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6-6A Hampstead High St, Hampstead, London, NW3 1PR

+44 20 7794 8112




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Agregated reviews (19) Gap - Hampstead, London

Great varied stock of reasonably priced items. Would have been a good experience except for the air-headed shop assistant who gave us different items to the ones we bought and paid for. She crammed all of these many items of clothing into a carrier bag so tightly it looked like a balloon that was about burst. She picked some of them up off the floor where she had dropped them, without noticing, because the bag was so over-filled, until we pointed this out. We were handed this bag stuffed tight with clothes we had just bought for well over £100 (looking like a bag of trash). Very poor service! The wrong items will be swapped or refunded at another branch.

1 by Mike Mannan Review source

Lovely shop with a good vibe to enjoy your shopping without being hectic. The shop has a disable entrance. Always with offers and discounts all year round. There is also free WiFi available in store for the customers of the shop and is pet friendly. The only downside is there isn't free parkling for the customers.

4 by Mario P. Review source

GAP was actually really nice it's my first time shopping there. I found a nice pair of jeans, jumper and a scarf I wanted to buy a bag but they didn't have what I was looking for. The customer service was very good I, I'll visit again also it's in a lovely area full of boutiques

4 by Cassidie Hailley Review source

Awful customer service. Had to wait ages at the checkout while staff was busying themselves elsewhere. They opened up another till only when I specifically asked for it, did not even bother apologising for the wait and were clearly exasperated with the whole situation.

1 by Alexander Desyatnik Review source

They never have crew cut t shirts. Ever. I go in and they are always out of stock and the manager, short stocky man is very dismissive and unhelpful. Example of globalised, non caring, unfriendly shop. They need a serious makeover and staff labotomy.

1 by Review source

A Lovely Gap clothing store situated on a picturesque Hampstead high street. Has a good set of stock and lovely clothes. Very trendy londoners and an an occasional Hampstead celebrity can be seen getting their Chinos from here

3 by Grant Kemp Review source

Messy store.

Also I saw someone pick up a lot of jeans, who then proceeded to run out of the store without paying. I told a member of staff and he was not interested in the slightest.

1 by E H Review source

The only GAP in North London now... Since Brent Cross Gap has evaporated. Very difficult to park. The store is large enough and close to the tube station.

4 by Myron Smith Review source

They just reversed the mens'/ womens' layout. Well: that was exciting.

3 by Gary Worden Review source

Not very helpful assistant. I will not recommend this location...

1 by Review source

It's a gap but one of the bigger ones with good staff

4 by Alex Romanin Review source

Always in sales you can find good stuff with good prices

4 by Marta Matias Review source

Just what you expect. Jeans, t-shirts and socks!

5 by Review source

Good in store deals and friendly helpful staff

5 by Helen Ratcliffe Review source

Love the price the fit the quality

4 by Paul Sturdy Review source

High price - average quality

3 by John Orchid Review source

Good choice of clothing

4 by Jules M Review source

Cool youth design.

5 by Krzysztof Sztymelski Review source

Very beautiful

5 by Seval BILGIN Review source