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The worst day of my life

I with my Mrs went to the place and as we entered the premises two staff members shouted from the bar counter 'hi how can I help' . I said we have a reservation And she shouted back 'Groupon?? I in an (uncomfortable already )said yes . The moment i said Groupon, we become some low imbicles in front of them .

We asked for a place outside as that is what was advertised and I thought i paid for. It was my wife's birthday and I wanted to have drinks with her in the backdrop of that view.
People behind us with no reservation walked in and grabbed the seats outside while me who had booked a reservation in the morning was made to wait to check if there was seat available.
I was simply shocked to see this to tell you the truth . The waitresse came back to us while we are still at the entrance of the bar and told us that there is nothing available outside and that we will have to sit inside, i politely said we can wait but we would need the seat outside as that was the whole point .Wife was already gutted by the staff and the whole situation by now .
The drinks came fairly quickly and the cheeseboard with a selection of meat had just one type of meat and three types of cheeses . What was worst was them serving it with forks. Forks? Are u serious?
Behind us were a couple who got there food an hour late and they continuously told the waiteress how we got our food faster than they did to which she replied it is because we have got soo many special offers running today (aiming at Groupon for sure)

NO ONE CAME TO EVEN SAY HOW IS EVERYTHING, 'would you like something else?'

I told my Mrs let's just leave and so we did ,like the usual norm nothing from the staff.

I have never ever felt soo embarrassed and insulted in my life before. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING!!

1 by Eyes Speak Review source

My boyfriend & I booked a two night stay here for our 5 year anniversary. We go to a lot of hotels to celebrate occasions and this by far was the worst! First off, the description of the hotel stated they had a spa which is why we booked it. Turns out they had a SMALL sauna & gym, this does not fall under the category 'spa'. The sauna had one massage bed that was dirty and in terrible condition, the material was peeling off the bed. The products/lotions were all empty yet were on the shelf for guests to use. The air conditioning in our room wasn't working so the room was boiling hot as we were on the top floor and the sun was literally beeming through the windows. The shower nozzle was loose/broken, it dropped on my boyfriend's foot when he tried to turn it on to have a shower. There was hair in the bathroom and the towels smelt like curry. There was one toothbrush in the room! The breakfast was a buffet so I can only comment on what we ate which was disgusting. The eggs were tacky from being left out for too long, mushrooms soaked in oil they were literally swimming in it, the apples were all bruised and dirty and the yoghurt was runny/watery. The juices were basic, made from concentrate not fresh! We're foodies so we like good quality food. To top it all off we wanted to check out & get our money back for the 2nd night as we couldn't spend another day here and the manager 'George' refused. In the end we got our way after arguing back & forth for hours, he even rang the police which just wasted more time as we got the one night refund anyway! Sorry this review is so long I just want to warn you before you book this hotel and end up dealing with all this BS.

1 by Ministunna Review source

Stayed in the hotel during the 'beast from the east'. Mixed feelings about the hotel and especially the staff. I arrived with a red-eye flight in the hotel around 11a and had specifically asked for an early check-in. Despite several requests, I was not given a room to well past the normal check-in time of 2p. So I sat in the lobby for about 3 hours because outside it was snowing and nasty. No outreach from the hotel or even a cup of coffee to offset the wait.

Once checked in, the room was nice especially for London standards. However staff remained so-so. One challenge is that many staff are Spanish (hotel part of a Spanish chain) and their English is at the level it should be.

Second is that when you ask for something that is not completely scripted km, they have to discuss this with someone (management?) leaving you waiting for minutes only to come back with a negative answer and no solution. Case in point: due to the storm my travel plans changed and I had to leave a day early. So I wanted to cancel my room for the night, this proved impossible. Granted I was an hour outside the normal check-out time, but was earlier than the normal cancellation time and there were the special circumstances of this massive storm that choked London and the UK. No mercy, I just had to pay for that extra night which the hotel could resell actually.

Long detailed story to say that while technically the hotel is good, staff if not and they are critically important for the overall experience.

2 by Review source

Polite staff offer a drink on entry, however, their english is less than impeccable. They do however wear a badge indicative of their Native language/language they are able to speak.
They leave a small box of lindt in the room, which is a nice touch, as well as a bottle of water.
However, everything comes with a warning 'if you take this item from the room, you will be charged X POUNDS, which felt a bit unneccessary.
In our room, the glass of the picture frame was broken and the TV didnt work until (after 2 calls to reception) a chap came up, opened the wardrobe, took a panel out, and hit something in the wall until the TV came on).
Our room was also accessed by a staff member and resulted in some personal items going missing.
On reporting this to staff, we were told nobody had been in our room (despite water and chocolates appearing). And they proceeded to try push the whole thing under the carpet until i said that we would inform police of the theft if they didnt want to deal with it internally at which point the night manager finally came to our room (2 hours later) and informed us that he would inform head office, who never contacted us.

Much better places to stay in London for £140 a night, and a lot more centrally too.

