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Disgusting service!

Went in there at about 10:15pm, after calling and asking what time the kitchen closed and being told at 10:30pm, I drove from london and other party memebers drove from alyesbury and in the end got rejected at the door due to the reason of 'kitchen is closed' and 'the chefs have cleaned the oil' and was then asked 'what is it you want?'.... Errmmm, what.....

This is disgusting customer service with 45 minutes left until they close! I am extremely disappointed as it was a special occasion for me because it was my 22nd birthday as well as the completeion of my university degree, and all i wanted was a dinner with the family.

Lazy staff members, i am still shocked at the fact that we got rejected at the door after waiting for someone to come and serve us for about 5 minutes becuase staff members were in the middle talking..

Ended up going to Prezzo next door, customer service is 100x better than what i had experienced at bella italia

1 by Hassan Khalil Review source

I'm torn between giving this establishment a 4 or a 5* rating, but decided to mark up based on the quality of the food. It is damn fine.

So, if you're looking for excellent food then this is the place to come. 5*.

However, if you're wondering why I thought it also only deserved 4*, it's due mainly to the price, which is quite expensive, even for the good quality food. But also the wait for getting a seat. I've been there a few times and every time it's never been that busy, yet there's never anyone at the door who's ready to get you (one of the many) seats available. You have to stand there for a while until you can finally catch someone's eye (and even after you do they don't always come over).

Anyway, that's a minor gripe. Maybe they need more staff. The waitresses were certainly very friendly, so 5* for the food, 4* for the price and (seemingly) continued long wait to be seated.

5 by John Conway Review source

I am really disappointed with the service here. We had an occasion but were only able to get there til late, we called earlier in the day to double check what time the kitchen closes and was told 10.30. We got there at 10.15, waited for 5 minutes to even get acknowledged while staff were huddled in the centre conversating.

When they finally decided to come and speak to us, we were told we could not be served as the kitchen was closed, and the chefs had already 'cleaned the oil' a whole 45 minutes before the restaurant closed. We were asked what we came there for. What?! They did nothing to accommodate the fact that we had driven up from London after making sure they would still be open for service.

Will definitely not be returning to this branch. I love Bella Italia in general but their service is disgusting. They've just lost a loyal customer. My advice, go to Prezzo next door. At least they know what good customer service is!

1 by Hanan Khalil Review source

Really good starter and dessert. Was really disappointed with the main. Went on the GroupOn voucher - was absolutely fine with the menu (not the full menu) vut I hadnt gone thinking i'll get Michelin star quality given it was an offer. Starter was probably one of the best i'd had in ages. Had the traditional lasange for the main. Presentation was brilliant, piping hot, looked great. However was dismayed by the sheer lack of meat in the lasagne. I counted 5 balls of mince in total, reminded me of a Findus microwaveable meal I had some years ago. Essentially 3 layers of pasta and cheese, which had been threatened to be filled by meat, but never actually done. Dessert was excellent. Overall, nice atmosphere, not harrassed by the staff which you get in some places and the staff were themselves, pleasant, polite and efficient. Could easily have been a 5* evening meal had the main not been such a major disappointment.

3 by Review source

Never have I felt so disgusted by a level of customer service similar to what I received. After calling in advance and assuring that I got there before the schedule out of courtesy we as a whole were kicked out of the restaurant saying that we will not be served. This is absolutely appalling considering the 59 miles journey we commuted to celebrate one of the happiest celebrations of our lives in a restaurant we used to love. Not only have they lost a loyal customer, however it is no surprise the level of reviews reflect the type of customer service experienced. Staff were rude and made no intentions of apologising for the inconvenience caused to us. I will never be returning and would rather enjoy an amazing meal next door at prezzo where the doors are open and obide to the policies of when the kitchen closes. Definitely a waste of time and unsatisfactory.

1 by Review source

Service was awful! We came in to order pizza to takeaway and it took over 45 minutes for them to cook and bring us the food. We ordered a drink while we waited - that never arrived. The pizza was brought to us thrown together in plastic containers, and my friend ordered an egg on hers which was missed. When we got home to eat the pizzas they tasted awful, barely any cheese on them and the meat was dry and looked it had been sat for ages. For such a simple order, it seemed like a monumentally difficult task, the restaurant seemed quiet so we don't understand why on earth it could have taken so long. The whole experience left us feeling very aggravated and disappointed. Not impressed.

1 by Review source

Ordered a vegetarian pasta dish, when it came it had parmesan grated all over. This cheese is not vegetarian, however, the chef did not believe it. After investigation, they found it was not vegetarian and gave me the meal for free (even though it was only £1 With a voucher we had). Please hire chefs that know what they are cooking, this is not good enough for such a popular restaurant. How many people have they served that to, thinking it was vegetarian. Our waitress was very good in dealing with it and was very apologetic, thank you!

2 by Review source

Food was delicious, however service was very slow and waited nearly 20mins before we even had a drink order taken, the waiter also seemed to have a grudge over men? She would only talk to my partner as if she was trying to make some sexist point! my fiance had also picked up on it and we found it quite rude actually. We're liveing in 2017 and me and my partner share everything including bills when we eat out and I dnt need some waiter with an attitude trying to treat me like some dinosaur!

