Chestnuts Park - West Green, London

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St Ann's Rd, West Green, London, N15 5BN




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Chestnuts Park might be small but it is used for many activities -- by families with children, dog walkers, sports people, meditation prone individuals, teenagers... a friendly place with a space for everyone. I always smile when I see how diverse the park is. It reflects the neighbourhood but I think people come from other neighbourhoods, too. The children's playground is comprehensive and lively, the community centre is a great hub and the cafe' a good place to pick up a drink and breakfast. One can see Chestnuts Park is a happy place.

5 by Ivana Curcic Review source

Small recreational ground. Perimeter takes about 15 minutes following a little person trundlinf round on a tricycle or early scooter steps. I can run the perimeter in about 8 minutes at a pace of 12 minute mile...which perhaps says more about my running than the size of the park. Nearest bus stops 341 and 67. Play area very much for toddlers and nothing else for older children. Park cafe serves traditional cafe food like tea and chips rather than anything fancy.

4 by Allen Tsui Review source

A great space for the kids and play tennis. You can feel that the locals care about the place because they have been planting trees and making flower bed to educate the kids about nature. I just wished people did not through their rubbish all over the place hence why I did not give 5 stars. Thankfully the council is doing a good job at cleaning up rubbish which should not be there in the first place.

4 by nicolas contentin Review source

No No and No!
Took my babies to the big playground their opposite St Ann's Clinic after sorting their vaccinations...a group of suspicious looking men were stood right next to one of the ground's gates exchanging things.
Did not feel safe at all.

1 by Lo M. Review source

This is a nice little park, but parents should be vigilant as there is a mental health facility across the road, patients do come for a walk through the park. I have never had or seen any upset even though I visit often. But am still aware.

4 by Review source

A nice park with tennis court. Basketball court. outside gym. young child's area, cafe and Community Centre. limited parking is available buy chestnuts Park Surgery with pay and display

4 by Simon Hobart Review source

It is really not impressive at all. Its in an awful area, a small park and oppsit mental hospital. Avoid unless your a local and know the area well.

2 by Liam M Review source

One of the best park in London for children and adults alike. You don't have to pay for gym anymore because it's all in the park

5 by Ibrahim Dukuray Review source

close to a biggish road but still a nice park. cafe, outdoor gym, playground, very well maintained and suitable for outdoor workouts

4 by Melanie Herrmann Review source

Ok for kids , dogs and a bit of a kick around but it's quite littered and isn't really large enough for a sustained visit

3 by Review source

God is great. He is doing great in our lives. Churches. Families and in the whole world. Thank you God for your love. Amen

5 by Review source

Love this place. My veins are full of grease and happiness. Friendly service, Consistently great food. Thanks guys!

5 by Review source

Nothing special just a nice green space for walking the dog and giving your legs a work out. Clean and well mentained.

4 by Astir Astir Review source

I love this place cause its big and I get to make lots of friends and playing exiting games with them

5 by Review source

I use to leave near by. Lovely park and cafe next to the playground... ideal place for families with kids.

5 by Anna Pieniazek Review source

Local dog owners tend to leave their dogs poops behind, loads of surprised as you enter the green zone.

2 by Review source

Quite park, enjoy walking around there.
There is also a cafe in it and has public restrooms.

5 by Aziz Aksozlu Review source

Not big park but has a bit of everything. Also good cafe. Good for running and walking the dog

5 by Review source

Nice place for children ( lovely playing area ) but road to close park so little bit to loud

3 by Review source

Empty, terrible atmosphere, rundown, old homeless man screaming while possibly on drugs

1 by Review source

Excellent park to fly a drone. Come on Saturday morning to watch youth football

4 by Maxime Fazilleau Review source

Too many dogey people. Weardows from the hospital. And drunks. Small park.

1 by Bryan sanchez Review source

Great outdoors with play area and gym, tennis, basketball ets grounds.

5 by Maria Radeva Review source

Nice park, great outdoor gym and excellent kids playground facilities

5 by David Wohlgemuth Review source

Lovely space for variety of family activities from sports to picnics

5 by Filip Nykiel-Jastrzebski Review source

Chestnuts Park has a small gym. A nice cafe
And tennis courts.

5 by Review source

Nice small local park. Some play equipment could do with updating.

5 by Amir Review source

Lovely green area i met my wife there 28 years ago at a fair lol

4 by Leon KC Review source

Tree shadows early morning as good as any Park in London

5 by Review source

Nice local park. Handy cafe. The willow garden is fun.

4 by loveday whitelock Review source

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