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I'm a lover of good aromatic coffees so cannot really fault the flavour here. But be warned as the customer service is appalling (possibly because the baristas don't really know coffee or customer service?) Everything was fine until they served me the coffee. They dropped the whole cup, yes, the whole cup of hot coffee onto my lap and ruined my suit trousers. I was soaked! After partially cleaning myself I went to the counter to request that they at least offer to compensate me and pay for my dry cleaning bill. What did they do? They refused and said that I can have another cup of coffee instead and that I call their manager by telephone. I left a message but guess what? No response, no call back, nothing! I stormed out very very angry and upset. I travel the world, including working with Nestle at their Lausanne HQ! This is terrible customer service Nespresso, you should be ashamed! My colleagues cannot believe the shoddy service and we now go to the Soho coffee shop in Gresham street behind that serves excellent coffee and they know about the roast. I am telling anyone I meet now, how bad the Nespresso service is and feel it a duty to affect their reputation as it doesn't seem to get home that bad customer service equates to poorer profits. Nespresso I hope that you are listening and wake up and smell the coffee. You are selling a premium brand but with 3rd class service staff! I'm waiting to hear your response... If you can be bothered!

1 by Allen Chan Review source

This might be the most irritating shopping experience in London. The cafe side is fine, if somewhat overpriced. But if you value your sanity do not go there to purchase coffee capsules.

The process for buying coffee capsules has been automated, so there's a large machine with two purchase points on the left as you walk in. It looks very pretty but is ridiculously inefficient. To start with it takes 5-10 minutes to complete one order, so if there are six people waiting it's going to be at least 15 minutes before you get near any coffee. And that's assuming both purchase points continue to work, they actually break down frequently and there's very little the staff can do to get them working again.

In any other business the staff would just take the coffee capsules out the back of the machine and sell them to you over the counter. But the Nespresso staff (owned by Nestle) are forbidden from doing that. They just send any waiting customers away.

They're obviously assuming they will complete their orders on the Nespresso website but it shows real contempt for customers to let them queue for up to 40 minutes (the longest I saw) and then refuse to take their money. Ridiculous.

1 by Leo V Review source

Go while it's new and shiny. Quite gimmicky - they have a robot which picks the capsule out of a shelf, and you can only order coffee from a self serve computer before you go to the Barista - but it's very new, spacious, presently of comfortable very trendy seats. Free Wi-Fi, nice free iced water or iced lemon water and the crockery it's served on is crisp and new and nice to eat pastry off, and they have a laudable scheme for recycling coffee cups. Coffee sizes are small being Nespresso. But overall an interesting place to go, good place to work before a meeting

3 by James Aitken Review source

Anyone who knows the Nespresso capsules also knows what to expect over coffee.
It is nice that you also get breakfast for a very cheap £ 5.50 with a coffee drink of your choice, a piece of fruit (apple / banana), a fruit cereal and a croissant / pain au chocolat (or raisin).
The shop is very clean, the people all super friendly and the coffee fast and tasty.
And once you get used to the two big tablets, ordering is done quickly and easily.
And anyone who owns a capsule machine will also get capsules there or can return their old capsules for recycling.

5 by Benorama Photography Review source

Nice vibe but so frustrating! Spent an exorbitant amount of time queuing to use the futuristic dispenser that sells the capsules only to eventually have a member of staff inform everyone that both machines have broken down, again. Better late than never. The machines could not be fixed by the technicians nor could the staff simply sell the capsules over the counter. A Nespresso shop that is unable to sell Nespresso products. Frustrating. The place does have a nice vibe if you're only after a coffee and a place to drink it.

1 by Review source

A pleasant and on brand Nespresso cafe serving coffees, coffee based cocktails, and small snacks and meals. They only use a select few coffees from their range, which is disappointing for fans of the brand like my wife, so don't expect to pick and choose what goes into your drinks. The only downside as far as a cafe experience goes is the constant queues alongside your table for the capsule vending machines (though I appreciate that this is very useful for those who work in the area and wanted to save on postage costs).

4 by Tom Beck Review source

Gorgeous cafe, with plush fittings, great coffee, and good fresh juices. It also has a giant Nespresso capsule vending machine - looks exceptionally cool.

Cakes looked great, but the side is let down by that breakfast pastries - my pain au raisin was inedible (too long under a heat lamp - completely dried out), and chocolate muffin was too heavy - more like a muffin-shaped chocolate cake.

As the place has just opened, hopefully these are just teething problems while the menu beds in.

4 by Mark L Review source

Quirky cafe and an awesome atmosphere near the famous St Paul's cathedral, just few mins walk away from the tube station. There's a whole wall section for buying Nespresso Coffee Capsules and other section is just main menu coffee selection with a wide variety of coffee flavours around the world. You can order your favourite type of coffee from a large LCD screen as you enter. It's a wonderful idea. Very innovate café with delicious coffee! Definitely recommend to visit here.

5 by Ayman Zaman Review source

Worth a trip just to watch people trying to buy capsules from the robotic dispensers. Staff can't sell capsules so there is always a long queue while shoppers struggle with the confusing touchscreen kiosk, then wait 10-20 minutes while the same staff staff work full-time trying to coax the machine into delivering the order.

If you want to buy capsules then definitely go to Regent Street instead and spend 2 minutes buying from an actual person.

3 by Tony Rielly Review source

Great atmosphere and the staff really pay attention to your drinks. I ordered the choc macchiato which had a bubble on top, I'm not sure how that was done as it's a cold drink - I should have paid attention. They also do some sandwiches, baguettes and desserts though the range is a bit lacking. Mostly great place for drinks and sitting around. They also sell nespresso capsules. What I liked was the array of condiments on offer to add to your drink.

