House of Fraser Oxford Street - Marylebone, London

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318 Oxford St, Marylebone, London, W1C 1HF

+44 20 7529 4700




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Overall: Definitely my favorite branch, mostly for stock availability, store layout, location and some of the staff.

Customer service: Pretty good, The store is massive with many different departments so you will get pretty much everything from the amazing and experienced elder client assistant (like on 1st floor, Hugo boss, Fred Perry and formal wear) to the bored teenager with chewing gum (that can be usually spotted on youngest brands of women casual wear). but overall I would say it's more than satisfying.

Products: usually really well stocked. This year after the re-fit they removed many of really good brands and mixed up women's casual, formal and party wear which is a shame because it makes it less shopper friendly. I am not a fan of the new store look and layout but hopefully they will change again soon. Home wear and Children wear was recently revised, they completely removed most of those 2 departments over the last 2-3 years.

Fitting room: depending on the brand. some of them are amazing, some can be less nice, but all of them are quite clean.

Toilets: there are toilets on 1st floor (men), 2nd floor (women), 4th floor (both man and women). Not super clean but that's because people in central London can be savage! but they are cleaned regularly and there is loads of cubicles so there is never a queue.

4 by Flavia Olivieri Review source

House of Fraser customer service policy \\u003d ‘THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG. My wife bought me an expensive toilet bag for my birthday via the HoF website. Just before my birthday a random Farah t-shirt turned up. So random no connection was made with the bag and we assumed it was a gift from a friend. When we eventually made the connection a few weeks later (having opened and binned the packaging) we called HoF who conducted a ‘warehouse investigation’ and emailed (rather than called us back) to tell us that we had definitely been sent the toilet bag therefore we would receive no refund. They posted back the t-shirt we had returned and hadn't ordered. Take the customer’s word for it? Not a chance. My wife has since spoken to you three times and tried explain what happened. You believed your warehouse rather than us and as a result you have effectively stolen £155 from us and left us with a worthless t-shirt we couldn’t give away. The inference from you is that we are trying to steal from you. Warehouses / distribution centres never make mistakes do they? Yeah right. Try putting your customers first for a change. This is appalling customer service. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. We won’t ever again. John Lewis would never behave in this manner towards their customers which is why John Lewis is a thriving business and this one isn't.

1 by Review source

Treats their customers like thieves!

Staff left tags on our shopping, went back in after alarms went off at the door, we'd got lots of items that we had bought and receipts were either in the bags or my purse or handbag. I asked the security guy if i could go to the checkout desk to put my coat and bags down and go through my purse etc in private, the security guy refused this and pointed at the dirty, wet floor just inside the door.

I had to pull all the contents of the bags out looking for the receipts and also dig through my handbag, taking my personal effects out. I found the receipts to the items that still had the security tags attached, he begrudgingly removed them and just handed the things back, no apology, nothing. I felt degraded and very angry that i was made to unpack all my shopping and personal effects and coat on a filthy wet floor in front of all the shoppers on Oxford Street. Disgraceful.

Also the changing rooms were revolting, dirty, full of dust, hair, nowhere to sit or hang your things on when trying things on and broken locks. Really appalling for a London 'Flagship' store.

1 by Review source

This is the first time I have visited House of Fraser for some years. Previously I have made numerous purchases to acquire outdoor clothes from Blacks, Cotswold, Kathmandu and other similar shops.
House of Fraser is unusual in providing outdoor clothes for the civilians using them in the High Street. There are outstanding values for clothes such as Label Lab and Craghoppers All Action jackets. House of Fraser seems to understate their range of outdoor clothing products more than the other famous shops. Yet in the same area some ranges of jeans are grossly overpriced due to the reputation of very well known brands!
Nevertheless very enjoyable visit and will come again later this winter.

