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Went to cafe for breakfast. Absolutely awful! Value for money \\u003d zero! I've never seen sausages been so overcooked and so small at £1.50 each!!!! OVERPRICED AND OVERRATED!!! I'm adding pictures in case you don't believe me.
I did think about talk to manager, but it wasn't just my breakfast, everybody had the same size.
And dust... see my pictures, then tell me what you think.
I remember having lovely fish&chips here some years ago... shame on you guys!
Ow... and don't ask for emergency baby nappy! They are rude!!!

1 by olga marshall Review source

Awful - I had a complaint that was easily resolvable in branch, but they made me hang on the phone to an obstinate 'customer care' team. My daughter was upset and Sainsbury simply didn't care, take the complaint seriously or attempt to resolve it. I spoke to four people in all - two in branch and two on the phone. Their responses ranged from can't help, through won't understand, to don't care. My daughter is still upset and I'm an ex-customer. One star is too many.

1 by Review source

Lots of space compared to other stores around here but prefer the old sore in range a quality of food. Similar standard to Tesco now in some areas, for which we can thank the departed Justin King.
Having said that I like shopping here but have feelings of ambivalence regarding the addition of that expensive of stores being incorporated...Argos.

4 by Slarty Bartfast Review source

Big store, a bit like a hanger. Very good choice of food & drink products with great selection of wine from most of the world, but NOT the UK !! At customer services I was told that they stock 3 British wines, but one is out of stock. However, none of the other 2 coukd be found on the shelves !! Come on Sainsburys. Get it sorted !!

3 by Peter Low Review source

The taste the difference breakfast was very lovely and served in good time .BUT ... the cutlery was awful very dirty with bits of food egg etc still on the knifes .dishwasher fluid still on them .dust on the shelfs ,sticky chairs .come on guys u can be moor clean than this .the cutlery was the worst I've seen in a establishment

2 by mary boswell Review source

Absolutely terrible customer service. Unfortunately for Sainsbury's the extreme laziness and ignorant behaviour of one member of staff has meant that not only did I not complete my transaction with them today but I will NEVER spend my money in this store again. Staff like this should simply not be tolerated.

1 by Review source

It's the place you go to avoid the screaming children and adults that you get in the cheaper supermarkets. Good choice of produce. Expensive. Has a bureau de change and key cutters and pharmacy. Parking is usually slightly annoying but there's always a space somewhere.

4 by Vladimir Levachyov Review source

Nice shop. Big parking.
Petrol station.
Halfords just across the road.
They have got a café as well.
And Argos.
There is also a key cutting shop and watch repair.
They have got the mobile hand car wash in the parking lot. Costs about £5/ wash.

5 by Samuel Klusch Review source

Absolutely shocking experience from Timpson. They lost a pair of my trousers and incredibly bad customer service in terms of sorting it out. Won't ever use them again - the guy that runs the Timpson store is equally inefficient in resolving customer issues.

1 by Review source

Went specifically to get the lemoncello boucle design noel. Horror changed recipe to include passion fruit which I'm allergic to. No dried porchini mushrooms! Next yes shop elsewhere. Disappointment I don't need when tragedy has struck my family

3 by Review source

I find the prices are very expensive for the quality of food - probably only 5% cheaper than Waitrose, but own brand stuff is on par with Adsa (which is about 15% cheaper). Whatever price matching system they claim to use is either faulty or is a con.

3 by Tom Waddy Review source

The restraunts full English Breakfast has been changed to a taste the difference breakfast with no deviations unless you pay more !!!
Sorry but l feel that was a poor management decision,please change it back give the shopper what they want.

1 by Review source

As you would expect, clean and well laid out. Parking area is quite busy but always a space somewhere. Staff seem helpful on the whole and a good variety of food, clothing as you might expect from a large store.

4 by Mark Suaznabar Review source

Clean and spacious, good range of products, better quality of fruit and vegetables, big and free parking, at the same place are other shops, but a little bit more expensive than similar shops.

4 by Łukasz O Review source

Lovely big Saintsbury's with plenty of selection. The store is never busy but parking can be a pain (why so crowded ?). Tills can be crowded at times too, but beat selection in the area.

5 by Grant Woodhouse Review source

A large food store. Well designed. Wide aisles. Even when it's busy there is plenty of room for everyone to get around. Sells everything with an in-store Argos . Cafe as well upstairs.

5 by Janice Maskell Review source

It's one of the better supermarkets around the area, the staff are helpful, the shelves are always full, there are hardly ever queues, and the cafe serves good food at good prices :)

4 by Review source

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful sandwich platters you made for my granddaughter's Christening celebration on 21st May. They were fabulous and enjoyed by all.

5 by Review source

Great store, a nice café and the world food section has some obscure American choices if you like that stuff, worth a visit as its probably the best supermarket in the area.

5 by Rob Cursons Review source

Product availability not always adequate,shelves always have gaps especially on offer items. Car park always flooded after rain. After many years may shop elsewhere

3 by Review source

Great store for a wide range of products. Well worth saving the Nectar points if you are a regular Sainsbury's shopper. They are worth something eventually ...

5 by Ashley Lovejoy Review source

My favourite Sainsbury's. nice big store all you need in one shop. Not as many offers as there used to be. But still a good store. Plus nectar points lol.

5 by Ian Petherick Review source

Good superstore, but a shame that some local residents feel the need to park in parent child spaces to protect their posh cars and don't carry children

4 by David A Review source

This is pretty good, as far as Sainsbury's goes. The clothes and home furnishing bit is surprisingly good, and the cafe upstairs is better than most.

4 by Jon Simpson Review source

Not for the first time I found that there were no large packets of Salisbury's own cereal on the shelf. I had made a special trip to purchase them

1 by Review source

Visited on the Saturday before Easter, mid afternoon, very limited stock with many a shelves, fridges and freezers empty and no explanation as to why.

1 by Andrew Pearson Review source

The restaurant was great, nice staff and not crowded. The store has a good selection, including clothes and home goods, not just food and groceries.

5 by Helen Fredricks Review source

The best Sainsburys! Love how it has an argos, a sushi bar and a cafe upstairs. A little more pricey then other supermarkets. Nice, friendly staff

4 by poppy robertson Review source

Good for a weekly shop or quick in and out lunch. Parking can be quite tight. Click and collect available. Near other stores and McDonald's.

5 by bone less Review source

Huge store with a massive selection of groceries and stuff for your home.

There is a very competitively priced petrol station too.

5 by Mark Prior Review source

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