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Terrible experience. I would honestly leave zero stars if I could.
There was an issue in the kitchen and half their equipment was broken. But I only found that out after overhearing them saying that to two guests who walked in looking for a table. At this point we had been waiting for our food for 45 mins and had even asked twice how much longer it would be. (Both staff had gone to check and disappeared so I was getting a bit suspicious).
The staff had no idea how to communicate and hid from the guests rather than just talk to them and explain the issue. Everyone understands that things can go wrong but the staff seemed too terrified to talk to their tables. As did the two managers on duty.
What made things worse was that our little boy was with us and was starving hungry. I asked the staff if the kitchen could just plate him up some fruit - the bananas, strawberries and blueberries that came with his order - as it didn't require much kitchen equipment. But they just didn't bother. It was a further 15 minutes for our food.
If we hadn't been with my son who needed to be fed we would have walked out.
They gave us the whole meal for free but by then the goodwill gesture was pointless as the staff were all hiding and tbh when they didn't get my little boy the fruit I had already decided never to return.
My feedback to the staff would be that accidents happen and things break. People understand that. They aren't going to be mad as long as you are honest and communicate with them. It's no good just scurrying off or avoiding eye contact.
Had they told me as soon as they knew the kitchen equipment was broken I could have made the decision whether to pay for my drinks and go elsewhere or stay. With either of those outcomes I would have tried the restaurant again. Instead I'll never be going back again. And I would suggest anyone else tried Bill's either.

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Great service and wonderful food but.............

Let me start with the positives first, Bill's has a great atmosphere with a diverse menu for food and drinks, it's staff were friendly and the service, taking into consideration I was on a table of 9, was fast. My only gripe, and some may disagree with me, was portion size. I ordered the Diablo Gnocchi a spicy mix of king prawns, chorizo, peppers and sun dried tomatoes, this dish was highlighted in the menu and looking at the slightly bigger price my expectations were high, however, when it arrived I was dissapointed by the portion size not much larger than I would have expect from a starter. Not wanting to cause a fuss or question this I ate my meal slowly one gnocchi at a time but still finishing way before anyone else.

In short the gnocchi was small but tasted great I would recommend serving it with a warm piece of crusty bread which would round out the dish somewhat but if your hungry and want pasta try Bill's macaroni cheese (which my partner couldn't finish as the portion was huge) this was also very tasty.

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Came here for a birthday meal and was very happy with it.
Amazing food, quick service and friendly staff.
Price was decent, cocktails a little pricey - would’ve liked an offer like 2 for 1 or something.
Value for money is great here, one main dish is enough to fill even me - no room to try the deserts sadly .
Didn’t catch the name of my waitress but seemed nice - would like to see a little more confidence with interactions but that is just me!
Brought out a cake with candles and sung (sadly) which was a lovely gesture from the team.
Also as I left I was given a goody bag of some sweets which are actually really nice.

If you are looking for a restaurant that cares about customers with decent price tag this is the place for you.
Doubt you will be disappointed, will be returning at some point !

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Not the best. We have tried a few times since opening. Cleanliness is not the best, often chairs are full of yesterday's food crumbs. No matter what coffee you order you get a capachino and they don't pay any attention to frothing the milk correctly. Tables look like they are wiped by someone who really does not want to be there bits of food stuck on from weeks back. As for service... Well they always add the service charge on the bill (no option to select) but that is were it ends. Staff have been rude in occasion. It's a Pity, I've been to bills in both Japan and Australia, they are excellent, top class restaurants with high quality food and service. This feels like a dirty fry up in comparison. I don't normally complain but these guys need to pick up Their game. In the meantime, back to A canteen...

