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The service was excellent, the staff were very friendly and polite.
There were also fresh roses on the table and a very nice atmosphere.

The food:
The Fresh Asparagus Wrapped In Parma Ham And Melted Cheese was very average.
You would expect it to be as described 'wrapped in parma ham' but they were not, it was just two slices of parma ham sitting on top and some melted cheese on the top quarter of the asparagus.
Besides this it was also not worth £8.

The Linguine alle vongole veraci was very nice but the linguine is from a packet and the meal comes in a shallow plate which is not great as the sauce and juice from the seafood is obviously going to keep dripping around?! This dish is always served in a pasta plate or at least a deeper plate.

I had a 'special main dish' which was two 2 inch pieces of white fish, 1 tiny piece of lobster and about 6 prawns and a small cup of risotto for £16 (!) I told the waitress this wasn't good and she was very understanding, bless her.
I think she passed the comment on to the owner but he seemed very classic Italian and didn't seem bothered about it, I imagine 'Its Kensington so it's expensive' justifies most things in his eyes.

I brought my mum here for her birthday and I was expecting more. The food was ok, the seafood was very fresh but all in all the experience is not worth the money. I can highly recommend an Italian restaurant in Notting Hill Gate called 'Portobello' next to Kensington Temple Church and 'Il Portico' restaurant which is actually next to this one.

2 by Review source

After having been in Italy, finding and eating in Italian restaurants around the world, has become a bit of a sport for me. It's a little tricky, as these restaurants stand the challenge of being up to par with those glorious meals I once had all over Tuscany. Pizzicotto, I'm happy to say, has been one of the few places around the world that actually took me to that perfect afternoon in Firenze , when I was having a glass of Vin Santo in front of the river, after having had one of those amazing meals. Their pizza Margherita, immediately started signing 'Volare' just for me. Thank you Pizzicotto!

5 by Review source

We rocked up at 8pm on a Friday without a reservation. The restaurant was buzzing with life so the chance of being seated seemed slim. Amazingly they fitted us in for a quick pizza, which is all we wanted anyway.
The pizza was so tasty, up there with the best and I've spent time in Naples, so my pizza standards are high.
In and out in 45 minutes, feed and watered, 2 extremely happy customers. Thank you for the fantastic service. Grazie Grazie

5 by David Owen-Harris Review source

I really recommend this place if you could have a hot pizza, however, if the restaurant is too busy, you may not be able to have one. The atmosphere is great and cosy, many locals seems to love here. I could see how they care about their customers when I saw how much they were concerning about the dish with leftovers more than they expected. I am definitely looking forward to visiting again.

4 by Nobuko Tokyo Review source

The cuisine is Italian-farm to fresh type menu items. I went with the tagliatelle whole grain pasta with onions,chili and potatoes. It was one of the few pasta dishes I had not had before.it was delicious. Amber had the Roman artichoke flan with cheese and garlic. She knows how time consuming cooked artichokes are to prepare.So when she sees it on the menu she orders it. She loved it.

4 by Review source

We came across Postino - Ristorante quite accidentally July 2014 as the Italian restaurant we had planned to go to, 3 doors down, happened to be closed on Sundays. Quite fortuitously for us...as THIS is our new place for Italian when we are at Olympia.
The food was absolutely delicious. The Italian staff was helpful and very friendly.
We will definitely be back!

5 by Review source

Pizzicotto is a reincarnation of another Italian restaurant in the same spot called 'Postino'. It has improved on the previous business by upgrading the decor to a tasteful minimal state, a wood burning pizza oven and good quality wine. The prices may be slightly higher now but that feels justified. Try their various pizza combinations!

4 by Ben Adelie Review source

A wonderful meal! We went there on a Saturday night and the welcome was really warm. The waiters gave us good advice and were very helpful. Service was quick and and the food was absolutely delicious. They even allowed me to have a second main course for dessert in good humour!

Price was good - not amazing but very good.

5 by Lionel Matsuya Review source

Italian family group on vacation in London. After 2 days of international cuisine we finally found a place to eat pizza. It's good! We started with a mixed appetizer starter to continue with the pizza. Everything very good and personal (Italian) to the height.
Average prices to be in London.

