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14 Burnt Ash Rd, Lee, London, SE12 8PZ

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Not a great place if you're disabled as they keep changing around the aisles of stock. It happens regularly...and it can be difficult if you're disabled and in pain. Although the floor and general checkout staff are amazing, the staff behind the lottery and tobacco counter are not. I stood in a large queue of waiting to be served people whilst one of the off duty staff discussed her new tattoo with one of the on duty staff.. Which went on for quite a while. It was obvious there were people waiting, but they carried on. I've also encountered a, similar attitude from other staff on that counter.

1 by Review source

Really gone downhill since the refurb. There is less food on sale and many essentials for me are no longer sold. Stock control is really poor especially for fresh produce. You often find empty shelves here. Complaining to the management is a waste of time. They keep telling you that they keep telling Head Office that they need more sent but Head Office won't comply. They ask you to complain on their behalf to Head Office who don't seem to listen. Really could be a lot better.

2 by Andrew Johnson Review source

Horrible experience. They sell rotten cheese and won't change it. I bought last week a bag of grated President Emmental and before I realised it was all blue inside I opened it. It was not expired,just full of mould. Went back to change it and store argued cant change it because it was opened and it might have got the mould from my fridge. Incredible for a business this size to behave in such a 'cheap' way- you'd say their whole profit rested on that bag of emmental...

1 by Review source

The staff are usually very friendly but the stock levels of fresh items is often very poor with many empty areas despite asking to speak to Duty Managers on 2 occasions there has been little improvement excuses given were limit on delivery times! The new refurbishment was billed as a 'new shopping experience' really?? If it was not so convenient I would choose to shop elsewhere.

2 by Review source

The store experience was good, items easy to find, abundant helpful staff. The problem was at the Lloyds pharmacy. No staff to serve, waited and waited, then was served by a lady, who appeared to be very bored at having `to serve` customers. Was shocked at this attitude, there are a lot of other pharmacies out there, no matter the convenience which I will now use

2 by ray hocking Review source

It is a good place. The parking is free for limited period. It also has underground car park - the big one. One thing for minus: some time ago I tried to buy bath salt and took 5 packs or so and I have been refused to buy all these packs as the staff said there is none left, so they have taken couple of these back from me - I have found it to be very rude.

3 by Serg K Review source

Ordered from Tu on click and collect. The items could not be found at the customer service desk and only after i asked for a supervisor to look were the items located in the same place the other worker had looked. Very much an 'I don't care attitude' very disappointed with the service and won't use it again

1 by Review source

Relatively large store with a large range of stock. The electronics/entertainment section is small compared to many stores. Staff are generally helpful and courteous although queues can often be long and it would often be helpful to have more checkouts open. No coffee shop or petrol station.

4 by Matt Johnston Review source

Is fine. When I was just about to pay, a woman pulled her trolley, & hit me hard on the side of my back. Still in pain today. It's shocking, she never apologised.
Generally, I like Sainsbury.
After this experience, am thinking of online shopping.


3 by Review source

I wont be returning to this Sainsburys again. I was spoken to like a insect that had crawled from out of a sewer. I wanted to only order a Pizza and some cooked chicken! JIll is a rude and horrible attendant! Never am I treated like this in East Grinstead!
Never Again!

1 by juan def Review source

Pretty normal Sainsbury's. Not absolutely massive, not particularly small.

- Always lots of parking available
- Usually has a pretty well-stocked reduced section
- Has a decent selection of more niche ingredients
- Queues are never too long

4 by William Fry Review source

You're average sainsburys supermarket. Parking for parents outside the shop is always an issue as people with no children park in the parent and child bay. The supermarket has less selection than some of their other stores so I only use it if I'm in a hurry.

3 by Perry Devo Review source

Great selection, Bipolar customer service as some staff are very nice but self checkout staff towards the back of the store are in dire need of an attitude check.

For e.g. A self checkout lady, at the back of the store checkouts on 22/1/2018 at around 8pm

3 by K- life Review source

Good range of products, adequate 'free from' section and vegetarian range. Pharmacy & Argos also inside, as well as a public toilet, travel money section and tobacco counter. Large number of tills and good amount of self service checkouts as well.

4 by Esther Roberts Review source

The partial refit and the inclusion of Argos into this Sainsbury ' s store has enhance the facilities and look of the store.
The underground parking area was renovated recently too with bright lighting and white walls.
Well done to Sainsbury

5 by Gordon Mcintosh Review source

This is a good local store as it has a wide range of food. Unlike some stores its not big enough for many household goods or a cafe but for general shopping it's fine. It's also at a crossroads so can be easily accessed by a number of bus.

3 by Malieka Robinson Review source

Very useful supermarket. Great size - big enough to have everything you'd want for normal shopping and plenty of choice, not so huge it takes forever to walk from end to end. Meat and fish counters both well stocked and with helpful staff.

5 by Paul Burkitt-Gray Review source

As Sainsbury's go this one's got a great range of non-food items as well as plenty of quality groceries. Benefits from being near Blackheath so sells a bit more of the specialised items and the flowers/plants are definitely of note.

4 by Joe Erber Review source

Well run and provides an above average shopping experience. Good range of products and rare to have stock issues or queues at the checkout. Generously sized car park under the store and addition of Argos concession a plus.

5 by Hywel Thomas Review source

I like to use sainsbury at Lee as they have a large underground car park which is accessible Via a travelator. Also the more you shop the more frequent the discount vouchers are sent to me. This store also has wide Isles.

4 by Gordon McIntosh Review source

A poor man's Sainsbury's. Go to Charlton Riverside for a much better experience. It's like going to an Asda in terms of the people and attitudes in the aisles, but a Sainsbury's in terms of the prices.

3 by FirstOnTheRight Review source

Lee Green Sainsbury's is great for quality and prices and the staff are extremely helpful. The store at Kidbrooke could follow this fine example especially when it comes to quality of staff/customer service.

5 by Review source

Great store but more expensive for same products at different main chain stores such as ASDA. A £60 bottle of Moet at ASDA sold at £65 there. Also they have very limited goods. Staff are friendly and welcoming.

4 by Ali Nwosu Review source

Large Sainsbury's with a car park and toilets. There is a hot food counter and bakery, and fresh produce (e.g. fruit and vegetables) are right in front when you enter.

Staff are nice.

4 by Perdita Andrew Review source

Great selection of groceries. Managed and arranged very well. Some products which were fantastic had disappeared, like tuna Ventresca or Tropical Sun coconut water, hence why it's not 5 starts.

4 by iliana Review source

Better don't go in Saturdays. In general you can find everything and the prices are competitive. The organic food is really nice. The fish has to be checked, but normally pretty good.

4 by Antonella Carannante Review source

Very busy just before Christmas, but nearly all checkouts open and cashier's very friendly and quick. Most shelves well stocked in afternoon, and better than in morning.

4 by Brian Cross Review source

Some staff are ok rest seem to do what they want. The new Lloyd’s pharmacie is terrible. It was a lot better when it was Sainsbury’s. cut down my visits here big time.

2 by jayne lawson Review source

Pretty big Sainsburys so good choice of products. There's an Argos in there which is handy for click and collect. The clothes and home sections are small though.

4 by Emily Pugh Review source

I love this store it is a huge store with everything available to buy, it is also very convenient and most of the customers are friendly with a pleasant approach.

4 by Claudette Rigg Review source

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