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6 Lapwing Ln, Manchester, M20 2WS

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I only live around the corner and often walk past this restaurant and gaze in, curiously, but haven't really been able to justify the cost until last night (girlfriend needed cheering up). I really think every aspect of this restaurant was perfect, from the greeting at the door, having our coats and scarves taken to the cloakroom, the level of attentiveness by the waiters/waitresses was spot on: not too near or intense to be uncomfortable/irritating and not too far or infrequent to be frustrating when we wanted to place orders or ask for some more drinks etc. The draught Stella Artois was very clean tasting, like drinking it in Belgium itself, the meat (swordfish, rib eye steak) was cooked to perfection, and *very* tender, hand cut chips and seasonal greens (green beans, peas, mange tout) were also excellent. The music playing was at the best level possible, so it really was background music, not intruding on the conversation at all, not needing to raise our voices to get the attention of the serving staff. Finally, the desserts were truly spectacular... I recommend this restaurant very highly and literally cannot think of anywhere I've eaten that has produced such consistently high quality food over the entire meal, with the added bonus of a great atmosphere produced by the combination of the staff and the restaurant itself.

5 by Review source

Absolutely terrible night, I really hope they had kitchen problems tonight and we could put it down to that as it was a total shocker! My wife’s main meal was supposed to be Halibut in a tomato sauce. Looked and tasted 100% like Swordfish but even giving them the benefit of the doubt with that, it was so salty she could not eat it. Then the desert.......... warm chocolate fondant, not warm at all in fact totally uncooked and still frozen inside, unbelievable from a restaurant that had already served a terrible main course and cannot even operate a microwave. On the upside the front of house staff were excellent and I could see they were visably embarrassed about the whole experience. Total and utter disgrace, we will never ever visit again.

1 by Review source

Average food and rude staff. Avoid and go to Gusto instead. I've always had consistent meals here but today's meal was average. The seafood was mushy and not fresh and had a piece of shell in it that I bit in to. When I mentioned it to the waiter he was rude and unhelpful, I was told that shell was to be expected in the meal. The manger was equally rude and dismissive. My friend's pudding was not as good as she remembered either so maybe there's been a change in staff recently. After going there for over 10 years I'm doubtful that I'd go back.

2 by Review source

Excellent service- Very polite and courteous staff, helpful and attentive.

The food can be excellent or moderate depending on what you choose- The chargrilled chicken with mushrooms and gnocchi was excellent- The chicken breasts were cooked to perfection. The prawn linguine was ok- The pasta was a tad undercooked.

The ambience is great- it can get a bit noisy on friday/ saturday evenings once people have had a bit too much to drink but nothing intolerable.

Overall- Quite a good experience.

4 by Abhishek Sarkar Review source

Good food but the the service is sometimes delivered with a bit of an attitude. And if you're going in a group then they automatically add a discretionary 10% service charge: I don't like this as I feel it pressurises you into paying it even when the service is poor (the waiter's don't bother poring the wine, don't ask if you want coffee and ignore you for ages when you come to pay your bill: why would you bother tipping when they don't even try?)

3 by Sean Ives Review source

Went here with my partner last night and was very disappointed by the service and food. The gentleman serving was too busy to pay attention to us and when we did order, the starters came before our wine or water! We spent the majority of our time without drinks even after reminding staff 3 times that we were without. My main was abysmal, luke warm and the chicken was so dry it was inedible. Very saddening considering the price tag attached.

2 by Review source

Visited at lunch and ordered from the 'quick lunch' menu, which had a good set of options. Staff very nice and attentive but gave us time to enjoy our food. When the food arrived promptly it was well cooked and presented very nicely. Wasn't going to have dessert but was tempted by the selection offered and caved in. Very nice around experience and would visit again for a special lunch.

5 by Review source

Food was average at best, service was very poor and rude. Had to be asked for water multiple times and snapped back when asked. Lasagna was basically a bowl of melted cheese which I couldn't finish. The waiter replied 'oh well that's the English Lasagna not the proper Italian'.

The 1 star is for the wine..... it was beautiful.

All in all a bad experience

1 by Review source

I must admit that it is quite expensive choice but by all means the experience is well worthy.
The dishes although not heartful are very well presented and the ingredients guaranteed and always fresh. The staff is flawless and always there to help.
Last but not least the environment is one of the strongest points for this restaurant.
I would recommend it.

