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100 North End Rd, Hammersmith, London, W14 9EX

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Do not eat here!!! Take your money elsewhere! First of all I would like to say I've eaten here once before 6 months prior to this review and the food wasn't great, nothing we ordered tasted fresh. I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt, so I went there on Sunday, the manager there was very rude, he took my order in a rude aggressive manner and showed no level of customer service! I ordered a take out for myself, I ordered a gai satay and chicken pad Thai. The chicken in both the dishes was horrible it was dry and tasted off like it had been pre heated in a microwave and tasted very stale! They claim to cook all their food fresh and it wasn't at all, I ended up not even eating the food as it made me feel sick! I even called up to speak to the manager he tried to fob me off and when I told him I cook myself and I know how fresh chicken should taste and I would complain to trading standards he then told me all their meat is pre cooked to 70% and then reheated! Sonnet fresh! Horrible experience, horrible customer service and horrible food!

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I ordered breaded Calamari as a starter but the breadcrumbs fell apart and the calamari tasted DISGUSTING, rubber like and unable to bite. I felt as though I was chewing on a tyre.
I ordered prawns with egg fried noodles which has now put me off eggs, noodles and prawns because the 3 prawns I had did in fact have pieces of shell attached and so did the egg mixed with the noodles.
Unfortunately I don't know the exact names of the dishes ordered as every member of staff here are extremely ignorant and rude each time I enquired.
This order was a takeaway order which was a waste of money and time. I should have gone next door to Best Mangal instead!!!

1 by Zanham Q Review source

Worst than ever...not highly recommend // bad services/ especially, a Thursday night-shift waitress on 16th March, my friends and I went there a bit late about 9:40 pm... we ordered Thai Ice tea for 2 serves but they gave us ....3 /// we acceptedly knew it was our fault that we did not listen to her while she repeating the order/// but the point is we talked to her that we ..ordered two ..but instead of at least, she said sorry or any apologize for showing a good service ,,, she just really rudely said....' I already repeated it twist times ' what she wanted from us/// accepted the sins!!!! ..we honestly did not expect to turn the ice tea back ..but she should have shown a proper respond for a service ///this restaurant should train their severs well.......... However, I gave one star for a good taste for dishes ////

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Unreadable Hand-written Receipt, Service Charge - For Street Food!
We were shocked to see that this place accepted ONLY cash, did not provide a readable receipt (dish names were not clear, receipt was hand written on a soiled piece of paper). And they charged Service Charge! Service charge in a street food place? What a rip-off. The seating is so tight, that I could smell the feet of the person sitting next to me (a stranger). Staff/people could barely pass thru.
We all had stomach ache the next day, and sorry to say, had to run to the bathroom. Not sure what was wrong.

In 21st century, what kind of place does not have a cash register, or does not accept card payments? Sound suspicious?

1 by Mike Review source

Great food, although little in the way of description on the menu of what each dish contains. Good grasp of traditional Thai foods is useful here. Convenient 'boxes' of food up until 7pm daily are the best value for money. A shame the restaurant has been cash only for at least the past year, since I started eating here. Alcohol choices are limited to a choice of one beer (singha). Food preparation times are quick and staff are friendly, if sometimes inattentive when it gets busier.

4 by Edward Day Review source

I never walked out of a restaurant before but after I have received an oversweetened lemon juice and the wrong order . Pretty easy : grilled shrimp but no they served me a minuscule plate with raw shrimps .
Told them I received the wrong order , they took the plate away ( with an attitude , no apologies) and brought me back the same thing a few seconds later ... if you could give 0 stars I would ... a real disgrace .

1 by Nina Vig Review source

A short walk from West Kensington Station, between the various local and ethnic markets that overlook the street, you can find this 'Little Thai Oasis'. Friendly staff, warm and welcoming environment are the setting for a typical and tasty cuisine, ideal for both lunches with friends and romantic dinners. Very cheap prices for the high quality of the products. Recommended!

5 by Michele Pollastro Review source

Really delicious and affordable Thai food! Clean restaurant with very quick and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend this place! We the chicken satay skewers, Thai iced tea, pad Thai with chicken, beef noodle soup and the chicken green curry with rice. They were all good but my favourites were definitely the pad Thai, noodle soup and Thai iced tea. Yum!