4 by Patrick Coleman Review source

This was the worst customer experience I've ever had. I was trying to return some items but the shop assistants kept moving me from one cashier to another treating me very poorly. One of them in particular was extremely rude and incompetent; she accused me of making her life a nightmare because I was returning many items and she was not adequately prepared to help with anything without assistance from other staff, though not many of those were to be found either. I have never seen shop assistants not only so incompetent but also so rude and offensive towards their customers. I will never go back again.

1 by alessia argentieri Review source

I made a purchase during sale period and they didn't send me a receipt. I called customer services, tried messaging them on Facebook, webchat but there wasn't any response. I went to the store and the staff tried calling the customer services to get my receipt because I needed to return the items but there wasn't any response either. After a long wait a member of staff helped me with the returns. I am quite happy with their staff. They were very helpful and polite but highly frustrated at their customer services.

3 by Iqra Bakhtiyaar Review source

Went to the shop to get a refund for an item which was bought from House of Fraser Victoria. Called them to confirm if I could get a refund in any other shop on which they confirmed that you can pop in to any shop. Refused a refund as they were not sure about the method of payment but was offered a gift card. Do not buy from them as you would never get your money back if you wish to return your item and they would give you a gift card instead so that you can only use it in their shop which I believe is ridiculous.

1 by Review source

The tea room: The service is terrible! The lady serving is so unfriendly that you are afraid to order or ask her for anything. After I ordered I asked for the menue but she never came to ask if I wanted something. Even in the first order I wanted an egg breakfast with one scone just to try but no you have to order full portion even if you don't want! So it's their loss, instead of paying 20 I paid 10 £ bcz I ordered only scone. The place was not crowded at all but no service!! I was very disappointed.

2 by Faraneh Al Ansari Review source

Excellent face to face service in store. After that it's all down hill. Carpet ordered and fully paid on 4th January for delivery and fitting in 10 days. 19 days later still waiting. Ring them up and you go on hold for a couple of minutes followed by being cut off. When you eventually get hold of someone they say they'll have to call you back. I expected much better from House of Fraser and feel very disappointed to put it politely.

2 by Review source

Visited the top floor cafe for afternoon tea on Saturday as a surprise by my mum for me and my sister. Had to wait over hour an half for the food and found it very disappointing. Food on floor from previous customers was told it would be swept but it never was. Scones were hard didn't get our choice of sandwiches and no choice in cake. Mum still paid £50 and we left hungry and very disappointed. Spoilt our day out.

1 by Review source

Bought a pair of shoes from Kurt Geiger and never wore them until a month later... Discovered each shoe was a different size!!! When I called to complain the assistant was more concerned with finding out who sold me the shoes than helpjng me find mine!!! Not helpful at all.
Will go in to get my other shoe today but they didnt even apologise...
Check you have the right sizes before leaving.

3 by Review source

Fantastic department store that in my opinion is only rivalled by Selfridge's when it comes to upscale brands. This location was clean and tidy during the massive rush of after Christmas sales. I really love browsing the makeup and fragrance sections, everyone was very friendly and helpful whenever possible. I never feel pressured by sales agents which is a real plus.

5 by C. Amzn Review source

shop is nicely laid out plenty of room between the Isles . Its a shame that a member of staff tried to send me a round the shop to look at things I didn't want. I went there for one purchase to ask them at the till to look something up on the Internet shopping he wanted me to walk around the whole store and have a look to get me to buy something I did not want .

2 by Shi lie su Review source

It sells clothes, which are boring. But it also had food, which is interesting. Boring? Interesting? I'm really not sure. I think I'll have a bit more of a walk round and make a decision later. I'll probably end up pondering it for a while, let it digest, sink in and then come to a final decision. I'm currently coming down on the side of boring.

