delivery through a vocal message. I tried to contact back but they do not answer the phone. Worst customer experience so far.

1 by Beni Sinca Review source

Lots of inspiration for home improvements.
Friendly and helpful staff.
Good quality food in the cafe.
I have never had any problems with the quality of ikea products.
Negatives are it's almost always busy including the car park.
Avoid going in the evening as you may get caught in rush hour traffic from the metro centre.
The checkout could be better.

4 by Ben Macdonald Review source

Normally I don't like going to Ikea as its such a maze and I just want to pop in and out. However I actually enjoyed myself this time around and was quite impressed with how they catered to families. If I'm honest, that was the biggest selling point to me and made me appreciate my time there more. Also that it was all one storey. I felt like I could exit when I needed to.

4 by Ardel Richardson Review source

Huge Ikea store, stocks almost everything you can think of. It's got an incredible selection of items and a big canteen in the centre to grab a bite to eat while you argue over the size of a flat pack and if you can get it in your 1.2 clio. I would avoid on weekends as it can get incredibly hectic but it is open till 9pm through the week.

5 by Lindsey Dixon Review source

I love IKEA for it's affordable style, usually half the price that high street stores would charge. I go in for a wander around once or twice a year to enjoy their exemplar rooms and to buy something I don't need. The only thing I don't like is the toilets - off to the side of the warehouse and easy to get lost on the way out.

4 by Marie Dolby Review source

Really busy when we went, shoved around in the one way system when you stop to look at the products, had fish and chips for dinner, chips where dry, fish was black and smelt, sweet peas where the best out of the meal, coffee machine broken, staff not interested in you unless your stood at the till with your money. Car park heavily congested.

1 by C Gleeson Review source

I always look forward to a trip to IKEA as it is one of my favourite places. We live in an old Victorian terrace and have tried to keep as many original features as possible so most IKEA products would not fit in our house. However I have a Degree in Art and love the design qualities. You can get almost everything there except wallpaper.

5 by Steven Haswell Review source

Love it. Top tips always check availability of items you want to buy on line first. You can also then see the aisle number and location in warehouse, so if you haven't much time you can go straight there rather than wondering all the way round. Christmas tree we bought was super. Join IKEA family as they do some amazing offers.

5 by Hannah Rosa Review source

Got everything you need. They do a good order and pick up service. The staff are generally pretty helpful and they actually open slightly earlier than on the website for a bit of browsing before hand on a Saturday (like 10amish). Never had too much of a problem parking and the few returns I have done have been hassle free. Decent.

4 by Thomas Rowe Review source

Their stuff is... ok... everyone knows IKEA products, but having to order a bed in store and a mattress online because they couldn't do both at either location meaning to delivery charges, then delaying the bed delivery, then losing the delivery order so I sleep on the floor for a week and a half... not great.

2 by Tom Dancer Review source

IKEA is like no other furniture retailer, a huge warehouse type building with lots to see. They sell some high end stuff but also much very good value self assembly furniture. They also have all the miscellaneous things cups, plates, light bulbs, picture frames etc etc. The cafe has a limited menu but great value.

5 by David Manners Review source

As always the food is good quality, plentiful and great value. I am very impressed with the policy of free baby food with a paying adult. Can't beat the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce. The family card is well worth signing up for as it gives some great deals and occasional freebies.

4 by jon doyle Review source

Lots of choices although a little confusing to locate if you want specific items. Good parking but if you need to drive to the exit to pick up quite busy and dangerous at time for pedestrians and cars waiting to park up. It should be pick up only lanes with pedestrians diverted away from the area.

4 by Christine Wood Review source

Ok, not my favourite ikea store but was passing. Felt quite small and didn't have great signage for access. Plus side were the great staff - especially the till staff who checked I'd the correct parcels (which I did!). Forgot Ikea family card and disappointed it couldn't be linked.

4 by Rachel Fielding Review source

Located by the metro centre. Huge car park. Excellent range of stock as you would expect from IKEA. It also has a huge bargains area which has a quick rotation of new items coming through, most of which are in as new show room condition. Restaurant is very nice and reasonably priced too.

5 by David Hiscocks Review source

Typical ikea. You go to look for something specific and end up leaving with a trolley full of cheap, sometimes useful items. I don't think over ever bought anything substantial from here as it wouldn't fit in the car a d to pay more than 30 quid for delivery isn't ideal.

4 by Andrew Greenwood Review source

Love, love, love IKEA!! Was there for kitchen planning, the girl who dealt with us was lovely and very knowledgeable. It took quite a while for our appointment because we were also purchasing so we were given vouchers to get ourselves a free meal. Really look forward to my visits there.

5 by Chantal Renton Review source

Great store can spend the day there. They just changed the display rooms which always give you more ideas. Bought a wing chair and matching footstool in grey looks fab I'm lounge. Had lunch in cafe plenty of seating always enjoy the food but could of been hotter.

5 by Nanette Smith Review source

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