The Fine Line - London

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1 Bow Churchyard, London, EC4M 9DQ

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I came here for drinks with my partner and some of his co-workers who work in the City. This is a typical City bar with most of the patrons being men in suits and women in business dresses. The bar is modern, but it feels like a chain. I work in Shoreditch so I tend to like bars that a bit more creative. But I have to say the bartender here was amazing. I asked for a Caipirinha, which he did not know how to make, and he admitted that! I gave him the recipe, and he was so keen to get it right. He was open and non-judgemental. He made me the best Caipivodka I ever had. It was bang on. I feel that most bartenders would have been offended at having a patron give him directions on how to make a drink. Or in many cases he/she would just go ahead and make an awful attempt at a Capirinha, and pretend they know how to do. I give this place a big like. I highly recommend coming here on a Tuesday or early week day after work. I have feeling this place is overflowing with people on a Thursday after work.

4 by V Theiss Review source

As it is a 30 second walk from work, I often visit this bar with colleagues and dates.

The manager here has extreme dedication to customer service. Multiple times I have seen him running to serve customers approaching the bar despite other bar staff being moments away from being available. Truly Impressive.

5 by Jonathan Dalton Review source

Plenty of yay in the cubicals don't need to bring your own bar tender has fit body but butters face and the rest are busted in all aspects recommend peronion
and vodka (not smirnoff)

4 by Review source

A good pub for larger groups. Good bar menu, drinks slightly pricey. However, we spotted a few mice running around once the pub was quieter - quite off putting

3 by Kelly Liu Review source

Nothing flash for a city bar, drinks on the expensive side and service not great. Only good thing is the location on the square when the weather is nice.

3 by Gary Harrison Review source

Great bar for after work drinks. Don't have people pushing pass you while standing out in the courtyard. Service is relatively quick. Does the job

4 by Jonathan Ponsie Review source

Gets really busy and loud most weekday evenings when the financial offices empty out. Good place for an after work drink when it's warmer outside!

3 by Stuart Starrs Review source

Busy after-work pub in nice pedestrian square. Indistinguishable from dozen others. Have no artisan or amber beer , nothing but bog standard stuff.

3 by Elenatronik Review source

Lacks any discernable atmosphere and ordering a round proceeds at a glacial pace. For those who like craft beers the place has some redemption value.

2 by Steven Bense Review source

A modern and roomy Fuller's pub selling their usual cask and keg range alongside some great craft beers on draught, bottle and can.

4 by Billy Sayers Review source

We had our company town hall there. It has a good atmosphere and is very large for a pub. Service, food and drinks are good too.

4 by Review source

Good for outdoor drinking on a warm Friday night. Didn't try food or go inside other than for the loo and to buy rounds.

4 by Nick Sheahan Review source

Really nice atmosphere and not too expensive. Good for some after work drinks and does good gin cocktails in the summer!

5 by Claire Garner Review source

Reasonable place and food is good. Decor is looking a bit tired following what looks like a relatively recent facelift.

3 by tom liddle Review source

Nice non-traditional pub in the city, lots of space outside, good selection of beer, attracts city workers mostly

3 by David X Review source

Excellent beer selection and always plenty of bar staff, so service is quick, even with Friday crowds.

5 by Dominic Roberts Review source

Nice outside in summer but tiny bar and nondescript interior makes this a very unexciting place to meet

3 by Ed Biggs Review source

Lots of outside space, with a good beer selection and decent food. Does tend to get very crowded.

3 by Amber Kundraw Review source

Decent choice of beers, good location if you are in the city and not too pretentious

4 by Chris Charles Review source

perfect city pub with a big courtyard style area for those after office pints.

4 by salil joshi Review source

Outside area is a great plus during summer - good selection of beers too

3 by Dennis Holmer Review source

First visit was ok, nothing to write home about. Pleasent enough staff.

3 by Anna Collins Review source

This place is so noisy you need sign language to talk to your mates

2 by Review source

Best place in the square mile for craft beers awesome selection!

4 by Review source

Great pub, and food. Massive portion sizes so go there hungry.

5 by Jonathan Jones Review source

Pretty standard London bar. Good, friendly staff though.

4 by Mark Bailey Review source

Standard bar. Has a large courtyard but mostly in shade.

3 by Colin Walker Review source

Service a little erratic, food okay but not outstanding

3 by Review source

Average city pub. Good service and selection on tap.

3 by John Erikson Review source

Always a good time at the Fine Line with friends.

4 by Daniel Thrun Review source

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