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Hard pass if you don't want to gamble with your dinner choice. The place does have a very nice motif and atmosphere, but poor service and food quality would really prevent me from ever going to another restaurant of Jamie's. We were artificially kept waiting for a table (about 15 min) as if the upstairs was busy. We sat at the bar, and the bartender took about 12 of those minutes being somewhere else.
No matter, we'll just order drinks with dinner. It's a Tuesday night maybe 8:30-8:45pm and the place is fairly dead. Got to the table, had one weird dirty napkin. Even that doesn't bother me. Waiter takes our order and then disappears though. We get our food which, I ordered an Italian sausage ravioli dish. Not bad, I think there would be room for improvement. Also ordered the spicy fries, which looked to be the bottom of the bin crumbs and while covered in a red spice, was not even remotely spicy. We did have the Italian nachos. Those were awesome, and the reason for at least two stars. In all this time we never had the waiter comeback, and my fiance's dish was what we'll now call the Italian Mystery. On the menu it was some Cantanoli dish, I don't remember the name or how it's spelled. But when we had to flag down another waitress to ask if they could get our waiter, we had got two interesting observations. The waitress said our waiter was doing other duties (doesn't make sense to me either) and when she noticed the barely eaten dish of my fiance, she had a puzzled look on her face, asked what the dish was, and then said it didn't look right. Well, you could have fooled us, but that's when I asked for the dish to be removed from the bill, if they don't know what they're even making. The dish was removed, our waiter finally showed up again to cash us out, and we left kinda feeling I'll. So, roll them dice with the Italian nachos, but waste of money otherwise.

2 by Review source

For our Christmas present my wife and I were given a wonderful gift of a meal at the Covent garden restaurant we were looking forward to it very much, so the day came we were welcomed at the door and decided to get a drink at the bar first so I ordered Champaign sorry no champagne ! Only priseco... Ok then that will do so had a drink then shown to I think the third floor by the time we reached our table it was tiring.
On taking a photo of the menu ( small writing ) so I could read it I ordered my starter fish and squid I dont like squid but when it came out I found the tiniest looking squid I had ever seen with its even tinyer tentacles and only one at that squid that it not tentacles and as for the fish tiny bits of what fish I don't know !! Far from crispy but wet Not appetizing I can tell you I was not very impressed.
For my main course I had the stake and chips honesty my stake was flat and I mean flat like 5 to 8mm if I was to guess, it was no nice , I went to put pepper on it as I do like pepper on meat to find it empty waited approximately 4 to 5 mins for a new one to arrive again not impressed.
Decided not to have a desert and the four of us left the restaurant i tried not to let it spoil our evening but please please please Jamie if you read this please get one of your friends or relatives to go in cognito as this my have been a one off or something is really slacking here. I am sorry to write this but you need to know.
Keith osborne

1 by Keith Osborne Review source

Simply put: not worth the money. The food is surely good, but the service was slow and you pay high prices for such small portions that my partner and I left hungry, even after ordering an appetizer, mains and drinks that came to 50 pounds. Case in point, see photo attached of the bruschetta appetizer priced at 6 pounds, which only consists of 1 piece of bread, 5 cherry tomatoes, and a smear of ricotta. We laughed at how small the serving was and couldn't believe how egregious it was to serve us that. For main, I ordered a lasagne that was literally 2 sheets of pasta thick and paid 15 pounds. When I told the waiter that we were still hungry and that isn't right, his explanation was that it is the intention of the restaurant to order an appetizer, primi, secondi and dessert - we just ordered two parts of that. I told him that the restaurant clearly does not price their menu to encourage such a progression. This is tantamount to price gouging and not remotely worth the value. This was after waiting over half an hour after our appetizer for our mains to arrive. Simply put, not worth the money and quite disappointed from an italian food restaurant - it isn't expensive to make a filling pasta dish...

2 by James Drummond Review source

I got the foods super quickly so I was doubt the foods. And my concern was right, one of the menus (pasta) wasn’t hot at all. It looked like they just reheated but it is my opinion. I complained about the pasta and they gave me another pasta which I didn’t ask and have any bite. As soon as I got new pasta, I asked the bill and they wanted me to pay everything.

When I asked the reason I got a cold pasta, the staff just said that mistakes always happened and we gave a new pasta huh? They didn’t seem sorry at all. They treated me like an annoying customer. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all, the restaurant was pretty empty. It is the worst restaurant I have ever visited in my entire life. They couldn’t care less about the customers.

I forgot to mention one more thing. They also gave me an wrong bill at first time. was just awful and awful. I also can find similar reviews here.

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Late on a very busy Saturday night in December there was no wonder they had started to run out of a few things. There was still plenty on the menu to choose from including a selection of specials. The staff were apologetic but very attentative, I could not fault the service we received. Upstairs seemed to be a bit chaotic but we were placed downstairs which had more of a restaurant feel to it. The food was great, a selection of Italian meets, olives, cheese and bread to start followed by perfectly cooked fresh pasta and spaghetti. A nice warm chocolate melt in the middle pudding and ice cream followed by a superb coffee finished the meal nicely.
On the way to the tube station I got a tap on the shoulder from the manager with my camera which I had left at the table, he had come running down the street after us to make sure I got it back. That's what I call service.

