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Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport, Longford, Hounslow TW6 1EW

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Looks cool, service slick and polite. Ordered an overpriced (over a tenner) but exciting sounding salt beef burger with chips (extra 3 quid or so) at 3pm on a Wednesday.

Was asked how I wanted it cooked; I confirmed medium.

2 mins later was told there were no chips. Hmmmm.

Burger came shortly after. The exact size of two digestive biscuits squeezed together (that's no an exaggeration) in a normal sized brioche bun. Disappointing given I'm not on the Atkins diet and I don't like throwing money away just to get a snazzy bun and lettuce for about 60% of what I'm paying.

Burger was sadly but by now predictably overcooked. Crisp to the point of crunch when I cut the sandwich in half. No exaggeration again I assure you. Dry brown/grey through the centre. No hint of salt beef, although with the moisture content of a week old water biscuit I suspect any flavour may have been lost into the ether regardless.

Asked the waitress (lovely though deluded) if the burger looked 'medium' to her. She confirmed they can't cook it medium because 'of English laws'. It has to be medium well done supposedly.

I sighed resigned to an argument I didn't want to have, holding a burger I didn't want to eat or pay for, in a cafe I wouldn't wish to return to if the alternative was eternal purgatory in the company of Robbie Savage.

Don't be like me.

1 by Review source

We were seated upon entering. The food was served quickly, and was very good. The milkshakes they have are amazing. The staff was polite and accommodating, but the only issue we had was when it came time to pay. I asked the waitress for the bill, but after about 10 minutes she still had not returned, so I had to ask another waiter for it. A different lady, who appeared to be the manager, brought the bill, and they had decided to include a donation to charity on my behalf on the bill, as well as a 12.5% tip. I asked the lady to explain what the charges were for, and she said that the waitress should've told me what it was, and explained it to me. I would not have minded the donation, or the 12.5% tip, however, the problem was that they made this decision for us, without asking first whether it was okay. She apologized, and I didn't have her change the bill, but if it wasn't for this issue, the experience would have been much better, as the experience was soured afterwards.

3 by David Boulos Review source

Disappointed. My friend and I were hoping for a quick meal before our flight. We saw that the restaurant was not packed with customer so we looked at the menu outside and made a quick decision to order something simple.

When we were ready to order, staff didn't want to come and take our order claiming that other customer need to order first before us, asking us to be patient. But we noticed that the 'other' customer waa still deciding and not ready to take order. Later, another staff came and took our order after we waited.

When we were 90% done with our meal, the staff walked over and placed the bills on our table before we call for it. From what I know in how restaurant operates, no one will pass you a bill before you call for it.

Maybe the restaurant is racial discriminating against Asians??

1 by Eng Chong Pek Review source

Was rather happy with their food as the portion was ok and not too expensive especially in an airport. However the staff service was a bit poor. For a 12% service charge I expected them to at least be helpful. However not only did they 'forget' to give me back my change and when they did they gave it all in pennies! How ridiculous? Moreover, when I was just trying to wave my hand to order, one of the waiters was taking the order from another customer but the other was free. Not only did he not come and take my order (perhaps his job description not related to taking orders which is okay I guess), he said sarcastically , 'first come first serve'. I mean, really? 'You could have just said, one moment please, I'll be with you shortly' which would have been much more polite

3 by YK M Review source

Nice food, shame about the service.

On entering there was no discussion of where we'd like to seat, even though they offered 4 types of seating. When they tried to cram us in with all our luggage between two other families on a tiny table we asked about the plethora of empty areas. 'No. They're reserved.' Nobody ever took them.

We decided upon the fish and chips because of the 'pickled onion atomizer' that it came with. Sounded like classic Heston. Guess what they forgot to give us? So we ended up with regular fish and chips, no atomizer. We did manage to acquire one eventually, but the ridges of the bottle had other people's ketchup wedged in them.

Shame, as the food itself was very nice.

3 by Review source

I think the Perfectionists Cafe has a really long way to go before they reach their desired state!

I ordered Eggs Benedict here and I don't think I have had worse in 15 years of corporate travel! The muffin bread couldn't get cut even if you had a razor sharp knife! It was dished out cold and was distasteful! Just when I thought I might be unlucky, another customer next to me complained about their Florentine too! Food - terrible!