5 by Ly V Review source

The ATM style nespresso dispenser looks really futuristic and cool wow but has a deceptively long and painstaking purchase process , ideal for maybe a town with 20 citizens but not for London. It is virtually impossible to buy capsules without at least a minimum wait of 20m. There's a ridiculous queue of 7-8 people at lunch break times. Not inviting at all. This is an example of total tech fail.

1 by Miguel Gomez Review source

Excellent! I love it! First time I had a mojito coffee or orange juice coffee! Amazing mixture that I have never image to drink! Very kind and friendly staff. Quiet enough to have some work done. Nice and neat inside. Good for breakfast and brunch with variety of sandwiches and deserts.
Coffee capsules available too which is great , all in one place!
Definitely recommending!

5 by BlueRosesOnMyBack Review source

I never was a big fan of Nespresso, but I decided to give it a go. Of course it's pricy and that's something you would expect, but the coffee doesn't get any better compared to what you can do yourself at home.

Very disappointed.

In the other hand, nice details such the sugar stick can make anyone change their minds.

3 by Miguel Ángel Roca Pérez Review source

Popped in to buy some capsules. You order for a screen and wait for a robot to pick your order. A lot slower than any human - frustrating!
Also I don't carry my club card or know my number, so I had to login as a guest as there is no ability to find your account with your address, which is what I usually do. Handy location though.

3 by Peter Guberg Review source

A very elegant and lively coffee place in the City. The ambience is perfect for working lunch or coffee meetings as it's got a very corporate interior design that suits the brand. You're also spoilt for choice when it comes to variety. Service is friendlier than your chain coffee shop too. Worth a visit if you're in the City.

5 by Hassan Jaffar Review source

The coffee tastes good, but it's very expensive. I've only ever glanced at the gourmet coffee menu.

There's often long lines at both the counter and the screens where people order more capsules.

They offer a range of foods, many of which are healthy options. Again though, really quite expensive.

3 by Catherine Reynolds Review source

Lovely nespresso cafe, but the staff do not pay attention detail. The tables are left dirty and it takes them a while to clean and remove the previous people's items.
It is such a shame as it is a gorgeous coffee shop and my partner and I love nespresso.
Hopefully they will employ a few more staff!

2 by Rochelle Jackson Review source

Amazing cafe, the reasons it’s amazing for me are the aesthetics, the thought put into the comfort of the seating and positioning in relation to the bar along the window, it fits wonderfully for those wanting to work on a laptop, iPad or read.
Just a general nice vibe and good quality of coffee and food

5 by Carlos 500 Review source

Near on impossible to buy coffee capsules. Tried twice only to find a single machine working with half a dozen people waiting. There are better coffee shops and better ways to buy capsules. This venue tries to address both badly.

Simply add more staff to sell your capsules or add more machines!

1 by Review source

Really nice beverages, they won't disappoint. BUT... Expensive as f**k. Typical city prices I guess.

Secondly if you are worried about hygiene, they don't wear gloves when chopping up your fruits for the cocktail expressos etc.

Apart from that, enjoy.

4 by Review source

Standard Nespresso faire.

Modern premises, frequented by local professionals during the working day.

Not visited in the evening or weekend, so can't comment on social hours.

Some tables by the windows have power sockets and USB charging points.

4 by David Review source

If you're a nesspresso fan then the cafe's are a bit of a pilgrimage. But you do get a great coffee and it's nice to have it bought to your table. But not everyone likes ordering from an iPad as you don't get a chance to ask questions or ask for anything special.

4 by Jon Harris Review source

Funny, who would guess the coffee 'makers' would also know how to run a coffee?? It's a really good place. There's WiFi, power outlets, meals... Oh yeah, and Nespresso! I've spent long sessions here and it was always a great place to get something done!

5 by Pedro Loureiro Review source

Wow, no queue at the coffee dispenser machine. Surprising as one side of it was out of order again. Please dispence of the dispenser and sell the coffee pods over the counter. It'll be quicker and you'll have no queues of people snaking their way through the cafe.

4 by Trevor Smith Review source

Good place to get nespresso capsules and avoid the crowd from Piccadilly circus... Automatic machines to buy your capsules and good choice of food to sit and relax on site. Very cozy place, the area is quiet during the weekend but can be very busy during the week.

4 by David X Review source

Beautiful interior that sets it above the general coffee shops. Serving all the Nespresso selection so the coffee quality is there and as you'd expect. They do have some interesting choices of coffee as well like a coffee mojito.

4 by David Chan Review source

Nice area and coffee shop.
The atmosphere is nice and staff friendly.

But can only buy with card at the vending machine... Cant pays by cash to the waiter/ress to obtain boxes of capsules...
That is sad!

3 by Chesnay Jonathan Review source

Don't bother going there to buy capsules. The self dispensing machines never work. You have at times 2 or 3 staff behind the counter standing there with no customers at the bar and yet no one can sell you the capsules!

1 by Review source

Hyped up place - very modern and fresh decor but I found the coffees to be a bit hyped and nothing really special. Perhaps I'm old fashioned but I prefer the skills of a true barista that makes coffees.

2 by Dennis Lindwall Review source

I was there just to return used nespresso pods and to purchase more, much more convenient for me than going to a nespresso store.
I would like to visit again and try their deserts, they looked amazing

4 by Michelle Silke Review source

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