5 by Review source

I eat out regularly in London and I believe this is my first negative review I've posted on Google. I had average expectations of Jamie's Italian as I had previously been to the one near Piccadilly Circus. Mind you this really did surprise me how poor it was. The wait staff were friendly and attentive to our face but whacked on a few surprise items to our bill (there was 8 of us so I imagine they thought we would mindlessly pay the total at the bottom without checking). As for the food, I'm not a fan of undercooked, unsalted chips with slices of raw garlic on top, nor of cheesecake which you have to saw through as it wasn't thawed properly from coming out of the freezer. The restaurant was unpleasantly cold. 100% tourist grab. Jamie would be ashamed! I will never return to a Jamie's Italian if I have any say in the matter.

1 by Review source

Experience was unfortunately not that pleasant. Whole restaurant seemed to be unorganized and rather chaotic. First drink and later as well the desert was forgotten and arrived with over 20 minutes delay each. Name it bad luck but maybe it was and us related to the rather hectic atmosphere - eventhough the restaurant was only occupied around 30%.
Most delicious and outstanding taste from all courses were the cherry tomatoes on top... Those were really choosen perfectly by the chef.
One thing to add: if you give big names such as 'Epic Tiramisu', then please make sure to create something unique and special. If I read this it creates assumptions inside my head that where then in no way satisfied. Hard critic but a bought Tiramisu from the supermarket has more taste...

2 by Alex Neth Review source

Probably the worst meal I've had since moving to London in 2012. The prawns in the risotto weren't fully cooked, the rice was stuck together in a mushy mess, we were charged for 'large' portions, despite never being asked if we'd like to order them, the music is way too loud (and awful) and the staff are clearly overworked and badly informed/trained. It would take 15 minutes at home to make a pasta or risotto of much better quality, using ingredients from sainsburys, for a fraction of the price. And the experience would be significantly nicer. This 'restaurant' is awful. Do yourself a favourite and don't bother going.

1 by Review source

We had problems when ordering as my Dad couldn't eat certain things, such as garlic. We asked for the Steak to not come with garlic and herb butter on and unfortunately it did. When we sent it back, it came back with herbs all over the top, which we had already told the waitress he couldn't have. It was just very unfortunate as my Dad has suffered Strokes in the passed, so he struggles to understand what was happening and in the end cried as he felt like he had ruined my sister birthday (forgot to mention it was my sister birthday). The staff tried to help, but it was too late at this point and he got more upset and just wanted to leave.

2 by Review source

We ordered a table up front and immediately got it, the staff was quick and friendly. Sadly we ordered the opening specials, paid 7.5 each and got a plate with something like 4 sausages and and two slices of cheese for each one of us, not even at a good quality.
Later on the main course came, not before we were told we waited for 30 min for nothing because the run out of ingredients. my pasta was tasteless, way too expensive, and very poor quality. I stopped eating it on the table after only two bits and left hungry.

If it wasn't for the chef's name, this place would not stay open for a month!

2 by Review source

I would of given this place 4 stars my family enjoyed the food .i asked for steak to be plain as i unable to digest certain foods.after a long haul of coversations with the waitress a plain steak arrived and honestly by now this dining out experience was grating on me .i have had better cooked steaks cooked by my son from Morrison's. Yes i was offered recompense. Which i didn't accept. My family enjoyed their food .They would go to another same name restaurant as i suppose lighting can't strike in the same place twice.i wouldn't go again, as it seems simple preferences are difficult to ascertain.

2 by Mark Corbett Review source

The best thing about the restaurant is its staff: very nice and friendly, even in busy hours. You get your food really quickly.
Regarding the food itself: it’s pretty ordinary. Yes, you have vegetarian dishes and gluten-free, but overall, I didn’t get what was the hype about.
Another thing to keep in mind: there is no pizza!! Italian place that doesn’t have pizza, a bit disappointing.
Cool to go once, but wouldn’t return again.
A tip: book your table in advance, otherwise be prepared to queue for some time.

3 by Lesia N Review source

Food was good but not fantastic for the price. The bruschetta was disappointing. Have had better and bigger servings for half the price. They weren't able to make the gnocchi on their menu which was a shame. The spinach and ricotta ravioli was nice but again small servings. The berry meringue was probably the best part. Great mix of flavours. Service was incredibly slow, was very difficult trying to catch the eye of any waiter but it was a busy Friday night.

3 by Francine Serrurier Review source

Big disappointment. From the reception, across the waitress' mistakes, very poor service. The quality of the food was average (even we received cold food - big questions why taken so long to prepare), the place is overfilled, not really comfortable to enjoy the dinner. At least the wine was good. For Jamie Oliver we were expecting something better...
For once is acceptable, but nothing special. Not recommended, we will not going back.

2 by Bea Tamás Review source

Great service, great steaks.
Irony is that we loved all the non-italian dishes. The steaks, the lamb and the burgers were delicious while the pasta was average. The starters were yummy as well; from the gnocchi to the nachos to the mushrooms to the calamari and ravioli. What a great sample. For dessert, the Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream is a winner while the pavlova with chocolate ice-cream was a big disappointment.

