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229 - 231 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford, IG1 4TF

+44 20 8554 2022




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An Afghanistan/Persian restaurant located in Ilford.

The food was nice as I've only been here once.
Apparently all their meat or many of their meat are all steamed, i had steamed lamb which tasted so good, plus the steam allows the meat to come off the bone so easily.
The naan bread I had was so big man, very massive. Spinach tasted very very nice too and the drinks they did were not your typical soft drink like coke, fanta etc. They are stuff like wine, lassi drink.

The decoration was VERY nice. It had Afghanistan items and props displayed all over the shelves. The chairs and tables had a luxury Eastern like design. Basically going to the restaurant felt like you are going to a native Middle Eastern inspired place. If you don't like to use table and chair, they have a lounge area where you can just sit on the carpet and eat your food like how they would do in Persia or Afghanistan.
Also for the plates and dishes, you don't get food on plate. You get a specially crafted dish plate or cup suiting the Middle Eastern style.
Although some stuff and interiors felt like the painters did not do a good job, or items are wearing out and need replacement.

The service was nice, food did not take that long to be prepared. You pay by cash or card I think, but we paid by card when we went. No sweets or treats when you pay for your bill though.

The cost I would rate moderate and expensive. For 2 people you would pay like £23. However since we were two, we had to share the food. So i would rate the place as expensive. However the decor and food are well done, displayed and made.

*Recommended! 5/5 stars

5 by David O Review source

I ll always be wary of a restaurant that don't serve tap water to customers. Where is the passion for your guests Mr Shinwari?? Waited quite long for the food but understandably it was being freshly cooked and tasted good.
The Afghan decor is a great idea but only if they could maintain it well. The place looks tired and needs a good clean up too... may be thats part of the Kabul theme :)
The price is a bit steep for what you get. Half a kilo of chicken curry (ya they sell by the weight) costed £14!! That was about the same portion as any other regular restaurant but twice the price. The Kabuli pilau was nice with the lamb shank well cooked.
Service was average. No glasses given when we were forced to buy bottled water due to their ridiculous policy of no tap water.

2 by Assad H Review source

I ordered my food and i was really excited because they had a variety of different foods. The food came after 45 minutes and this was only the starters (salads and drinks). As the food was coming ,I went to wash my hands and I saw the waiter PICKING HIS NOSE! The food looked nasty. I started looking around to see if the was a food hygiene sticker however there was nothing. This shows that the food hygiene was rubbish. Are they even a registered company? Do I have to check the Companies House? Half an hour later... more food came it did not look fresh.


1 by Review source

Eating here was an average experience. They took a long time to serve the food (approx. 30-40 minutes), but when it arrived it tasted good. The seating area was not all clean, but the decorations was nice. The food was slightly oily, and for this reason it was thirst quenching. They also don't serve tap water and normally you have to pay for a small bottled water, however the waiter was kind enough to give it to us for free. The menu isn't much Afghani, more Pakistani I would say. I would recommend it for takeways only, rather than going there to eat.

3 by Amir Mukhtar Review source

I dont class them as a restaurant. Their service and food does not regard them as restaurant.
I visited Ilford brach London. Its worser than a worst high street food take way shop...
Please dont visit, its waste of money and time, respect your earning.
Infact one can get food poison as they serve stored cold food, lots of microwave work.
You got much better choice at the same street.
I dont understant why and how they got licence of restaurant from authorities, their local health clinic must be very busy because of them.

1 by Review source

Had an extremely bad ws below average...service was rubbish..we ordered a mango juice.They brought a mango lassi when complained they took it back but still charged us for it.when we asked to pack the leftovers the waiter brought the boxes to our table n start packing on dirty plates with dirty hands..i tried to stop him n he started to argue..the lady on the next table n the waiter started discussing us in a completely unknown language to us...we got up n left without dessert...paying full bill including the lassi

1 by Review source

Magnificent food and that's not all it's a unique restaurant where you could sit on the floor or on the table and both ways are excellent when i mean by sitting on the floor there's cushions to keep your comfort at the most expected and the service is excellent the ask you every 5-10 minutes if you need anything. THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THE FOOD TAKES TOO LONG HAVE NO PATIENT AND ARE WRONG BECAUSE IT TAKE 10-20 MINUTES BUT IT'S WORTH IT BECAUSE THE FOOD IS FRESH AND VERY HEALTHY

5 by Review source

Terrible service
We visited today and there was too cold even though no proper heating system. We have waited the main course for about45 min. Naan dough wasn’t fresh there was a flour crust on naan. They served green tea in water glasses which was quite strange. Last we asked for bill and they gave us bill after 20 minutes. Only 3 waiters were serving .poor service
Long waiting time for the main course.
A restaurant without heating system in these chilly nights

1 by Review source

Food was ok, but they don't know that there is something comes with any goods, which is called 'service'. Watch out for the bearded waiter who was very rude and cocky. The worst part was the one waiter who was doing actual job - smiling, bringing the foods and everything - we tipped him and cocky waiter snatched the tip from him in front of us. What an idiot! NEVER GOING BACK THERE.

