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Please, think few times before sign a contract with this company!

here a copy of the last email we sent to JORGE SANCHEZ senior manager of the company.

We are still waiting a reply....

Good evening.

Unfortunately I contant you again about the problems and the great annoyances that you are creating to us. Once again, you have crossed the line of legality with your actions.

Today, 17th of February, 2018, we came back from holiday and we discover you removed our own mattress from our room repleacing it for a new one, all that without our permission.

On 5th of February, 2018, we received an email from Jamie Lake informing us that all the beds in the house will be replaced due to the problem of bedbug infestation on the second floor of the flat. We replied the same day informing the mattress in our room is our property and under no circumstances is replaceable because we haven't bedbugs problem(certified by the pest control specialist Dr. Shah Zaman, sended from your agency). The mattress originally in the rooms were token months ago by your operators. Jamie's response was that the performance was canceled for an emergency occured. Few days later we received another email communicating a new disinfection on the 10th of February. Meanwhile, we were on holiday and we recived a phone call from our flatmate, Carmen (affected mainly by the bedbugs) informing us that you came to take pictures of our room (without telling us anything about it) and the poison wasn't sprey again. Back, we find our mattress replaced by a new of lower quality one without our consent and without previous notice. I remenber you, everytime you need to come in our room you're obliged to advice us with minimum 24h of notice (this is not just written in the terms of the contract, is a uk law too).

The worst thing at all is that kind of problem is a constant with your company. An example of that was the flat lock changing without the minimum notice of 24 hours. Went to your office you communicate us, you has given the keys to someone in the flat without knowing who, without our permission . We waited one hour, trying to contact our flatmates to enter in the house and to solve the problem. We discovered our currents flatmate Ellie and Domante were in our same situation.

Finally you found the new flatmate has all the copies of the key.
The tendant arrived in the house in the same day so no one knew her and we couldn't enter in the house until your emergency operator opened the door two hours later.

We also had problems on the first disinfestation on 31st of January when, due to bedbug infection on the second floor of the house, you decided to spray poison at 8 o'clock at night without notice. This made us wait in pijamas for 3 hours on the streetand and then sleep with open windows all night for the intense poison smell throughout the flat.

We have more problems with you about the not resolved stuff: more than a month ago I sent you an email requesting a solution of the isolation of the house; the small window of the first floor bathroom doesn't close proper, there is hole in the wall of the kitchen behind the washing machine, a lot cold air seeps through the front door. We are still waiting a solution. Meanwhile, we feel cold and we consume a lot for the heating due the lack of solutions and your indifference.

A month ago I wrote to the bill department to ask about the bills. We are still waiting for an answer ...

As you can see, you don't do proper your job and that generates all kind of problems. Your not respect of the contract terms makes us live in a constant worries and stress due your bad management.

For all this and other past stuff (other problems documented by different emails we sent), I request two things:

1) the return of our mattress or the replacement with a new one, exactly as the one we had.
2) the dissolution of the contract that binds us to you, withou

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My experience with city rooms had been a bitter sweet one.

Before you rent read my long honest experience and review.

The sales staff there are lovely, they are very good at their job, viewed a property on shared rooms and was told to meet them at the office. So I decided to do that. Once at the office I was told the property i wanted to view was no longer available. A trick to get you into the office in my opinion. It is a good idea to go to the office because they can show you a lot of properties they have available.

The sales rep showed me other properties, I decided to view a property I liked and put the holding deposit down. The deposit was transferable to any property if I didn’t like it. But if you choose not to go with them you lose it. Make your mind up before if you want to go with them before you put your deposit down.

Once I got into my property, I began to have a few problems. Due to health and safety issues with the buildings management. Me and my flat mates were told our locks on our rooms would be removed. Kate one of the city rooms administrators emailed us regarding this. I immediately emailed back asking them not to do that as I was concerned about my safety and my belongings. To this I got no response from Kate. I emailed the generic email account and got no response either. This built on my frustration a lot. I then called Kate and spoke to her. She was very sheepish on the phone and couldn’t answer my questions. The admin department are very bad and annoying stupid when it comes to talking to customers, it’s like they don’t care!!!

I then asked to speak to their senior managers. After several attempts trying to get through to a senior manager. I ended up talking to Jorge Sanchez. Jorge had nothing to do with me and I wasn’t in his portfolio of customers that the senior managers look after. He heard my complaint and spoke to be professionally. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to take care of clients. He explained to me exactly why the locks were being removed, which is because of fire safety as I was in a tower block. If Kate or the other admin staff replied to my email and answered my questions I wouldn’t have been so frustrated and angry with City Rooms.

Jorge gave me good advice and offered if I wanted to move flats which had a lock I could do so. Through out this situation he was helpful and supported me through the problem. I decided I wanted to leave City Rooms as the core admin staff that are front line are rubbish like Kate who doesn’t even reply to your emails.

