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If Dover operated at this speed there would only be half a dozen ferries a day. So it’s everything you seek in a ferry crossing but so VERY SLOW. Both directions the Customs and Immigration service are delighted to take about 10 minutes per person to confirm ID faces to Passport pictures, when queuing it is a bit like your local Post Office, in other words you can’t win. Dieppe is a crappy port only surpassed by Newhaven on the English side. Half a pint of bottled water at the bar on board costs 4.38!!!

2 by Robert Thomas Review source

Not the most inspiring place in the world, even by the standards of British ferry ports!
The terminal is small, with nowhere to lock a bike up whilst using the café.
Once through the check-in and passport control, there is no shelter unless you brought a motor vehicle with you. I was directed to a door and told I would be called when boarding commenced, the staff then totally forgot about me! If I hadn't stuck my head out and seen the empty car park, I would have missed the ferry.

2 by Darryl Rayner Review source

Round trip Dieppe Newheaven went very well with the family. Passage with a car. French side better organized than British side. Boarding and landing quite long. The boat is very good. Very well maintained. On the way we had taken a seat in the comfortable reclining seats. For the return of night, we had a cabin (4 berths, a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink) and storage. Very clean, sea side with a porthole. We managed to sleep ... All right.

4 by Review source

Honestly couldn't believe how long we had to wait to get off the ferry and through the passport checkpoint, took well over an hour with only two booths open! When we crossed over to France it took us 10 minutes to get out! I realise that it's a small port but would be far more efficient if they actually had enough staff/booths open when ferries come in so people aren't left waiting late at night!

2 by Michelle Kristiansen Review source

Avoid travelling as a foot passenger with luggage, unless you enjoy waiting for a very long time locked in a humid customs hall whilst someone retrieves the luggage from a container at the back of the ship.

Another passenger went to stand outside and they were shouted at to get back inside and to sit and wait - a really welcoming image that DFDS and the port like to give to their visitors

1 by Review source

The facilities are very basic but I give it five stars as it is a great place to set off for Normandy. Lots of folk drive through Normandy to get somewhere else and that's a shame as it's a great place for family holidays and there is history everywhere. The ferries are good and you can have a meal and relax on the four hour crossing. I sleep every time and arrive refreshed.

5 by Ron Hagan Review source

As ferry ports go this one of the more simple with very few facilities, toilets, small bar and cafe, but the town is only a short walk away, about 10-15 minutes, there's also a supermarketwith fuel available plus a Big Macs and Kentucky fried chicken all about 1- 1.5 miles away. The port is also easy to find and is well sign posted.

4 by Barry Howells Review source

Old, battered port.
Pointlessly stopped for half hour so they can check details of my business as a European courier and then I self inflicted with a visit to their 1980,s greasy spoon trucker style cafe, complete with really bad drinks and plastic table cloths.
The sausage sandwich was respectable though.

2 by Nick Andrews Review source

Efficient ferry cheap for foot passengers and if driving worth having full car of people 4 hour crossing can be a challenge if weather rough but Dieppe is a delightful small port to visit with Rouen 45mins away on train and Paris only another 1 hour Food on board the ferry is not great but just adequate

5 by C B-S Review source

Great value for money crossing and convenient location. The port is very basic and rundown but the ferries are fine. The food in the canteen is good and reasonably prices. Just make sure you board early to secure seats in the bar area as they all go quickly.

4 by Luke Ingerson Review source

After driving for 4 hours in the early morning we arrived 2 hours ahead of time as requested to find that the cafe offered no more than a bacon sandwich for breakfast, and didn't take credit cards. It was a frustrating and disappointing start to our trip.

1 by Review source

Great Ferry service to Dieppe from here. A little more expensive than the Dover Crossing but it lands you in a much better place as there is are two Motorhome Aires within 2 min drive and Dieppe is a much nicer port town then Calais or Gravelines.

4 by Paul M Murray Review source

We cross Newhaven to Dieppe a few times a year via DFDS ferries and find it to be reasonably priced. Takes about four hours and plenty of amenities on board. Had a cabin once which was clean and functionable. Would recommend.

5 by Sars Dinsdale Review source

Good value 4 hours of crossing, friendly staff on board or at the ferry terminal to both Dieppe and Newhaven ferry ok and especially less than Brittany Ferries price! And it is 1h30 from London by car from Newhaven!

5 by xavier lacorne Review source

Not a fantastic ferry experience to be honest. The terminal is very run down, with smelly toilets and a poorly stocked vending machine. I wouldn't bother checking in early, because waiting here is a chore.

2 by Steve Paget Review source

Very scruffy, as most docks are. Looking back makes you question whether you should have bought a return trip. If you need to go before you get on board, best to hold it in for the ferry, if you get my drift.

3 by Finley Geen Review source

Even though the coffee machine seems to be always broken and that's about the only place to get one, once past passport control. I quite like this port. Doesn't seem to be as crazy busy as Dover.

4 by Tom Hardy Review source

Fast and convenient service to France, without the crowds or traffic of Dover.
However on the way back into UK you can expect a nice long wait to get through passport control, thanks to Brexit fever.

4 by Marc Lawler Sr Review source

Very polite staff & always sail on time. Can't wish for a better service. On board facilities are excellent & not too expensive.
Well done for a great service.

5 by Review source

Not the cheapest or shortest crossing but as apposed to other DFDS ferries and other companies this has the feel of a happy ship. The crew are great and very helpful. Limited to 2 or 3 crossings daily.

5 by Riccard Bigu Review source

pleasant ferry. Lounges to sit drinking coffee, eating his picnic ... The commander of the Alabaster coast is even spent before departure to welcome the passengers. I thought that was pretty nice.

4 by Jean Philippe Detheux Review source

The terminal facilities were a little basis but the Ferry boat was extremely well equipped and very up to date. Overnight cabin was superb. All in all a brilliant service at a fair price

5 by Review source

Very slow pace to board on and off again. Don't expect getting on and off the ferry the same as Dover! The ship itself was beautiful inside and the crossing was amazingly smooth.

3 by WyS Review source

Terminal staff, security, police & border control all friendly. Love the little ferry Terminal, always the same faces. Basic facilities, but does the job. Tnx

5 by Review source

Boats DFDS are fine the dock personnel and the boat are great l'embarquement this is no problem dans a good atmosphere il has everything you need on board

5 by Review source

Good crossing ferry clean and staff friendly.
Food was ok .
Cabins OK to get your head down for a few hrs.
Wouldn't hesitate to use again.

5 by Kenny Davidson Review source

A functional port. Staff very friendly professional and polite. However it is quite scruffy, especially in comparison to the port on the other side in Dieppe.

4 by Green Man Review source

Polite and helpful staff at the port. Contrary to some reports found the toilet facilities to be very clean. Ship comfortable, food good and not overpriced.

4 by Review source

We had a good cheap pass for the number of people and the camper by cons very expensive to drink or eat and the duty free shop not at all very interesting

3 by le spectre du vexin chasseur de fantôme Review source

Went to book a ferry with pensioner discount (you have to do this in person or via phone, not online) computers were down, waited 45 minutes and gave up.

3 by Richard Chaffe Review source

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