Frank's Cafe at Bold Tendencies - 95A Rye Ln

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Bold Tendencies, 7th-10th Floor Multi Storey Car Park, 95A Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST




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I've only ever experienced Frank's once and I think I got very lucky. Arriving at about 2pm on a Saturday afternoon with the sun blazing this was a good place to be. Plenty of seating space if you want to rest your weary legs after climbing all those stairs and even some with a bit of shade if that's what you are after.

The food looked ok but was definitely overpriced and I paid £20 for a jug of Pimm's. Fairly standard price for London and one tastes the same as the next.

I left around 5pm and it was starting to get busy then and I can imagine that it will be a bit of a nightmare when it's packed. Service is hit and miss and the bar area gets a bit cramped. I'll have to pay it another visit to experience the difference once the sun goes down

4 by Mark Taylor Review source

Sorry, Frank's. I've been coming since you first popped up in 2009, and you've become a victim of your own success. What was once a pleasant surprise, hidden away at the top of an art exhibition in Peckham multi-storey car park has become a phenomenon that has drawn global coverage.

This in turn means that you now have to queue to get in at the weekend - with the bar crowded with wannabe hipsters, it takes forever to get service - and you can forget the old days of being able to bring your own drinks to the rooftop.

The irony is, you actually have a slightly better, less crowded, view from the nearby Bussey Building rooftop. And it's rather fun enjoying a beer whilst watching people queue for Frank's.

2 by Mark L Review source

Only open during the summer months, this cash only bar is a great find if you want to see the sights of London on a warm sunny day. They have a good range of meantime brewery beers as well as cocktails spirits and wines. The foods not bad either with interesting dishes like ox heart kebabs (not as bad as it sounds!).
The bar itself is on the roof of the multistory car park behind peckham plex cinema. After walking up a few flights on urine stained stairs your rewarded with a little haven in amongst the hustle and bustle of peckham. Definitely a must visit in the summer!

5 by Ashley Bishop Review source

Stunning views of London, this lovely pop-up bar is on the top floor of the car park behind peckham plex, its only open for 4 months in the summer months! Ideal place for a relaxed atmosphere and a good pint but if its raining its not that great!, Great addition to have it in Peckham, and its a bit of a novelty, it’s a bit hard to find at first but whilst you are wondering around the car park there is wonderful artwork to inspect on your way up. It’s a cash bar, so be prepared as it’s a bit of a trek down to go to the cash point! Its very popular and gets very busy! Don’t miss out!

5 by natasha visser Review source

What a cracking little find! You have to know the right route around the back of PeckhamPlex off Rye Lane, but once you've ventured suspiciously up a scuzzy stairwell to the top of the multi storey car park it will most definitely be worth the trip. Beautiful views across London, with little bar stools lined up against the edge for city watching. Time it well and you'll catch the very best of sunsets. Best sought out on a super sunny evening with a group of friends. Kick back, dance, drink and enjoy art installations.

5 by Katie Evans Review source

Busy throughout the summer on weekday evenings and throughout the afternoon. Franks Cafe, located on the top floor of the Peckham car park, is an amazing place to take friends. Franks offers a huge bar where despite the crowds its rare to queue for a drink, amazing views across London from Canary Warf, the City, London eye and the houses of parliment. Theres a great little restairant, ample seating and a covered area incase the heavens open. Hot during the day but take a jacket as it gets cold quickly in the evening.

5 by Tristan Corpe Review source

Absolutely love this bar... Ok, so you go round the back of PeckhamPlex, up some potentially pee stained stairs but then you emerge onto the top of the multi-story to one of the best views I can have ever seen of London. There's the London Eye, The Shard, The Gherkin, The Cheese Grater, The Walkie Talkie, St Paul's, Canary Wharf... all spread out before you. It's a view you'd be prepared to pay for and it's free. Of course, being an outdoor, open air bar the weather has to be on your side...

5 by Zoë Pearson Review source

The art is cool and the views pretty amazing. However it's always packed and there's not a large enough bar to happily accommodate everyone, meaning you often have to queue for a long time to get drinks. There is some table service but you have to order food, and actually getting the attention of a member of staff is difficult, and then drinks orders take ages to arrive. Still definitely worth a visit if you can put up with queueing! The food is actually pretty good too.

4 by Robert Berry Review source

I thought it was alright, drinks were obviously far too expensive but that's London innit! Like others have said, the queue was mental, but it's ok because were English and that's what we do best! That and moan.

The views are awesome and that's blatantly what attracts people.

If you go, sneak some alcohol in with you, but don't let Frank catch ya! I heard he chucked a staff member off for nicking a fiver.

4 by PenguinBadger TurkeyBear Review source

Definitely one of the best places to spend a summer evening in London. It's at the top of a car park in Peckham - getting to the top feels a little dodgy but the view of the city is worth it; you can see for miles. Good food - try the ox heart kebab - and decently priced drinks. The queue can be quite long, but it's worth it for the view. Everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves as well which lends a really great vibe to the place.

5 by Sophie Helf Review source

Came by the PeckhamPlex to check out Bold Tendencies, and when we got to the top Frank's Cafe was there, complete with a fab view of London's skyline looking North and a cash bar. The whole thing is outside, but don't worry about rain - they've got a tarp that they can bring out that covers most of the tables and benches. Problem solved! So we sat back, enjoyed our white wine, and looked out over the stormy London skyline.

5 by Katherine Poole Review source

Hidden behind the Peckhamplex, within a multi-story car park is Frank's, a seasonal rooftop bar with incredible views of London. Once you walk up the 5 flights of violently pink stairs, you will be treated to fantastic panoramics and decently priced booze. The only thing that might put people off is the loos, which are like well-maintained festival loos that can be a bit open to the elements on a windy day.

