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This is a large in-town shopping centre which has seen a steady decline since the opening of Westfield. This may explain the demise of the iconic Bodgers. I prefer to do my shopping here, unless looking for a designer or specialist item.
Unlike Westfield, The Exchange is small enough to navigate in a few hours and has plenty of seating spaced at sensible intervals.
It has a good variety of shops, such as Debenhams, a large TK Maxx, a massive Primark and Argos. Unfortunately the few cafes and food outlets, that were located on the top floor, have closed down; but given the choice of jostling in an (oftentimes) claustrophobic Westfield, I prefer to shop in The Exchange.

4 by Review source

Toilets were filthy, be mindful that it doesn't have some top shops like in Westfields but overall its okay because you can still find what you want, food, clothing, you can find phones and technology in the o2 store in exchange aswell, the streets of ilford around Exchange is also filled with shops to go to, like shoe zone and other markets, but one downside is that it doesn't have a pleasant smell, there's many homeless people living around the area and beggars too, which most likely are not real but it's up to you if you want to throw your cash away, that's pretty much it an okay place...

3 by Zahra Ahmed Review source

Nothing really special apart from Debenhams, Marks as Spencers once the biggest retailer on site has slowly been shrinking with loss of its great cafe and further reduction of Sq m going to Lidl.A few choices to sit down and eat on the upper level and ground level but no big brands. The centre is well kept and clean and plenty of parking in the attached multi-storey car park with easy access into the centre. Not a shopping centre for ample browsing as limited retailers and Westfield Stratford is less than a few miles away for that, but more a small local centre for everyday usage.

3 by Gurpreet Bhatia Review source

Visiting exchange on a regular basis for over 10 years. Its one of my favourite shopping places or just to go out for an hour with the kids to chill out. There's always something new to see. Place has been improved recently with new sitting luxury leather benches and places to sit and rest while having a quick munch or nibble a tasty snack or even some a quick lunch. Love that place and there's pretty much all you need in a shopping centre. Not a huge place so doesnt take u a whole day to shop around which i enjoy and is not as crouded as bigger shopping malls.

5 by nedka khemili Review source

Our local town centre and shopping mall in Redbridge borough of council. It's wonderful to visit this local shopping centre, where we can get any big UK brand chain store such as M&S, Debenham, TK Maxx, Wilkinson, Next, Primmark, Clerk, H&M, any Mobile phone shop, restaurants, food shops and many more. Redbridge Town Hall, local council offices and other business premises there. Children play ground court, some seating area. We are proud to be a local people nearby this Exchange Ilford shopping Mall and love to visit there nearly every week couple of times.

5 by Alok Roy Review source

There are a range of shops in exchange, that cater to everyone's needs. It's very close to Ilford station, and you'll find that most of the products are very affordable. The cleanliness of this shopping centre is very high, and there is also always music playing from the pop charts. You'll even find tourist travel agencies here, and a currency exchange shop. I do really recommend this shopping centre as it is not as big as those like Westfield, but it really does have the vibe of luxury still.

5 by Mopelola Adeseye Review source

Plenty places for shopping. A very nice place to come with your little ones as there is a soft play area on the bottom floor. Quite spacious but it can get a bit busy during weekends and school holidays. If you want to grab a bite, there is burger king that has a spacious eating area, subway and Costa. There are also a couple of hairdressers Supercuts and Rush Hair. Parking is very cheap compared to other shopping centres. £1.5 up To an hour and is goes up 50p each hour. After 5:30 it's free

4 by Laura Stewart Review source

Do not let your children in the play area, a accident waiting to happen, parents already have issues with paid venues this is free and naturally attracts all parents shopping to have a sit down. I have spoken to the manager RANJ and her response was she is from Kent and no one told her of the issue but agreed it should be suprvised and yet no one from exchange to be seen apart from escorting a bunny rabbit. Will not be visiting this shopping center again. Child safety should be paramount.

1 by Amirah H Review source

They have made some great changes to encourage shoppers onto the mall.There is now a FREE soft play area on the ground floor for under 5's.Which is manned by security.there is a small arcade machine on the third floor for children to play.Creams have also opened on the ground floor With a soft play area inside (not free but cheap).The Mall is finally going through some positive changes to bring it back to life.A good place to go for a shop that isn't overall busy.

5 by Georgia Gable Review source

All I wanted today was a haircut, so I just went to Headjogs, where I always get a good cut and the staff are very pleasant. The Exchange was fairly quiet this Friday morning it would have been a good time to browse if I'd had time. I did visit the toilets before I left, it was clearly posted on the top floor, nicely laid out and the ladies' side was clean and fresh. There's also a baby changing room, gents' toilets & a waiting area with soft seats.

4 by Pauline Townsend Review source

The exchange is a constant disappointment. The shops never seem to have the full stock that other branches have. The staff are in general not very happy or polite. I only use this shopping as it is close to my home. The car park has been changed to more easily accomadate parents with children as apposed to disabled people. This is ridiculous in my opinion let parents walk. It is also very cold in the exchange which make it rather unpleasant to shop.

3 by Sarah Williams Review source

I always find it much like the high street itself in the Exchange. Dark and dingy with no atmosphere whatever. It is a hive of activity with people scurrying from one shop to another like they too have seen the depression it breeds.

I only go if I am told to or am needed to carry the many bags we seemingly acquire each time we are dragged down there kicking and screaming. The kids are so deflated they don't even protest anymore.

