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Came to see Kenneth Branagh's complete murder of Agatha Christie's 'Murder On The Orient Express' and the cinema experience was sadly lacking.... No clear signage of where to buy tickets and no-one to ask(turns out there is a till /computer outside the auditorium where u can do this but it's not manned) ... a very rude and quite dictatorial usherette who pointed a torch and barked 'sit there' and the cinema itself......? Way too hot (we were so uncomfortable in the rising temperature) and I wonder if there is an air conditioning system installed. The Dolby system is good with fair ambient surround and the screen size adequate. Seats ok but don't tip up and there's not enough leg room for people to pass by so be prepared to have toes stepped on... (no cup holders in seats either) no cinema curtains and worse still no screen masking - the screen is a fixed 2:35:1 with all film ratios projected onto not really any improvement on the lacklustre multiplexes.... we had such high hopes too. Think we'll just wait for the 4k blu rays to come out to watch on our curved 75 inch tv at home with THX surround as it provides a better viewing experience

3 by Review source

For the second time I booked a table for four at the kitchen prior to seeing a play in the theatre. The first time I booked for 6pm thinking that this would allow enough time to eat before the start of the play at 7.30pm. What happened was that the service was so slow that we had to leave the puddings we ordered and I was left trying to pay while my friends went into the theatre.

Optimistically I decided to try again last week before The Play that Goes Wrong. Just to be on the safe side, I booked the meal for 5.30pm. Once again the incredibly slow service meant that I paid as we made a hurried departure to the theatre and my partner and I didn't have enough time to eat our pudding.

To add insult to injury, when I urgently asked for the bill, the waitress said in a cross voice, 'You didn't put your pudding order in until 7pm so what did you expect? ' She seemed impervious to the fact that she was the one who didn't put the pudding order in until 7pm and we were ready to order at 6.30!

Love the food but can't stand the tension involved in trying to get served and be in to the start of a play.

3 by Review source

This is a fantastic addition to Chester city centre and it’s great to see the former Odeon cinema being repurposed in such a considerate manner.

The theatre itself provides an intimate arena in which to watch performances. The stage is surrounded on three sides by seating, meaning that when in the pit or circle, you are never more than 7-or-8 rows from the actors. This really adds to the experience, leading to a much greater feeling of “immersion” than can be the case elsewhere. Two plays thus far have been aimed at families - Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Seven. These been superbly performed, and are clearly enjoyed by both children and adults.

The quality is maintained by the Storyhouse restaurant. It offers an informal environment in which they offer Mediterranean inspired food at a reasonable price. There are a good selection of choices for kids.

The Storyhouse is clearly popular and is thriving since reopening. Well worth a visit.

5 by Matthew Sandman Review source

As a restaurant, theatre and cinema, the place is great. I love the design of it and how they kept the old Odeon intact. In fact I believe they even reused some old equipment from the cinema, such as sofas from the old waiting room

But as a library, the place is awful. Mixing book shelves with the noisy and often busy restaurant was a terrible idea, and there's so much noise pollution. The first time I tried the library, I heard the loud choir singing from the restaurant for at least 20 minutes. The singing was great, but I don't want to hear that when I'm trying to read something

And I hate the layout of the computer area. If you want privacy whilst studying, don't bother coming here. The layout is poorly designed, so you'll constantly have people walking behind you looking for books. Not to mention the fact that there's really not that much space

2 by sbrocksman Review source

Wonnderful to have a major theatre again in Chester. High class productions have been the norm since opening. This is a comfortable and inviting place. The cinema is very good in terms of the range of offerings and comfort. The restaurant is to be recommended. It is not quiet and cosy, but good food and prompt and friendly service. (All of the Storyhouse staff are exceptionally helpful and enthusiastic ). A couple of suggestions: the theatre does not have a box office. You can seek out staff who will help, on their laptops, but all other large theatres in the area, eg Mold, Floral Pavilion, do. There should be one. Also, apart from in the cinema there is no senior pricing. Many older people will be deterred from regular attendance. I have not used the library, but question if i would like the piped music? In summary we love the Storyhouse.

5 by Review source

Chester's very own cultural centre has everything that you would expect from a cinema/theatre/arts venue combined with a library. Although I can't fault the two theatres and the cinema in general, the venue seems confined with the library and it's certainly not the kind of venue to wind down and relax with a book. The website and online booking is very poor in design and certainly not user friendly. Like every theatre, you would think it would incorporated a manned box-office...not Storyhouse. Tickets can be purchased via ticket machines situated near the main theatre. The Kitchen and The Garret bar serves refreshments and drinks all day long. I cant fault the venue, although, it does seemed crammed, but it is badly run by its young team of its inexperienced organisers.