1 by Kaiser Rahman Review source

We been there late evening(a few months ago).it was very dark seemed like the owner saves money on an electricityservice was very poor, waited for food more than half an hour..although we were the only visitors and a bit later another guy came. Ordered rice with carrots and lamb was delicious. The best way to enjoy Afghan food from this restaurant is take away, I believe.

1 by Натали ***** Review source

Worst restaurant experience I have had ..ridiculously loooong wait after 45 min they only brought cold rice ..staff did not looked at all bothered by their bad service ..all in all we waited 1hr and left without eating..very bad experience. .and as some people have mentioned this before it smelles like butchers in there..jus glad I didnt taste their meat..would not recommend

1 by Review source

There were only two vegetarian options, but both were very good indeed. The meat dish my friend had was also reportedly excellent. Very generous portions, friendly staff, and a good atmosphere. Provides both tables and communal carpet-and-cushions seating. Vegetarian prices are astonishingly low, and meat is well worth the price. Would - and, indeed, did - dine again.

5 by Review source


1 by Jay Khan Review source

The food is good, the service friendly, but the interior would have been overdue for a review of 10 years ago. At dinner you have the choice wipe chicken and lamb dishes and you should be aware that it is very spicy. For vegetarians is rather little on the card and the desserts offered are almost all thawed frozen products.

4 by Daniel Küstner Review source

One of the Worst Restaurant I have ever visited, Ridiculously Long waiting time (about 50 minutes) and eventually when food was served it was cold and full of fat.

This restaurant is overly priced and quality of food is really really bad.

I will never recommend this restaurant to to any one

1 by Review source

We visited on last Sunday.
Ordered chapel kebab,
pilau lamb shank
Kofta currie
Lamb stew potatoes (not spicy-but very tendor and seasoned.
Large portions and reasonable prices.
Good service felt welcomed.
My wife would like me to book it for her birthday.

5 by Review source

We drove especially to this place and ordered food to take away.The kabli rice was nice but the rest of the food was terrible. Bland and tasteless. We paid £14 for one dish which was noting more than broth with bits of tastless meat and potatoes. Overpriced for its standard of food and location. Never again!

1 by Review source

Both traditional floor and around the table seating. Atmosphere is authentic Afghan and Persian.

Kebab platter tastes very good. Could do with curry having less oil in it.

They do not serve tap water.

Service is friendly and personal thanks to the hosting staff Rezwaan.

4 by Mothiur Rahman Review source

Asked for mango lassi. The waiter said they ran out but when another customer who spoke their language turned up, mango lassi was abundant glass after glass. Chicken was bland when I asked for spicy.

Best to go with someone who spoke the language. I'll move on to another cuisine

1 by Review source

Good food, excellent service but that may be because I am an old customer and know the owner and all the staff. Don't take my word for it but you should dine there to check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it. To have best experience, sit on the floor and dine in a traditional way.

4 by Tariq Syed Review source

We went there in first week of October. We ate Chicken Karrahi and Persion Challo Kabab. Although food was nice they took around 45 mins to bring the food which I believe the record time I have waited anywhere in London. Moverover, I felt the food was a little bit overpriced.

3 by Review source

Great experience with regards to atmosphere. Sat and ate on rugs afghan style. Great flavor n twist in style of cooking. However i did have to wait an hour for my food. Because this was my first time there i am hoping this was a once off thing. Other than that it was nice

4 by Mabz the chief Review source

Very authentic and yummy food. I really liked the place and referred several of my friends there. They provide big portions of food. Most restaurant take aways are smaller portions for the same money but here they provide larger portions for take away too..

5 by Sanjeevi Balakrishnan Review source

Use to be very food place. But my last visit was not good there. Food was not cooked well enough and kabli palu has no lamb shanks inside only few chops in kabli palau. Chapli kabab no taste . Waited long as I ordered lamb karai but waited too long.

2 by Review source

I have visited shinwari on last sunday with my in laws i must very good enviorment food was delicious and economical as always great service the staff was so helpful for guidance in a menu .... 5 star for service and 5 star for food..

5 by Review source

Very low quilty food the karai was not cook properly the meat was very hard i think the chef need more trianing. the service was very poor i wont go again is not worth it for that money they charging.. dont waste your money in shinwari 0 star

1 by Review source

Very good place to eat. They offer a proper afghan experience where you could sit on the raised floor with an afghan carpet to eat or y9u could opt for table and chairs. The food is decent. They offer the huge naan breads and afghan pilaw.

4 by Kamran Na Review source

Me and my family love this place. We have been going to Shinwari for over two years and I just can't fault them. Their food is great, freshly cooked, thier portions are generous and staff is always polite friendly. Highly reccomended!

5 by Review source

This is a wonderfully simple Afghan restaurant with good wholesome food, frequented by real afghan families. There is the option for nice cushioned floor seating - excellent for families with small children - or limited table seating.

5 by Review source

Not so great food. We were there for dinner meal and staff suggested us to buy one of their tikka plater with rice. Tikkas were not fresh.

Not anywhere close to Watan restaurant which is in Southall.

3 by Iftikhar Ahmad Dar Review source

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