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As this is a soft launch I wanted to give proper feedback for the management :-)

The food was excellent. Creole is my favourite cuisine and you can't get it in London. Most Southern restaurants tend to just bung everything in Cajun spices or tomato or bbq sauce but the étouffée and oysters Rockerfeller here were authentic and delicious. The strawberry pie tasted like childhood summers .

Note that this place is a normal pub with extraordinary food rather than a restaurant. Portions are on the smaller side. The sides were really teensy! So order more if you have a big appetite.

Multiple attempts to pre-book via email as directed (from today it is walk-ins only) were ignored. Service was interminably slow throughout - even ordering drinks with no queue (which can be forgiven in a soft launch).

Also the staff were nice but sadly unenthusiastic, no proper questions were asked about our experience which seemed like a missed opportunity to get info and show some pride or love in such a new place with a passion for this type of amazing cuisine.

When it came to ordering coffee they were impatient and there was even some patronising eye-rolling between the bar staff when I asked about 'proper' coffee for the beignets and they weren't really listening...I meant traditional French market chicory coffee which is a must with beignets. Finally they explained there was only filter coffee which was a shame as I was expecting at very least they should serve cappuccino, espresso etc to accompany such great food.

All in all these were teething problems, the pub was nice, the staff were pleasant and the food itself was perfect (compliments to the chef)...I will be back for the gumbo!

3 by Review source

I had been interested in visiting the Plaquemine Lock pub, which serves Creole and Cajun food. I love Cajun food – especially blackened dishes. The Plaquemine Lock (formerly the Prince of Wales pub) is a tribute to owner chef Jacob Kennedy’s grandmother who was born into a famous Louisiana family in the town of Plaquemine near Baton Rouge. I went to New Orleans a few years ago with my sister, brother and sister-in-law. I loved the po’ boys we had at Traceys but never got close to the blackened chicken I was hoping for! I thought sharing a po’ boy would give me enough of a taste of the food to know if I’d go back to the Plaquemine Lock.

There were no fried oyster po’ boys on the menu and to me this is the quintessential version. There were, however, fried shrimp po’boys but I decided to skip them.

We ordered a lunch special of a beef debris po’ boy with fries (£9) and an afterthought of the bourbon Tabasco maple wings (a small dish at £6.50). Both tasted quite nice. I have no argument with the flavours. My feeling is that London doesn’t, and maybe can’t, compete with the lavishness which is American cuisine. The hot-dog sized baguette, with the small portion of gravied meat and sedate slice of pickle, lettuce and tomato, and swirl of mayonnaise doesn’t satisfy. There’s no gravy or mayo dripping down your hand. There’s no big punch of anything here. It’s dainty and that’s not what this style of cooking should convey. The fries were nicely seasoned and are about the size of a small McDonald’s offering.

I went home and checked my photos of the memorable Tracey’s lunch and this made me even sadder about what I’d had. So bottom line – tastes nice but still disappoints. Be braver, Jacob!!

3 by Janice Pearson Review source

Louisiana cuisine is all about abundance - both in quantity and flavour. Sadly quantity was totally unseen for my visit to Plaquemine Lock. There were tight-fisted servings for everyone’s order at my table. It’s so easy for a restaurant to give the feeling of a proper meal. A couple of generous servings of inclusive sides go a long way (those cost very little to offer). Or even serve a proper glass of Coke (even the fountain soda which costs them a few pence per glass came in a flute style cocktail glass). Or if you really want to go authentic, free refills anyone? Both would cost the venue nothing but splash the place with an American aura of generosity.

Fortunately the food was good. I had ‘Amandine’ Grey Mullet, flavourful although slightly dry / over cooked. Almond and lemon butter It came with a well seasoned portion of mirliton coleslaw. £12.

My partner had a flavourful Po’boy - the price and portions again left us disappointed though. The introductory menu put through our mailbox advertised £12 for a full Po’boy but it’s now £7.50 for a half Po’boy (6”). The sandwich held four measly prawns (in New Orleans, Po’boys are falling apart with prawns.) Even somewhere between four prawns and ‘falling apart’ would’ve been much better.

Good flavours, lovely atmosphere with colourful Louisiana themed paintings all around and a New Orleans family connection to the story of the place were all great but they really should offer more for the money. Minimalism and bean counting have never been New Orleans characteristics.

(Serving sizes alone would have earned them 4 stars in my book)

2 by Christopher Matthew Review source

As a Cajun girl, I know REAL Cajun food and was beyond delighted by the authenticity of the food at Plaquemine Lock. Boudin balls, boiled crawfish, gumbo, po boys...pretty much everything I grew up on. And the flavour was just as if I was back in Baton Rouge!

