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Walking around in West Kensington and looking for a good place to eat, I came across Hare & Tortoise. This little restaurant looks very clean and modern. With its corner location, it features plenty of daylight. This sounds great, not so great is that they seated me in a virtually empty restaurant in the corner that was as far from any window as possible. My interpretation based on my observations is simple: they do not like lone eaters. Fair enough, I might occupy a premium table alone, where they could otherwise seat two or more. Many restaurants probably do it, not many so openly as Hare & Tortoise - it’s a shame that this detail that has nothing to do with their food will make me think twice when considering going there ever again.

Another detail that will be welcomed by families is, that even the men’s toilette has a diaper changing table.

The menu read nicely, if you like sushi you might like this place. But even if you are not into sushi, you will find a range of Japanese-inspired dishes that sound delicious. It took me a while to select something, but finally I ordered sliced duck with rice. It was a very good choice, the food looked beautiful and tasted great.

A little bit odd, I also very much liked their glasses. I got my coke in a glass shaped a little bit like a volcano - at least that was what came first to my mind when looking at it, probably mainly because I just came back from a trip to Iceland.

I considered a dessert, but after none of the waitresses or waiters bothered to offer me a menu or asked if I wanted a dessert, I decided that I do not need one anyway, paid the bill and left.

In summary, Hare & Tortoise offer tasty and light food in a nice modern environment, but when eating out alone, I might suggest to rather go somewhere else.

3 by Götz Bürkle Review source

Hare & Tortoise has to be one of my favourite places to eat EVER. I have been here so many times in the last few years and just can't seem to get enough of dishes like Duck & Rice and Yaki Udon.

What I love about the place is that not only are the food delicious, the service is fast and it is also pretty cheap. Many of the dishes would have costed the same from a takeaway.

You can eat pretty well here for £15 and if you are feeling healthy then go for the fresh carrot juice which doesn't taste half bad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so certain you will have a great time here that it is my pleasure to present Hare & Tortoise with my Seal of Approval. This is the second time this award has ever been awarded since its establishment in 2013; its equivalents, the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for theatre and Academy Awards (Oscars) for motion pictures.

Hope you have a great time in Hare & Tortoise!

5 by Zhao Peng Review source

I have visited this restaurant in the past and have always regarded it highly. More recently however the standards appears to have slipped with the staff less attentive and the quality of food fallen. This became particularly apparent when recently I ordered Prawn Tempura. the dish consisted of three prawns each having an excessive amount of batter that covered an area possibly two or three times the size of the prawns themselves. When this was pointed out, the response was that this was how tempura is served - something I know not to be the case and certainly not in that restaurant where I have had the dish previously. Extra horseradish was ordered for the soy sauce that goes with the dish. The server first pulling a face at my temerity to ask for this and then failed to provide it. I doubt if I shall be returning soon.

2 by Review source

Thank you Hare and Tortoise for a truly unique dining experience. Never did I believe that I’d be able to tell my grandchildren that I’ve tasted the juice excreted by the digestion system of a dangerously extinct animal, but thanks to you, I Know how a tortoises small intestines taste like. And that Taste is Wood. Thank you again for coating my tastebuds in the oily soup and concrete noodles, you like to call ramen. The aromatic fluids of oak and birch wood will forever haunt my tastebuds. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat again but that’s ok I’m 93 and nearly dying. In fact I have dementia so I won’t even remmeber I’ve written this. Michael if you’re seeing this Annie’s kid was your son. Arigato hare and tortoise \\u003e,\\u003c
P.s Hi listen and support the gods of music Bts

2 by Review source

We went here because of the many good reviews, but our experience was quite disappointing. 1) The service was unfriendly and inattentive. 2) The Teriyaki Sauce had no taste, I had to ask for salt (which wasn’t on the table) 3) The salmon hadn’t much taste either, I asked for a lemon, it helped a little. 4) The duck with rice was also flavorless and there simply wasn’t enough duck for the amount of rice. - For what we got, it was too expensive and the service poor. What we liked though were the pretty plates, the Wakame Salad and the Raspberry Lemonade.

