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I arrived and was greeted by some very friendly staff which was nice.

£6 donation which I had missed, but after checking, it is displayed when booking in fairness. To be honest, after consulting the menu beforehand and observing the prices, I thought the food prices included the additional markup required to provide shelter, food and toys to the cats. £6 on top of that seems excessive. The café is always fully booked and is open 57 hours a week. In each hour, I’d say there are 20 customers (bare minimum). That’s £120 revenue an hour from ‘welfare donations’, or £6,840 a week, or £356k a year. Considering they have 14 cats, I hope they are being fed caviar as we the customers are paying over £25k a year per cat in welfare donations ‘to ensure the health and well-being of cats is kept to the highest standard’! You could raise a child for this money and have profit remaining. I am surprised nobody else has questioned this – perhaps easily overlooked as one wouldn’t really consider this being used as an opportunity for excessive profits? Surely?

After entering the premises, we were stood waiting without any assistance or seating for 5 minutes. After being seated, the waitress explained the process and that it would take approx. 1 hour. I explained we only had around 30 minutes as we were on our lunch break at work, could we possibly stick to this timeframe? We were happy to leave but we were assured this wouldn’t be a problem. I suspected they weren’t too interested in our tight schedule when they still made no effort to take our order for another 10 minutes.

The 30 minutes passed and I was due back to work, and no sign of any food. We decided we had to leave. On the way out I told a waitress we were leaving and why. The exit was locked. Probably for the security of the cats. However the staff decided they wouldn’t allow us to leave, effectively locking us in, whilst we were due back to work. A ‘manager’ came who I explained our issue to. She wasn’t interested and basically said we have no choice but to pay for food we hadn’t received within an agreed timeframe (we’re still locked in). Suddenly, her ‘boss’ is called who rudely argues that the food has been prepared so we have to pay for it (the food arrived during this dispute on our way out. Too late). So at this point we’ve got the “manager’s boss” who claims 30-45 minute is standard waiting time at a restaurant and implies we have no idea about dining out. I calmly point out the establishment is more of a café (hence the name) and a sandwich/ jacket potato does not take 30-45 minutes to prepare, and that his staff had assured me our visit would be entirely complete within 30 minutes! At this point he claims hes calling the police on 101. The bill was paid due to my colleague not liking the police being involved and us being held captive, however, it shouldn’t have been.

Pros: The cats are cute. You get a friendly greeting upon entering.
Cons: Waiting time for food is unreasonably slow.

Management are more interested in their revenues than ensuring customers are treated fairly.

The £6 donation might appeal because we all love to help cats right? But I’ll think twice about where the majority of that ends up.

Food is unreasonably expensive. At first I thought this included additional markup for the cats’ welfare. No. You can purchase food of a superior quality for half the price at about twenty cafes within a mile radius and it will be served within 10 minutes. Attached is a picture of the jacket potato we reluctantly took with us after being forced to pay for against our will. I've no idea what the strange black stuff is but this was swiftly thrown into the bin.

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Arrived at 15:10 on a Tues asked if they had a table for two and was told yes and that entry was £6 per person which went towards the cats upkeep. Staff were all very friendly. We were seated on a comfortable sofa and told we were free to wander around and play with the cats. We were not told that there was a time limit of an hour and only discovered this after the table next to us were told that there time had run out and that if they still wanted their desserts then they would have to be boxed up and taken with them.

We ordered 2 jackets with cheese and beans (£5.95), a j20 and a bottle of cola. 10 minutes later our food arrived and we were informed there was a delay with our drinks. We took a few bites, and discovered the beans had not been heated and were at room temperature, we asked them to rectify this and our food went back to the kitchen returning with our drinks 2 minutes later. The salad had been taken off, the plates stuck into the microwave and then brought back out. Despite the food already having been cut up and tried it was placed back in front of us randomly leading us to figure out whose was whose. Cutting through the food again I discovered a small black very curly hair in the beans. Having had enough we rose and left to pay. Upon mentioning this to the staff at the till, the manager was summoned and offered to knock a couple of pounds off our bill. The total for entry, 2 drinks and the small amount we ate came to just short of £30.

The manager asked if we had had a favorite cat but unfortunately we only saw a couple with most understandably being inclined to hide under sofas. The manager mentioned that it was probably best to come in the morning if we wanted to see more of the cats.

Overall, I'm sure many customers come and go without complaint. Unfortunately, our meal was very disappointing and the excuse 'sorry the chef is still in training' didn't really assuage the issue as even a microwave cook should be able to make a jacket with cheese and beans.