I paid City Rooms a fee to look for s replacement to take over my contract as per rules. They managed to find me a replacement in 2 weeks!! Very fast also considering this was Christmas time when the market is very slow.

In conclusion to what I got from City rooms is that the senior management are very good at their job, they will make you feel valued. The sales team are very good at their job.

The people who are rubbish at their job are people like Kate and the team who deal with enquiries through their generic email account. Personally I can’t be with a company who has a massive flaw in the core service, once you are in.

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Stay away from this agency.
I regret not reading all these reviews before dealing with city rooms.

Now that I made this point, I can tell you my story with city rooms. Be warned, the review is quite long.
The first alarm should have rang when they asked a 300£ upfront payment and put up excuses to skip the viewing. I always rented from private landlords before, so I didn't really know what to expect and trusted them anyway.
After I paid the 6 weeks deposit, they demanded two more weeks of deposit. I had to comply, or I would have lost all the money I already paid.
The flat was not bad, but it was in really bad conditions. Things kept breaking and every time it was a struggle to get them fixed. Even if we somehow managed to get through the wall of automatic replies they set up, the fix would just be so bad that it was almost hilarious. Just as an example, the kitchen floor broke and they patched it with tape. It took them 3 months even to get the hoover replaced, and it was replaced with another old filthy hoover.
The final blow came when I had to get my deposit back. They made up a number of claims to keep a good amount from my deposit and refused to show evidence for their claims. After a lot of angry mails, most of which were unanswered, they proposed me to settle for half of that amount. I couldn't let it go anymore, so I raised a dispute with the deposit protection scheme.
The dispute took a while and they even added more made up claims. Some of those claims were just laughable, others were quite humiliating. They even presented false check-in pictures and if I hadn't kept a copy of the original pictures I would have probably been screwed.
My tenancy ended in June. It is now the end of November and I finally got back my deposit.

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I wouldn't even give them 1 star if I didn't have too... I didn't even get to the stage of renting with City Rooms. I was booked (or atleast I thought I was) to view a room, I was told to go to their agency office based in East London travelling an hour to get there, only to be told that the agent hadn't actually got the keys for the viewing, and said she would find out if she could get them - she went away came back and said she couldn't get the keys on that day as another agent had taken them. but offered me a viewing on the following Monday, so I agreed but asked if in that time someone else wants it, its gone.. she replied 'yes' ... Monday morning came and she messaged me telling me the room had gone, surprise surprise! So I had literally wasted my time, they are incredibly unorganised and the fact that she hadn't booked the keys, because other agents see the same ad's... that is not the point , I had to my knowledge booked a viewing, and she had no keys ready for this... also property's listed aren't the actual price when you go to the agency which is misleading... the tell you they will give you an 'offer', making out they are doing you a friendly gesture... never ever again would I use this agency to find a property or even want to rent with them!!


1 by Stephanie Boreham Review source

Appalling, atrocious, abysmal, I'd take adjectives from every letter of the alphabet to describe just how bad this company is but I can't spare 40 years. The customer service is about as useful as a condom at a Catholic orgy and their response time to sort out problems at the property was slower than a tortoise on ket. The agents will do their best to avoid helping you out, and their general demeanour would make The Predator jealous. I've never seen such greed when it comes to getting money - and believe me, being in recruitment, I've seen my fair share of that. They will simply hound you until you've paid regardless of whether or not they've sorted out a major problem, like a main door not being fixed allowing several 'non-paying tenants' in and out when they pleased - I wasn't asking for Fort Knox but I did feel like a cardboard Wendy house would be a step up in security. Basically I'm just trying to say to anyone considering using them - DON'T. This is by far the worst institution I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with - and I've been to the Greggs in Stoke. They genuinely couldn't have provided a worse service and then took a £30 hidden fee from my deposit to round it all off as one last kick to the bollocks. Despicable and an absolute disgrace, I genuinely hope they go under.

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CITY ROOMS were forced by the PROPERTY OMBUDSMAN to pay hundreds of £s to me in compensation so I agree and sympathise with the other tenants giving negative reviews. This is based upon my own experiences.

Appoggio in pieno tutti coloro I quali Hanno rilasciato recensioni negative basandomi Sulla Mia personale esperienza.

Eu concordo e simpatizo com os outros inquilinos que se têm queixado. Isto baseado na minha própria experiência.

Estoy de acuerdo y simpatizo con las opiniones negativas de los demas inquilinos. Basado en mis propias experiencias.

Visi neigiami komentarai ir apzvalgos yra tiesa ir agentura apgaudineja zmones. Kalbu is savos patirties.

Ich stimme den anderen negativen Kritiken der Mieter ganz und gar zu. Ich spreche aus eigener Erfahrung.

