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Nearest tube station: Canada Water station - take the Business Park exit, keep going straight from the exit which sort of bends to the right, cross the road at the traffic lights and you will see a check in sign with a guard at the front! Sometimes if you go on this path you will see other minions asking you if you are going to Street Feast and directing you to the traffic lights too! If you see Decathlon then you have gone in the opposite direction! (sort of!) You can drive here and there is parking at Decathlon right across the place.

Make sure you buy tickets online if possible, the prices are steep if you buy tickets at the door. That surely cannot be a challenge these days considering mobile network data, wifi and mobile phones right?

But yes, I found this event Oktoberfeast, got myself the awesome beer tasting tickets, (£40 for 2 which is basically £5 more per person when compared to the normal ticket), and went with friends! You get 1 pint of beer each, then 20 1/4 pints. YES you will get drunk. YES you will be happy. YES the cloakroom is free. YES for some reason the men's toilets has a queue but none for the ladies !!! YES there is a tiny corridor right next to the entrance which leads to a whole new area that I swear some people do not realise and the organisers should sign post properly! YES there are many many yummy foods there and I love in particular Blecker Street and Smokestak (anything to do with meat basically!)

They do have tables and seating but you have to be prepared to wait for a spot. Otherwise there are barrels around the place where you can stand and give your drinks a rest too.

Somehow I managed to spend 5 hours here last Saturday. Happy days

5 by Ela Tse Review source

The place is actually pretty cool especially in this area, which is not very lively. Pleasant surprise! It's only open during the weekend and the entry is £3.

After paying you end up in a massive garden which is nicely decorated, with bonfires all over and surrounded by food and drink stalls. There's an indoor area which also hosts food shops and cocktail bars, and plenty of tables to sit or stand at. The quality of the food is generally very good, but the prices aren't cheap. As peculiarities, there's a fantastic whisky bar, a good wine stall, and a great seafood restaurant.
The staff are extremely nice and the service in shops and stores is top notch.

They usually screen main sports events and there are two beer pong tables. The music is cool and not blasting, which makes it a good place to have a chat. There are trampolines for kids to play.

It's literally five minutes from home so I pay it a visit from time to time, but adding a pool or a foosball table would turn it into a real jewel

4 by Alisia Stasi Review source

If u wanna spot a Hipster, this is the place to go. They have almost every variety for your viewing perusal!

It also has a an outdoor patio type area to compliment the indoors warehouse beer hall type thing, with good variety of games (including beer pong & pool), expensive beers (from around the world), whiskeys, vino & grub.

Currently stood in line for the appropriately named 'Lucky (if you ever get served) Chip Burgers' waiting to be served (for what feels & could quite possibly be, a decade).

Tight arse tip.....Get in before 7 to avoid paying 3 quid. Coz then u have 3 quid to put towards something else .

3 by Review source

Awesome environment to go and drink some quality different craft beers (others spirits available too) and eat a variety of different foods. I'd highly recommend the gourmet chicken tikka kebab and shin nuggets (which are like nuggets of beefy heaven).
Lots of young people (18-40) and even saw someone their with a toddler, and I would say it's suitable, provided you take something for them as there's nothing entertaining for young ones.

We celebrated two birthdays with a large group and it was perfect as music wasn't too loud.
Great outdoor area too (wasn't fully open when I was there) but it's heated.

5 by Will Brown Review source

I've been here a few times since it opened and I want to be positive. It's great something like this has found a home in Surrey Quays and while the atmosphere is still nice the emphasis has moved away from the street food which was so exciting. Bars now greatly outnumber the food vendors and if your vegetarian don't waste your time. Aside from chips there was only one veggie option available; served to me with the chefs long hair baked into it. Steamed buns and delicious tacos now just a fond memory.
I think we're done here.

1 by Charlotte Day Review source

Decent place with a family friendly atmosphere to catch up with an old friend or drink with a group. It does a great job in fusing hipster cool with soul food Americana, with stalls ranging from jerk chicken to burger shacks and vodka bars. The staff were all very nice including the door staff which is incredibly rare in London. My only criticism is that this place is a disaster for you health. Get drunk on craft beer, eat the most awfully heavy albeit gourmet fast food and polish it off with the most decadent desserts. Medic!