The few cats we saw seemed fine. Lots of places for them to hide and plenty of enrichment about the cafe.

2 by Mathew Bloomer Brack Review source

It's a great idea, and nice place but having been a couple of times on a busy weekend, I'd probably look at going through the week on a day off when it's hopefully quieter. You check in and sign in, pay your £6, and are allowed to roam around until your table is ready. Your hour slot goes very quickly so are encouraged to order food quickly after sitting down. We got coffees quickly but had to chase up cakes with 15 minutes to go, which is usually when they give you your final 15 min countdown. Cakes and coffee were lovely and recommended but be wary of SAS style kitten special ops swooping down to try pinch cake and crusts. No, you cannot feed the cats, obviously. It's also great to just walk around quietly observing and interacting gently with willing playful kittens and Cats. No you can't allow your kids to roughly stroke or grab the Cats. You'd think that would be obvious but some people need more than a large sign and an interruption from the attentive staff to hammer home that point. A shame because when (some) kids aren't running around chasing or overcrowding the cats to grab their parents moneys worth, it's a really lovely relaxing environment in which you can indulge in some lovely gentle feline interaction and observations. So while I completely understand the cat welfare charge, some people feel it simply gives them permission to get their moneys - worth, and that's not always conducive to the cats' wellbeing while they are there. Also maybe the slots should be an hour if you don't order food or drink and 90 minutes if you do? May relieve some pressure on time? Still, it's a lovely idea for respectful cat lovers and a great idea to see some lovely cute playful kittens and adorable cats. Tip. Try gently flicking a tiny glitter ball towards a playful curious kitten and see what happens, or tempt one over with a jiggle of a mouse on the string scattered around the place.

4 by Review source

We went today, it was an absolutely lovely experience. Ignore the 1 star review up there, as that person's problem is clearly their own lack of organisation and not the cafe's. As it's opening week and obviously a very popular attraction, the staff are still training and advised us as we entered that they were keeping things very quiet for the first week so they had time to learn the ropes themselves as well as to not overwhelm the cats. The cats themselves were of course little stars. The cafe is designed around them and their needs, with plenty of scratching posts and high up places and even a huge running water feature that adds a lovely ambience. You really get the sense that they're happy and looked after. There is quite a lengthy list of guidelines for guests to follow in regards to guests' treatment of the cats, though most of it is common sense-no picking them up or chasing them around. Basically, treat them with respect as a guest in what is essentially their home. I would advise any parents intending to bring very young children to make sure they know about these rules beforehand. It's bright and colourful and would be a great place to bring children, however I would hate to imagine a cat or a child getting hurt when it could have easily been avoided.
It was lovely and quiet for our visit, though I can imagine the cafe will get very busy in the coming weeks. All in all, I'd consider Kitty Cafe to be 5-star attraction, definitely find time to visit if you're at all interested. There is a £6 entry fee (£4 for children) to help pay for the cat's food and toys, which is only fair. You can purchase drinks and food, including coffee and cakes as well as larger meals. I only ordered a coffee, however I saw some of the other food items and the cakes in particular looked divine. Thanks Kitty Cafe, I look forward to my next visit!

5 by Review source


I would like to start by saying its a very clean establishment and that all of the cats were in great condition (health, fur etc).

The staff were incredibly friendly but what I did not like about it was that there was very very little cat time and that the cats that were there seemed to be running for their lives as children hounded them down (obviously unintentionally) but because everybody was free to roam around it made it so you rarely saw any cats and none of them ever wanted to come and play.

It did also feel at one point that there wasn't enough cats in the cafe for the amount of customers that were present.

The food was amazing and the mini pizzas (9 inch yes I am a pig) were absolutely delicious and I could have easily eaten around 4 of them. The coffee was good and the milkshakes were great and the banoffee pie was very moreish.

I just think for the money you pay to get in plus the fact your buying drinks, cakes, pizzas etc etc and for the amount of cat time you actually get it seemed a bit of a rip off in all honesty and I definitely wont be going back there.

Perhaps we (me and my partner) just had an unfortunate time but It did feel like the cats were been chased down far too much to actually appreciate sitting back with a cup of coffee with a cute little cat on your lap so to counter that I think if people were told to stay at their tables perhaps the cats might come to you as oppose to fleeing for their lives.

I dont know It just wasn't all that and I wont be recommending it however the owner is on to an absolute winner clearly and i'm annoyed with myself for not coming up with the idea.