3 by Review source

Science made it functional. As a scientific student from Senegal( 21 years ago), I truly realised that day that measurements become accurate in a metalic kitchen utensil.
From my recent experience in a cookery class to my shopping at Sainsbury's, I save not only energy (physical and financial ),but eat healthier with my little family.
I think at Sainsbury's, everyone is permitted to dream the royal life.

5 by Fatoumata Diaby Review source

It may not look like it has a large selection of shops but it definitely has enough to get you through. If you got outside obvious peak times it will be a nice relaxed shopping visit and you can generally find what you want. Debenhams, Next, H&M, M&S, Goldsmiths, Sports Direct, Carphone Warehouse to name a few and the usual food outlets are all there. Parking is also very cheap for this day and age.

4 by Mervin Abraham Review source

It's ok here. They have updated the Mall and the toilets. There is a child's play area but needs to be supervised by the parents. Lots of places to sit and relax whilst waiting for someone or just needing 5 minutes rest before carrying on shopping. I think the choice for places to eat in the Mall are. Spud you like. Mexican. Costa coffee at both ends of the Mall. Burger king. One cafe .

3 by Marie Allardyce Review source

It's got a lot of stores and reasonable prices but the food stores aren't very good. They don't always have all the equipment namely burger king. They had run out of spoons and they were low on napkins. It took us long to get served. The 3 people before us got served before us. The prices were quite high but we had a low budget so they might not be high and we are just broke

4 by Nichole Bankole Review source

Not too many shops here. Could improve. H&M which is new. Next, New Look, River Island, Debenhams, M&S, Bodyshop. Not much to choose by way of eating or having a tea or coffee. Two Costa's in the Exchange. Café in Debenhams which is basic and tables are always full of dirty crockery. A bit diy really. Could be vastly improved. Staff are generally friendly though.

4 by Carol Dipple Review source

OK if you all want to eat the same thing whilst tou are out shopping. Choice is very limited and many of the places along the streets in the mall do not have any seating. Really wish they had not done away with their food court which offered goid choice of eating places in a central area. Now there are a feww places really dotted about in different areas

3 by Mandy Edwards Review source

Now come on, how can you have all your toilets out of action. All closed. Thank goodness for Debenhams. Even Burger King toilets were closed. What was it some big security thing?? If it is, then I apologise but if it's isn't & you're trying to refurb, come on..have some consideration for children, expectant mothers, and the elderly.

2 by Tee Zee Review source

Variety of shops and plenty of parking. Food court, cinema is few minutes walk away and all high street banks / building societies. 24hr Sainsburys opposite exchange. Good variety of Restaurants (Turkish, Asian, Continental etc.)Plenty of hotels at affordable prices. Exchange is just opposite ilford train station. Free kids play area at ground floor.

5 by Dwelling Estates Ltd Review source

Nice place for quick shopping has all the essentials. WHSmith for books equipment. TKMax for clothes, boxers, essentials etc. Has great spas and salons for grooming before Westfield this was the place to go for your shopping essentials. Has an outside street with a variety of brands ranging from JD to next etc. You have to visit it to experience it

5 by junaid ijaz Review source

They have a new play area for under 5's its small but nice. Theres quite a few shops all under 1 roof. The only annoying thing is theres only 1 lift in the middle of the centre to take you to the third floor. The other near the front entrace only goes up 1 third ends in the new gym that doesnt allow you to walk through

4 by sadi K Review source

For the last 3 years, my wife and I have done all our Christmas shopping in Ilford to avoid the likes of Westfield. It has been the best experience shopping at the Exchange as it's so much quieter and less stressful and has all the shops we need. If you want a quiet stress free shopping experience, then head to Ilford!

5 by Alex Haward Review source

Exchange Mall ilford is a unique and historical shopping place. It got almost shops. M&S to primark. Next to debenham. A lot of cheap parking and nowadays free parking after 5.30pm everyday. Best for late shoppers. There's local market as well on high street ilford and superb Indian pakistani shops on ilford lane.

5 by Amer Khan Review source

Expensive car parking, poor selection of shops, the mall itself doesn't feel upmarket like other shopping malls, and thanks to the stall selling flavoured popcorn in the aisle it smells grim too. Gave it extra star for the fact that there is plenty of car parking space, but at those prices it's not surprising

2 by Jason Naicker Review source

I have been going to thus shopping centre since it first open and it had evolved into the strangest shopping experience. Only because its on my doorstep when im in a hurry otherwise i would rather drive on to Becton Gallions Reach shopping park where you can park for free. Strange choice of shops and market stalls.

2 by D Gordon Review source

This mall has seen some major improvements in the last few months now that it is under new management. Increased seating areas for shoppers, bright lighting, improved signage, refurbished toilets and a free play area for the little ones. Plenty of shops to walk around in and just enough to have a quick bite.

5 by Review source

Too many levels for me. I'm disabled. Navigating in such a crowded, busy area difficult enough in Ilford, without the pain of searching about in the Exchange for the shop hidden away on whatever level that sells the item I require. Public transport overcrowded. Probably best for car users.

3 by Anthony Williamson Review source

Shop till you drop. You can find all shops you're looking for and as indoors so can comfortably shop. Also great places to dine or spend a whole day with your friends from watching movie, dinning and shopping. Come here every other week or once a month to relax with friends or family.

5 by sundas . Review source

Perfect collection of stores under 1 roof, lo e the new play area and train ride( though bit expensive in my opinion)
However...... god forbid you ever need to use the loo...... better take your own toilet paper and air freshener... and avoid the mum and baby room like plaque...

3 by dr bia Review source

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