3 by Shari Solo Review source

I went on weekend and was asked to pay entrance fee just to get in. It has selection of street food stools, but in general i felt it is slightly overpriced based on the quality/quantity/experience. I dont know why street food style dishes are regarded as premium and high/higher price tags in general (not only here, but in London in general).

As for atmosphere, on a nice summer day, it could be a relatively good place to mingle out with friends, but there aren't many choices ito go any other place around anyway

3 by HyCh J Review source

I enjoyed my evening but it was because of good company rather than the location. Hawker House didn't impress me the way I wanted it to - same vendors and decor. It seems a bit overdone and has lost its charm and novelty but the vast amount seating was appreciated. The staff and traders were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing. Drinks were traditionally overpriced with little choice in food stalls. Despite having a lovely evening - I'd rather go to Dinerama or Dalston Junction (if that was still around)

3 by Michelle Duong Review source

Was there for a company event but it was a cool place to hang out. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere, hopefully the 24 hour weekend tube helps when you want to take the night on elsewhere but it's a great location.

Large enough to not squash a lot of people into a confined space like some pop up locations and a nice sun trap in the summer. The restaurants there were nice too.

Definitely going to visit on another evening. You have to pay to get in after 7pm though.

5 by Said Bhugeloo Review source

Great evening of food, drink and games (3x pool tables and a beer pong table).
Casual family style eating on the ground floor (family's encouraged until around 6.30/7 when it starts to get more ruckus) London prices for tasty street food.
Individual wine, cocktail, beer and tequila bars.

Only downside is it's a little out the way, but well worth the trip.
Outside was mostly shut around Feb but will liven up in the Summer.

Entry is £3-5 after 7pm.

5 by Connor Robertson Review source

Visited with a friend after going to the Gin Festival earlier in the day and had worked up quite an appetite! There weren't as many food stalls open as usual, I think roughly 6 - my friend pointed out that there was a whole section that was closed on this occasion. The bars however were great, good selection, reasonably priced, lots of seating and most importantly took card payments (unlike the food stalls which was a bit of a nuisance). Would definitely go back again!

4 by Sheneen Ofori-Koree Review source

With an interesting mix of different foods, drinks and a very lively atmosphere, Hawker House is a great place to be especially with friends. I was there on a Friday evening and the atmosphere was excellent. I have been told it got smaller recently, but it still offers a good variety of street food. It's close to the station which makes it convenient to get to. The pool tables, range of food and drinks, and the ambiance at the place makes it well worth a visit.

4 by Harikrishnan Balachandran Review source

A large variety of street food but only a couple desert stands.
I came here for a friends birthday and had a great time exploring, ordering and eating as almost all aspects of this place give a fluid and flexible experience.
Our birthday party ended up taking our food from various stands into a cozy cocktail bar which feels a little surreal now but all perfectly natural at the time.

4 by Cleveland Glenn, Jr. Review source

Best thing to happen to Canada Water. Great atmosphere in the evenings and child / pet friendly. Good selection of drinks and food and albeit a little pricey its worth going down there. If you live in the area and you don't feel like hanging around you can also go in and order for take out. All the vendors are happy to help and serve your needs within their well capable hands.

5 by Francois Du Plessis Review source

An amazing street style venus with a great atmosphere. Brilliantly original, however disappointed with the food. Was served cold burgers twice even asking for them to be remade and has to wait 50min in a queue for some Jerk Fries.
I'd advise eating before and then just relying on this place for a snack - lots of places to get drinks from though which is great!

3 by Graeme H Review source

It's a well presented, sociable space so go to hang out with friends not to eat good food. Poor range of options, heavy mark-ups on everything and sad food. Pork buns had dry pork, soggy buns and the meat and the sauce had never met before. Lamb kebab was dry and unseasoned. Opportunities are being missed left and right here but can be fixed. Lovely staff!