Service - was ok. The waitress did not bother checking on whether the food was ok. I had to call out for her and complain about what was dished out. To be fair, she was very apologetic. Her kitchen fed her some nonsense that because the muffin is toasted, it becomes really hard! Lol

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Had the Eggs Florentine with Hollandaise and shared two scoops of ice cream. Starting with ordering coffee - although they offer almond and soy milk this is only served with an Americano - a bit lazy really and doesn't taste quite right. The muffin under the poached eggs was super tough. The poached eggs were not to my liking. The yolk was less runny than the inside of the egg white. However the cafe is saved by the nitrogen ice-cream which is almost as smooth as gelato and tasted like it should however the best part was the wafer boat that it was served with reminiscent of cones from Mr Whippy but elevated.

3 by Angela Lau Review source

Contrary to another reviewer here, I found the fish and chips delicious. However, for a place that claims perfection in its name, the staff were lacking in several areas. Poor command of the English language aside, we saw our waiter when he came to take our order, and about 15 minutes after we had finished eating to bring the bill (someone else bought us our food). For the 12.5% optional service charge that was automatically added to our bill without our consent, he could have at least stopped by once and asked us how the food was.

All in all, a good restaurant with great food ruined by poor service.

4 by Review source

As a fair review the pizzas are not bad, though i would recommend getting them to go so you avoid both getting the crusts burnt as the cook tends to them faster when you are near them, and the terrible excuse for servers here at the same time.

Having eaten here multiple times, I have never had good service here...ever. Trying to figure out why, I discovered the little sneaky addition of a service charge (tip) already incorporated into the bill, even if its just individual orders. Demand that it be removed, and give them the message they clearly haven't understood otherwise.

1 by Review source

Food was above average, marmalade on toast milkshake in the kids menu was interesting. However, the surfaces between the round sofa tables were dusty and when we taken to the first two tables, they were both uncleaned, we had to wait for the waiter to clean. There were dirty dishes piled up at the counter even though it was not very busy. The milkshake came about 10 minutes after we finished the food. The waiting staff were not attention nor friendly. It's a shame because I would have rated it five stars if the service was up to a nomal london standard!

3 by Review source

Go here for breakfast. Do not hesitate. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the low average review score for The Perfectionists' Cafe. I saw some of the reviews attribute this to the service but as of yet, I've had no complaints. I have been three times (each time I fly out of LHR in the morning), and each time I've been extremely happy with the quality of food. I go between the Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine. The hollandaise sauce and the level of poach on the eggs are just perfect. The best I have ever had.

5 by Josh Perlstein Review source

The best poached egg I’ve had in my life. Yolk the consistency of warm Nutella... A nice space for those stymied by a lack of lounge access. Prices as to be expected in an airport, but from the very comfortable high stool seating at the bar I could see that a very high standard of care, professionalism and talent goes into the food that comes out. This also manages to get the right aura of exclusivity whilst not being stuffy - something it’s counterpart at T5 (Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food) hasn’t quite got right.

5 by Joe Pilkington Review source

Was excited to visit after watching a video of Heston talking about it. Was very underwhelmed. The service was sporadic and indifferent. The fish was ok, not amazing. The chips were fine but again nothing to remark upon. Cocktails were sweet and weak. Also the first 3 things we tried to order were not available, no introduction was given as to what was not available. Long wait for the bill at the end, the staff mastering the technique of not making eye contact with customers in case they need to help.

2 by Peter Grooby Review source

Outlet looks good. Food is just so normal. Service appears good on surface but is VERY BAD. Purposely returned my change of close about 8 pounds all in coins, and in small denomination, knowing very well I am a tourist! Why do this me, an oriental Asian? And was done by the Asian waiter! WE MUST STRONGLY DISCOURAGE PATRONISING SHOP which had any form of discrimination.

Management, if you happen to read this, please do something!

1 by YC Ong Review source

Food was alright though the portions were small. Came to get rid of my coins and staff was rude when my tip wasn't enough for the 12% optional service charge. If it's expected don't make it optional, and definitely don't get angry when the optional tip is only 8% instead of 12%. Employers are required to pay their servers properly here and I don't want an international surcharge to pay the 40p difference.

2 by Alexander Lyon Review source

Well well well, here we go again. A famous chef embarks on the fast food experience, utilizing some grade A ingredients to d liver a top notch product. Unfortunately here, the desire to be fast means the actual cooks doing the job don’t really do justice to what it should be - my reference point being a rather soggy pizza. If it’s really Heston, pretty sure he would try to fix it so it worked...btw it still tasted good!