Jag sympatiserar och håller helt med recensioner och kritik från andra användare baserat på mina egna erfarenheter.

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Terrible agency! Try to avoid I so angry on my self that I didn't read pay attention to reviews! I will gave just a few moments form my experience with this terrible institution ( I don't want to call it agency even).
1. They do pay attention to tenants we had a problem with internet and water heater and they fixed that only after 4-5 months. Them respond was that they was going some special commission which never appeared in our house.
2. Be careful with that all included bills, contract ! They will going to charge you with other use of electricity and gas. We had a problem that one tenant was cooking inside his room and was using electricity , we tried to argue with agency but they just don't give a s*it.
3.Deposit refund it will long way to get it back you need to email them all the time for refunds of deposit plus they going charge to 'Service charge: £30.00(checkout inventory fee Contract 14 page 9)'.

In conclusion try avoid this agency! Terrible service and no respect for costumer.

Thank you for reading and share this!

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This company is an absolute con!! Filled with con artists who are scripted to use every line in the book to try and fool you into getting a room completely over priced and under managed!

They also use 3rd party mobile phone applications like SpareRoom to post fake rooms that are not even on their portfolio (ones that look amazing and of course value for your money) then use the line “come to our office and we can show you all our rooms” to then turn up and find out the room you applied for doesn’t even exist! Wasting your time and effort!

Scam artist I advise anyone to run in the opposite direction. I’m going to to my best to make sure no one else falls for there tricks!


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The rooms are rubbish and overpriced, when having any issues you are asked to report, they start to defend themselves rather than trying to fix it. Viewings are impossible, fake cleaning service, with which belongings disappear from common areas. On top of everything, getting keys for the property you're paying for is like they are doing a favour for you, been waiting almost half an hour to get them in the time I told them I'm able to come, they told me they are busy, then had some fun singing along with the radio (not kidding). At the end I had to leave, as I'm working - no keys yet.
If you don't want an extra pain in your life: you've been warned.

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I have lived in London for the past 7 years before moving to Germany.
I got asked to pay a deposit for a room that in the end was given to someone else cause 'the made a better offer' which is ILLEGAL !!

Thank they offer , 3 days before my moving date to move me somewhere else far away from where I needed, in a smaller room, for the same price.

I asked my deposit back and it took weeks to get it and when I complained about the inefficiency , the manager told me 'CALL THE POLICE THAN, SUE ME!!!' and hung up.

IMPORTANT: the 'positive' reviews are paid for, don't trust them!

1 by Review source

This is the first time I have made a public review. My experience with city rooms was extremely poor. You will only be reeled in with fake pictures and then forcefully manipulated into paying a deposit before a viewing. In a staff exact words, as to why I could not have a viewing before putting down a deposit, “we don’t do charity”. As we speak they currently hold on to a huge sum of money which was my deposit for a room I did not step a foot in. If you need anymore evidence of the conversation I had on what’s app with that staff member, please feel free to get back to me :).

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The agent Jonas was just brilliant! He went out of his way to take me to several viewings of properties outside of office hours and guided me through all of the paper work and procedures. Vanessa was also very helpful, explaining all of the processes of submitting my various documents and was very quick in replying to all of my emails. I would recommend anyone using Cityrooms' service to ask for Jonas personally. A genuinely nice guy with the tennant's needs at the front of his agenda. Very swift process and great service from the above staff.

5 by Michael Rushton Review source

The agents are very friendly and they explained to me everything about the contract and how some services works. The agency answers quite soon to all emails and when I had some urgent problem to fix in the property the maintenance service came immidietly, but they weren’t as quick as for urgent problems when they had to repair small things. They were very correct even with the deposit because I received it back in a couple of days. At the end of my experience I’m happy for how the treat me and I suggest them to other people that needs to find a house.

4 by Review source

TERRIBLE. Contract stated that the monthly payment we made is inclusive of all bills, unless theres extra. First girl moved in, no gas and electricity. She had to top up £150 herself and because the flat owed massive amounts, she spent more than what is supposed to. Till today, NO refund. Basically, the first month payment does not include bills. Meaning we all paid extra. They can't even justify on the money that the flat initially owed, meaning we paid for what is NOT ours. Even the property manager is handling this very badly.

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As other posts have said, once they get you in the office they will show you photos of rooms and demand £500 non-refundable deposit before agreeing to let you see any in person.
Their agent Rob laughed at me for asking to see a room before I handed over £500 and said he was ‘too busy. Should be illegal.

