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13a Parkhouse Ct, Hatfield, AL10 9RQ

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Pub looks nice. Great choice of drink and good value food.

Unfortunately ruined by some staff and customers.

One staff member posted stuff about me online with my name and address and a vulgar sexual comment.

The female Duty Manager and bar man did nothing about this when I told them about this. He wasn't disciplined.

Banter is friendly joke with your mates - not posting stuff online behind your back with nasty comments and personal details.

Additionally after receiving verbal abuse from customers no action was taken by management.

The head Manager is never there in the evenings and is clueless about staff and customer issues.

Staff are all mates with each other so any complaint will fall in deaf ears.

It is opposite a Travel Lodge and attracts unsavoury characters who can create havov and not worry about any consequence as they are not from Hatfield.

1 by Review source

First Impressions count and they did not dissapoint. Well designed both inside and out. Inside are circular booths which are former Jet Engines as this restaurant has an aeronautical theme being on the former British Aerospace/de Havilland Aerodrome. The decor inside is second to none, fitting to rival even some of the big name bars in Central London. There are huge black and white photos (on the ceiling) of how the aerodrome looked in its heyday. The whole place ooses with nostagia and this in my view is the premier establishment in the UK.

'My personal score is 10/10' and I also give this place a 'Gold Star'.

They have combined Modernicity with Heritage and History, which I feel is above and beyond the basics required by the local council.

Harpsfield Hall kindly permitted me exclusive rights for my photos used in this review.

5 by Dean McBride Review source

Have been here before and the food wasn't too bad at all but today was a let down. Barman was slow and got the orders wrong - he apologised and said he usually works in the kitchen, fairplay, we all have to learn at some time. Table was clean but floor was v.dirty, staff walked over squashed chips on the carpet several times just spreading the mess. First choices - chicken curry and veggie curry -weren't available so we had chilli con carne and a veggie burger - burger was ok, chilli didn't look too good and partner's verdict wasn't good either. On the plus side, it's done out nice, fast service and reasonably priced but after today's visit I doubt we will be back.

2 by Pat More Review source

Highly visited place by locals due to centric location. But the service is not that perfect. If there is a special offer for meal that includes some beers, than don't order without that cuz they made us pay the same price and they were not willing to give us the beer cuz they already added the order to the 'system' ... I was still at the bar ordering when I realized this tricky ripoff and they just said sorry... The burger was not that good to wash away the bad encounter. Oh you have to order food at the bar or through an app. I don't recommend the place only if u seen the other better ones. There are not that many.

1 by Előd Páll Review source

Really good atmosphere.
Very nice interior.
Good food.
Great price.
Staff not great and let's it down. But to be fair I used to work in a hotel and wait hand and foot on my customers and was used to being asked for everything.....but I don't think a clean table is too much to ask for.

In the process of writing this review. The waiting staff never took away the king prawn starter that we order and called the mains away with the kitchen so we've sat waiting for a further 40 minutes for our mains which i got up and called away as it was still on hold..... So regrettably down from a 3 to a 1.

1 by Review source

Modern, aircraft-themed restaurant, close to Hatfield's Galleria shopping centre, offering Wetherspoons usual, great-value menu. The decor reflects Hatfield's aviation heritage and you can dine in an upturned Jumbo jet engine cowling, as well as get served at the bar, fashioned from a DeHaviland Comet fuselage, with other aircraft memorabilia around of interest. Popular with students from the nearby Uni campus, weekday mornings and afternoons tend to be less busy. That said, great value, good beer & food choice, good atmosphere.

4 by Colin Marvell Review source

This Weatherspoons was a good addition to Hatfield as the other nearest pubs were on Bishops rise (who weren't always welcoming of students) and Ele House the pub on the University campus. It was quite big inside and thus meaning it can seat a wide amount of people which is perfect for groups. There was a good atmosphere so it was never really dead. This was a good alternate for students to come and chill especially with how cheap the food and drinks are. Enjoyable place, highly recommend.

4 by Shamik Shah Review source

Probably one of the nicest Wetherspoons I've been to. Really nice atmosphere - relaxed and friendly. Its designed around the local de havilland air hanger, so has huge ceilings and themed booths. The walls are almost completely windows so its really bright and airy.
Food was ok, cheap, hot and delivered quickly. Usual Wetherspoons standards.

If parking, you get 1 free hour in the car park (day time) though you still need a ticket for this.

4 by Sammy T Review source

After 10 minutes of being standing awaiting seats, I approached the manager, and his words were, 'Do you see somewhere to sit?! We don't sit you down you just sit where you want' then scoffs and walks away.

At what point were we to be told that we aren't shown a place to sit? This is EXTREMELY unprofessional especially from a 'manager' who in honesty, wasn't managing the shift very well. Disgraceful behaviour

1 by Review source

Absolutely horrible staff, rude and disrespectful, swearing audibly from kitchen, insulting customers, general lack of care all round. Staff are all chummy with one another so complaints go uncared about.
Received an overcooked steak, sent back, waiter grumbled, food returned overcooked again.
Do not visit with kids. They'll pick up some disgusting language from the kitchen staff.
The list of things they do wrong goes on and on.