5 by Review source

They use wood-oven, good quality ingredients and good wine, all of which are rare in London.
The decor is relaxing and the staff are friendly. The crowd is normally pleasant and appear well.
We regularly meet our friends there and at Il Portico. It is worth the drive and you would find parking close by. Enjoy

5 by Fenzy Al Review source

The pizza is excellent with a good variety. You can taste the wood oven which adds a lovely character to the pizzas. Staff are kind and check on you regularly. Prices are not cheap, and they automatically include service charge of 12.5% (no sub-total without service charge so if you're many you have to work it out)

4 by Thomas Vincent-Sweet Review source

This is a authentic Italian restaurant, we got there ten mins before opening but they let us in as it was raining. It was was busy but the service was quick and efficient. Pizza tasted good, fresh ingredients on the pizza the dessert could have been better maybe it was in the fridge a bit too long.

4 by Martin Sanigar Review source

Nice place with good selection of Italian food (pasta and pizza). The pizza I had looked nice but wasn't served right after it came from the oven so it was a bit cold. Unfortunately even the plate was preheated so I was basically eating cold pizza. What a pity.

4 by Jiri Tyr Review source

Fantastic experience!! The menu was was beautifully done and the decor was so very elegant! This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I was very impressed. I will be coming back again very soon and bringing my family and friends. I give it 10 stars!!!!

5 by Review source

What a great restaurant. I got a wood fire over pizza and I absolutely loved it. The service was the best and I could not be happier. I will definitely be going back here and would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for great food and service..

5 by Review source

I like pizza and this is the best pizza I've ever eaten. the taste of them. italian food is pretty delicious, but I have to wait quite long to be served. I have received apologies from the staff and was given more desserts. they're enthusiastic.

5 by Review source

As locals to the area we can’t believe we’ve only just discovered this place!

Seriously one of the best pizza’s we’ve had in London. Great atmosphere and wine list.

Mostly seating indoors but there are two outdoor tables.

5 by Geoff Chow Review source

Great pizza, great customer service every single time. The staff are always very friendly and manage to fit us in, they are attentive and great to chat to. Have the fried pizza dough pieces with a glass of wine, You won't regret it!

5 by k a Review source

The ants on the bar were much friendlier than the staff.
Tasty food but cheap on ingredients, the pizza I ordered had 4 olives on it, as for the clams they were almost extinct from the clam dish.
Bad experience altogether...

2 by Review source

Delicious, simple Italian food. Pizzas are made in a classic Italian style in a wood-fired oven. Service a bit slow and pizza could have used more seasoning but a solid italian restaurant in Kensington.

4 by Mehrad - Review source

Probably the best pizza I have ever had in the UK. The sauce is rich and tomatoey, the crust is light, salty and crunchy and the cheese is rich and creamy. If you are in the area go there.

5 by Michael King Review source

Great casual dining spot in Kensington. Traditional Mediterranean menu with something for everyone. Pizzas were great quality, good dough, flavour and balance. Atmosphere lacked somewhat.

4 by Kelly Liu Review source

Great food, up there with the best pizza ever. Both my husband and myself are vegetarians and we thoroughly enjoyed. The staff were lovely and squeezed us in. Will definitely go back.

5 by Review source

Amazing food, as always, and staff so attentive and helpful. Had a fantastic evening with girlfriends and would definitely recommend a visit soon for an authentic Italian experience.

5 by Review source

Italian food very good, a little 'dear bitter coffee and sweet, but it's worth it. Friendly and attentive staff tries to satisfy every customer demand. Great wine list.

5 by Poldo Sbaffini Review source

We were really happy to find this restaurant, they agreed to serve us a takeaway, despite our late arrival. Plus the meal was very good. We are pleased ! Thank you very much!

5 by Review source

This is the best pizza place in london. The staff is warm friendly and take special care. Certainly the best experience I have had. Just lovely

5 by Review source

Great Italian restaurant in west London. Specially their manchiberico pizza, is delicious. Service is also really good so we love going there.

5 by Olatz Beitia Review source

Just got delivered a fillet mignon using uber eat it was the best fillet I have ever had I will probably visit the restaurant to try it again

5 by ahcene chetouane Review source

Excellent food, extremely Great pizzas!! Great typical Italian bistrot chic café in the Heart of Kensington....One of my favorites in London..

5 by Review source

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