3 by Karl Cleveley Review source

I was sceptical about the transformation of the old Odeon but this was vanquished the first time I walked around the recently opened building. As well as being aesthetically pleasing; the books on shelves throughout the building make them more accessible. The cinema is a nice space. I haven't attended the theatre yet but have heard good reports. You need to be computer literate to make the most of the experience and obtain tickets etc. However, that is where the future is heading and there are many human staff around the place to help otherwise. The cafe area is enjoyable but if you want a relaxing atmosphere; earlier on during the day and weekends can be a bit inundated with Mums and children. They have built it and people have come.

5 by Review source

Well designed, great ambience, and a fantastic array of shows, performances and films (including the smaller indie productions). Chester needed this, and it's helped change the city.

The only problem was the bar during an evening show. There must of been four working behind the bar, trying to serve a crowd of 300, during the interval. It was chaotic and (through no fault of the staff there at the time) too slow.

They really need more behind the bar during fully booked shows, to avoid the mass pushing and shoving.

Other than that, the business as a whole is a credit to the city.

4 by Review source

We as a family came to see Secret Seven on Sunday 3rd Dec. We all loved it and it was really magical. However , the first half was a bit 'wordy' and long we thought , and could perhaps have had a bit more music and movement in it.
The acting and sets were brilliant.
Our moan each time we visit though is about the bar.
Long waits for drinks and staff who do not seem trained properly.
One girl said 'I can't serve you now , the till is busy' ! She then disappeared in to the back and never returned ! This is such a shame and doesn't seem to be getting better.

4 by Review source

Storyhouse succeeds in some elements of its design, but in others feels convoluted and ill-conceived.

I can't speak for the cinema space, but the 'library' space has been compromised which has disappointed me greatly as a fan of the old Chester library.

The building was too loud, there was no air conditioning and worst of all the layout meant that there were people walking through the library space to get to other parts of the building.

Some elements work though. I can imagine this is a great place for art lovers and the restaurant seems great.

3 by Charlie Apap Review source

Last night I saw 'The Handmaiden' at Storyhouse and WOW what a wonderful film. If like me you have read Sarah Water's Fingersmith then you will know the line of the story but this film takes it so much further with so many different twists and turns. I loved that some of the best comedy moments appear during some of the most tense scenes. As an aspiring screen writer this film would be my role model. So wonderfully acted and directed, each scene was set up like a classic painting. I will certainly be going to see this film again.

5 by Review source

This was a first for us at this very modern theatre, we all found the facilities fanrastic, very helpful staff and a great atmosphere. The theatre its self is small but we found it cosy and just added to ambience. The show we went to see also was absolutely fantastic everyone in the audience was on their feet dancing and singing, we have never seen such a reaction from an audience and we have been to many theatres!!!! Fab venue would definitely recommend it, and a fabulous show ,Cilla the Musical has extremely talented cast wonderful!!!!

5 by Review source

Exceptional venue - a beautifully appointed library, theatre and cinema complex in an attractively renovated historic building. The attention to detail is phenomenal! Performances that are different and thought-provoking in the theatre, cinema that brings a mixture of old classics, recent films but also unusual films that often get little air time from the big cinemas and, the icing on the cake, there are delicious dining experiences offered in the 'Kitchen'. Can't recommend this venue too highly!

5 by Judith Sharman Review source

Inspired. I remember the Gateway closing. This theatre was not always a hub for finest theatre but for me, a very working class girl, it opened up my world. I'd almost given up hope of a replacement but The Storyhouse surpasses my wildest expectations. A truly communal space and tonight substance followed form with the very entertaining Beggars Opera. Just entirely enjoyable. I feel a new lease of life and a pride in my home city. Thank you my future is bright.

5 by Review source

It is simple a fantastic venue that is hosting great performances in the theatre and a good selection of films in the cosy cinema. If we had the spare cash we would probably attend several days a week to watch many things and put on a lot of weight by eating too much honeycomb ice cream in the intervals! A big pat on the back for all those involved in initially making this venue happen and those who are running it now. Keep up the great work.

