Elm Grove Recreation Ground - Walton-on-Thames

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14 Kings Cl, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2RF




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Agregated reviews (15) Elm Grove Recreation Ground - Walton-on-Thames

Very popular open space? with toddler area fenced off, people find the main park area good for lunch and to kick a ball around. As you would expect the park does suffer with loutish behaviour. Also popular with dog owners?.

4 by Review source

Excellent place with playground and 4 tennis courts. Suitable for dog walkers as well.

5 by Radil . Review source

Large town park. Reasonable play equipment. No paddling pool anymore

4 by Review source

Sometimes the gates can be locked in the day which is frustrating

4 by Scott Hay Review source

Nice big park, sports facilities, children's playground.

5 by Péter Beszteri Review source

Great spot for a spot of dog walking and puppy play.

4 by Claudine Ferguson Review source

It's good but the basketball court is very poor

5 by peter buck Review source

Play ground during the day and drug selling at night

5 by Robin Willis Review source

Handy short cut from shops. Good for dog walking.

4 by Norma Scott Review source

Poor signage to Walton Youth centre behind it

3 by Douggie Mallett Review source

Open space plenty of too run

3 by Sarah Glenister Review source

Decent park.

4 by Peter Wilson Review source

Very good

5 by Skinn3 Review source

Nice Park!

5 by Zsuzsi Vígvári Review source

Nice park!

5 by Mark Bosher Review source