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The place is spacious. The place is well stocked, however the staff when I went there they talk amongst each other, which is not bad, don't mind a little chatter. I said excuse me and they said just a moment, and continued to chat about what they will do on the weekend for 5 or so minutes by that time 4 others also needed help.

It all well and good they are being social and talking with each other, however they should drop it and continue later as soon as a customer set foot and ask them for help.

2 by InzGames Review source

Very disappointed by the ‘managers’ (her name was Mel) rudeness today. I would think with competitors like Amazon they’d fix up but it could be due to this individual. I think she was being lazy because she didn’t want to process our refund. She started to tell me company policy and when I rang customer services they said they didn’t think it was and checked with another branch who also confirmed I was right. I think this ‘manager’ needs to brush up on her knowledge on the company policy and her people skills!

1 by Review source

I love this branch from my favourite supermarket ever. It's a little hidden away as it's tucked behind Newbury Park station and you probably won't go there if you don't have a car, but it's worth a visit as it's bigger than Ilford and Chadwell Heath branches. They have all of the facilities you'd expect from a bigger supermarket and a deli + late night pharmacy. Lots of parking and large sports chain next door if you need to buy some erm... sportswear.

5 by Claire Jasmine Taylor Review source

Convenient as it has a large range of products. It has a café with good food and a pharmacy which is open until quite late in the night. The problem is that it is not always clean and as a supermarket it is not pedestrian friendly as there is a long road leading to the supermarket which only has a pavement on part of the road and so one cannot easily access the supermarket if one does not drive there.

3 by Kishen Sedani Review source

At first its tricky to find the road that leads here but once you been here a few times then its no problem.

The store is very clean when you come in and the staff there are very friendly.

I was able to find everything that i was looking for especially a few exclusives. Plus there will be a argos store inside on the 9th of may (2017), so it will be even more of a useful visit.

4 by Mandeep Digpal Review source

Staff really lovely and friendly , shop has become really cold recently not comfortable to shop in there for long, also stocks can be seriously low sometimes and floor staff are really hard to find due to their recent restructure. Have shopped here for 20 years now and feels like it is on a steady downslide which is really sad.

2 by linda mathieson Review source

Bought a video game. Though no fault of argos but sainsburies staff stopped me as I was exiting asking me if I picked the game off their shelf. I was taken aback and gave them the finger. Jog on you muppet, this game is sealed you tw*t and walked off.

1 by Mahfuz Sheikh Review source

It's my local hanging out can purchase a lot of things right from food, drinks, grocery to clothing...It has a small cafe and provides good mushroom omelette....also there is mini pharmacy You should try once

4 by Review source

Fast Track service is not really fast as it should be if you compare other stores. Waited almost 10 minutes, at last I've to ask member of staff! Is there any one on Fast track till...? Need more but professional staff....

1 by Review source

Superb shopping place with plenty of parking...

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5 by Gathatharan Kediliappan Review source

It's usually a good store but I notice that they have started cutting down on supplies and only stocking best-sellers. Can't get Baby Kale anymore, or mixed bean sprouts or organic brown basmati.

3 by A Monsoon Review source

My go to sainsburys. This place is massive, we'll stocked and the staff, very helpful. The asian bloke spent ages trimming my fish just right whilst the deli Girls know how to look after a fat bloke.

5 by Gaurav Aggarwal Review source

Staff helpful when they are there. Missing the old 16 day no quibble money back guarantee. If you want that, select delivery to your home and you'll be covered on the distance selling...

3 by Tak Chiu Review source

This large supermarket is usually eerily quiet. On the plus side, this means that everything is normally in stock. Ample parking, but there is no Petrol Station.

3 by M Muttalib Review source

Nice store wnd helpful staff but not enough, 10 people queueing for one register + the fast track doesn't work because they have no one to be there.

2 by Review source

Large branch of Sainsburys with large area for car parking. Recycling area nearby. Staff are friendly and you'll be able to find what you need!

4 by Haroon Miah Review source

Late closing hours wide variety of products overall good shopping experience except not many offers like the other Sainsbury's branch in Ilford.

4 by Review source

Small but mostly quite. Do not have all items on stock. Order online and then go for pick-up. ARGOS is inside Sainsbury's in Newbury Park.

4 by Abu Bilal Sanel Review source

Shop staff absolutely rubbish!!! can not help and rude! Nether ever I'll shopping in there again. Better drive to Tesco or even in Lidl.

1 by Review source

Very helpful staff. Ordered and information regarding delivery and installation sent by message very quickly. Can't wait to use it. X

5 by Review source

Staff were so kind lovely store. thanku to all the staff that helped me over come my epileptic seizure thanku 4 ur help

5 by Review source

Very well run Super Store. Generally quite. Racks are laid out with plenty of aisle space. Staff are very good and helpful.

5 by Jerry Fernandez Review source

This Sainsbury's is one of the best very friendly staff plenty of parking places and the place always seems calm

5 by taus uddin Review source

Great but can't pick up the same day for a lot of stuff. Sort of defeats the point of Argos

3 by Sarah Atkinson Review source

It's really handy having an Argos inside Sainsbury's at Newbury Park. Great parking and ease of shopping.

5 by Russell West Review source

This is rather a pleasant place to shop as the staff are polite and a nice size, good parking, Will go again:)

5 by rory burr Review source

Brilliant. Order stuff online and then go pick it up when convenient. What more can you ask for. Fantastic!

5 by imran1881 Review source

Got the big sainsburys with argos side there is a sports direct and pounstretcher next door

3 by Fiona Chung Review source

Very friendly staff and a fast efficient service. Also open to 22:00, very handy. Highly Recommended..

5 by Jason Brooks Review source

good range of non-food items - including clothing and toys. Generally helpful and understanding staff.

4 by Umer Nalla Review source

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