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As a regular and local Battersea Park user I was really pleased to see the old cafe replaced with something that looked fresh, with a focus on food and coffee (and a working toilet!) I really want to like this place because the centre of the park deserves something good... and it's an improvement but it's just failing in a few areas right now... the first time I came to get a takeaway coffee and smoothie my wait for the smoothie was almost 15 minutes, during which time a dog had come in and urinated on the floor... one of the staff commented on this, but I was pretty surprised she didn't actually get it cleaned up!

I've since come back at a weekend to have breakfast because the food looks very good - yes it's expensive but frankly no more expensive than the previous incarnation which was awful... the food was very good however it was annoying that it was brought to our table without cutlery, and also faster than our coffees. Having to queue up for your coffee while your food gets cold on your table makes it harder to justify the price tag. Also the till staff seemed distracted and disinterested, I wasn't really filled with confidence and once again, it doesn't justify the price tag.

Coffee - not exceptional, and when dining in I'd like the option of a ceramic cup rather than paper, they use Allpress beans which are OK, but it's really just producing average coffee.

Environment - they seem to be well staffed, yet the floor and tables get left pretty grubby so the overall experience is feels like they really need 1-2 great front of house people to get the place running better, and I hope they do - until then I'd rather spend my money in Clapham where the coffee and service are better at a couple of other establishments.

2 by Review source

An example of truly terrible environmental practice. Unbelievably so with the lake filling up with plastic lids and 'biodegradable' straws. These straws are only biodegradable if they are put into an industrial composter. They are certainmains of them are doing. A walk around the outdoor eating area one day enabled me to pick up around 50 plastic straws. I'm not sure why Wandsworth Borough Council goes to great lengths to maintain the quality of the lake while the Pear Tree Cafe is filling it with plastic. Adding insult to injury I discovered today that even if you ask for your drink in a normal cup they won't give you one. It was explained to me 'If we let you have your drink in a normal mug then everyone starts asking' - So I cancelled my order. My companion was given a coffee in a cup with a plastic lid to walk the two feet from the counter to the table. This cafe deserves to lose its licence completely until it finds a way to be totally plastic free. And until that time straws need to be paper - and only then given only to children whose parents ask and drinks need to be served in china mugs. This cafe needs to look after the park not pollute it. Reprehensible.

1 by Isabel Losada Review source

The atmosphere is that of a thriving, bustling cafe. Dogs and children are able to visit and express themselves. It is a remarkable place and an absolute joy to behold in central(ish) london. Given the building shape (circular) it is inevitable that it will be a loud atmosphere and it clearly embraces the fact that it is a cafe. Later at night, when people are naturally more subdued in their behaviour, it works well as a more intimate restaurant.
The food is of a very high quality and I'm never disappointed with the quality of the cooking. Ingredients all very fresh and there's obviously real thought gone into the menu.
Prices are very reasonable given location.
Staff all seem very attentive and polite. We've often settled with our family and then realised we've forgotten something; the waiters/bussers always seem very happy to help us.
We have been here a fair few times here and we can thoroughly recommend it.

5 by Review source

First review:
Beautiful location, nice staff and great food! Only down is the pastries: croissant and pain au chocolat are not fresh and quite rubbery... massive let down when it's all you really want on a Sunday morning .

Updated 6 months later:
Food is delicious but overpriced ( need to fork out £10 for a toasted piece of bread with scramble egg and bacon, overpriced) although the bacon is insanely good.
The cafe is banking on its position in the parc and on targeted customers: dog walkers and kid walkers. I’m neither but always felt welcome till now..
In the summer it’s fine, but back here for the first time in winter...well it’s another mater altogether: you need to like eating breakfast with a strong wet dog smell and sick kids sneezing all over it.
Will still go to grab a coffee on the go but will avoid it in winter.

2 by cyrille charro Review source

We believe in second chances.......To believe in third chances may be pushing it... Visited the cafe on a weekday at about 3:50pm...had hot drinks. Sat inside, as outside was a bit on the chilly side. All we could hear was the banging of doors. Thought we were in an industrial site. No selection for afternoon tea (biscuits, small cakes,etc.)
Pastries(croissants, muffins), left uncovered, near the entrance. A couple came in with their dogs and the woman was carrying a ball thrower dangling from her hand, ominously close to the uncovered pastries. Hygienic?? I doubt it.
Customer service was lacking in many areas. Staff more interested in conversing with each other, rather than attending to customers.
Supposedly an upmarket cafe to serve Battersea Park. Has the same ordering system as the fast coffee chains.....really???

1 by Review source

Lovely cafe with a modern feel to it which is replicated in its food and the way it is displayed. So glad to see battersea park get a decent cafe. When it gets busy at weekends it does become a bit confusing and seemingly poorly organised. You have to queue to order but there are no menus avaliable in the queue so you have to scout one out or quickly decide at the till. If you are eating in and have ordered hot drinks, you are sent to the counter to collect them rather than them being brought to the table. Not really a problem however I often find that by the time my food comes I have either finished my coffee, or it has gone cold in the wait as I like to enjoy my food with my drink usually. Not a deal breaker but a bit of a shame. Food is tasty, interesting and beautifully presented.