5 by Jim Gayes Review source

We went to watch Bonnie and Clyde on Saturday evening in the theatre in the roof. To say it is the most uncomfortable watching space is an understatement. Row H on bench seats no more than 10 inches wide in sweltering heat is not my idea of fun. I won't watch anything in this theatre again. The production however was excellent given the performing area. Let us hope that the main theatre is better when we visit later in the year

2 by Ian Whitfield Review source

Storyhouse is a multifunctional arts centre. The theatre is good but small, the children's library area good, but as a main library it is a confusing maze and fails in this respect. It also contains a cinema. There is no booking office or reception desk but the staff in the coffee/ cafe area are very helpful. Outside there is limited parking, and public transport links are distant. In summary a great idea, but could be better.

4 by Ray McClure Review source

Storyhouse is a wonderful melding of books, live theatre & cinema with great food. You can choose to sit and eat on long tables shared with other dinners or turn the corner to order coffee to go with free newspapers.

Chester's home of the arts caters to children's groups and adult taste through an eclectic mix of activities and performance.

A special, social and stimulating place.

5 by Neil Lewis Review source

Amazing Place! Expertly designed, modern all-round complex with great facilities that actively boosts the cultural appeal of Chester. The performance and showing spaces are fully acoustically treated giving great concept of sound, all without bleed to other rooms. Everything just looks astounding and I would recommend anyone to go and experience a production in the auditorium. You should enjoy it as much as I did!

5 by William James Review source

Lovely hangout place. We only went there to meet friends on the day of the Chester 10K Sunday run but there was a lot going on under the same roof. A theatre, cinema, cafe, library, children's craft/activity table. Some beautiful seats around the cafe/ library area. Very modern decor (only about a year old). Few very local car parks less than 5min walk. Would definitely love to come back and see a show.

5 by Yemi Review source

Difficult to fault this place really except maybe for the price of some plays and films. Plenty for the smaller kids to do in the play den room from reading, chilling to a film, drawing etc and there are plenty of reasonably priced supervised craft sessions too if you need some space. In the library enjoy a drink while the kids dress up. And of course the film / theatre. Perfect for a rainy day with friends.

5 by Review source

A fantastic, modern building that preserves the best art deco features of the old Odeon cinema.

The inclusion of Chester library is a brilliant idea, and it's integrated with bars, a restaurant, meeting spaces, a small cinema and of course, the new theatre.

It's well worth a visit, even if you don't want to see a film or attend a show and a great addition to the city.

5 by Stuart Robinson Review source

Fabulous venue. I was more than excited to see this venue being brought back to life. What I love most is how old meets new inside. The original timber doors are still hung. The art deco roof is still on display and the old cinema screen is now am entrance to the new foyer and theatre. A stunning building with so much to offer. The library is spaced all over the building which is a great idea too.

5 by Jonathan Jones Review source

We visited today and it was a nostalgic experience. The development is in keeping with the original building with some of the old doors etc and main cinema screen place remains. The feel and ambiance is great mixing modern with old.
Well worth the wait. Gutted the tickets for Jon Richardson are sold out. Sure many more acts will follow wanting to star at Chester's new theater.

5 by Review source

First visit to Storyhouse since it has opened. Loved everything about it, the theatre, the library, the bar, the ice cream The ambience of the place is great, gives you such a good vibe/feeling. One can get a drink and find a quiet or a not quiet spit with a good book and a comfy chair or you can go to the theatre or the cinema and there is free WiFi

5 by Mandeep Singh Review source

Only really able to judge the library / study facilities as that is the only section I have used, and I have to say it's pretty fantastic.
Ample seating, numerous computers and a quiet zone all make for an ideal space to revise, study, or just read. Only slight gripe is the selection of books doesn't have everything you'd hope for

4 by Review source

Amazing place. So much to do here fantastic building with something for all the family from your baby to your grandparents. Lots of amazing performances go on here. Currently secret seven is on until 14th January. It's an amazing show and it's not to be missed. My dog is also one of the Scampers so it's worth going to see.

5 by Chloe The Tommo Thomas Review source

Great night at the story house seeing Russell Kane and friends. I haven't been before but it was really night inside.. it's not very well sign posted though so make sure you give yourself some time to find your seat.. Also there is a bar at the top which is usually quieter than the main bar if you want a drink before hand!

5 by Mike Norton Review source

I like what they've done overall. The one flaw was traipsing through seated dinners to get to the theatre if you enter through the old entrance and nothing says you shouldn't. Were I a diner I would not have been impressed. Library looks great and very inviting. Overall decor very interesting and stylish. Impressive.

4 by Jean Allan Review source

Have been going here since it first opened several months ago, a perfect area to chill and relax would recommend to anyone in the North West area as the staff are very helpful and friendly and can read a book or watch a movie and even go on one of their computers for free. Storyhouse is something which makes Chester much better.

5 by Review source

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