Masjid Bilal & Islamic Centre of East Ham - London




295 Barking Rd, London, E6 1LB

+44 20 8472 7488




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Wonderful masjid. During summer Friday prayers 1st Jamah at 1.30pm and 2nd jamah at 2.15 pm.
Try to get there by 1pm for first jamat and 12.45 during school holidays.
Mostly residents parking bays only some 30mins bays, and fewer 2 hour and 4hr bays at end of roads. East Ham car park nearby. Around East Ham Central park lots of 4hr bays.
During winter months jumuah 1st jamah 12.45 pm
2nd jamah 1.30pm

5 by Arfar Choudhury Review source

One of my favourite Mosque in East London. It feels full of positive energy specially Friday Khudba in English!!! Also so many religious and social activities are taking place time to time.

5 by Review source

Prayer hall clean, spacious. Regular events held for young and old.
Wudukhana may need updating.

Talks held in English and Urdu. Excellent speeches.

4 by Mothiur Rahman Review source

Very spacious, a lot of events for the local community (brothers & sisters) and the youth. Jumuah is usually packed! ما شاء الله تبارك الله

5 by Haneef Ibn Ahmad Review source

Great mosque that holds monthly events for the youth to strengthen their imaan. Carpet is nice and the wudhu area is clean and hygienic.

5 by Review source

Good prayer hall, ablution area could smell better, taps have sensors to save water wastage.

4 by Silhouette Spectre Review source

Very Good Masjid But They Need To Improve The Washroom Because It Really Stinks

5 by Review source

Blessfull - (peace in the mind and peach at the heart) - Ameen.

5 by Review source

One of the two best Masjids in Newham imo

5 by Imran Amjad Review source

Very good and big place .

5 by Review source

Closed when I got there.

3 by Review source

What time jumma prayer

5 by Review source

Allah is the greatest

5 by M Naz Review source

A beautiful mosque

5 by Review source

Nice welcoming

5 by Review source


5 by Moriom akter Review source

Good wadu area

5 by Review source

Great masjid

5 by Review source


5 by Abdul Hamid Saleh Review source