2 by Review source

Great selection of food to suit all tastes and a variety of drink. Could down with other pudding options but ChinChin is awesome. Could do with more tables and chairs to eat at, as most were already taken by 7pm. Some of the stands could do with being a little more honest about the waiting times. Has a very cool atmosphere and would be great for groups.

4 by Robert Grannells Review source

Fantastic place.

Wide selection of food from Asia, America, South America and Europe.

There are wine and cocktail bars along with craft beer bars.

The food isn't cheap,but it's delicious. The booze isn't too expensive with some pints less than a fiver.

Good night out with good atmosphere

5 by Chris Watt Review source

The only problem with the place is you have to pay 3 pounds to get in... ridiculous.. the inside houses two halls of food, pool tables and bars. Really cool set up and really good food. There was Jamaican jerk, American bbq, vegan Mexican, Indian, nitrogen icecream and loads of bars. Seating is hard to come by but people come and go regularly.

4 by alan trinh Review source

Been here a handful of times and the latest time I came for National Burger day 2017. Noticed that all the staff are friendly and genuinely seem like they are having fun. Always a great variety of food and drink options with good spaces to sit down and chill if you want. Atmosphere is friendly even seen the odd dog and baby hanging around

5 by Jas Pabla Review source

Lovely street food market serving multiple food types and beer. White men can't jerk great for Jamaican chicken and posh burgers at reasonable price. Various beers and steaks jusr to name a few of the treats. Come early afternoon if you want to miss the crowds and bring your four legged friend along as they are most welcome here.

5 by Eduard Marais Review source

Went for the Oktoberfest weekend. Fun time, but FAR too crowded and at risk of sounding like an old fogie, the music was way too loud to have a conversation in the main food hall. Having said that, great drinks, great variety of food (could've been more veggie friendly!), and the outdoor space was really well laid out as well.

4 by Zeyad Sadeq Review source

The food is good: I went for chicken arepas (fried Venezuelan cornbread) from Petare, with a side of tajadas - fried plantain with a spicy sauce. Very tasty, with a chewy/crispy texture.
It is a market setup with plenty of large communal tables, but get there on the early side if a group of you want to sit together...

4 by John Anderson Review source

Brilliant place for after-work nibble and drink. Wide choice of food (although mostly grills), some asian and seafood and there was one mexican vegan place. Plenty of places to sit, live DJ and lots of heaters (it was cold outside!).

Prices reasonable, expect a bit less than £10 for a drink and a good nibble.

5 by Arnas Laurynas Review source

Food, food and even more food - food lovers dream of having loads of different cuisines under one roof. Also why not play pool with friends, while deciding what to eat. Best to have cash and card as some stalls only accept either/or.
Has a little cover, so it's not as cold as other street feast destinations.

5 by Larene Burton-Spencer Review source

Fabulous place just by Canada Water tube station on the Jubilee Line.

Mixture of fantastic street food, craft beers, wine, spirits and cocktails. There are long tables one side, and smaller on the other. Upstairs has more bars and comfy sofa seating. Does get busy, so get there early if you want a seat!

4 by Sarah Tadman Review source

Great Streetfeast venue.
As usual plenty of choice for drinking and eating, friendly service and a good buzz all-round.
Most of the area is covered, great for the unpredictable English summer.
There's also a few entertainment options, lije pool tables and some games in the outside area.

5 by Andrea Lari Review source

We had a great time here. There was a meet and greet girl at Canada Water Tube helping direct us to the right place. Lots of choice of quality food and drink. Someone suggested 'Premium Food Court'. That is exactly right. Great food and drink. Left with my wallet lighter and my belly full :)

5 by Richard Tucker Review source

A fun place to get some London street food and a beer or two. I like the winter setup better than the summer. The summer it great with the large outdoor area but their is less food and drink selections. In winter it is all in doors with a livelier atmosphere and lots of food and drink options.

5 by David Kern Review source

If you and your friends struggle on deciding on where to eat, this place has your back! Has a great selection of cuisines from awesome vendors, plus there is a bar. Tasty selection for vegetarians which my better half can vouch for. Plus a very relaxed atmosphere for a throughly enjoyable night.

5 by Stuart Rose Review source

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