Spaghetti House - St. James's, London

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66 Haymarket, St. James's, London, SW1Y 4RF

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We visited here on Sunday 20th September 2015. We kind of just gate crashed the entire outside seating area. Our daughter was performing at the near by her majesties theatre next door and asked how long for a pizza to be made as we was in a major rush. Even though the restaurant was packed, they had it cooked in less then 15 minutes, to a very high standard and the service was very good indeed. We had kids outside, doing quick make up and hair fixes, and all sorts but they didn't mind one bit. Thank you for your hospitality and we will be back again for sure.

5 by Review source

We visited on a Saturday evening just before going to see Phantom of the Opera, for which the restaurant is very conveniently situated. Both of us ended up having pasta dishes, which were very tasty, although my penne arrabiata could have done with some more chili. The service was extremely friendly, although tailed off somewhat when it came to ordering desserts and trying to pay the bill (as the restaurant got busier).

4 by Chris Blore Review source

First time booking this restaurant.
Unfortunately a disappointing service. Staff were not particularly friendly and it took 30 mins for the main to arrive so we were unable to order dessert or coffee before our theatre show. The food when it did arrive however, was very good.
Would recommend other restaurants in the area if you are hoping to get a FULL meal in a decent amount of time!

3 by Review source

Quite unimpressed. Service was very slow bordering on shambolic (restaurant wasn't too busy either). One of our table waited 15 minutes for her meal after the rest of the table had been served (there was only 3 of us) waiting staff walked by us 3 times when we were visibly trying to get their attention. I had pizza calzone, wasn't bad but wasn't anything special.

2 by Review source

The staff was lovely, professional and welcoming. The food was excellent and at a decent price! Was a bit disappointed with their limited choice of desserts but maybe that's just me. Otherwise, everything was perfect and the service was one of the fastest I've ever had!! Would recommend if you want to have a good time and some good food in a nice place.

5 by Review source

WOW! I had one of the best meals of my life in here. I am sorry to hear that others did not have as such an amazing meal as I had with my family. All of our dishes were extremely delicious and well presented and was definitely worth every penny! Not only this but all the staff were welcoming and friendly too! Could not recommend a better place :)

5 by George Chwalibogowski Review source

Just had 'bottomless prosecco' menu. The food was good and the staff were lovely but 'bottomless' is misleading. The term surely leads you to believe that you glass will be topped up without having to ask but We had to ask for a refill every time. First time we have had bottomless menu and won't be going again ...

2 by Review source

It was good to see an italian place with a very original yet authentic selection of small plates and appetisers, really delicious too. Seriously impressed with the linguine alle vongole and although she wouldn't share, my wife's chicken breast looked incredible and she assures me it was. Maybe i'll get that next time...!

5 by Neil Salsbury Review source

Not the best experience. The food was average. We had Spaghetti Carbonara which were good but we were quite dissapointed with Spaghetti Bolognese. Unfortunately when we tried to speak to manager he was not very willing to suggest any compensation because according to him was food absolutly perfect. Would expect better level of service.

2 by Review source

It was raining cats and dogs outside whilst we were having delicious Pizza and Ceasar Salat (quite enough for two to share). The staff was friendly and the ambient cosy. I had some Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert and it was absolutely superb. Would come again.

5 by Review source

We had a pizza here last weekend and were not impressed. The “mozzarella” topping on the margherita didn’t really taste like mozzarella. Got the impression the company is saving on the cost of ingredients. There are better places in the area.

2 by Review source

What I really like about this spaghetti house is that it feels like it's a family run authentic Italian restaurant, despite being part of a chain. The food is great, really well flavoured and spicy, and it's good value for money.

5 by Ian Marriott Review source

I love and I'm a fanatic of Italian food and I am very critical of bad Italian restaurants, but the dishes at the Spaghetti House is one of the best I have ever eaten. I highly recommend this place near Trafalgar Square.

5 by Wilfredo Hernandez Review source

This place is really nice, chilled and the food is really good too. It's feels really homely here. Can get busy at times but is to be expected in central London. Dessert here is just as good as the main courses!!

5 by Felisha Ohene-Djan Review source

Food was good but not a great service for kids. First they served my daughter last despite us ordering for her first in advance and when it arrived it was served in a very hot bowl not suitable for a child.

3 by Paul Spicer Review source

Food was fantastic. At the time we visited it was extremely busy so the waiters were under a lot of stress, only seemed to be one waiter who could keep up with it. Besides from that, lovely dinner.

4 by Dr Nero Review source

Was alright, not Italian though. When you go to a place named spaghetti house you expect that they would have the decency to have the original carbonara recipe and offer some grappa on the house

3 by Sammi Chalaile Review source

I recommend this place.
They can eat very good Italian food.
medium portions and restaurant with fair prices and honest.
Very welcome.
strongly the first Council.

5 by Review source

Good, fast. We always order spaghetti bolognese and very good (like spaghetti xd 8.5), and served well and quickly. It has been our basic restaurant during our stay in the city.

5 by Review source

Though being part of a restaurant chain, this special location has always felt great for me. Extremely nice staff, good fine, tasty wine, good desserts. Living la dolce vita.

5 by Carsten Tolkmit Review source

This restaurant is lovely. It gets quieter at about seven thirty when diners head off to the theatres and opera nearby. Staff are very friendly. The ravioli is delicious.

4 by Brian Mulrennan Review source

Great dinning option for a quick dinner before entering theater. Taste is good and I love the seafood. If pasta is more soft, it will be even better.

4 by 韦入溥 Review source

I highly recommend going to this branch of Spaghetti House. The people their are super helpful and very very nice. The food is not of this world.

5 by Issa Qandil Review source

We were the only customers in the restaurant and I think we got shortchanged. The soup didn't have any salt and pasta tasted pretty raw.

1 by Review source

Lovely place, with great quality food. Perfect for a romantic evening for me and my wife. Fairly pricey, but that's London!

5 by James Terry-Collins Review source

Great food and very friendly staff. We had such a great time at this location that we will be coming back some day. ❤️ From USA

5 by Review source

Service is incredibly slow, staff ignored us , food wasted great and check ingredients because the don’t tell you everything.

1 by Review source

Quiet restaurant, great food, very welcoming and understanding, to choose between small or large plate, really great (y)

5 by Review source

Nothing special. Pizza ok, but I ate better. Prices for this location can be. General: neither recommend nor recommend.

3 by Rad Pil Review source

Wonderful restaurant ~ lots of choice ~ tasty food ~ reasonably priced & attentive staff x decor warm and cosy x

5 by Abi Joyce Review source

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