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After being messed around for the second time by Trattoria, my partner found this little gem after a quick nosy on Google to have a meal to celebrate his 30th birthday.. and thank god he did!! Well.. what can I say other than WOW!!! We ordered off of the set menu which had a variety which you don't usually get with a set menu. The food was to die for and came out very quickly between servings! We had no complaints whatsoever with service, presentation etc. We were slightly confused as to why a 10% service charge is added onto the bill at the end but it was more than worth it.. we both enjoyed it so much so that we're returning a week today to take our mum's for lunch! 10 out of 10 Bills !

5 by Review source

My boyfriend took me here for dinner last night. I'm allergic to nuts, seeds and coconut well had hardly any choices as pretty much everything had sesame in! The meal I wanted they didn't have! Only sides where salad and veg as chips had sesame no other potato dish. When asked they did do mash! The Drink I ordered they didn't have then to top it off my side order was thrown all over the table so by time got a new one had eaten most of my dinner! Didn't stay for pudding as everything was a disaster! To top it off service charge was added on which we didn't pay as was so disappointed with service and meal! Real shame!

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Hadn't been here before but friends have recommended it. Stopped for drinks and sat outside. The problem was the guy on front of house. There were other tables waiting to be served too. He wasn't on the ball at all. We finally had our order taken. When my husband asked for the bill he said he'd send someone out. Nobody came so after a while he went in to find someone to pay. The guy who was supposed to send someone was standing talking to three servers who were doing nothing. It's annoying when a nice place is let down by their staff.

3 by Review source

Very slow service from the staff. Was told to wait at the bar to order drinks, the bar staff was busy talking to colleagues and didn'r acknowledge us. Staff were not very vigilant on the tables, and often didn't hear people saying 'excuse me' when trying to get their attention, customers has to shout louder than normal to get their attention. (For a steak knife, more drinks to be ordered, extra sauces etc) Food was basic and a bit over priced for the portion you got, but food was served quickly and hot. Won't be returning.

2 by Laura-Louise Chalk Review source

As soon as you wall in you can tell this was a different and quirky chain.

We got a nice glass of strawberry lemonade which even came with fresh strawberries. We had a lovely polite waitress who couldn't do any more to help us with our food selection. Vegetarian falafel burger was good as well as the special duck with dauphinoise potatoes. Unfortunately we did not have time for pudding however I did have my eye on the melted chocolate pudding very varied menu information about allergens written on the menu to help inform you.

5 by natasha josling Review source

I've been twice and the first time the staff went above and beyond the call of duty cooking my main twice as I had to take my mum to hospital in the middle of the meal (not major but trip unplanned).
The menu is not huge, but everything I've had has been well cooked with good ingredients.
It's not in any way the best restaurant, but it does what it does well.
If I had any criticism, the staff who are lovely, don't always seem completely on the ball and you have to watch for the 10% service charge.

4 by Nick Whymark Review source

Vile food, menu is shockingly over priced and does not explain the dishes clearly considering the posh etiquette they decide to use. The garlic flatbread was cold, no garlic taste at all and the cheese was stone cold/hard. The bolognese was oily and undercooked. The Thai green curry was watery and horrible chewy off cuts of chicken. Staff were not helpful at all either ignored us. Very uncomfortable cramped booth for two people. Would definitely not recommend Bills neither would I return.

1 by Review source

We had our 36th wedding anniversary there. Our daughter had recommended the restaurant. It was fantastic. We arrived to a glass of prosecco. The waitress Nicola was brilliant. She knew all about the food and the restaurant and where it had grown from. The food was incredible and the service was incredible. All the staff were approachable and so friendly. Had a wonderful experience and it really made our day. Thank you so very much.

5 by Review source

Great atmosphere at this relaxed restaurant. Food menu is a mix of all sorts but I did feel that some of the options were a bit mundane. Both food and drink was reasonably priced.

It was a pretty busy Saturday night but the service was still attentive and food came out at a good rate.

Overall enjoyable and a nice relaxed night out but I would encourage them to 'jazz up' the menu choices a little.

