Nags Head Market - Holloway

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22 Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, London N7 6AG

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It was good to come back to this place today, having moved out of the neighborhood right years ago. The main greengrocers, butcher and fishmonger are still going strong, with the main changes being a loss of many stalls selling nondescript tat, and many more foodie eateries. Thai was good, plan to try Japanese and especially Colombian soon. Also specialist veggie, Caribbean, Pakistani food places all look good to try. I will miss the place that used to sell every type of egg from from quail to ostrich, but there you go.

4 by Liam White Review source

It's a bit of a dump to be honest.
I guess there's lots of useful items available for some. I found it strange that sellers of electrical items (stereos, dvd players etc) have no interest in protecting their items from the weather. I've been there 3 times, and on all occasions the items for sale were soaked by the rain.
Why would anyone in their right mind buy electrical goods in such condition?
You would have to be desperately mad !

2 by Jack Marko Review source

One of my favourite car boot sale markets in London, together with the one in Kilburn. It's more a normal market on Saturday, whereas on Sunday it's a really cheap flea market. Between rubbish and destroyed items, you can find good interesting bargains (jewellery, household stuff, dry packed food/snacks/nuts/biscuits). Sellers might be a bit rude and impatient.

5 by Giulia Zavaglia Review source

From the street this looks like a very ordinary indoor market. It really is NOT. This is the most cosmopolitan place in London. Great place to have lunch. I ate in the Japanese restaurant/cafe. Other options are American, Jamaican, Colombian, Nigerian, Turkish, Thai, Taiwan, and Italian/Korean fusion. Also a good, busy, fish monger.

5 by Review source

Awful! No opening time regulations, only a couple of shops opened and I travelled all the way from south london to try the vegan “restaurant”. Market is so dirty and only druggies are around. I was eating and I had to stand up because the cleaner was bleach-brushing the floor. Awful place, tasteless food. Never come again.

1 by Review source

Fantastic local market, there's a great shoe repair place which is incredibly reasonably priced given the quality of the work and service.

The Vietnamese restaurant in the market is also a real find, there's also a Chinese, Japanese and Jamaican among other places.

5 by Review source

Decadent and colorful. Here you can find almost anything from Teddy bears, shoes, dishes, cutlery to old stereos, books, records and cd's.

Not a great selection but I am always happy to whizz by and observe the kind of things that people sell (and buy).

4 by Panos Pomonis Review source

I like Nag's Head Market! It's tiny and a bit run-down but there's always good things, the food is lovely and the weekend markets across Seven Sisters Road are both great fun.

5 by Johan Palme Review source

I've been going here to get my bargains for over a decade. You never know what you'll find, but I do love to haggle, and it's even cheaper than most charity shops.

5 by Steven Glaser Review source

Great wet market. Nice people and fresh ingredients. There is a Japanese restaurant hidden in the market which is highly recommended. This is one of my favorite places in London.

5 by YiTin Chiang Review source

A small covered market with interesting shops inside. Groceries, farm eggs, barbers, jamaican shops, smoking gear and a real nice Argentinian canteen inside, not to be missed!

5 by Antoine Bisch Review source

It's been a fair while since I visited the car boot market. Many of the old stall holders have gone but there are a fair few bits to find.

4 by Anita Liburd Review source

I absolutely love this place. The food stalls are great, inexpensive from many different cuisines and the other stalls are proper old school.

5 by Review source

A great Saturday and Sunday market with a great range of just about everything. Mostly new stock on Saturdays and second hand Sundays!

5 by Graham Fiander Review source

Perfect place for shopping quality groceries and fish at reasonable prices. Many stalls operate as tiny restaurants serving good food.

5 by Aurelio Ogliari Review source

Greengrocer and poundabowl, fishmonger, halal butchers, market stall and really really great miji restaurants at the back.

5 by Jasmine Pearson Review source

Very busy around 1200 . close 4pn but start to pack up ,3.30,pm .was good going down market now .more car boot sales

3 by alan punter Review source

I went there for the fish market and it is amazing. I love the fish market there its really busy though so heads up

5 by Gamze Akyildiz Review source

Diverse market on busy location. Great little jewellery stall. (Really friendly staff). Lots of food outlets.

4 by Steven Reading Review source

Fresh food ingredients here and some Caribbean and Latin american restaurants for very good prices.

3 by Tina You Review source

It’s a very nice location for shopping. I just wish there were more options of shops available.

5 by Bianca Koslowski Review source

Alot of different food stalls, jewellery stalls, barbars, butchers, fishmongers, haberdashery

5 by Shirley Ali Review source

You never know what what you're going to buy, but whatever it is, it's a bargain!

4 by Review source

Excellent local community resource for cheap food and all sorts of items cheaper than malls

4 by Phil Dickson Review source

Visit today is very short and quick but l am pleased Nags head Market is getting better.

4 by Review source

Many different stalls, love the fresh farm eggs, won't buy store brand anymore!

4 by Tara Himes Review source

There's a bit of everything but you know about old, italian food it's ok

3 by Giacinto Primiani Review source

Now getting filled with little food stalls including pizza, sushi and west Indian.

4 by Lindsay Butler Review source

Went to the Colombian Restaurant and Pizzeria. Very cheap and amazing food!

5 by Adriano Soares Koshiyama Review source

Nice little market inside you have little restaurant been opened

5 by Review source

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