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Let's see . . . They are what remains of a castle, if you go badly of time or you have spent a lot of money, it happens, it's not worth it. Is that there is almost nothing left of the castle, much better go to Glamis Castle.
If you still want to go because you like the story, LOOK for the 50-meter secret passage that they dug to kill the Archbishop. It's amazing, your children will flicker in colors. That is brutal. Look at the photos I have posted in that gallery. It's down in a corner, do not miss it because it's the best, that and the hole where the prisoners were put.

1 by Enrique Fernández Sanza Review source

The price may be subject of intense scrutiny, but I found the castle more fascinating than the cathedral. The exhibition on its history was interactive and well-decorated, the different locations of the castle were accessible and remarkable (especially the dreadful 'bottle dungeon') but above all, the walk (or crawl) in the tunnel ('mine' and 'counter-mine') was amusing. This made it fun in its own right. If admissions tickets isn't your cup of tea, then at least there's a great souvenir shop.

4 by Gustav Christensson Review source

Still has some rooms left to see, mostly a ruin with an open centre that Has a covered well, some great views out to sea and the tunnel is great and worth visiting just for that. Kids enjoyed the story of the tunnel aswell as actually clambering down it. Maybe not suitable if you suffer from claustrophobia or if your dressed in your best kit as it's fairly tight in places and damp(it's a tunnel:) as castles go it's a gid ane, and there's beaches and ice cream to be had in St Andrews with a short walk

4 by Review source

A must visit to anybody visiting St Andrews, the castle is a real treat for anybody who's into history. Although don't expect to see a built castle, because it's more ruins!

We had a great day visiting it though while visiting St Andrews. There are information signs around every part of the castle, giving rich detail into their history.

A great little gift shop also for any tourists looking for a gift.

4 by Kenny Reid Review source

Very interesting to visit even though it be ruined.

We start the tour with a small exhibition helps us understand the history of the castle before access to the ruins.

On the site, a tunnel can be visited, but attention to you because the journey is perilous.

We visited together the ruins of the cathedral, the museum of the ruins of the Cathedral, the Tower and the cemetery. One morning we had enough.

5 by Maxime Morasse Review source

Not a huge castle but most definitely worth a visit as it's beautifully presented with many informative signs. The tunnel which runs below it is like nothing I've ever experienced before, it was the most chilling and captivating experience of connecting with history I've ever done, it left me quite speechless to be crawling along a 500 year old tunnel connected to such a life changing time in world history. Awesome!

5 by Mica G Review source

Fascinating, well preserved castle, great for a day out. Siege tunnel is really cool and unique if you're not claustrophobic and don't mind the dark! If you're a St Andrews student you can get in for free if you bring your student ID card and wear your gown, but be prepared to answer endless questions about why you're wearing a bright red cloak in broad daylight...

5 by B Hockin Review source

One of my favorite places to visit in Scotland. We had been telling our children for years about the mine and countermine, and they were absolutely thrilled to experience it for themselves this summer. Beautiful location, a very decent small museum display to contextualize the history of the castle and St. Andrews itself, and very helpful staff.

5 by James Mundie Review source

Definitely worth visiting, especially after reading 'The History of the Reformation in Scotland' by the Scottish reformer, John Knox who was under siege in this castle. Don't miss the 'GW' initials (and nearby plaque) on the road at Scores and N. Castle St. The siege tunnel illustrates the depravity of man.

5 by John Hauck Review source

Fantastic piece of the history of St. Andrews. Well worth a visit. Just make sure you buy the combined ticket which gets you in to the cathedral too. The men and counter-mine is a fascinating place to explore although it is low in places so best not wear your best clothes as you might need to crawl if you're tall.

5 by David Reid Review source

A very good castle to visit and unique in it's mine underneath. I highly recommend joining Historic Scotland or English Heritage before visiting the castles, as the fee to get in otherwise is quite pricey. Visit on a Sunday and you will get free parking in the town centre!