5 by Dorothy Ooko Review source

Great food, great service and great price! I wasn't sure what to expect here as we visited as a party of 4, without a reservation prior to an 8.20pm movie screening. We were seated within 2 minutes and were able to order and get out in time for our movie within 45 minutes. Between us we had the calamari, muscles and octopus ink spaghetti (house specialty) and the prawn linguini. Both were very tasty. would definitely go back again.

4 by Valentina Tan Review source

I walked in tonight dying from the flu and your staff looked after me, the blond waiter on tonight made me a hot cup of tea, I didn’t ask for it he literally heard my cough and made me a lemon tea, I didn’t get his name but I tipped him ten pounds, I’ve been in hospitality for 8 years and it’s so nice when staff predeict what a customer needs before he customers asks for even knows what they need, nicest gesture ever, thanks so much xxx

5 by Review source

I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone. We are from nz and our meal ended up being $240 dollars. Absolutely outrageous considering the size of the portions and quality of the meals. Really noisy atmosphere and the lights were so dim i couldn't even read the menu. My daughter had a kids meal of supposedly juicy and tender chicken kebabs and they were dry and tough. My daughter couldn't even eat them.

1 by Review source

Front of house ignored us. Second front of house came over, apologised and said 15 mins is the wait. Went downstairs to an empty floor of tables, left and went to Bills next door whom couldn't have been nicer. Go to Bills. They take damn good care of you with candles on the table and took our coats!much more table space, with staff who were genuine and lovely. Jamie's was like that about 10 years ago.

1 by Liam Gathercole Review source

Good spot for pre-theatre dinner. Visited on a Saturday evening 6pm, had booked so was quickly seated. Other guests arriving at the same time who had not booked were told the wait would be around 30 minutes.
Service was friendly and efficient which is what we needed on the night. Food from set menu did not allow for options such as how well the steak should be cooked. Overall I'd go back again.

4 by Daniel Ghinn Review source

Really tasty food, good big menu, nice and quiet around 12pm and even got free kids food on a Friday lunchtime.
Front of house service wasn't great, when I explained specifically what I wanted she didn't understand and it took a few times to try. Also felt like they were trying to sell me an £18 steak when clearly I was there for a quick lunch with my son!

4 by Richard Stowey Review source

We went as a family and the food was very nice. Only thing stopping it being a five star was that they tried to charge us for someone else's round of drinks and we had to go and get the parmesan and kids salads because they forgot to bring them over. I would recommend a try though because the staff were probably just snowed under and you check your receipt anyway.

4 by Tom Vaughton Review source

Apart from the staff the food and the place were disappointing. The portions are too small (we spent about 30 minutes here with waiting time),the main dish equaled as a starter for us so I’d say it’s also overpriced. My husband’s pasta was not fully cooked mine was over cooked. The restaurant very crowded and noisy. We probably won’t visit it again.

2 by Review source

The food was absolutely dreadful if you know what good pasta tastes like. No wonder so many of them are closing down. I had to unload a kilo of salt and pepper to my spaghetti to make it taste of more than tomato water. I asked to remove my service charge as I didn't want to pay more for bad food and the waiter told me to have a bad day haha!

1 by Jung-hoon Seo Review source

Pretty dreadful. Ordered several sharing platters, quantity of food that arrived was very poor for the price. Queried it with our server who said he would bring some supplements. Which he did, and which appeared on the bill at the end. Food very average. Would be embarrassed to put my name to this place, Jamie needs to get a grip on his brand.

2 by Edward Lowy Review source

After sitting down for a drink, we were still deciding on what food to get, when our waiter insisted that we had to order food, as we were not allowed to just have drinks. This gives me a further poor impression of Jamie's Italian. All three small plates we ordered tasted exactly the same, oil. Will not visit another one again. Period.

2 by Review source

Penne carbonnara nothing like carbonnara served in our local authentic Italian restaurants. All 6 meals disappointing. Staff good, until our waiter cleared my colleagues plates before I had finished. Wasn't so busy that they needed our seat. Won't be going back, but they probably don't have to rely on that type of customer

1 by ,Val Brown Review source

Had a spot of lunch here before going to the matinee showing of The Mousetrap. Service was very attentive, frequent checks on table due to an unwarranted belief by the staff that service was slow, we were not the usual lunch crowd in a rush. Quality of the food was excellent and reasonably priced, ideal pre theatre venue.

4 by Review source

Well located for theatreland and the city centre. Excellent food - I had slow roasted ox and it was delicious, and my mum's prawns were also very good. Service is speedy but it does get very busy so make sure you either book or leave plenty of time so you don't have to rush if you're going to the theatre.

4 by Helen Williamson Review source

We were here on new year’s eve. There was a set menu, which we were informed of beforehand, but which was a bit pricey. Prawn pasta was good, truffle pasta was less than mediocre. Brownie for dessert was more like chocolate cake, and didn’t come with the special ice cream I was promised. Service was very friendly.

3 by Leanne Visser Review source

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