1 by Fenn Settle Review source

The location is great. Waterloo is very central close to many attractions (London Eye, Southbank & Westminster). Check-in was at 3pm but the hotel allowed us to hold our bags there until then. The rooms are well set out, have comfy beds and the room included A/C. The shower wasn't Power but was warm and powerful enough. The room was a little small in my opinion and only had two plug sockets, charging everyday electricals was difficult. The hotel has a gym, sauna and Sky Bar available to it's guest's all nice touches but weren't used by myself. Our stay included breakfast, it had a large selection of traditional English and continental items too choose from as well as many drinks hot and cold. I personally believe the hotel has some nice premium touches but overall isn't too much better than any UK chain hotel.

4 by Darrell Burgess Review source

H10 never again!
It seems H10 can take your money and then treat you however they like. We had booked 2 nights at the H10 London Waterloo but when we arrived late in the afternoon we were told there was a problem and so had booked us in another hotel for the first night. We asked if we could stay at the other hotel for both nights but were told no because that would cost the hotel too much money. We also asked if we could have a refund because they couldn't provide 2 nights in one hotel- again 'no'. Also, the hotel they arranged for us was no way the same quality or had the same services. The staff at H10 were incredibly patronising and had no intention of trying to help- last stay in any H10 for us!

1 by Review source

We received a gift to have drinks and dinner here. The first 10 minutes were a bit disappointing and left us thoroughly confused as the where we should be going as we approached the bar and were sent to sit down in a noisy room, with a dismissal that someone might be along to see us soon. Upon deciding that we should head back to reception, we were chased down and brought back and offered a drink. Service improved from there and we had a nice cocktail before heading for dinner. The food was tasty and well presented. I would recommend this experience to others though our evening was clouded by the first 10 minutes, hence our rating of 4 stars

4 by Callum van Hamelsveld Review source

Awful awful experience at the Sky bar. Purchased an offer through Groupon for a sharing platter for two, with free cocktails. This was an Easter treat for the family. Staff didn't know what they were doing, took 30mins to get the first drinks, cocktails were just amateur. An afternoon tea was left festering next to us the whole time from a previous group. The platter was an absolute farce, 2 platters between 4, basically a small pot of mini bread sticks, about 4 bits of cheese and a couple of slithers of meat, no cutlery was bought out, or plates, or serviettes. This debacle for was the princely sum of £60! Complete rip off... Avoid.

1 by Duncan Birch Review source

Not worth it. The rooms are very small, the personel looks like they're about to turn into zombies, they also fail to articulate. The terrace on the 8th floor can only be used by 10 people at a given time (which they cleverly forget to advertise), so forget about it unless you're the only guest at the hotel, also the view isn't that good so you're not missing out. The only good things about this hotel are the location (bus stop across the street) and the breakfast. For the price I paid I will gladly book a different hotel next time to see if it's better or not. This was a first and last time for me.

1 by Jeroen Wolf Review source

Our office Xmas dinner was at this hotel. The hotel is clean and the staff were polite and attentive. The hotel was easy enough to find too. We had to share the venue with Xmas dinner guests from other offices too. It wasn't that bad. However, there were no dining tables and chairs.

There was lots of cheese. Everything pretty much had cheese. I didn't know cheese was so popular in Spain. All of us were cheesed out but the silver lining was that all our photos came out really well!

3/10 for food. 6/10 for ambience. 8/10 for location. 9/10 for staff.

3 by Rajiv peter Review source

I came here for a tapas and cocktail meal which I had purchased as a gift from Red Letter Days. Overall, the experience was good. There was a good mix of tapas and the staff were very attentive. A few dishes were a little cold, but the kitchen was very accommodating of my friend's allergy to blue cheese. The sky bar balcony was a little smaller than I expected so we had to drink inside. Also, instead of the whole menu, we had to choose from just four cocktails, but that is an issue with Red Letter Days rather than the hotel itself.

4 by Richard Dawson Review source

Lived there last Friday, left a pair of earphones on a table in the room and returned to try to find it later on Saturday. Initially reception did not let us to go to the room to find it even the room was empty and available, after twenty minutes of negotiation, we went into the room and the earphones disappeared as the room was 'cleaned'. We can see the earphones are still in the hotel on my phone, but they did not want to solve the problem and asked us to leave. Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience.

1 by Review source

Very nice hotel. Room was light and airy with floor to ceiling windows giving nice views over london. I had a great view of the London Eye which was nice! The roof terrace bar on the 8th floor is lovely and will be even nicer on a summers evening. Good cocktails and a small bar food menu. The only thing that wasn't so great was the lukewarm breakfast although there was a great selection and the coffee was great. Will definitely be adding this to my usual list when I'm in London.

4 by paul bell Review source

We stayed at H10 London Waterloo in May 2016 for 2 nights, when I been chosen to attend the Queen's garden party at Buckingham Palace. We chose to stay here as it seemed quite central to where we wanted to be and to explore a little. The hotel was fantastic, good location. Staff were very friendly and attentive. The food was great, as were the cocktails. And the room had all we needed and was very comfortable. Would definitely recommend and we'll back here soon.

