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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Kew Green, Richmond TW9 3AB

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Gardens' gates have played an important role in Kew's history in resolving and restricting access to the terrain and celebrating historic holidays and events.
 The newly built Elizabeth Gate was designed by architect Decimus Burton and was first completed in 1846. In addition to designing a number of buildings at Kew Gardens, impressive Palm House and a moderate house, Burton also designed Hyde Park's design and gardens and buildings in the London Zoo.
The main gate has been renamed Elizabeth Gate to mark this year's diamond jubilee. The strong royal links of the gardens are well known and, in fact, the original building in which the archive is housed was the royal residence of Duke of Couberland, brother of William IV.

5 by Stefan Stefanov Review source

If you are in hurry and don't want to return to the main gate-the Victoria gate or you have train ticket from Kew bridge station-yes this is the gate you should come out from the garden. It's just a gate with some visitor information and ticket counter too.

As most of the visitor have complaints regarding price of food, it would be nice if you take your own food as they don't body search food:-). But if you feel like I would like to contribute garden you are welcome. A lots of restaurants and bars are there.

Enjoy the visit. Summer is the best time to visit this place.

4 by Prakash Deep Rai Review source

Fabulous. I have been visiting for over 40 years and have grown with many of the trees. It is impossible for me to put into words the beauty of the gardens that offer up nooks and crannies of wonder at every visit. Go, see for yourself, any day, any season, any weather, look and you will find something that will amaze you.

5 by Review source

It looks beautiful in the regulatory system is likely to make it a little more exciting reservoirs and is likely to have a history of military campaigns set up for visitors to see that this is the Battle of Britain. Will be acceptable to all people of good will have the glory. The reservoirs are pretty good.

5 by นิคมศักดิ์ ไชยบูรณ์ Review source

It is an exceptional garden. With plants from all over the world. To go by subway is not so difficult but it is a little away from the center of London but it is a great opportunity to see an English neighborhood because around it has very typical houses and this is very nice to see too

4 by Vinícius Boaventura Review source

Probably the most elegant entrance to Kew Gardens. On street parking within a short walk if you're lucky, and if not there's a car park literally around the corner. Kew is marvellous and a must visit.

5 by KB D Review source

Kew Gardens is fantastic! A must see if you are in London. You need at least two full days to see it all. It would be good if there were more lockers and the staff had a better attitude. Still, great place!

5 by Review source

A place you'll never get tired of visiting. Every season has its own surprise of beauty. Beautiful plants, a lot to learn, beautiful landscape. All you need is comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

5 by Siza Ngema Review source

A quieter, but grand entrance to the wonderful Kew Gardens. This gate was until recently named Main Gate, although the real main entrance is at Victoria Gate with the visitor centre (and the crowds!)

5 by Marc Lawler Sr Review source

Kew is wonderful. Easily fills a day; food and drink a little pricey. The Elizabeth Gate is the main entrance and has cafe style restaurant and a shop including souvenirs and plants.

5 by Paul Milligan Review source

Great grass Pokemon here, the flowers are nice too, but this only gets 5*s cos' of the Pokemon, let's be honest, that's what it's all about. Pokemon is life.

5 by Balram Shanker Trivedi Review source

Worth every penny. It is beautiful and a must visit for a day out. The amount of work that is being done to preserve the flora and fauna from around the world is mind boggling.

5 by Review source

Love the vista Kew offers at every turn
Favourite features for me are the Water lily house, Fern House, The Hive,, Palm House and The Princess of Wales Conservatory

4 by Justin Foster - Barham Review source

Easy to find, fast pass, once you get close to the secret garden)) show in a separate pavilion, but there is no toilet near ... We pass a little))

5 by Compliche2000 Review source

Only let down is that there are almost no toilet facilities next to all of the buildings. But the Orchids are amazing in the botanical part.

4 by Rikz Chy Review source

A great place to visit, lots of green things to see and explore. Great for nature or garden lovers or anyone who likes to have a stroll.

4 by L T Review source

Had better seem better if go take food and drinks with you or get ripped off over 450 for a slice of cake cold coffee

2 by Jim Arnold Review source

Really great day out. Lots of space to explore and installations to check out. Go look at the Bee Hive sculpture!

5 by Ben Boardman Review source

A beautiful garden where various types of plants and where exotic species .. but I would not advise to visit

4 by Dahomy Alqahtani Review source

Is a bridge between the trees which you can climb unfortunately went in winter, the grounds are beautiful.

5 by Videotape Media Review source

A wonderful place to visit, quiet, beautiful and peace...Kew garden is one of my favourate place in London

5 by odoo huderson Review source

Some of the most beautiful plants and flowers in here. Can't get tired of coming here for sure.

5 by Patrick Review source

Excellent access point for Kew Gardens, very friendly staff and a short walk to the Orangery

5 by David Lighterness Review source

It's a lovely place to visit. Carers, blind and partially sighted have free admission.

5 by Ed Ford Review source

Probably better now it is opening up. Miserable when I went in early March. Roll on summer.

3 by John Housden Review source

This is the best gate to Kew. No queues and we found free parking around the park outside!

5 by Louise Alexander Review source

Nice easy trip by coach and a lovely place to walk around now all the greenhouses are open

5 by Review source

So beautiful, so amazing. A really wonderful place everybody should visit once at least.

5 by Gabor Becsei Review source

Great place always amazed at the amount of displays even in winter, and the size of it.

5 by Oliver Rutherford Review source

Easy to get in and around the gardens, often less of a queue than at Victoria gate.

5 by Rebecca McKeever Review source

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