4 by Christos Chaintoutis Review source

Waited 40 minutes to be seated for a table that had been reserved. The table was not ready when we arrived so we sat at the bar. The receptionist failed to call us over. On reminding her, she said she forgot about us. Had to ask three times for a drink that had been ordered. Water not brought to the table despite asking for it. Not up to its usual standard last night!

1 by Review source

I love this place and am a regular visitor - every time I have visited the standards of the food and service are always consistently excellent and on a Saturday evening (when I normally eat) there is a lovely atmosphere. It feels authentically Italian without being cliched, the staff are courteous, efficient, highly professional and always cheerful and friendly.

5 by Review source

The menu can be a bit hit and miss I'm afraid, or I've made poor choices.

More often than not it's okay, but I should take my own advice and quiz the waiter how the dish is served.

This way I won't be surprised when the prawns in the prawn cocktail arrive wearing a full suit of armour.

4 by Bram Glover Review source

Food was average at best. Everyone left hungry and the bill was outrageous. Saving grace after complaining 3 times they didn't charge us £4 for 5 courgette fries. Did see someone get robbed though.... They got a scoup of ice cream in a glass for £6 tbf they did get a drizzle of espresso

1 by Review source

For me Piccolino's in Didsbury is the most inconsistent restaurant in West Didsbury. Over the year's I've had some of great meals and I've had some mediocre meals. The location and interior are fantastic and the welcome is always good but the food and service is patchy.

3 by Guy Taylor Review source

I have been a few times, I love their salmon, asparagus, and mascaprone pasta - its nice to sit outside if the weather is good.

They also do a nice pizza bread, definitely worth a visit if you fancy some italian in Didsbury.

4 by Joanna Spencer Review source

I love this restaurant. Every time I go it awesome. The service is always excellent and the food is good quality fresh and well cooked.

It is a little on the expensive side so not somewhere to visit every week unfortunately.

5 by Greg Dawson Review source

Great inside and athmosphere,service has always been good the 3/4 times been..the food i have had has always been to good standard.i mainly stick to pasta thou as itl always be good value for money.the calarmi is recommended x

4 by Review source

Received my starter after ny main course. Ordered nice wine but in a conversation later, it appears they gave the table a much more expensive wine than the red I ordered.

Food alright. Will not be rushing back.

3 by Gwendoline McGowan Review source

If you want a great Italian meal with service to match, then this is the restaurant for you. The food is authentic and service is attentive and personal. A beautiful restaurant with a great selection of fine wines also

5 by Rahul Luthra Review source

Very nice atmosphere in this restaurant. The staff is very friendly and I really like how the manager organized the restaurant. I just had a cocktail but I'll be back again for a meal, the food looked very good.

5 by Stefano Lampis Review source

Popped in last sunday night on the spur of the moment. So glad we did. Food scrumptious, service excellent, atmosphere as it should be. Will definitely visit again next time I'm in Manchester.

5 by Review source

the bill was very high, £60 pound per person for 3 people and only had risotto and garlic pizza. I made a complain to the manager he knows its very high but its the owners fault.

1 by Review source

This is one of the better Piccolinos - great location with nice semi open outdoor dining area, stylish and modern decor, decent food and staff are friendly and on the ball.

5 by Jake Miller Review source

Always a high standard of food and service in this Italian restaurant. The Polo Parmigiana pizza was excellent with a splash of chilli oil for extra spice. Great wine list

4 by Brian Adamski Review source

Been here twice now around a month ago and sat 8.04.17, really lovely place. They one close to Albert Square manchester is really nice food is also great and inexpensive

5 by Review source

Very high quality food ... the garlic bread pizza starter is great. All of the dishes are very high quality,.: simple food done well, would highly recommend!

5 by sam desbruslais Review source

Finest service in town. The Italian vibe is strong in this restaurant, from the food to the servers. One of my favourite places to take my family.

5 by Review source

Solid Italian option. Always friendly and good service. Booking on OpenTable is hit or miss, but their website has proper availability.

4 by Review source

Too crowded, too loud and barely any vegetarian options. The food was delicious but just not worth yelling at each other over the noise.

3 by L D Review source

Had a fantastic night for my son 18 food and staff brilliant couldn't have made it any better for us thankyou to all the staff

5 by Review source

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