5 by Review source

Service in reception was a bit slow, room very nicely put together but certainly not what I'd deem a luxury hotel. Bar service was awful, took 40 mins for food to arrive and drinks had to be reminded to arrive. 12.5% service charge normally applied but this was taken off our bill. Great redeeming features are the 12 o'clock check out and th incredible breakfast, albeit a bit expensive. Couldn't get into the restaurant as it was fully booked.

3 by Chris Wray Review source

Good hotel just out of the centre on the Westbank. Bus is closeby so easy traveling to the main city and all other hotspots in London like London Eye.
Nice clean rooms. Only 'trouble' is the non European standard for electric equipemnent, but hte hosts are glad to give you an adapter (1 per room, you need more!)
Rooms are cool and silent. In all nice hotel on a reasanable good location.

4 by Mart Stevens Project Fotografie Review source

Service was amazing! So was breakfast and the three o two restaurant located in the hotel. Hotel had a modern look. Rooms were a bit small but had everything you could need while visiting London. Rooms started to show a bit of wear and tear (paint started chipping on certain parts of the walls and the floors were a bit damaged). Overall a great experience and I would stay here again!

5 by Review source

The rooms are spartan. No shower curtain or iron. Only two towels. Nowhere to unpack the contents of your suitcase, except for a few hangers in the closet (which can't be removed from the closet, so you can't even steam your clothes in the shower to remediate your lack of iron). Not a comfortable experience for the cost.

Staff are friendly and helpful though!

3 by Robyn Baker Review source

Friendly staff, comfy reception with computer and WiFi access, bar area stays open late, security is around 24hrs, rooms are decent layout, size and cost effective for the area if you know what you want. Easy access by public transport with nearby cafes shops and shopping with plenty of scenic things to do within a few minute walk to Westminster bridge, wateoo and elephant castle.

4 by Marcus Suitor Review source

2 days into a 6 day stay everything thing us great. The upgraded us on arrival, to a room that is great with floor to ceiling Windows on 2 walls. They supplied a map of London and marked the hotel for us so we could always find our way home. The Room is clean and bright. The closet is small and there are no drawers, so be aware and pack smart. A very nice place!!!

5 by Melissa Burton Review source

Cannot wait to come back on the summer!! Great nice little cozy place tucked away just behind Waterloo! Had a private event that went extremely well... Events team were super helpful in making it all come together. Guests had 50/50 reviews on the food/snacks served. I was happy with the all thing personally. Highly recommended you check the place out!!

5 by Harmony Madek Review source

The hotel was beautiful, convenient to everything, service was amazing, people were very friendly and went above and beyond to accommodate us, the food was delicious and the rooms were comfy and spacious. 5+ star hotel no doubt and worth every penny. If our family ever decides to come back to visit London, H10 waterloo hotel is our go to hotel.

5 by Review source

A nice hotel. Located 7 walking minutes from 3 metro stations. The lobby is ok, and it has a gym and a pub. The rooms are a bit small- I stayed in the corner room, it had a twin bed, large desk (but fits only one person) and a small chair. The breakfest is nice, good variety of bread, warm and cold dishes, some juices and deserts.

4 by Ido Zak Review source

The location of the hotel is great, 5 minute walk to the nearest tube station and some landmarks are within a short walking distance. The rooms were clean and modern and the bed was very comfy. The service was great as the staff are really helpful and approachable. Can't fault the hotel at all and would recommend to anyone.

4 by Review source

Very comfortable rooms and hotels. Good view from the top floors, close to both Elephant and Castle and Waterloo train stations. Was only there for a night so didn't get to enjoy the spa or gym. Normal checkout is noon and even then you can do late checkout. Sadly, late night room service options are limited

4 by Caroline Nganga Review source

Very good hotel with great location. Underground and trains very close. Good size of rooms fully equipped. The service is fantastic. You have different areas to work. Fantastic breakfast. I would definitely recommend this hotel. And if you have time...don't miss one dinner at the Spanish restaurant 302

5 by Jose Sol Review source

Charles and staff are a treat to behold in the morning as you dine for the Breakfast Buffet. It was spectacular every morning we were there for a week. Rooms are more than adequate and we enjoyed the area. There is the best Fish and Chip shop just down the street. Price is good and food was fabulous. Enjoy

5 by Review source

Very well ran. Quiet, great staff, very friendly. Restaurant was very good , Food was excellent, with great service. Sky bar was exceptional, great views, Great service, Excellent selection of libations. Hotel has nice location and easy access to the tube and buses. Would definitely recommend.

5 by Jl Sillman Review source

Great hotel tucked away, good reception staff very helpful. Pity the rooftop bar balcony shuts at 9 and the bistro bit at 1030. The view is mega though for the room rates. Rooms are great and well kitted out. With the exception of the rooftop bar shutting early it would bea 5* place

4 by Owen Review source

Been here a few times when staying in London. Not far from Waterloo station so easy to find. Rooms are particularly noteworthy, design is very modern and comfortable. Restaurant good with plenty of choices available. Rooftop bar is great with excellent views over south London.

5 by John Wainman Review source

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