4 by Anna Campbell Review source

Staff here are so rude and obnoxious. Whilst there is an improvement in decor and quality the prior cafe was at least welcoming although understated and a standard cafe experience.

I think it's no surprise that they come from a right-wing cookery school with many unsatisfied students of colour and class.

For fun and pleasure I would recommend the opposing restaurant on the other corner next to the climbing adventure park. No attitude very welcoming and a fun experience.

Also an alternative quick coffee venue in the centre of the park although no lake at least that coffee will feal unrushed and easy on the digestion.

I'm amazed at the rudeness of this elitist generation.

Also their baps are all bread and no filling.

1 by Review source

UNBRIELIEEVABLY good with an incredible interior. My mum first took me here after it’s revamp a year and a bit ago...and she goes there religiously. Hamish is a brilliant front of house and charms her daily. You can tell that food is their forte, after asking around it turns out the cooks were head sous-chefs when Petersham Nurseries got their star...and that they then went on to Spring before setting this venture up together. One of the best affordable eats in London and you get to have a walk in the park to work up appetite for round two. The old cafe was a cash cow canteen and it’s nice to see fresh blood integrate a well sought after amenity space for all. As you can tell: I think it’s genius.

5 by Review source

Beautiful location. Lovingly refurbished though on a budget it seems. Service is appalling, not even Nando's can be this bad on a bad day!!. Waited 15mins for a pint -- with only 1 person in front of me in the queue -- that was 3/4 beer 1/4 head! No comment from barman, except, 'Sorry'. Get your taps prepared, train your bar staff how to pull a beer , basic stuff.! Not able to order food without a table number, not great if you're alone and the tables are out of site of your possessions. So many simple things are so poorly managed --- so promising....delight turned out to be awful first time experience. Get your act together .. news travels.
The sunset was superb!

1 by Review source

A lovely location in the summer by the lake and a great spot for a coffee with your dog (preferably well behaved ones). Friendly staff and a vibrant atmosphere with great coffee and quick, delicious food.

It has had an amazing facelift since the new team took it over.

A massive improvement on the grumpy old Italian lady who used to run it when it was really run down!

I can also recommend their dinner evenings where the food is on a limited menu and it is a more refined experience. It gives the chefs a chance to show off their skills with some well thought through and interesting courses.

Highly recommend the burger!

5 by Review source

As a local, so grateful this has had a revamp from past owners! A real gem in a beautiful setting, good coffees and very reliable and delicious food! (A particular favourite being their scrambled eggs and bacon or their pancakes!) I visit it at least three times a week, with my dog in tow, and the staff are always v helpful. I have been to one supper club here to celebrate my birthday, highly recommend; was great fun and the food was really quite impressive. Overall, a friendly place, that does simple things really really well. But book in early. P.S You cannot visit here without trying their sweet potato fries, they are a must!

5 by Review source

What a shame this place has been so poorly redesigned, the acoustics are appalling and far too much space has been taken up by the central serving area. When the place is full, you can't hear yourself speak never mind hear. The lighting is also dodgy.

Hopefully, somebody sympathetic to the customer experience will step up to help create a much more thoughtful and less chaotic atmosphere. We need a nice cafe in Battersea park. This incarnation is overpriced, the choice is limited BUT the cakes are nice if you buy them when they're still fresh!

2 by Review source

In London on holiday, stopped for a bite around 16:30 and was surprised to find the kitchen was closed . Fair enough I thought until I was then made to wait while an awkward looking man prepared some toasted sandwiches, none of which mine (luckily, as he helped himself to some). Finally the woman who I paid saw me waiting still and apologised and gave me my rather expensive slice of toasted sandwich. Her service and the surrounding view saved this place from a lower rating. The smell of dog is a tad off putting while eating for the record.

2 by Review source

Rudest staff in town! Whenever I try and go to this place it’s either closed - and the opening hours are never as those mentioned on Google - or about to close, literally 5 mins past and they kick you out with people still eating or waiting for their drink! Have you ever heard of customer service? Try and be more flexible, the fact that your food is great doesn’t mean that you can be rude. Your average review score is 3.7, and that says it all with such an excellent location and quality food.

1 by Review source

I was amazed just how good and efficient this cafe was on a hot Bank Holiday Saturday. It was certainly crowded but the staff kept everywhere cleared and clean and the food came quickly.

The food itself was excellent - the smashed avo on Gluten Free was one of the best I’ve had and my wife’s salad was also pronounced excellent. Only £26 for two including drinks was very good value for the quality of the food and the location.

Highly recommended!