4 by Edward Miles Review source

Tried Bills for the first time tonight, and we have had a great night, staff very friendly, food tasty and atmosphere great. It's so easy for chain restaurants to treat you like your on a conveyor belt but Bills and the team of the staff was very attentive, food come out on time and was piping hot, and was very tasty. Definitely recommend to Others and we will be going back again! Thank you for a great evening Bills team!

5 by Review source

The staff were really great and put a lot of effort in and seemed to enjoy working together. Decor is really nice and it's got a good atmosphere. The only problem was that the food was a bit disappointing. It wasn't bad it was just a bit mediocre. Overall I had a good evening there but the food wouldn't entice me back.

3 by Review source

The food here was excellent. The spicy chicken skewers starter was especially tasty. The steak was well cooked and the portion size adequate.

The staff were helpful and attentive throughout.

Maybe £55 each with just a couple of drinks was slightly on the high side, but the food quality can't be faulted.

4 by Chris Michael Review source

We went to Bill's in Chelmsford for dinner on 25th November for the first time. The food was really wonderful and the customer service was outstanding; second to none. The Maitre D was lovely and when he needed the table back, he found a place for us at the bar and treated us very well. Definately our new favourite place

5 by Review source

I don't recommend the ribs. They were very bland. Service needs improvement too, asking for the bill, the waitress (manager) disappeared and didn't come back. Service is included but we paid in cash, I didn't have another half hour wait in me to wait on change so we just left. I won't rush back.

3 by william blair Review source

Not great. No beer on tap, menu items missing, kids mac & cheese was tiny, no kids deserts offered although included, charged for items not received.

Plus point (only reason it was not 1 star) was that they spilt water on brother in law's lap

2 by Review source

Friendly staff with quick service at lunchtime but they need to work on the steak it’s not very consistent and chips are over salted. Other than that everything was nice and they give emergency services a discount wish BlueLightCard so I’ll deffo be going back.

4 by D Review source

Good food and mostly good service. However o e arsy staff member. Always one. That said. The food and general service is really good. Just unlucky on a couple of occasions both me n a friend went separately and got the one with the face like a slapped are.

3 by Rosie Ferdi Review source

Very good American diner style food with plenty of twists. Had Halloumi sticks to start, delicious. Steak eggs and chips for main. All good. Chocolate fondant pudding with vanilla ice cream was well presented.
Good food good service good price.

5 by Peter Gibson Review source

Waiting. Went Sunday for late breakfast. Waited for drinks tea and coffee, 15 min. 10 more for food. Wanted more maple syrup. Yep waited again then was given golden syrup. Not a good visit. Got 2 stars as sons roll was good. Wont be back

2 by Review source

Went here twice in quick succession for lunch with family followed by dinner a few nights later with friends and really enjoyed it. Fantastic food, surroundings and service.
My only gripe was that the sharing bread is too small.

4 by Chris Barrett Review source

Beautiful lay out with food to die for. quickly served with no reservation though wasn't busy. Well priced especially for the set menu. Polite staff and answered any questions we had over all 10 out of 10 for me and my partner

5 by Review source

Alrightish. Menu over promises and food under delivers. I think Bills need to invest in better (paid) staff, and better chefs. Has a lot of potential, but I’ve never had more than an average meal there sadly.

3 by Tom Stacey Review source

Great food and atmosphere. A couple of things on our order were wrong but we're corrected immediately. Friendly waiting staff. Would recommend giving it a go. Especially the chicken skewer starter!

4 by Review source

Not a bad place to have a coffee with a friend, but why make a service charge? Surely any 'tip' should be left to your customer: especially when imposed for just a cup of coffee!

3 by Review source

Shouldn't offer a table if there really isn't time for it. Our fault for not booking ahead but still waited a long time to finally get seated and eat. Food was good as always!

2 by jack fairman Review source

Went here for brunch, staff were helpful, it wasn't too busy and they have a nice outdoor seating area by the river in Chelmsford. Good range of food and very tasty.

4 by Rachel Persaud Review source

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