5 by Rosa Tang Review source

Good environment and nice service. Delicious food but not enough for two adults.
Pho £ 8.85 ~ good taste is a little bit sweet - not a lot of weight
Curry dish is £ 10.95, the staple food of other points - the taste is very full, very soft and tender meat, or a little sweet rice £ 2.8 ~
£ 12.5 per person fee required

4 by Review source

Food was good but service wasn't great as firstly it's not ideal that you can't pay by card and when I paid for my meal I paid with cash just assuming I would have my change given to me but I then had to ask for my change and then they gave me less change than I should have had. I'll recommend you go elsewhere.

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This is the best Thai food in London I've come across. Special mentions for the soft shell crab, Massaman curry, and yellow curry noodle soup.

Words of warning:
1. Cash only
2. The spicy dishes are really, really hot. Ask for it to not be hot unless you have a very well-trained palate.

5 by Ellen Lewis Review source

We've been to Eat-Aroi Cafe twice now since moving in nearby and both times have been fantastic. The well-known Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Padsee-iew are executed perfectly, and their specialties are delicious also. Nice relaxed atmosphere but can get busy at times. Cash only, but well worth it!

4 by Ray Pace Review source

Cozy place with wide selection of food and drinks. The service was fast, the dish well presented and tasty. The even have extra chilies for free to make the food even more hot. Definitely can definitely recommend this place to all Thai food lovers.

5 by Jiri Tyr Review source

They should tell (or write somewhere) before we eat that they don't accept credit card.\\r
Soba pad pong Kari noodles were too much greasy. The smell (and so the taste) of the mee Kati ubon noodles was too much rotten/dusty like.

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My favourite Thai place in London. The menu is intentionally street food orientated but they also do all the usual favourites. The prices are great and the staff are delightful! Worth knowing: They only accept cash. No cards.

5 by Ed Hodges Review source

My favourite local around West Kensington.
Amazing value for money. Delicious food. You can take away and it's quick. Or sit in a nice, cosy atmosphere.
And the staff is so lovely!
Highly recommended :)

5 by Aurore Ducastel Review source

Cheap and authentic, the food here is always delicious and the service is great. It's great if you want to pick something up on the way home as well, as they offer take out. Highly recommended

5 by Review source

Very nice Thai restaurant, located minutes from West Kensington tube station, with average prices and a very good service. One of my favourites in the area. Will definitely go again!

4 by Stefano Durden Review source

Great crab and curry selections with quick service. Prices are a little steep but portion sizes are good. Make sure you take cash with you as they do not have a card machine.

4 by Review source

Good food, great service and you can ring ahead to get your food as you arrive. Food is quite authentic and it's always a pleasure to enjoy a meal here.

5 by TheMightyScraticus Review source

One of the best thai restaurants in West London. Great food and friendly service. I have tried quite a few of the options, and they have all been great.

5 by John Malkovich Review source

Loved the Sizzling Tiger with sticky rice. It gets pretty busy around lunch time but service is not slow. Would be better if they take card payments.

4 by Sila Sen Review source

West Kensington finest, good range of dishes, good service, chilled atmosphere, they are classically spicy on the finish, £ - ££, eaten regularly

5 by Wine Jam Review source

This place ticks all the boxes. Made me reminisce about how wonderful food is at home. Would not hesitate to recommend my Thai friends to try.

5 by Review source

Everything tasted very fresh and delicious. Service was both nice and extremely efficient. Highly recommended, save some room for dessert.

5 by Stephane Chanroux Review source

Very good time with family in this restaurant very nice. Attention it is quite spicy side dishes curry, children have experimented!

4 by Sébastien Robert Review source

Really great Thai food. Eat in or take away. Fantastic squid, tasty pad Thai. Lots of options. All seems fresh, home cooked

5 by Scott H Review source

Great thai rest. Very tasty and prices are fair. Only con is that you can only pay cash that is the reason for 4 stars

4 by Alessandro Marturano Review source

Small but cute place. Friendly staff. Regarding the food nothing special, I ate much better in so many other places.

3 by Giulia Frizziero Review source

Good quality food and service. I come here regularly and have not been disappointed. Note that it's cash only.

4 by Dennis Lindwall Review source

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