5 by Jessica Miles Review source

Overrated place, views are nice but service less than zero, if there not enough staff don't put that many tables making people to think that are going to be served, didn't really happen even after 30min waiting and when you stand up to ask the waitress suddenly by magic the card machine doesn't work even when 5min before you payed for your beers with card... waist of time coming to this place

1 by Review source

Nice views but bar far too busy. Inefficient staff just thumbing about behind the bar. I'd rather it was 'for profit' and they hired some people that knew what they were doing.

They've got one of those machines that pours 6 pints at a time, but no one manning it so it's not used half of the time. When it is used it's just sitting there overfilling. Amateurish.

2 by Phil Wright Review source

4.3 ★: over-ranked

Beer: Got pre-tapped draught beers.
Food: they were out of chips?! (Thursday, 8.30pm)!
Prices: for a non-prof. organisation, too pricey.
Toilet: any inspection on site ever? (after 2 beers better go home - optionally visit McDonads)
View: absolutely stunning (when sunny)

cocktails - beer & cider - wine

2 by Review source

One of those over hyped hipster spots... Had to walk through some smelly stairways to get to the roof, which is an ex car park. They of course haven't renovated it much - although I do love the roof system, which went up as soon as it began to drizzle. Over-priced drinks and food - for example £7 for some form of a toast with a bit of a topping. Cool idea, without the substance.

3 by Milda Nae Review source

Wow! This place is stunning, it's on top of a multistorey in Peckham.. Which doesn't sound like much but this place has one of the best views of London anywhere! The only thing that I can think of that rivals it is Primrose hill near Camden Market.
They serve snacks and soft drinks as well as beers, cocktails and pretty much anything else that you can think of.

5 by Dylan Saberton Review source

The view is amazing, a great alternative to places like the Shard. Drinks are somewhat pricey, but not more than could be expected from London. Be sure to get there early to get a good table as it can be quite busy given how nice the space is.

The toilets are somewhat rustic however - reminiscent of a festival. Maybe some antibacterial hand gel is advisable.

4 by Review source

Wonderful rooftop bar to visit for brunch in the summer with views all over central London, it's difficult to find the main entrance as the bar it's on the top and old parking building, they also always have a temporary art exhibition on the top. Go for the Hot somked salmon, creamed leeks, poached eggs on toast (£8), it's everybody's favourite.

5 by David Pelaez Review source

Definitely one of the best rooftops of London - perfect place to go for a nice summer evening! It's situated on top of an abandoned car park in Peckham and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the city, great atmosphere and very reasonably priced drinks and food! Bussy building is just opposite if you want to catch a late night rooftop cinema.

5 by Yanny Lu Review source

Lovely views at this bar! The drinks are not that expensive (for London) and the staff are really friendly and chatty which made us all feel welcome. The chips and garlic mayo were delicious and I will definitely come back to try the chicken wings. Overall, definitely check Frank's out if you want a drink with a view in south London!

4 by Perdita Andrew Review source

One of London's top must visit summer destination. Admire cracking views of London, catch up with friends and have a party on the huge open space and tuck into great food. Easy to get to via Peckham Rye Station on the Overground. It also has the prettiest (and pink) staircase you'll ever see. What's not to like?

5 by Kritt Normsaskul Review source

I love franks! I've been going since it opened years ago. It has not got very popular so either go early or be prepared to queue. Especially on weekends or if weather is Good! Since the whole Peckham levels has opened you actually have more variety of places to eat and drink with Frank's being on the roof.

5 by Pela Mcdougall Review source

Great place to visit in the summer for amazing vistas of London - especially around dusk. The bar can often get very busy meaning long waits as staff can sometimes focus on looking hip rather than being efficient (hence 4 rather than 5 stars). They do light meals too and cocktails which are simple but effective.

4 by Rob Corradi Review source

It's a bar on top of a multi-storey car park. That enough should put you off...but it's great! The view alone is worth the walk up the stairs. The bar is good (if you're a fan of Italian liquor, and who isn't, try the Cynar), the prices not the worst I've ever seen. Just get there early

4 by Mark Weeden Review source

The cocktails are not amazing but there's really good quality food with really balanced flavours. I loved the scotch bonnet hummus (not as spicy as it sounds) and the beans were simple yet delicious. It does reek a bit near the bar though - they just can't mask the smell from the loos...

3 by Sarah Hoang Review source

Amazing view and cool location, but 45mins to get a beer in a plastic takeaway cup and no music. This is a great idea but the bar is just not designed to deal with the number of people that they let in as such it's worth checking out if you can get there early but after 7pm good luck.

3 by Glenn Kelly Review source

Kind of trendy. Full is trendy people. Sorry but it's not a bar. it's like a festival feel. With cheap expensive drinks in plastic cups. Sorry to say. But the night I went it stunk of piss. Oh we cycled. And there is nowhere to safely secure you're bicycle

2 by Mark Beaumont Review source

Good food, but for a 'non profit organisation' it was heavily heavily overpriced. Not quite sure how they justify it actually... My meal can't have cost more than £1 - the meat was nice, but with no sides, the £13.50 price tag was pretty difficult to swallow

3 by Richard Alexander Review source

On a sunny day, it's hard to beat the atmosphere and views from Frank's Cafe.

Note: the entrance has moved to be beside that of the cinema (rather than in middle of car park ground floor). If you are not on pink stairs, you are on wrong staircase.

5 by James Doig Review source

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