1 by Jack Burgess Review source

Very nostalgic place, they even have seating which is turbine intakes for the jets as wells as originaln Comet fuselage along the bar. Lots of great pictures and is very nice. Standard pricing and food for the chain so pretty good value, shake they have stopped the chucked Wednesday offer no doubt I will still visit but we usually go every Wednesday for lunch. Friendly staff and always willing to help.

5 by Mark Potter Review source

Mainly use this during the day for food and free WiFi (to sit and work). The Staff and food are always great and there is plenty of space to avoid the vegan Mum set that bring their spoilt gluten intolerant Tarquins in, who tend to be loud and unsupervised whilst the Mums are busy knocking spits of each other. A few retired people in who tend to behave better. Overall a decent Wetherspoons

4 by Mark Percival Review source

A great Wetherspoons with excellent interior decor, Harpsfield Hall has clearly had a lot of thought put into its design, which calls back to Hatfield's past involvement with aircraft. The standard Spoons menu applies here, although don't let that put you off if you're not normally a fan - friendly staff and a wide selection of drinks accompany the food.

4 by Robert Minshall Review source

This is effectively my work local. I go here most lunchtimes when I am on hatfield. It has the benefit of being a new build and being almost immaculate inside. The manager is super friendly as are the staff. The food always come quickly and is cooked so much better than any other wetherspoons I've ever been in. Try the mixed grill. It is great.

4 by Review source

I was not a believer in hell until I visited this pub. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

The amount of staff in this place will make you wonder why it takes so long to get served for anything. The attitude that they conduct themselves with is atrocious.

They should rename this place the misery factory where dreams go to die.

1 by Review source

One of the better wetherspoons that I visit when traveling to London. Food is well cooked, good sized portions and arrives quickly. The pub is usually very busy with students making up most of the customers. The staff are very nice, the pub is very modern . As with all wetherspoons prices are excellent. Why go anywhere else?

5 by Review source

Drinks are great. Food was brilliant let's say a year ago. Now it's awful! Classic sharrer served in mess and portion much smaller. Just ate salad -tomatoes, cucumber and avocado seems to stay at fridge (already sliced!) over the night. They forgot put dressing on it as well. Not recommended at all!!

1 by Review source

A great Wetherspoons with an trendy aviation theme to the pub. Good to come early if you’re in a big group at busy times to get a good seat! Standard Wetherspoon food and drinks so good value for money. Good pizza! Nice and friendly staff. Clean and huge toilets. A brilliant spot to come with friends.

5 by Sally Review source

Staff not helpfull and rude. Run out of beer on taps. Did not eat there as service was terrible so not sure as what the food would be like. But if its anything like my first impression it would probably be rubbish. Went to harvester in the end and had an excellent meal with great service.

1 by Review source

Smashing place for a good pint of beer at a very reasonable price, no music but the atmosphere was good. Nice outdoor seating area too. The food looked good and reasonable priced too. Came for breakfast this morning and it was lovely, £,15 for 3 with drinks.

4 by lucy forbes Review source

New, and therefore slightly neater and trendier than your average Wetherspoons, but it's still much like any other Wetherspoons. Good, cheap beer. Mediocre, cheap food. No music, but it's fairly lively so the atmosphere is good.

4 by Chris Brett Review source

Always use Wetherspoons. Always eaten rather than drinking. Found the fish was over done and dry. Got another done but not much better. Bit disappointed really as I love weatherspoons and food has always been great

2 by Review source

cheap and cheerful, good for a breakfast get together and an overdose on caffeine with the refills on coffee. Food is more quantity than quality but plenty of choice for everyone.. Plenty of parking (1 hr free)

4 by Amanda Clark Review source

Looks good, but it is always crowded, always noisy, it is hard to get served at the bar. Can be hard to move around. Provably nicer during the day. I've only been in the evenings.

2 by Sophie Carter Review source

Big open space, inside and outside. Really cheap beers, haven't tried to eat something, yet, but seems quite good. A TV where it's possible to watch football match, sometimes.

4 by Davide Lorenzi Review source

Weatherspoons..great drinks...good ambience. Friendly staff. All in all a good place for drinks. It's got outdoor seating as well. Ideal for a big groups or couples night out.

5 by Pranav Shah Review source

Great place to spend time with family or friends. Burgers are delicious.
Im giving 4/5 only because sometimes you waiting way too long and after that you get one cold portion.

4 by Review source

It was hilarious the bar man obviously didn't enjoy his job and the enthusiasm from him towards the customer was brilliant..!! Reminded me of sad sack from the raggy dolls..

5 by C Jones Review source

Very clean, modern and cheap family pub. A great place to drink with friends and family, and is very close to either University of Hertfordshire campus so is ideal for students.

5 by Billy Kemp-Thacker Review source

It's a weatherspoons. Cheap beer, cheap food, and cheap service. Can get busy but overall a decent place. I enjoyed the fact the design reflects the local history.

3 by Billie Jean Review source

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