2 by Review source

Perfect literally perfect food was very nice and is a good price I ordered a jacket potato with mozzarella baked beans a banoffee pie and two banana banana milkshakes with a flake marshmallows and whipped cream although banana was out of stock so had chocolate was very nice the website isn't completely accessible as I'm visually impaired however most of it is including the menu it's just things like for cooking bit which isn't and I was able to book over the phone although it did take a while to get through staff were great about my visual impairment they read the rolls out to me bought a cat over for me to stroke and a staff member guided me round showing with a features with breaks to stop to stroke a few cats there were plenty of cats to see all extremely cute it seems like they have a lot of stuff for them there can't comment on speed of service really as I signed a loan and looked at the menu before going so ordered as soon as I got in but I think it took me half an hour for my meal to come and subsequently for me to eat it and I was finished with my pudding and second milkshake buy 50 minutes giving me 10 minutes spare so I can see how an hour wouldn't be too long and not enough time for some people but I would save a service is about average speed although it does clearly state online that you can book more time if needed though I don't know how easy this is to do also I called I think on the Monday and was offered a table the same day but opted for the Thursday so is easy to get a table here too so overall great food absolutely amazing staff and perfect experience will definitely go again

5 by Fay Blackmore Review source

Great idea ......poorly organised...disgusting staff

The website didn't tell us we had to pay to get in as we used it to book after first selecting a location and it didn't pop up showing us the price we arrived and paid I understand it's a charity I just feel there are better ways to raise money ....secondly 1 hour limit on the booked table !!! Im sorry but no this is nonsense we ordered some drinks 15 mins before our time was up and the waitress just looked at her watch and asked us if we would finish them in time and just replied with 'oh go on then' im sorry but I'm the customer and if I want more drinks then I will !!! Food was ok And hot . The kids loved it but the hole way it's set up is shocking

When we arrived we had one extra child and one adult who were not staying we asked if the could briefly come in while we sat down to exchange birthday gifts as it was a birthday party we were told this was ok but the staff seemed very confused as the booking was for 4 and 6 People were stood in the door way so we explained again and were told that was ok . When we eventually go in 2 staff pretty much pounced on us shouting we hadn't paid our welfare we tried to explain what had already been said and they just said to leave if we weren't paying .....I just found this very rude and shocking how they wouldn't even let us exchange gifts. This ruined the whole day for us and will never be returning

1 by Drew Bennison Review source

Don't be put off by a misleading 1 star review by someone who clearly doesn't understand the aim of this wonderful place.
Yes - it isn't a location you can just 'drop in' on, but there are many reasons for this.
We had booked quite some time in advance for this, as we had heard about the opening some time ago, and enjoyed every minute of our visit.
The staff were incredibly friendly, polite, helpful and very knowledgeable about the names and personalities of each of the kitties.
The food was fantastic, and as the first picture in this shows the priority is the happiness of the cats.
You have 1 hour slots so the flow of people into the site can be kept at a comfortable level for the kitties, as a result the place doesn't become overcrowded, and the staff are able to ensure the safety and happiness of the kitties and their guests - you can have a wonderful experience as you and the cats share spaces.
Some of the cats don't want to engage, and are content on watching the bustle from their high vantage points - I imagine still getting used to the activity, others are loving the attention, that's the way of it.
Remember - When you go to this cafe you are going to share a space with cats, and if they choose to come and say hi, they will do - You aren't going to a circus or performance show.

5 by Myles Athas Review source

I have visited quite a few British cat cafes and was excited to try a new one. This one is the most regimented that I have been to - once our slot began, the staff communicated over headsets to take us to our allocated table. This allows them to accommodate more people, I am sure, but if I had been able to choose where to sit I probably would not have chosen to sit by a very rowdy group of preschool children. As you can imagine, the poor cats were terrified and kept themselves scarce until the children had vacated the premises. (You can see the cats employing the cunning strategy of staying up high in two of the photos below.)
It was very enjoyable once the children had left and the cats ventured into our corner of the cafe again, but this did mean that the first fifteen minutes (at least) was quite wasted.
We had drinks and cakes during our visit. The tiramisu was light, fluffy and sweet. The cafe provided very useful cloches for putting over the food to keep curious cats from getting too close.
All in all I would go again. It has a very lively decor that has been well-designed with cats in mind, but I would be much keener to return if there were adults-only hours or if the staff were stricter about enforcing the rules designed to keep the cats calm and happy.