3 by CL Gill Review source

We had a wonderful breakfast here. The yoghurt and granola was so excellent. Best yoghurt as base. Fruity topping and great tasting nuts all in the right amounts. The Avocado bread had at least a full avocado or even more on top of it. Coffee was also great and they even have a kids menu.
For all that prices are more than reasonable. Thank you for making my airport waiting time another part of the vacation.

5 by Max M Review source

Oh well, this is a bit pricey even for the airport and of poor value. Got chips and fish, the fish was quite small and extremely salty. The mushy peas are bad in both taste and consistency. The fries were actually quite good. Service fast but not attentive - yes, that is possible. Not a good experience overall. Just turn around and go to the other restaurant Pride of London as it is a bit better.

2 by Sascha Giese Review source

I think it is great value both for food and experience for price and it gives some clues of a professional chef like Heston. Heated n can do much better though, the Angus beef in the hamburguesa is neither that good nor creative for a chef of such stature, add a slice of foie gras and add 2 pounds to even the basic burger for people to have a really different experience, for example.

4 by Review source

Regrettably the worst English breakfast I've ever had. Bacon looked old and did not have the normal smoky/salty taste it should. Sausage was lackluster. Tomato and beans - meh. I don't eat big breakfast like this except as a rare treat when traveling. The food was a real disappointment.
And my knife came to me with a speck of dried food on it.

1 by Review source

If you love fish and chips, this restaurant has some of the best in London. I lived in London for over 15 years, so I'm a bit of a connoisseur. The service has always been fast and courteous in my 3 visits. Previous reviewers mentioned the 12.5% service charge in the bill, this is normal for Europe. The added charge is the tip for your server.

5 by Review source

nastiest food I've ever eaten in an airport. They don't cook burgers to any temperature except well done.

Deli platter tasted old and dry, they try to charge you extra and upsell you on things you haven't asked for.

Staff is snarky and impatient, overall terrible experience, would caution all to stay away

2 by Review source

Bog standard food. Was expecting a higher service and quality of food since this place is a ‘Heston’s’ chain. A name is just a name, lesson learnt. Food was bland, no seasoning, bread stale and hard. Only good thing I can point out is that the egg was cooked perfectly! Will not be catching breakfast here ever again. What a disappointment.

2 by Shantosh Dutta Review source

Friendly service but gross food! Ordered the fish and chips which
included mostly batter and a small piece of fish. Mushed peas were disgusting. Noticed the vinegar dispenser was dirty. My husband had a pizza which lacked flavour and was soggy. Terrible wine. Couldn't drink it. High price point for low quality food!

2 by Review source

The Confused Café should be the name of this place - coffee is one thing they absolutely know nothing about. Your americano or flat white is just on par with the regular gas station coffee - £3.25 for the premium coffee and they freely admit it being machine coffee, no grinding of beans.
Stay clear if you want a good cup.

1 by Patrick Bjurquist Review source

The staff seem to be great servers, and all the tables near me are getting star quality service. Food is delish, ambiance is great. Would rate higher but they have completely ignored ME. I think the issue is that I am a single diner and at the intersection of 'sections'. I have no idea who my allocated server is.

3 by Review source

For airport food this is really good. Not the best restaurant at Heathrow but maybe the best in Terminal 2. I had lunch there, Chicken Tikka Masala, and breakfast, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and both were pretty good. The tea was a bit sub par for England. So that was disappointing. But otherwise highly recommend.

4 by Nicholas Vazsonyi Review source

Had to leave after 25 minutes if being ignored by the waiter. Other waitstaff noticed we hadn't even been greeted and offered beverages and quickly turned to other way. When I told the waiter we were leaving because it was talking to long to even place an order, he looked puzzled and said 'What?'

1 by Review source

Have you actually tasted your 'Almond' Croissant, Heston? Whilst the flat white was good, the croissant had a mass of the most sickly, sugary 'goo' oozing out of it. Not what I would expect from somewhere that calls itself 'perfectionist'. Heston - go try it & see what I mean.

1 by Review source

Breakfast here not what I expected everything average! like I was having breakfast at the Weatherspoon's in Heathrow
Had the full English, sausage average, bacon average, eggs normal, bread normal, mint tea nice, porridge normal, honey had a nice taste
Wouldn't consider it special

1 by Confidental Smiles Review source

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