5 by Norman Brown Review source

Worst service I've ever experienced I ordered jam on toast and waited over an hour... An hour for jam on toast? The place is dirty the atmosphere terrible the tap water tastes like they they got it from the lake. You couldn't pay me to come here again. I would literally rather die. If you want to wait over an hour to be served food poisoning on a dirty plate then be my guest, other wise there are plenty of great local cafés to go to.

1 by Review source

Average foodand coffee ☕️ all of which is overpriced because it is the only sit-down café IN the park. There is, however, free water and restrooms. Quite dirty inside because of mud tracked in from the park. Expect lots of dogs and children inside. Could be cleaned better/more regularly. Often long wait times and overwhelmed staff.

Good place to stop and relax and look out over the pond but don’t count on a nice meal.

3 by Review source

Rude, patronising manager and staff, filthy environment, stale and exposed food. Paid £15 For 2 stale croissants and lukewarm hot chocolate and when I had the audacity to complain was told to leave! They claim to be dog-friendly but from what I witnessed this is far from being the case. Tables covered in bird excrement, which is clearly never cleaned. Unhygenic, overpriced, and won t be here much longer. Hopefully.

1 by Claire Driver Review source

I honestly could not recommend The Pear Tree enough! It simply ticks every box, from outstanding food and surroundings, to friendly helpful staff, they are even super child/dog friendly. As someone who likes healthy and tasty food, eating out in London cafe's is a minefield but this is going to become a regular treat for us. Even if cakes and pastries are your thing, there is plenty to keep you happy.

5 by Rosamund Burrett Review source

The cafe is ridiculously overpriced for the quality of food and experience they are offering. The pastries were very dry and the drinks came in paper cups. The floor very dirty which would be ok if it was a non-pretentious family friendly cafe in a park. However, this cafe charges £9 for scrambled eggs on toast. Also not enough items on the kids menu. very disappointing and it ruins Battersea Park.

1 by Review source

Love this place. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, like a little escape from the hustle and bustle of busy London. The food is so delicious, last time I was there I ordered some celeriac and artichoke soup and I swear it was the best soup I’ve ever had. They somehow manage to turn simple food into an incredible experience. When you go, 100% try the sweet potatoes fries, they are to die for!!

5 by Lucy Potgieter Review source

Perfect for a break if you are running around Battersea Park. Lots of table around the lake so you will likely have a spot and enjoy the view. Iced coffee is excellent... just the annoying bit is that they don’t sell water bottles (for the journey), just expensive small glass bottle mineral water when you just want some water to carry on with your run. Apart from that, enjoy the sun and nature!

4 by Carlos Peralta Review source

We only used the toilets, which was great as you didn't need to be a customer. There are 3 unisex individual toilets, and 1 disabled/baby changing toilet. So at times the Que can be extensive, so I wouldn't wait un til I was desprate, just incase.

Toilets are clean, modern and spacious. Located very close to childrens play park.

Would recommend

4 by Review source

Love this place to sit and watch the birds after a walk. Nice food, could do with a few more vegan options. Can see they are trying to reduce their waste with take out containers being half cardboard but the top is still plastic which would stop me using. Also asked for a proper cup but got a disposable one which was a bit annoying as reducing waste. But it is a Great place

5 by Steph Wood Review source

So many interesting things on the menu to try, with exceptional quality and reasonable prices, and great setting.

Try the charcoal latte, and the black and yellow milkshake, or even the simple coffee latte that's equally great.

A nice selection of muffins and cookies and hot breakfast.

Cute little place to hang out.

5 by A Guevara Review source

YUM! Pear Tree serves some of the best bacon and pancakes in London (and that's saying something coming from an American). Their location is ideal, right on the little 'lake' inside Battersea Park. They have a nice variety of breakfast options and pastries, in addition to some home-made teas and cold beverages. Highly recommend.

4 by Jessica Safir Review source

We stumbled across this place last weekend, hidden amongst Battersea Park in a beautiful setting. We were there at brunch time and went for a toasty each. We found the staff struck the right balance between being friendly and knowledgable, but without being too 'in your face'. We're going back tomorrow to try more of the menu!

5 by Review source

Impressive café in the middle of Battersea Park. This is way better than your usual café grub: we had the spinach pancakes with a side of harissa sweet potato fries, and they were well-presented and delicious. A lot of the tables are a little exposed to the elements so you’ll want to keep your coat on when it’s a cold day. Dog-friendly.

4 by Simon Worthington Review source

Just opened so look a little rushed, and still setting a few things up.

I had a coffee and eggs/bacon. The coffee is very good, and made by a real barista. The eggs & bacon were also very good, with the touch of maple syrup.
I have not had a cake yet so this looks like a must do, will be back soon!

5 by Review source

A really nice but very busy cafe in the middle of Battersea Park. Offers an interesting and rather eclectic menu of daytime dishes and pastries, plus good coffee to enjoy inside or out. Can feel a bit like highway services on a sunny weekend with long-ish queues, children and dogs everywhere, and somewhat harried staff.

4 by Sarah Macdonald Review source

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