4 by Amanda SN Review source

I'm afraid I felt mightily disappointed with the Kitty Cafe. I booked online and got a 5pm slot. My online booking did not mention that a reservation was only for one hour. I take it this is something unique to cat cafes, as I have never been restricted to one hour on a reservation anywhere else.

My online booking also made no mention of the cat 'welfare charge' (tax more like) just for the pleasure of going into the establishment. £6 per adult and £4 per child! And this is before you've even ordered any food! I couldn't disappoint my daughter as we were there for her birthday, but I was NOT impressed.

The food portions were huge and the kids liked their drinks. The attention to 'cat' details is really lovely, as is the decor. However, the staff were anything but welcoming. No warmth or pleasantries, just headsets and constant flipping reminders that they were closing at 6pm!

I rarely write a bad review but rather than leaving Kitty Cafe feeling relaxed and well fed, I left feeling ripped off, and that the entire experience was completely overrated.

1 by Review source

They don't accept Monzo cards which is a violation of Mastercard's merchant rules. This is very questionable practice ordered by the management of this cafe.

Extract of Mastercard's merchant rules doc:

'5.10 Merchant Obligations for Acceptance
An Acquirer must ensure that each of its Merchants complies with the Card acceptance requirements set forth in this Rule with respect to the Acceptance Marks specified in the Merchant Agreement.

5.10.1 Honor All Cards
A Merchant must honor all valid Cards without discrimination when properly presented for payment. A Merchant must maintain a policy that does not discriminate among customers seeking to make purchases with a Card.
5.11 Prohibited Practices
An Acquirer must ensure that none of its Merchants engage in any of the prohibited practices set forth in this Rule.

5.11.1 Discrimination
A Merchant must not engage in any acceptance practice that
discriminates against or discourages the use of a Card in favor of any other acceptance brand.'

1 by Richard Owen Review source

Couldn’t get our booking right and then the supervisor had a lot of attitude and was downright rude and was trying to join our private conversation, the other staff weren’t friendly either. The price for 5 people just to enter was £26 that money is ‘only for the happiness of our cats’ what are the cats going to spend £26 on! Ushered to a table and told firstly we would be notified when time to leave! Really felt welcome, the children had been excited for coming along but it was a horrendously forced and strange situation with terrible service. The final straw is the headsets that the servers wear which makes them so right boric and looking like a bunch of 90s band rejects. Overall we were hugely disappointed as most of the time there are only a few cats that you can see, this place is highly overrated. Food was average. Do not visit this place. Can’t believe how rude the staff were were especially the supervisor who had ‘been working here from the start and I know how the bookings work, you don’t have one’ she then returned and said oh I have found it.

1 by WiReD Zephyr Review source

It’s a great place to go and visit some lovely adorable cats. It’s been furnished to a high level and there’s lots of cats and kittens to play with.

However the service was very disapointing. There is an extensive food and drinks menu which is uneccesary. You only have one hour allocated time and we received our correct drink order 45 minutes after arrival (after complaining because it was initially incorrect). When I mentioned it wasn’t ideal that we had been waiting for 45 minutes (near 50 mins) , they apologised but there wasn’t anything they could do. At £2.45 for a cup of tea, I want to be able to enjoy it without being rushed out.

In my opinion, they need to remove extensive food and drink options and just keep it simple. Coffee and cake is ample, similar to the Manchester cat cafe... where I had no complaints at all.

Style over subtstance at the leeds kitty cafe which is a shame but I’d like to go again to see if I have a better experience.

3 by Review source

I loved it here, out of the three cat cafe's I've been to this one was the nicest, largest and the cats seemed really well looked after. The staff were all wonderful and really helpful. The food was amazingggg and the drinks were good too.
The reason for the 3 stars is that I felt like the cats were being hounded by kids, I get that it is a weekend so there are limited times for kids to be able to go but even though the rules state no running the kids were running around, chasing the cats, wouldn't leave them alone when they obviously wanted to be left alone. I've visited other cat cafes that only allowed a certain amount of children in at one time and I think this would be the best way to do it as when we arrived there were about 10 children in at once, running around and chasing the cats. Staff should feel like they're able to confront parents about the behaviour of the children because the cats should come first as it is their home!

3 by Claire Burley Review source

A very colourful and well decorated venue with some great features for the cats, a really cute idea. £6 per person to get in which is fine. We got sat in effectively a walkway which meant that it was too busy for any of the cats to stick around. There were very few cats in the venue and most of them stuck around the back corner where is was quieter. I say quieter because I was surprised they let quite young children in there that were, as you can expect, storming the cats and scaring them off. It took a really long time for us to get served and them for our cake and drinks to arrive. Our cake and drinks then did not come together and we had to ask. The bookings are only an hour which is simply not long enough, especially when you get your food late then have 8 mins to knock back a scalding cappuccino! Lovely and novel idea but sadly not somewhere I would frequent. The cats we saw were adorable though!