3 by Review source

Got rejected at the door and it was 10.15pm!! They close at 11pm. We were a big group and had driven from London for a special occasion. Disappointed with the service and expected a lot more from a restaurant as big as bella Italia! We were loyal customers of this branch but not anymore! We went next door to Prezzo and they accepted us with no issue! Bella Italia should learn a few things from Prezzo on customer service!

1 by Review source

Wow. This time a year ago we waited 1hr 20m after ordering because the staff were more preoccupied with sorting out the deliveroo riders orders as a priority over actual paying customers in the restaurant!! One year on, there is new management and jeez can you tell the difference. Starter's within 15 minutes of ordering and main courses 15 after that. I told the new manager how impressed I was. JUST KEEP IT UP

5 by Review source

We went on a Suturday for lunch, despite the fact that it was not that busy just a couple of families we had to wait 10 mins to be asked for a table we were waiting on the front desk with another family for 10 mins and as noone turned up to give us a table out of the many empty ones we left. The other family followed us as well. I guess they do not want business so will not go waste my time again.

1 by Review source

Good service and friendly. Offer quite a few options for Vegans, which is still rare so well done for that. Would have been five Star but we had a Voucher through the WUNTU app. None of the options were Vegan and I thought the restaurant could have accommodated us instead of just saying these options aren't included. Would have been a nice customer friendly gesture.

4 by Jason Booker Review source

I recently visited Bella Italia with 2 friends. The service was very good indeed; friendly welcome and lovely waitress.
The food was nice; plenty of choice. Two of us had the chicken which was a little over- cooked so it was a bit dry.
But the service was quick and it is a very friendly, nice place to eat. I would certainly go again.

4 by Review source

Kept us waiting at the door for 5 mins before acknowledging us the waitress was disinterested the pizza was stone cold with very watery mozzarella soaking through the centre. The garlic pizza bread was nice and the manager was very apologetic and didn’t charge for the mains. Hope it was just a one off as the menus looks decent.

2 by Review source

Was not that busy when we went, seated straight away, took 25 mins to take our order, drinks came with main course & our starter was only bought to us after our main! Even though we mentioned this when we got our drinks.
I wasn't impressed, nor were other tables who had similar issues!

2 by Rachel Ward Review source

Very poor service and took ages just to order drinks. Husband had to collect our son's pizza from the chefs! The male waiter was very rude and was on his phone instead of taking care of customers. Worst customer service I've ever had to experienxe! Will not be going back.

1 by Review source

Awful food. Service so slow. The only saving grace is the mozzarella bites. Twice they gave me food I Am allergic to telling me I was wrong about the ingredients. I had to insist and still hey said it didn’t have certain ingredients before they realised it did. Really disappointed

1 by Review source

Starters and service ok, but the mains were terrible. Pasta and a risotto, would have been better off with a microwave meal. Full view of the chef or should I say microwave operator, drinking an energy drink and wiping sweat from his brow
Don't waste your money

1 by francine chang Review source

Took a long time to get served with only a few staff members working. Not very accommodating, asked for some garlic bread with main meal after the starters, said I'd have to order the garlic bread as a starter which is way too much. Milk shakes are a total rip off!

2 by Steven Sweeney Review source

Really great food and wine for a chain. Lovely atmos for family dining. Just had 12yr old birthday pizza making party and was just great for new friendships to be doing not just sitting and eating. Service lovely just a tad slow otherwise we would have rated 5 stars.

4 by Kathleen Charlton Allison Review source

Visited on a weekday lunch time. Service ok, only 2 team members and they looked stretched. Food was good and hot. Prices i thought were more than expected, nothing an online voucher can't help with. The interior was very nice, modern and clean.

4 by seanjg1990 Review source

It's OK to try, not super exciting. There is slow service but staff already advise this so no complain about this.
If you are vegetarian then for you only few options.
Staff is very friendly.
Enough parking places available.

3 by मनोज जांगिड Review source

Amazing family meal! Had a meal for 5, 3 course all cooked to perfection - the sharing platter is a must if you go. All the food was served in a timely manner so we weren't waiting or rushed. To top it off was our wonderful waitress Erin.

5 by Mark Creasy Review source

The Bella italia is a great place to eat.Nice food and well cooked.I normally eat big meals so portion size was a bit on the small side for myself.You couldnt knock the taste of the food though.Price was a little on the high side for myself.

4 by Tony Wheeler Review source

Excellent food, reasonably priced and cosy atmosphere. Staff are always very polite and well mannered. Can fill up quite quickly at peak times (ie, after 6pm on Friday / Saturday). Food always comes very quickly.

4 by Shelley Smith Review source

Sat for 30mins not even looked at drink no service. .. disgusting service I've spent 100s in that place... if u cant serve the public don't open your doors... Italian hospitality at its worst. ..

1 by Review source

Lovely food and fantastic customer service. Michael the owner was absolutely lovely and my friends and I enjoyed our time here very much. I highly recommend this fabulous restaurant. Five stars from me.

5 by Review source

Other than my son being extremely moody, this was a good meal. Food was good, service was quick and friendly. My only criticism was my order was wrong and I think the language barrier was the cause

4 by Dave Woods Review source

Neither here nor there, in my humble opinion... decent food, slightly overpriced for what it is though and the service wasn't great when we went.

Wouldn't rush back...

3 by Kurt Streeter Review source

Every time I go,the food is always spectacular and masterfully cooked. The atmosphere is beautiful and comfortable. The service is a little slow but it's still great

4 by Review source

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