Christopher Place Shopping Centre - St Albans

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Upper Dagnall St, St Albans, AL3 5DQ

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The clue is in the name. Is a lovely, small and varied open air SHOPPING centre with mainly chain stores and a health club upstairs. Tucked away off Market Place and surrounded by other good shops and cafes. There are 3 clothes shops, plus one for mums and babies. But there are also; art gallery, high end travel shop, bed shop, tea shop/cafe, boutique interiors shop, a shop that sells all you need (and don't) cheaply, a branch of the well known quirky prints shop, a quirky independent liquor store, 2 restaurants and a well known jewellers. There was also a small toy shop but they have closed down.

5 by Ann Bushell Review source

It's just St Albans itself worst place to shop there's no decent shops and parking prices higher than most places for what reason it's awful to shop if u want a coffee or a place to eat then your fine but a useless town apart from that I really don't get why people even bother to shop here and so overpriced for what I ask it's not even got nothing for kids to do and stuck up horrible people..

2 by Natasha Le-Roux Review source

It has a Wagamama, what else do you need. The shops are for the affluent type of customers so some really good and expensive stuff can be found here. Not many shops, but plenty to inspire you here. It does not have it's own car park, but there's enough in the Town

4 by Bambos Christophi Review source

It's always tried to market itself as a more 'up market' shopping centre and the shops that exist there reflect this, Wagamama's and Carluccio's at one end help encourage new footfall. There is parking available directly beneath the centre.

5 by Review source

Fantastic restaraunts (Wagamama and Carluccio's) and a few interesting shops. However, the car park ticket machines are next to broken and have been for a year or so - a poor reflection on the management. I think they are going to be fixed soon.

3 by Kyle Barnard Review source

Used the car park only, so can't comment on shopping. Spaces are very narrow and angles really tight. Had to reverse to get round each bend. Won't use again if I can avoid it.

3 by Jan Sharp Review source

Really nice shopping place. The shops are all very luxurious feeling and Wagamamas, although sometimes busy, is the best wagamamas ive been to! The place is clean and friendly

5 by Ellen Craddock Review source

Mainly shops offering apothercary and upmarket clothing accessories and jewellery with some good food shops - occasionally has something going on in the square

4 by Mike Metcalfe Review source

It is a great place to shop for older women comma although the food places in Christopher place are amazing with Wagamama being a personal favourite of mine.

4 by Tsgumi The Hamster Overlord Review source

This is St. Albans Abbey which is stunning! The history,the building, the setting - all beautiful, with a really decent tea marquee into the bargain x

5 by Pam Toal Review source

St Alban's is nice to shop around especially on market day (And I generally don't like shopping) which is Saturday if I recall correctly.

4 by Robert White Review source

Very nice shopping center with lovely stores. Often there are performances or other fun activities going on in the Court yard. Always fun.

5 by Laura Ramirez-Mann Review source

A small precinct with some upmarket shops and a couple of chain restaurants. It always has an attractive centre piece at Christmas.

3 by Vince Mosdall Review source

Parking is expensive, but I guess for days shopping it ok loads of cafés and restaurants and 1 play area's for the toddlers.

3 by Richard Thomas Kisogloo Review source

Nice modern open air shopping centre. Mainly clothing so little choice. Built over an underground public car park (chargeable).

4 by David Bathurst Review source

Lovely shops and restaurants. Usually an outside activity and seating area. Also a Pudding Stop mobile is here which is great!

4 by Saira Pike Review source

Fabulous atmosphere. A place to stop and stare and watch the world go by. People watching is a joy at this backstreat gem.

5 by Mike White Review source

Great buzzy atmosphere in the heart of London. Love to sit outside and eat and Watch the world go by. Winter or summer

5 by tracie Baxter Review source

Slightly off the main drag but with a really good selection of shops well worth spending time here. Great coffee shop

4 by Barry Benton Review source

There is a varied selection of warehouses and as it is in the cultural center of the city, it is easy to access.

3 by Cathy LR Review source

Clean and smart little shopping centre, not a great variety of shops but worth a visit if you are in the area.

4 by Scott Graham Review source

My gym is here, but for a small part of the town, has good food options, decent shops and whisky specialist

4 by Lee Clark Review source

Lovely small shops here enclosed in a small cultural de sac and they have wagama tucked away in a corner

5 by Abu - Jaffer Ullah Review source

Nice outdoor shopping center with a variety of shops.
It is always decorated during the holidays.

4 by Luca Valentino Review source

Lovely town but always a struggle to move around from a to b due to the many visitors every weekend

4 by Sarah Wood Review source

Cozy shopping center. It has a variety of shops without being an overwhelming mega shopping center.

4 by Sebastian Ezequiel Ovide Review source

Lovely place to walk around, grab a coffee and do some shopping. Always clean and well presented.

4 by Adam Pritchard Review source

I don't shop here except from Tiger on a few occasions, relatively cheap and standard quality

5 by ParrotYee Review source

It' worth strolling through if you are in town.

Tamoka and Kanuka are awesome

3 by Christopher Pike Review source

Very nice shopping centre with plenty of shops and cafe's. Lovely area to walk around.

4 by Phil Nottage Review source

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