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114-116 Vicar Ln, Leeds, LS2 7NL

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This was my first visit to Pizza Fella and quite probably not be my last. Really good pizza at a reasonable price and a nice selection of drinks including beer and cocktails. The toppings are good quality from what I have seen and there is decent variety even if you are vegetarian. The dough is nice and the crusts are pretty much the highlight of the slice. I would not recommend paying to add any toppings to your pizza as they are quite sparse and you may feel like you have wasted a few quid for an extra couple of slices of aubergine. The pizzas are a good size but definitely one per individual and not for sharing. Everyone at our table finished their whole pizza.

There are some sides but they are limited, there are no fries but there are salads.

The food came out fairly promptly however one order was a 4-5 minute wait behind the rest. There is a selection of oils which you can use but there are no other condiments or dips available.

The restaurant is quite informal, so was perfect for a group. This being said, there were also some individual tables of two and it looks like it would be a nice place to go regardless of the group size.

It is worth knowing that the restaurant operates a no-advanced-booking policy, however if there is not a table available they will take down your name and give you a rough wait time. We were able to save a table for 8 even though it was quite last minute on a Friday night; there was a short but very reasonable wait time. There is nowhere for more than 2-3 people to wait inside so we retreated to a bar across the road until our table was ready. If you are not familiar with the area then it may be worth researching where you would prefer to wait near by as there are some good spots but not many that are immediately visible.

Final point to note is that there is one toilet which opens out onto the seating area. I was aware that this might be not the best for the table right next to the door so made sure I closed it properly behind me. I observed a few people leaving it wide open and I spotted the customers sat next to it looking quite displeased at a draft coming out of an open toilet door right next to where they're eating. I know for certain if I was offered that table I would request to wait and sit elsewhere.

Overall I think Pizza Fella is a great option if you are looking to go for a nice informal meal with some friends, have something good to eat and maybe even some drinks.

4 by Daniel Preston Review source

Food good but the place is quite pretentious and badly thought out. E.g. Highchairs are available but the table legs make it impossible to place it at the end of the table. This also means if you have more than 4 people, you have to pull tables together; I'm not sure the staff could handle that.
The photocopied menu consists of individual sheets of paper on a clipboard, despite which they struggle to update it. The menu offers refillable filter coffee. The conversion went
'...and two filter coffees.'
'It says on the menu that you do filter? '
'Oh.....I was lookng at the board.'
'We'd looked here' pointing at the menu.
Coffees duely arrived but when we asked the other waitress for refills she explained that we'd been given Americanos as they no longer do filter coffee. We deducted the price difference from the tip.
From this you will gather that the staff are very nice but inexperienced and unprofessional.
I enjoyed the pizza but i wouldn't go back.

3 by Leatrice Kerr Review source

The pizza was very thin in fact so thin the fork on the table was thicker. However the freshness and orgnaicness of the dough used and tomatoes cheese was superb. Even the drink was made in England which if your English you'll know and laugh about. The place was quite cold but so was the night, in fact as I write this review its snowing. The waiter was very good explained what should be written on the menu in terms of all the fancy names for cheese etc... Would visit again but need to ask for a thicker base.

4 by Dr23rippa Review source

Really nice, friendly staff, excellent pizza, a real taste of Naples style. Excellent value for money. Although it wasn't busy when we went, the pizza took longer than we expected to arrive - however it had just recently opened. Have no reservations about recoomending this place though if you like pizza, you really should go.

5 by James Elliman Review source

Best pizza in Leeds if you're wanting traditional Italian. I highly recommend it. Around £10 a pizza, a bottle of wine around £20. High quality ingredients. the decor is sparse but clean - it's nice to have a sense of space/no clutter. It's all about the food here.

5 by Joanne Sankey Review source

The pizza base is incredible and they have any interesting selection of drinks. The pizzas are sparse in terms of toppings, which is the style they're going for. Next time I'll ask for some extras. One of the best pizzas in Leeds.

