Victoria Gate - Leeds

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3 Harewood St, Leeds, LS2 7JA

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A fool and his money are soon parted... there is a chance that whatever you are buying from here will be unique, but the price will include paying for the staffing of the customer service desk plus the chap on the door with the daft hat. Basically, you are shopping here because you have more money than sense and wish to waste obscene amounts on items that are in no way worth it, all in the pursuit of gratuitously pampering yourself. What a vacuous existence that must be.

1 by Review source

Only visit here for John Lewis as they do lovely clothes for my daughter.
You're greeted on entry by a very friendly man opening the door. It's a little unnecessary as they are automatic...
Looks phenomenal inside! A beautiful building with a lot of light. Really does improve that area of Leeds that was looking neglected.
Most of the shops inside are a bit too posh for me but if you like poncy stuff then it's great

4 by Ben Griffiths Review source

Big and noisy shopping centre, with all the usual shops and none of the atmosphere that would makes it relaxing to look around. It's all industrial materials and metal and shiny floors. This is where you go to eat so as not to die, rather than from enjoyment.

Why designers can't build something that is relaxing, dampens noise, provides greenery and a pleasant view, is beyond me.

2 by Palmer Eldritch Review source

Great place, toilets in john lewis food available with the japanese sushi restuarant, john lewis cafe, pret and a couple more.
Nice little boutique shops like cos, & other stories, nespresso and more. Well worth a visit, as the centre is encased by wonderful architecture.

5 by Warren Ledgard Review source

Fabulous shops, friendly people and some of the nicest food I've ever had, Vietnamese street food, exceptional and please visit the Chimney Chicks, a new concept of pastry cones and ice cream and sweets and sprinkles, this is quality and the girls are so nice.

4 by William Bunyan Review source

Great place to visit with family. Fantastic John Lewis store which was missing in Leeds town centre. Very stylish and modern architecture. Best part is the 10 story parking lot which is very handy if you don't want to park away from town centre.

5 by Nadeem Akhtar Review source

I supplied a.lot of insulation to this job and it was a nightmare to be honest. The place is very nice inside with a huge John Lewis. Leeds has upped it's game in the last few years and looks nice now, not down at heel like it used to do.

4 by Andrew Barlow Review source

Nice shops, personally I quite like T2, they sell tea and teawares. It doesn't usually feel too busy and up to now it has been kept immaculately clean. As you might expect the stores are high end if you want budget items go elsewhere.

5 by Review source

Sorry but what a joke of a place this is, anybody who shops here is either a total snob or an idiot. Hugely overpriced for the average Leeds citizen so that must mean it's only for southerners or misguided foreign visitors.

1 by Andrew Cockill Review source

Only visited John Lewis as I wanted to look at specific things. I found what I wanted and much more and came away with lots of ideas. Visited the restaurant for afternoon tea. Would definitely the pineapple upside down cake!

5 by Review source

Boring shopping experience, the shops are overpriced and not even interesting, just small square rooms designed mainly to part people from their money. In my opinion the dusty car park it was built on offered more tbh.

1 by Craig Murfin Review source

Superb design.Not the biggest,but without doubt,the most pleasing to the eye.
Attached to the recently errected John Lewis store,easily the best in the city.
It had only one drawback, it's expensive.

5 by Review source

Stunning building! More than adequate parking available, would easily but 5 stars but John Lewis somehow do not accept contactless payments. Didn't have my wallet as we use Apple pay mostly now..

4 by Steven Rice Review source

Lovely shops, very nice environment, good if you want the specific brands available but think the cafe/restaurant choices are unimaginative and abit underwhelming given the environment

3 by Matthew Simpson Review source

Amazing building john lewis inside. Casino big screen tv for sports and bar. Other shops a little expensive but few nice restaurants. Coffee shop pret inside perfect for lunch.

4 by Aiden Fryer Review source

There is a public rest room in the department stores situated within the gate. Beautiful and unique. Nice shopping experience.

5 by Yasmin Ramzan Review source

Large shopping arcade. Very nice architecture. All the shops are aiming for up-market customers, so not a cheap place to shop.

4 by Rob Jones Review source

Pish shops for those with more than a few quid to spare, for me pasty of a nice lunchtime walk to John Lewis.

4 by Christopher Walker Review source

Stunning appearance. Beautiful architecture, amazing shops all in all a fabulous place to visit!!

5 by Review source

Great shopping centre, loads of shops and all undercover, although it doesn't feel like it.

5 by David Nickson Review source

It's got a John Lewis, and several excellent and unique shops, definitely worth a visit

4 by Pete Clarke Review source

This is a place you expect to be in somewhere like Dubai! Unreal place with some great shops

5 by Nathan Oliver Review source

Very pretty and clean but not a great range of shops. The John Lewis is amazing though!!

4 by Joe Davenport Review source

Apart from John Lewis the shops don't really appeal to me. Looks beautiful though.

4 by Liam McGee Review source

It looks beautiful but feel a little empty. They can be forgiven as they ate fairly new

3 by Sopiah Miah Review source

Great place well designed been several times but never actually found anything to buy

4 by Ian Cunningham Review source

Beautiful shopping centre, all pretty much designer brands but nice for a browse

4 by Emma Smith Review source

Beautiful clean shopping centre, with a variety of stores to suit all tastes.

5 by Review source

I love this place! Very beautiful shops of famous brands all very beautiful.

5 by Rafael Andretto Fonseca Review source

My aunt cried at John Lewis opening. Lol! Part from that great place with T2

5 by Charlotte Crompton Review source

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