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Unit 3, Ferry Island Retail Park, Station Rd, Tottenham Hale, London N17 9NF

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Exceedingly poor. The last time I was there, all toilets were closed and I waited 15 minutes for their standard two piece chicken meal. I requested eat in but it was served in a bag. There were no hand wipes in the designated dispensers. The tables were not cleared. The new number based system for ordering food makes you think you are in a catalogue store and staff waiting to take orders...and do nothing else...have clearly been told not to help with food service...which is why the delays are consistent. On top of this, it's been consistently poor since its refurbishment. I have been about five times and it's been poor throughout all visits. During winter, the door could not shut meaning a cold draft affected diners. A really poor venue and I'd encourage people to support the local businesses independents who offer far better venue.

1 by Jason Tanner Review source

I walked up to the door to use the bathroom (after having used the drive-thru) and the gentleman refused to let me in. Firstly, he could see that I'm pregnant and second of all there were still customers inside the store. Not once did he ask how he could help. I understand every store has its own closing times but to refuse me entry whilst locking the door just as i walked up disgusted me. Your customer service is poor and I won't be visiting this branch again. I'd highly suggest customer service training on do's and dont's for staff at this branch.

1 by Review source

Served old tasting food that wasnt hot with a side order of rude staff thrown in for free. The staff members who served me didn't seem to understand that if a customer says the popcorn chicken isn't hot, giving her a replacement from the same old tasting barely warm batch isn't going to be any different! And that the attitude she had when explaining why they can't put a fresh batch down when you are being served a justified refund does not and will not win her points in customer service.

1 by Review source

Visited today , ordered the fully loaded & food for my Granddaughter explained to the lady taking my order that i do not eat meat from a bone could i please have a crispy strip instead was told straight away NO!!!!. i asked then to speak to a manager and was told the same thing. She explained that she did not have buttons on her till to swap things around and that she had to account for every piece of chicken that she sold Really!!!!! that is the last time i will Ever use that kfc

1 by Review source

Will never use KFC again. Treated like s**t by the staff and the manager wouldn't even come to see me. The website shows clearly that they close at 5 am so on my lunch break I go to buy my usual and guess what? A revised closing time of midnight on the window. Had the website been updated I would have taken my break earlier. Never again will KFC take another pound of my money! Never mind. Burger King over the road gave me a complimentary shake as well!!!! A 5 star rating for Burger King!

1 by Review source

If there's something I abhor that's smart arse employees who try and second guess your order on the basis of you going there... How rude is that? This time this guy even registered 'some order' and then told me how much it was even before I said anything. Well, what exactly does KFC sell, apart from chicken and chips? And then to top it all even laughed about it with one of his colleagues. Unbelievable. Certainly one place I'm not going back to.

1 by Review source

They must be doing something right as there's always a queue out to the door. No idea what, the staff are miserable and rude, and it's the same KFC grease you get anywhere. Only bother if you've got an hour to kill while you're waiting for a train or whatever. This branch is at least promoting healthier lifestyles in north London, I've lost count of how many times i fancied a dirty KFC then saw the queue and went home to make some pasta instead.

1 by Review source

Staff are impatient and they didn’t have
mini fillet which I wanted, they didn’t have krushems which I also wanted, additionally they also didn’t have corn... and to top that off THEY RAN OUT OF SAUCE!! Had to eat my zinger dry and they also forgot to put cheese in it. I highly recommend that this branch should be shut down since they can’t provide me half of the menu. May I also add that they only had Pepsi and Coke as an option but I wanted Tango. POOR!

1 by Review source

It's a refurbished one, which only makes it worse. They now provide the food in the order of waiting list, but such stupid change only makes customers waste more time. Usually I have to wait for over 30 minutes even not in the peak time. What a stupid decision you've made! Why don't you choose a more efficient way? Isn't it a fast food restaurant? We are here to save time!

1 by Review source

Extremely busy place I would one few which KFC may have there for they don't care as they money come on the tills. It's has been refurbished but it didn't make any difference as there staff keep changing every week I see new faces, except BIBI which I got admiration for this lady it's the longest staff member on this place. Nice food but slow and rude staff

1 by a h Review source

It was ok but these days they don't have full verity and always there is something missing.
Some time burger not there some time krushum not there .
Please visit big KFC or call them for availability.
I personally prefer chicken cottage or local chicken shop.
At least chicken is crispy and not oily in chicken cottage.