2 by Nicola Williams Review source

Was okay. Staff were very nice and friendly. Had an hour slot to eat and drink and fuss the cats, which was plenty of time. They obviously have to set a time limit so they can get the table back for other customers. Food was fairly straightforward and pretty much what you’d expect to pay for Leeds city centre.

The only problem I had was that, although the cats seemed very happy and had plenty of hiding places, most of the time they were being harassed by children when they were at ground level. Why do parents feel so entitled just because they’ve plopped out a child that they feel the world owes them everything and they don’t have to discipline their children? And that their child is a ray of sunshine that we should all feel honoured and humbled to behold. We saw a little goblin-child restraining a cat by clamping its hands round the cat’s throat - akin to choking the poor thing.

3 by Review source

It's a busy cafe with cats... For a cafe they have good food and okay drinks. The experience can only be described as odd. First off the hostility when you first enter isn't a good start, you can only have a seat if you've booked. You're faced with two sets of rules to read and sign your acknowledgement. You also have a mandatory donation to the cat charity. The place is so busy, the staff have ear pieces and are more interested in listening to them than paying attention to the customers. You're given an hour time slot which feels pressured especially when the food arrives 15 mins before the end. It's all very production line feeling with the next round of bookings queuing next to your table before you leave. It is worth noting the cats do look healthy and the place is supprisingly clean. The cafe is essentially ruined by its own success.

2 by Mark Dyer Review source

This was a completely surreal experience. Had to pay £12 to get in (which wasn't advertised) and spent the whole hour watching any cat unfortunate to walk out into the open be chased by half a dozen children into hiding! The food and service was good, but I feel like the whole set up is very cruel to the animals. All of the cats understandably seemed to spend the whole time dodging people, and none of them were particularly happy with the situation. There was one kitten that was cornered 12 people shaking toys at it. After 'wandering around to see if we could find any cats', as we were suggested to do, we felt very uncomfortable by the process as we were essentially wandering over to people's tables while they ate. Unless you're only going because your child wants to, I wouldn't recommend it (and even then, only go on a weekday).

1 by Review source

I was looking forward to my visit to the cafe, however expectations were definitely not met. Though the staff were very friendly and helpful and the place itself is gorgeous, the whole experience was frankly ruined by the hordes of children swarming the cats. I came in a group of three and only managed to stroke a couple of cats very briefly as kids crowded our table trying to grab and wave toys in the cats faces which inevitably scared them off. Most of the cats were hiding and only came out briefly and I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to be chased and crowded either. Personally I think that if the welfare of the cats and customer satisfaction is valued that the cafe be only for older children and above who know how to properly treat the animals. All in all if you’re planning a visit here, book at quieter hours and avoid school holidays.

3 by Review source

I visited here last week with a friend after making a reservation online. When we got there they asked us for a £6 entry fee per person which is not mentioned on their website and that we would only have an hour to spend in the cafe. I must admit i was a little bit taken back. When we sat down we felt obliged to order something as we were presented with the menus straightaway, to save any embarrassment we ordered some hot drinks & cakes, prices were a rip off! It's an extra 50p if you want cream on your hot chocolate. The drinks were nothing special infact costa's hot drinks are much nicer & cheaper! The food prices were extortionate. We only managed to see 4 cats roaming about, as it appeared most were hiding away. Personally i think this place is over rated and a rip off.

1 by Review source

Just visited here for the first time today with my partner for an early valentines date. Staff were friendly and approachable, the place is beautifully decorated and the kittens were adorable, absolutely loved the experience. However, it is a cafe and you would expect people to be seated and a relaxed environment, it felt a little like a zoo with all the kids running around and following wherever the cats go, several times kids and adults would even invade our space and come to our table if a cat was by us - which i felt was very rude!! I stupidly booked this without thinking its the kids school holidays so i didn't realise how many kids would be here.... but I will give it another visit next time and hope for a slightly less chaotic atmosphere, maybe my star review will change..