2 by Celine Klein Review source

Food was good and fresh, and the portions were generously sized. Salmon sashimi was melt in the mouth and the chicken katsu was crispy on the outside and tender in the middle.

Service a bit lacking - dishes of the same course weren't brought at the same and one of the drink orders was taken wrongly. Staff were polite and friendly enough.

Overall atmosphere could improve, but I would definitely recommend this place and I'd go there again without hesitation.

4 by olivia popescu Review source

Food is always lovely and the restaurant was cleaner than usual today. However front of house staff were seriously inattentive despite having more front of house staff members than customers at the time. Bizarre. Never experienced this at any other Hare & Tortoise restaurant. Ealing, Chiswick and Putney have always been excellent. Maybe there was no manager today? Regardless I was very reluctant to pay the 10% service charge as I felt it wasn't deserved. Disappointed

3 by Jack Mills Review source

Contrary to recent reviews our experience was of efficient, friendly service (in a reserved Japanese way, which was in itself appealing) and lovely fresh tasty sushi comparable with the best we've had - the chicken yakitori was also super succulent. And the street level view of Kensington High St is not without interest. And the Musashino beer is something of revelation. The large number of Japanese customers also struck us as a Good Sign.

5 by Review source

Excellent, clean modern environment, consistently delicious food and good value for money. The service is speedy and efficient even in a busy lunch hour. One of the best lunch time eateries in the Kensington High Street / Kensington Olympia area. Personally a big fan of the Char Kuey Tiew noodles and Unagi (eel) Avocado Maki truly delicious also the ramen look excellent. If you like Asian food there's nothing not to like.

5 by Michèle Haddon Review source

There was a little queue when we arrived but it was worth waiting. The food is fresh and tasty and the prices really good. As a main I had the tempura undon set with a very well prepared egg and light broth. The soft shell crab hand roll was a bit disappointing with little crab inside. But the highlight of the evening was an avocado roll with eel on top - perfectly creamy with an interesting fish twist. I'll be coming back!

4 by Agnieszka Madurska Review source

This restaurant would get 6 stars if i could give it/ I think that it is outstanding and for the cost.
The food is very good….and a great variety of choice thruout the Asian Cuisine.
The service is very pleasant and efficient. Always pleasant if not smiley or chatty.

They are growing and locating in a wider range area of London, so I can advise you if you like Asian food to find the one nearest to you.

5 by Review source

Service is nice. £ 1.6
Open only after 12 at noon.
Enjoy the environment.
The general taste it ~ R2 shrimp curry shrimp fried rice - a bit old, very thick curry sauce, but on the inside a carrot two potato three shrimp ...... £ 8.4
L2 beef noodles ~ turned out to be sweet and spicy black bean sauce, sweet - too heavy to eat will be tired of £ 7.8
Way sign near the end of a search - eat nearby

4 by Review source

My wife and I dine there fairly regularly and they have never disappointed. It can be crowded at times but you get a table pretty quickly. Early diner advised.
The Phad Thaï is particularly good... The sushis are delicious and the tempura light and crispy. Definitely a good standard restaurant.

If I am giving a 4 and not a 5 it's because at one occasion the waitress was a bit rude to us...

4 by Jean-ali Jiwan Review source

The place is always packed so come early to avoid the queue. Food is good, more authentic than most Asian places in the vicinity. The fried noodles and rice are good. Be careful about the duck rice. It's dry and crispy, not the soft and juicy ones that's more Chinese styled. Not sure about sushi stuffstuff but I've not tried them. Portion are good, by the way.

5 by Ei Ting Review source

Food was good - gyoza were delicious and after some of my own seasoning with chili oil and soy sauce, the vegetable and tofu Ramen was delicious too. The curry was good but it gave my mom FOOD POISONING!!!!!! Now we've missed an entire day of our vacation because she's stuck in the bathroom. Wholly disappointing and we won't be back again.