Also, if you read through the positive 'reviews' below you'll see multiple reviews from different 'people' with the EXACT same text - these jokers can't even fake their reviews properly

1 by Review source

Shocking customer service. The guy convinced me to come to the office as he had lots of rooms available at the price I wanted. However when I got there he showed me smaller rooms for excessive prices. Did not speak proper English and was very shady when I asked him about agent fees and commission etc. Was also showing me rooms in parts of London I had clearly said i did not want to live in. Had a poor knowledge of London and the areas I work and needed to commute to.
Will never look at a property affiliated with them again.

1 by Review source

If you're looking for great service experience then this is the place to visit. Starting off with the team, everybody is so friendly and understands exactly what you need. They take care of all proceedings. You can sit back and relax. They have so many offerings available for you, you'll never ever run out of options. The apartments are neat and tidy and fairly priced. The entire process is smooth. I would recommend it to all family members and friends. Really great service!

5 by Review source

If you're looking for great service experience then this is the place to visit. Starting off with the team, everybody is so friendly and understands exactly what you need. They take care of all proceedings. You can sit back and relax. They have so many offerings available for you, you'll never ever run out of options. The apartments are neat and tidy and fairly priced. The entire process is smooth. I would recommend it to all family members and friends. Really great service!

5 by Review source

I choose for two time this Agency because I feel protect for every problem. Michele is amazing, he help me to find the best solution about the room but he help me every time I had one problem also in emergency situation. Jamie help me to fix all the staff and problems at the house and my room, Jorge was very efficient as problems resolving.
The admin staff is very kind! So if you are looking for a room the best choice is Cityrooms.

Cheshire road

5 by Review source

Don’t do it! Conned our of a large sum of money, been in a flat a week and had to speak to them daily about issues - no washing machine, no WiFi and both were suppose to be in there. Now the electricity had been cut off and changed to a meter as apparently the landlord has not paid his bills, we are now expected to pay, even after already paying city rooms for bills, can’t wait for tomorrow’s issues - unless you have unlimited time and money steer well clear!

1 by Review source

Apartment was nice but over priced. Land lord wanted the house back so was asked to move out 10 months earlier than the contract I’d signed then was charged moving out fee and fee for fixing things broken and reported when moving in. Also told 2-5 weeks to get my deposit back and today is 5 weeks and still don’t have it back.
Terrible response time and service unless they want something from you.
Would NOT recommend.

2 by Review source

City Rooms London made me love London seriously, I had this feeling from day 1 that how am I gonna survive so far from my home, away from my parents and good food but no right time right place I found City Rooms. It got me people of my age, it has all facilities and most importantly good food. So far it has been a wonderful experience with it. One must give it a try!! Environment is very positive and homely feel.

5 by Review source


Repugnant experience! Renewal contract and 1 month to start the General Manger breach the license and the law by leaving my girlfriend and I whitout house and seen ourselves to emigrate back to our countries with no money or protection. WATCH OUT WITH THIS PEOPLE, WILL NOT CHANGE A WORD OF THE CONTRACT AND WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TENANTS.

1 by Manny The Challenger Review source

Worst agency ever. Especially when your a student, do not rent here. My friend and I went to London for our internship, they do very friendly at first sight but don't show the house before you pay the deposit. They lied to us about our roommates, said we were living with three students, once we went there we saw we were living with 4 adults men. Afterwards it is very hard to get your deposit back!

1 by Review source

I Had a great experience with Cityrooms London. The fact that you get fully furnished and managed accommodation with top-notch facilities at such genuine prices is every student's dream come true! it is a far better alternative to other options. All in all, one feels at home - there's good food, privacy, recreational lounges. Would definitely recommend to all !

5 by Review source

The City Rooms is amazing.There's a television, comfort sofas, heating tower lamps, convenient outdoor bathroom a few feet away.The style is very modern and comfortable. We stopped by to watch a friend's new show premiere.

We love it here and would love to hang out more. Please do stop by this under appreciated lucky find to see for yourself.

5 by Review source

City Rooms London is great place. It's one the best places you can get for yourself when you're looking for a flat. Places they provide are fully furnished and they are maintained regularly by City Rooms, which are also there to help you out if you need anything. City Rooms provides me best place in London at minimal price. Thank you very much...

5 by Review source

Marta in the admin team, is the most efficient and helpful person to deal with. She is prompt, knowledgeable, smart and thorough. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with her. She ensured my (constant) lease renewals went smoothly.. and actually, dealing with her encouraged me to renew again.. and again. Thank you, Marta!

5 by Review source

the worst experience ever. being moved to several temp accomodations because the place was not available, and never being informed until the day and having no where to live. then being told to pay additional fees which i have still not had my money back for and now refusing to give back my deposit. steer clear

1 by Review source

Our Area manager was really helpful. He showed us great rooms. I finalized the room which he showed. He was very polite and humble. He was very co-operative during conversation and punctual during schedules. Now I am living their from 6 months and I enjoying it. Thank you Very much City Rooms London.

5 by Review source

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