4 by Review source

This place is heaven for cat/kitten lovers like me. Very well laid out with plenty of activities for the cats. Obviously very well cared for and very happy cats, all with names.
Good choice of food/drinks on the menu and efficient service.
Two small objections in my opinion (hence only 4 stars):
it's not permissible to pick the cats up. How can you not pick up a kitten and put it on your lap when it's sat at your feet?
Also the allotted time slots are one hour. They remind you 15 minutes before it's up, but we were told we had 15 minutes left when we had 30. After querying it they apologised and said they had told the wrong table.
Otherwise a very enjoyable visit and well be going again for sure.

4 by Review source

First visit to Kitty Cafe, Leeds and went only because this is somewhere my daughter has wanted to visit for some time. Upon arrival we were told there was a ‘care charge’ to pay, or something to that effect which I was unaware of. This was £6 per adult and £4 per child so cost us £24 before we even got through the door! I think we saw around 10 cats during our 40 minute stay there and 20 minutes of that we spent waiting for our drinks. We ordered 3 strawberry milkshakes and 2 diet cokes at a cost of over £18! Staff all communicate via headsets and we were pretty much left to chase our drinks and to pay the bill at the end. Definitely not worth the money and definitely won’t be returning.

1 by Review source

This was my first visit to a Cat Cafe, and I can honestly say that it was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. At first I was concerned about the Cats and how they were in the environment but this soon diminished as there were lots of high places for the Cats to escape to. I was surprised at how sociable all the Cats were, I really enjoyed playing with a little Black Kitten - my own Cat is a black Rescue Kitten. The staff were all very friendly and you could see their concern and familiarity with all the Cats. The £6 welfare charge is a good idea, it shows how much the Cafe is concerned for the Days welfare. Oh yes and the Coffee was fabulous! I love a BIG cup of Coffee :) x

5 by LD Ella Review source

Even though I really enjoyed my visit there I can't help but point up some important issues that really bothered me.
First of all, not enough cats (not the biggest problem but it's true).
Secondly, I understand why there's the 'no picking up cats' rule but but sometimes you really have to pick up a cat to pull it away from your food and when I tried to do that I was politely but firmly advised against it but I can't let the cat just lick my food while they search for someone who *is* authorised to pick it up!
But the biggest issue with it all was that it was so overpriced! And on top of it the food was sub par!

3 by Review source

The staff and food were lovely but there is a charge to actually get into the cafe. Once inside it is a very relaxed atmosphere, the cats are cute but dont expect to sit there lovingly stroking them, they tend to just run past, which from a welfare point of view is probably best for them but when a cat did make an appearance there was a cry of 'there's one!' and all of the children and some of the adults rushed over to it. At this point the cat made a swift exit. I'm glad we went but don't think we would go back. If you want a cup of tea and a cat to cuddle you are better off finding a friend with a cat to visit.

3 by Review source

We had booked a table here so we were seated straight away. The staff are really friendly and helpful explaining how the cafe works.
The cafe is spacious and the atmosphere was great, there was lots of cats around either playing or just chilling.
My only complaint would be that our food and drinks took over 30 mins to arrive, and you have a time limit of 1 hour in the cafe. If your going to put a time limit on people staying in the cafe, the service needs to be super efficient so you can finish your meal without feeling rushed. I'm hoping this was just a teething problem, and I will definitely visit again.

4 by Lisa fenwick Review source

This place is amazing. It Beat my expectations.The staff are well trained, very friendly professional and the customer service was amazing.A lovely well thought out,clean environment.I took my daughter's and some friends as it was my daughter's birthday. We nearly missed our slot due to me miss reading the booking .The staff were brilliant and explained we could only stay half hour as there were more bookings but after the half hour passed they came to tell us we could stay as some people had not shown up.Highly recommended if you like cats .Food was scrummy too.

5 by Review source

This place is amazing! Cats and cake has to be purrfection! The cats were so lovely and friendly and seemed to be enjoy a bit of fuss. It was clear there was another room for them to go for peace and quiet if they wanted it. It was clear the staff took interest in their welfare and kept a close eye to ensure they were ok. The place is well regulated so there is no overcrowding. The food was lovely and a great selection of teas and cakes. The welfare charge was worth it and good to know it was going towards the cats. Really recommend if you're a cat lover!

5 by Fran Parkinson Review source

Food was nice and not too expensive but an hour really isnt long enough especially when your order of tea and cake takes literally 35 mins to come out. They also say you can walk around which is fine but it meant we had strangers come up to our table and scare cats away, and kids were crawling about and chasing cats which wasnt great. The idea has potential but i dont think its been executed very well. Dont think ill be going back any time soon. i appreciate that its a sanctuary and runs mostly off donations but i dont think that it works well as a cafe

3 by Review source

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