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No parking because it is all reserved for Kidbrooke village staff so you might as well go somewhere else. The public transport is terrible and nowhere near sufficient for demand in the area so that is out as an option. Not sure why anyone would visit at the moment although there is a really nice cafe/coffee shop... and a Sainsburys local if you happen to be walking through for some unknown reason.

2 by John F Review source

Lots going on at Kidbrooke Village Centre. The Sainsbury 's local is small but we'll stocked. There's a coffee shop with pavement seating. The Farmers Market is well worth a visit on the first Saturday of the month. The businesses are working hard and worth supporting.

4 by Steve Lee Review source

Quite untidy at the moment, But after the construction work has been completed. I'm sure it will be nice. Easily accessible from the A2, or from Lee / Bromley vacinities either heading into London or going out the Dartford,, / Gravesend or beyond.

3 by martin grote Review source

Easy one bus ride from Woolwich. Lots of greenery, walks. A nice water fountain. Beginning to look like a nice place to live. Down side. Toooooo many flats.

4 by Sally Ball Review source

Great place for information in the local area and the staff are very kind, helpful and professional.

4 by Review source

Visited Doctor's surgery and Sainsbury's not much there. Cafe and a couple of small shops

4 by Eve Waterman Review source

It's a nice area and it's a link between Woolwich and Lewisham and quite place to live

5 by Review source

Currently a new village under construction has a good feel about it. Very clean

4 by Review source

Nice area open parks also adding a sports center nearby so will be plenty of activities

4 by Jimbo 35637 Review source

Up and coming place with a small selection of shops and plenty of parks too enjoy

3 by Review source

Is very new and still being worked on when I visited so lots of vans and builders

2 by Antony487 Review source

Lovely little village with little Sainsbury's and a doctor surgery

5 by Review source

Nice park. Lovely place to spend an afternoon watching a cricket game.

5 by Samuel Klusch Review source

Beautiful quiet and green surroundings. Comfortable mini development.

5 by Wlodek Wnukowski Review source

Will be much better when they turn it into a pub (Kidbrooke Tavern).

5 by Ricky Parrish Review source

Very user friendly gym. Excellent staff. Always willing to help.

5 by Kennethh Watkins Review source

Friendly, bright fun filled place for both adults and children

5 by Review source

Excellent staff. Very good physiotherapist called Pieter.

5 by AbdulKarim Alabi Review source

Lovely place picturesque place.especially fir children..

5 by Sylvia Talbot Review source

It's is what it is. A modem doctors surgery.

4 by Barry Keetch Review source

Great staff, friendly reception, amazing doctors.

5 by Soner Ali Review source

Not a lot to say a bit underwhelming to be honest

3 by Mick Collins Review source

Clean, secure, close to the train station

5 by 0 Review source

Nice and quiet place, great for kids

5 by Anna G Review source

Great place. Has everything you need

4 by Brooke Lopez Review source

Much better then it used to be haha

4 by Rob Smith Review source

Small shopping area for new homes.

3 by Peter Howcroft Review source

The appearance, promises future

4 by Fatima Almeida Review source

Was there for a day seems ok

5 by Alison Burgess Review source

Limited menu in coffee shop

3 by Mike Bray Review source

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