4 by Review source

Although is a small castle and is almost in ruins, the views from there to the cathedral and sea are fascinating.
Perhaps is a good idea change to visit hours in March because it's closed early and it could be increased the number of visitor if this is changed.

4 by Tania Benitez Review source

The old ruins of the castle are worth seeing. Loved walking in the mine and countermine underneath the castle. Amazing history! If you're going for a trip on a sunny afternoon - get a joint ticket for the castle and the cathedral at the cathedral's tourist shop.

5 by Review source

It's more of ruins than a present day castle. But kudos to historical Scotland for maintaining of what's left and summary in a audio visual aid. It's next to the coast and very scenic with views of the beach. Parking on the street is still free

3 by Shomu Rastogi Review source

Good historical ruined castle. See the mine & counter-mine, made for people to escape from the castle, as religion swung to & fro. In the road just outside, see the marker where 'martyr's' were burned at the stake.

5 by Peter King Review source

Very interesting historical site. Unfortunately there's not much left of the castle. But there is plenty of good information to be had in the museum. I recommend buying joint tickets to the cathedral just a stones throw away.

4 by Josef Svenningsson Review source

Another scottish rip off.20 quid. Short visit as guy tending gate shouting at us wr need to go as he has lots of other jobs to do.
I had my russian wife n daughter plus 8 friends. He was brash a.....e ile never come back.

1 by Review source

Great location. The weather was fab. Worth single penny spent. Dont forget to go inside the old mine shaft. Quite low so be careful if you are tall. The only issue is to find a car park space. Couple of rounds in the area.

5 by Review source

Fantastic views, great walks around castle and down to beach and a really popular tourist attraction. Keep going back as the place facinates me, not just the castle but surrounding area and town which we love visiting.

5 by Derek Reid Review source

Superb visit, beautiful place! The castle is worth a visit. Be careful all the same before entering the mine, the place is very impressive but very small! Not recommended to clostrophobes by the lady at the reception

5 by Romain Steiner Review source

Interesting set of ruins with lots of history. The mine and counter mine dug deep under the castle was particularly a highlight. Worth seeing if you aren't claustrophobic as it is barely a person wide in places.

5 by Graham Ness Review source

They are the ruins of the castle, there is not much to see, if you go in good weather there is a beautiful view of the sea and it has an interesting interpretation center. It is not within my recommended to visit.

2 by Jessica Ortiz Review source

A lovely castle with lovely staff. The mining tunnels are especially interesting and very informative introductory walk through the 'museum' area to give you an overlook of the history of the castle.

5 by Melantha Snow Review source

It's a ruined castle by the sea. If you are looking for history then there's plenty here but not particularly obvious unless you read every panel display in the entrance.
Staff are lovely.

3 by Sue Clark Review source

Great little castle by the sea with some interesting fortifications and stories. You'll be there under an hour and feels a little pricey, but lots of information and the setting make it worthwhile.

5 by Barnaby Voss Review source

Beautiful place. But try not to go when it rains and it's windy. I learnt that the hard way. But the Castle was still beautiful, even more so since you can see the beach from it's ramparts

5 by Jaiyogesh Patel Review source

Lovely staff, has loos. Historical walk through interesting and well done in visitor centre. Castle pretty devastated and small but we enjoyed sitting on a bench for half an hour watching the sea.

5 by Sarah O Review source

Excellent ruin within easy access from St Andrews, Well worth a visit and if your feeling fit enough climb down into the tunnels below the castle, 'Not for the claustrophobic'

5 by gbgas001 Review source

A guided tour here is quite expensive but well worth while if you are at all interested in the history of Christianity in Scotland. The Castle and Cathedral are so much connected.

5 by Norman Spink Review source

If you have the explorer pass or the annual membership, it's ok, but if you have to pay the tiquet... maybe it is not necessary. It's nice, but it's not stunning.

3 by Vanessa Viñes Review source

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