1 by Review source

I simply love their crispy duck. Hare&Tortoise is such a great place to go to catch up with friends or for a quick dinner in a friendly environment. Their service is fast, I've never been there and not gotten a table. The restaurant is set up with warm lights, making it more relaxing and welcoming than other places serving similar food.

5 by Silvia Ghita Review source

You can generally tell how good a restaurant is by the crowd it pulls in which is why I decided to have lunch here. The food I ordered Pad Thai was good but a little dry. The `service is prompt and there was little waiting to be served and the prices are reasonable. I cannot give it 5 stars as though it impressed me it did not wow me.

4 by Paul Smith Review source

What a joke! The lady serving us rushed us in, took our order and was the equivalent of 'computer says no.' Personality and customer service comparable to a doorknob.
Just to add to the fine experience, the chef was eating behind the counter.... At least if its good enough for the chef its good enough for us.

1 by Review source

Well the food was great no issues, lovely tasty and well presented..but the service.. Omg! not a smile from any of the waitresses, we felt as if we were disturbing them buy eating there and so un engaging really miserable bunch:( this is not the first time either! If you want good service don't go there!

3 by Review source

Good food and exceptional value for the size of the portions. Downsides are that it is quite a small venue and does not take reservations so you may end up waiting a long time before eating. Also parking around the area is extortionate during charged hours 3.40-4,60 an hour so bring loads of change

4 by Andrew Mould Review source

Hmmm.. the katsu curry is really good and it's what I usually get but this time I tried the tofi5and vegetables in black bean sauce and have to say it was very bland.. I expected much more flavour and it just wasn't there. The service was really good and waiters were very accommodating.

3 by Thuha Jabbar Review source

Amazing food as always! However...on this occasion the waiter informed us we 'had to speed up and leave' as there was a bigger party coming in! That was not a nice feeling amd let them down as they are generally awsome. Maybe some customer service training for such waiter.

3 by Laura Davey Review source

I reckon they have the best miso soup in London - the rest is consistently good quality - nice menu with lots of choices - including toro and great hand rolls. My favourite takeaway in the area. Service is fast and food not too pricey compared to other similar places like Itsu

5 by Howard Walmsley Review source

A great Asian food in West London, mainly for the simplicity. The roasted duck is crisp and clean cut, the way it should be. Curry, noodles and such, are well balanced and full of flavour. Staff is friendly and efficient. The place is also great for takeaways.

4 by Abed Kawash Review source

I just ate here and I have to say the service was fantastic, the food quality amazing and the portions immense! I honestly struggle to see how this restaurant can remain in business with such quality ingredients and large portions! Will be returning for sure.

5 by Review source

Decent pan Asian restaurant which has been around for very long time. Prices increased modest in comparison with other pan Asian chain restaurant ( yes I am looking at you evilmama) but portion size is good. Service was swift and friendly at this branch.

4 by Phil Stone Review source

This restaurant serve Japanese food such as sushi, ramen, chicken teriyaki, etc. The food is good. The place not so big but enough. Good place for lunch and dinner after work. The price is fair. From Olympia Fair Venue walking distance about 3 minutes.

5 by Wedha Stratesti Review source

Beautiful decor, reasonable food, pricy, not as authentic as a real Japanese restaurant. Donburi has strange ingredients in it and a is deconstructed. Food served warm and it went cold before I had finished. The view of the outside is its best asset.

3 by Ben Adelie Review source

Small restaurant but great food. I recommend the Curry Laksa Noodles. The portion is huge and the taste... blend of curry, coconut milk, chilli, seafood, chicken... Yum! Don't bother with the side dishes which are too small for the price, though.

4 by Alexis P. Review source

Poor quality food. Had the chicken with chilli and black bean sauce. Tasted like it was from a jar. Dull and bland. Had the cheek to add a compulsorily service charge for delivering one plate of food. Would not return. Only 3 stars for hygiene too.

1 by Review source

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