4 by Nick Ball Review source

Haven't seen this type of store in Gujarat or in India.....
Very huge+spacious with excellent spacious parking....
Staff really do take care lot of people who come here to buy....
Window shopping is also an enjoyment here...
Furniture, luggage boxes, clothing can be gotten here at good rates..
Very honest people you can feel

5 by Sanjay Patel Review source

Fantastic range of products, all the designer brands, excellent customer service and very knowledgeable staff.
Even if you are not purchasing something it's a great place to look around (especially the food hall).
Not the place to shop if you are on a budget. Probably the most famous and iconic store in London

5 by Neil Moore Review source

One of the many department stores on Oxford street. The stores exterior and interior are rather drab. The men’s department is worth a visit every now and then particularly during the many in house sales. All major brands are represented and have concessions here. There is a great choice of casual, formal and sport wear here.

3 by P Fladuke Review source

Just like any other shopping centers at Orchard Road on Singapore. The staff are friendly and helpful. On its 2nd level you can redeem you tax refund (for tourists only) anytime from 11am to 9pm. However a £3 service charge will imposed and it be deducted from your cash refund. No credit card refund is available here.

5 by Ma-ku Gan Review source

Great department store with everything you could really ask for. The clothing departments have a wide range, including some much more affordable options than a lot of the other nearby department stores! Staff are friendly, but it can get very busy at peak times - on the other hand, where on Oxford Street doesn't?

5 by Andrew Miles Review source

It's ok. not the worse place to shop on oxford street but you'll find just the same stuff in John Lewis and Debenhams, and a lot more in those places too, their cafe the Tea Terrace is awful. Don't bother. I say if you cant find something somewhere else, see if they have it. but its doubtful.

2 by Phinaus Phinex Review source

Visited the store today with my mother and the lady at the makeup area conducted disgusting lazy attitude as if she was giving us the items for free.

She was not bothered until I told her to serve my mother with respect. Overall, I love House of Fraser products but the customer service lacks.

1 by Review source

We went in for afternoon tea as we have been here before several times. The tea room is quite magical, with two cinderella coaches included as seating possibilities. Afternoon tea is served on random pieces of bone china. Menu selection is very good. Very popular and you often have to wait for a seat.

4 by Michele Holzhäuser Review source

The shoe department is awesome! A while for of shoes, thought I'd died and give to heaven. Bear in mind though when you select a pair of shoes the boxes have to be retrieved from the area that they were selected and not the full you may end up at. Definitely recommend and will be back.

5 by Karen Kelly Review source

I always find really nice clothing items I like which fit me perfectly at affordable prices. There's a wide range of make-up, accessories as well as furniture and other home items.

The Street food court also has different restaurants to choose from and a Waitrose supermarket

4 by Anike Vincent Review source

Don't buy furniture here. Buy it from John Lewis. Though the staff were pleasant, it took them 10 weeks to deliver the wrong thing and it wasn't even the complete wrong thing. Aftercare was bog average. Seriously get your furniture from a company that know what they are doing.

1 by Review source

It had been a few months since last visit and I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements to the upper shopping floor's. I found HoF could be rather mid-market now there is a move upwards and unlike some large stores there is 'room to breathe' within the store.

4 by Phil Coleman Review source

Had an experience worthy of heaven the way the assistant kept touching me up with the relevant 'smelly' testers like you do when your in HoF. Learnt a whole load of details between the products too. Rate the 2ladies dem! Im soon to return to purchase sm'thing.

5 by Daniel Harris Review source

Be extremely careful with this store and HoF website. They have significant numbers of fake sales and faked descriptions. The selections and delivery options are good but totally spoiled by the number of fakes. What else can you really expect from a Chinese owned operation.

1 by Bob Hullah Review source

The worst customer received from management as took a faulty belt the manager advising how I should wear the belt so it doesn't get damaged won't give a refund or exchange then took the same belt to there store in west field they changed it with any fuss.

1 by Review source

Excellent staff able to assist me with my purchase. I was buying a Christmas present for my girlfriend and the knowledge and the advice from the staff on the Thomas Sabo counter was first class. The excellent customer service given was a credit to the company.

5 by Steve Shuff Review source

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