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Having played a number of escape games around the world, I've learned to focus on 3 main elements:
The Puzzles
The hosting

For me - every element makes up the amount you pay for escape games.
Clue HQ is a very solid game, particularly in terms of its puzzles. The outcome was a little lock heavy for my taste - but compared to other lock-based games (many of which would merit 4* and below) the puzzles to find the means of opening were far more challenging and intriguing. (Further, in terms of escape room styles, everyone is different - and the lads who played loved it, and it really suited them). Also, CLUE HQ Brentwood is a franchise, and the location is so great that for preference (and certainly atmosphere), I'd play these games with them!!

In terms of the atmosphere, you drive to the 'secret nuclear bunker' (although not too secret, it has a brown sign to follow), and then CLUEHQ is signposted along the way. The location is truly excellent for both their games. The aptly named 'Bunker 38' has an excellent story that draws you in, and the room is set out thoughtfully with a superb use of space. The puzzles also enforce co-operation, which I always think is a good thing.

In both games there is a lot to do which keeps you busy - and the level of difficulty is pitched well. There were a number of puzzles we hadn't come across before, which involved skill as much as wit. The puzzles themselves fitted the setting in terms of design - which is something that is hard to get right, but Brentwood is spot on here.

The hosting and the rapport that the gamesmasters built up was first class. The clues were timely, humorous, and puzzles in themselves, pitched perfectly to get you thinking on the correct track. One hint, in particular was especially on point - teaching us a (rather important!) lesson in listening as much as its being very clever in its execution!!

You can also tell how passionate the owner, and the team are about escape rooms, and they understand both game, and player - and we had a really fantastic time.

ClueHQ is value for money, an absolutely absorbing game in a location that is perfect for it, with really welcoming, friendly and supportive hosting. I would highly recommend CLUE HQ to both seasoned and new players...and a HUGE THANK YOU to Paul and his team, it was a fabulous evening!!

5 by Review source

I've done a few escape rooms and have to say I LOVED doing this one. We did the bunker one which was a lot of fun, very well thought out and included some clever elements I've not seen done before.

Staff were super friendly and very helpful before, during and after where they talked us through our choices afterwards. Their occasional clues helped pace the game well and we got out with 1:34 on the clock!

It's out in the country so had easy parking and was very well sign posted especially as the GPS didn't quite take us where they were.

Would highly recommend and we'll def be back to do some more!

5 by Phil Drysdale Review source

My girlfriend and I have loved it here and have escaped from all 3 rooms, one of which only had 14 seconds to spare!

Each room has lots of different types of puzzles and clues which is great as different people are much better at different problems so it really gets you working together. Clues are always at hand of needed though.

The location seems a bit in the middle of nowhere, but its not difficult to find and really adds to the atmosphere.

As soon as they get another room to escape from then we shall be back!

5 by Glenn Hansen Review source

Came for a team building event with the team, a bit difficult to get to for a couple of people who came separately but an excellent experience. Incredibly stressful seeming hour but so much fun! Our room (Bunker 38) was well themed with lots of little touches throughout that made it really involved. Lots of the puzzles are 'find a code and out it on a padlock' type which is cool, but it'd be great if there were some more varieties of puzzles, or mechanical type ones.

5 by Review source

Really enjoyable hour spent trying to solve problems to escape a room. We weren't very good so fortunately we had the odd clue to help us work out codes for padlocks when we were struggling. This makes it great for taking kids because they can feel as if they are making progress when it could be considered too hard for them. It's my first visit to this sort of attraction so I'm not sure how it compares to other similar attractions.

4 by Justin Davies Review source

If you love a puzzle and your idea of fun is being put under pressure and arguing with friends and family this is the place for you
Seriously though, the alloted hour flies by as you try to make sense and solve the fiendish puzzles. I've done two of the escape rooms now and escaped by the skin of my teeth both times. I'll be sorry when I've done the third of Clue HQ's escape rooms as the fun will be over.

5 by Review source

1st visit here today and really enjoyed this. Not too difficult to find so long as it's light out - I think I'd have missed the signs if it was dark!
The staff were really friendly and the room was a nice challenge. We'll definately be back for another!

5 by Hannah Grant Review source

The game puzzles are excellent. The rooms are not claustrophobic and the staff do give clues if you need them but don't throw them around so you aren't doing any of the work. Highly recommended we had a lot of fun and want to go back to do the other room.

5 by Review source

We had a great time here. The only things I would have liked is: easier to find and better signposted and the game room would have been better slightly bigger! :)

Good attention to detail in rooms and we escaped with one minute to spare!

3 by Danielle Croucher Review source

A very entertaining way to spend a hour! Great fun, a wide variety puzzles and very well paced. We went with our two boys 8 and 10 who really enjoyed it and we're able to get involved solving clues.

5 by Review source

A really hour spent escaping. An hour seems along time to be locked into a room. I locked up at the clock and we had 23mins remaining, Completely lost track of the previous 37 mins.

5 by Nick Budge Review source

Brilliant. Really different and well organised. Very clever. Challenge yourself or your friends. We didn’t get out in time but loved trying. Thanks for a really fun time.

5 by Review source

Great experience, very helpful and friendly staff. Went with my husband, three daughters age 16,12 and 10 and a friend and all of us loved it. Highly recommended.

5 by Review source

We escaped! Have done a few of these rooms in different locations and this is one of the better ones. Definitely recommend.

5 by Mark Hayward Review source

Absolutely fantastic experience, great for team building and also great for individualist puzzle solvers

5 by Ibrahim Bolarinwa Review source

Brilliant highly recommend!! Although would appreciate the photo being uploaded to Facebook abit quicker!

5 by Adam Stanley Review source

We did Bunker 38 with 42 seconds to spare..... fantastic fun... can't wait to do another one!

5 by Review source

Did my first escape room here and really enjoyed it! The location really adds to the atmosphere!

5 by Hope Woolston Review source

Really good fun and brilliant team building. The staff are fantastic too friendly and helpful.

5 by Alex-DJ Evans Review source

It was a really good fun experience. We went as a society and everyone had a fantastic time.

5 by Christopher Mason Review source

Top experience, really enjoyed the activity - it kept the 5 boys busy for the whole time.

5 by Toby Wheadon Review source

Very good experience, lots of fun with the family and friends.

5 by Review source

Really fun games that test the mind. Bit expensive though.

4 by Alex Gibson Review source

An amazing experience, can't wait to try other games!

5 by Review source

So we didn’t get out but it was excellent fun!

4 by Review source

It's tops it's great kids love it

5 by Dennis Redman Review source

Awesome place. Second visit, great fun!

5 by Review source

It was great fun for the whole family!!

5 by Review source

Great time. 20 seconds to spare

5 by Richard Hoad Review source

Amazing place for friends.

5 by Seun Tony Review source

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