5 by Muhammad Naseer Review source

This kfc does not stock enough chicken and always running out.
Nor do they accept card majority of the time as the systems always down.
With the influx of a large customer base they are not coping.
It is poorly staffed.
On average you have to wait up to an hour if your using the drive through despite there being one car ahead of you.

1 by Review source

The decor is ok but im not sure about the argos like ordering when it gets busy it will cause problems.
Plus the late night drive thru is to long as they are taking order's from walk ups from customers my opinion deal with the driver's first then when the cars have died down deal with walkers after sll it is a drive thru not wakk thru

2 by mitsy brown Review source

Fast friendly service, food tastes as good as other KFC branches. Located in a very convenient place, near the tube station, this does mean this KFC is always VERY busy but the staff handle everything very professionally.
This is a very small KFC though which means there is sometimes hardly any seats free. Visit this KFC very often.

5 by Aysha Review source

Make sure you check your order if you purchase a takeaway, they forget to put some of the food in the bag, got Home to realise that some of the food I ordered was not in the bag,
Staff need to be awake not half asleep, tried to contact the store but after about 10 attempts I gave up as they will not answer the phone

1 by Ali Kay Review source

Second time through the drive through and the service is appalling.
Cut off half way through placing the order and no apology or reason.
Both times people walking up to the drive through window have been served before the queue of cars.
Won't be using this one again.

1 by Review source

One of the longest waits iv ever had for a fast food joint. Looked like there was only 1 person serving, so had to wait over 10 minutes after lining up and paying for the order. He should have told the people ordering how long it will take before taking the money. Ridiculous.

1 by Barry Payne Review source

The food is better since the refurbishment but the new ordering system is rubbish and the place is mentally busy a lot of the time. It's KFC, you basically know what you're getting before you even walk through the door. A guilty pleasure, for occasional use only.

3 by Neil Pellowe Review source

Good food, small, clean, nice, better quality food as in MaGdonalds, fast and high-quality service, you can take food with you to take, you can eat on the spot, sometimes there are queues, you need to wait 5-7 minutes.

4 by Володимир Ціх Review source

AVOID!! Absolutly appaling, staff are rude , wrong food 3 times never going back again, toilets are disgusting, the woman on the drive-thru couldnt speak english and had no common sense!
10-11-16 @ 5:20pm

1 by Review source

Does fast food mean anything here?
The serving staff are pleasant, but oh my it takes a long time to get your food. Not sure the wait is really worth it. I still go back like a sucker though!

1 by David Rowley Review source

Many of the staff are rude and I've seen them yelling at each other. They also close early sometimes because they feel like it. Once it took me twenty minutes to get a popcorn chicken.

1 by Review source

Very bed condition inside restaurant in bussy time like lunch time. Manager and member of staff are not active. Always dirty table. Duty manager don't bother to keep clean restaurant.

2 by Review source

Fine but that is the best I can say about this place, the food isnt always fresh went its served and my order has been wrong multiple times, but luckily they have corrected the problem.

2 by Viral World Review source

This may seem petty but I've found lettuce in my krushems more times than I can count.

Then again the krushem is rarely working so I suppose I should count my blessings.

1 by Review source

Always crowdy and full. Staff are very hard working. Serves Halal Chicken.
Treated the kids for doing really well in SATs and fantastic end of year report (Yr4) of the Twins.

5 by Asma Mohymen Review source

love to eat Chicken wings meal ,all the time a very busy palce .My menu is always the chicken wings meal or the wicked zinger. I have been eating to this place nearly 8 years .

4 by Review source

oh mah god de chikin is vary spicee i born mah tong bad and cri evry niht p.s geve me da munay bock and sicret recipee i promis i nat steel it i wil gave 5 stor

2 by Review source

Complete retards working there! No organization whatsoever. They chat and giggle. Don't bother going unless you have over an hour to wait for your order!

1 by Review source

The worst KFC ever. The staff are so bloody rude.
They need to calm down with their attitude, its only KFC they working for not the Queens palace.

1 by Review source

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