4 by joshmann33 Review source

Super thin pizza with a nice soft chew yet crisp wood-fired browning of the crust, and wet in the middle: proper Napolitana with decent ingredients. Vanilla ice cream, cider and staff were decent too. A nice place and experience, indeed.

5 by #About Town Review source

Great pizza, plenty of sauce. Service was quick and price was reasonable. Would go again. Decor is modern if a bit sparse with the bare wooden tables (I get what they are going for, but not my thing) - would be my only niggle.

5 by Review source

Could easily eat here every week (or day!). Really good pizza, friendly staff who are approachable and happy to advise and an interesting selection of drinks.

Try some of the Coppiette - 'it's good!

5 by Review source

Absolutely fantastic pizzas, great service and an all round good experience. I'll definitely be going back at some point. Do yourself a favour and come here instead of somewhere like Pizza Express.

5 by Robert Gray Review source

Great place. Simple offerings but well prepared. Spartan decor but thats the effect they're after. Well priced. Don't go to one of the chains to have pizza. Support small independants !

4 by Paul Sykes Review source

Delicious pizza that tastes authentic and so different from the chain pizza joints. Amazing food & really good value. Would choose this over pizza express any day of the week.

5 by andrew edwards Review source

Best pizzas in the centre of Leeds, easily. I like the atmosphere. Most recent visit was waiting quite long for my pizza, but that is the exception. The service is generally good.

4 by Robin Jahdi Review source

Very very tasty pizza. Probably best one in Leeds. Nice quiet place on a weekday. Tbh staff is a bit distracted, makes mistakes and not quite 5* but pizza itself makes up for it.

5 by Anna P Review source

I think this is the best real Italian style pizza I've ever had in whole Leeds. Very nice products and great taste. I am looking forward to visit it again.

5 by Alex Ivanov Review source

Great, bright spot in Leeds' pizza scene. You can tell the quality from very first bite, the wood fired oven makes so much difference! Well done guys.

5 by Review source

Hot damn, best pizza I've had. Brilliant service, brilliant atmosphere. Friends from out of town want a Pizza Fella in their town!

5 by Review source

Great pizza, friendly and attentive staff. Great for a bite to eat at lunch. Even if you spend the afternoon snoozing at your desk.

5 by Dan Purvis Review source

They have a very focused menu but the few things they make are really fresh and tasty. A good selection of beer and friendly staff

5 by Neal Jackson Review source

Really eally nice pizzas Away from the crowds, nice and informal. Good drinks selection as well. Will definitely be going back

4 by BRENDAN PHILLIPS Review source

Excellent pizza from a proper wood fired oven, best pizza I've had outside of Italy (and better than some of those).

5 by exploding ferret Review source

If you're looking for a savoury wood fired pizza then that's the place to go . Would definitely visit again

5 by Hessa AlBader Review source

Best Pizza in Leeds. Really authentic, Neapolitan style pizza. Quick and good service. Strongly, strongly recommend.

5 by Review source

I heard about the wood fired pizza. I came to sample it on a wet Wednesday evening. It was good, very good. 5* good

5 by ian jones Review source

The cheese and tomato did not stick to the dough! The Waitress and waiter were distracted by her phone and laptops!

2 by AK F Review source

Great food and service. Probably the best pizza in Leeds and my personal best out of Italy itself. Top marks

5 by Review source

Really good pizza, modern and perhaps slightly spartan interior, but the food is good and service is quick.

5 by Review source

One of the best two pizzas in Leeds (the other being Ecco). Pizza Fella wins because they sell beer too!

5 by Michele Franchini Review source

Excellent authentic pizza. Proper wood fired oven and a nice vibe in the restaurant. Lovely staff.

5 by Matthias Gray Review source

Good value, excellent dough, simple toppings Neapolitan style. Fast food at it's best!

4 by Pete Starr Review source

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