We went there last Friday with a big group of friends. At first, the service was very slow, but we assumed the kitchen was backed up because the place was packed. I didn't think much of it, but once the manager realised that we'd been waiting, he gave us the most incredible service, even bringing multiple rounds of shots and lots of free food to our table. I've been in food service before, so I know how stressful it can get when there are a ton of people and maybe something's held-up the kitchen...but this manager went completely above and beyond to rectify the situation. We were so pleased with the service we received in the second half of the evening, that I'm happy to give Plaquemine Lock 5 stars and I can't wait to go back!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

5 by Review source

Amazing and unusual food, wonderfully friendly and attentive staff

First time here based on a newspaper review. I haven't eaten Cajun/Creole food for years and whilst I appreciate some purists who have reviewed in the press appear to have had some technical issues with some of the dishes, I can absolutely confirm that everything we had was stonkingly good! Even our 2 year old couldn't get enough of the gumbo, and my Brazilian partner loved everything. For me, the deviled eggs were a real highlight because the chicken skin garnish is so tough to cook consistently well like this. The cocktails we washed down were a welcome walk down memory lane; the Bloody Mary being fantastically different in a really good way, especially with the pickled okra and green bean garnish it came with and things like Hurricanes and Sazeracs featuring on the menu and being served full-strength! Wonderful ambiance, great fit-out and a real gem of a find. 11/10

5 by Steve J Review source

Had to opportunity to dine at Plaquemine Lock twice now and both times I have been delighted. The pub itself is absolutely stunning, not your average pub interior at all.
Crab cakes are the most delicious thing ever and the salad garnish that comes with them is so refreshing, I'd order that alone if they offered it!
The deep fried chicken is incredibly soft and succulent (and a great one to order for the kids).
Gumbo wasn't for me but my guests loved it so that is just down to personal taste.
Pecan pie is hella sweet but also oh so good. And the Romanian Pinot Gris is just perfect for pretty much everything.
Go there and try it. It's worth it.

5 by Tamsin Horton Review source

A great idea for a pub/restaurant, the decour and ambiance is very convincing and the staff are terrific. It's location is also ideal and in a nice part of town, just off the canal.

It could be that we were spoiled having visited the real New Orleans and sampled the amazing food and drink that's as abundant as running water, but I felt the menu was overpriced. The cocktails were good but £11 is steep for a Hurricane, and the Po'Boy was bland and disappointingly portioned. Not including fries in the price of the Po'Boy also struck me as slightly mean.

3 by Adrian Wilson Review source

Great food- albeit not in large portions.

We went for the £15 lunch/early dinner special. The gumbo as a starter was warm, delicious and rich. The small bowl was empty far too quickly.

The main, a po'boy sandwich, was fantastic - bacon & fish fried to perfection.

Warm persimmon pudding with a dollop of cold icecream was the luscious dessert. We both finished every last crumb.

Although the portions seemed small, we were actually pleasantly full. What more do you expect from a great meal at a very reasonable price for London.

4 by Christina Hemsley Review source

American food, French portion sizes

Nice pub. Good selection of craft beer on tap... Friendly staff. but.... food portions are very small for the price. At £12 the Gumbo was little more than a large cup of watery broth with a couple of prawns.

Shame as it really was unnecessarily small to the point of feeling mean. Nice place for a pint but I'd eat elsewhere.

I had planned to bring some American friends from the South there for some 'home cooking' but the tiny portions would cause a little cultural confusion.

2 by Review source

Outstanding food at a lovely homely pub just on the Canal. The food is wonderfully seasoned and very more-ish and there is a good beer selection too. Highlights are the stuffed poblano pepper with miuthwaterimg andouille, the crawfish and the blackened chicken which was wonderfully tasty but remained tender and juicy.

A great place to spend a leisurely late lunch on a weekday as I have now done a couple of times.

Come hungry, leave very satisfied.

5 by Ken Okumura Review source

If you enjoy waiting an hour and a half for your main and 40 mins for your starter this place is ideal! I decided on the 50/50 poboy sandwich for £11 which contained only 2 shrimp and 2 oysters..... (complete joke) The chef may be suffering from a mild case of dementia as orders flocked out for customers in complete randomness. Long waits semi decent food very stingy on portion sizes. Would rate it a 5/10 overall prices are way to high for service and food size.

2 by Billy Tripp Review source

Great local pub, decoration, food and amazing cakes! We went at lunch time and wasn't pack but we saw the staff setting the tables for dinner and was all booked since 6pm. The Hurricane cocktail is delicious as well as the Po'boy - baguette filled with either fried shrimp, beef etc. Vegetarian option available as well as other cocktails, food and of course the usual pub beers. Don't miss the strawberry cake!

4 by luislukas Review source

Plaquemine Lock has amazing food and service! I took my husband for his birthday after seeing Plaquemine Lock on the Bib Gourmand list. We were blown away! We got the seafood platter with oysters crab, crawfish, lobster, chips and deep-fried okra. I've never liked okra before but I've been converted. Meghan was so sweet and answered all our questions. We'll absolutely be back soon.

5 by Review source

Excellent creole cuisine. Reasonable prices mean modest portions (this is London after all) but the food deserves savouring. The fried chicken was crisp, judiciously seasoned, juicy, and supported by balancing sides. The shrimp po-boy (well, half of one; London) also rated well. Combine with a comfortable atmosphere and varied craft ales on tap, and you have a place that’s well worth the detour.

5 by Review source

Amazing evening, fantastic atmosphere, great food. Ignore every review that says the portions are too small. If the food is good, it shouldn't matter and the food is excellent - we were stuffed. Go here if you love yourself and if you don't love yourself, work on that and then go here. Much love to all the people who made this place what it is!

5 by Review source

Absolutely delicious southern food. Having spent my childhood in South Carolina this is a heartwarming addition to the London restaurant scene and best of all it is on my road! We ordered lots and shared, everything was delicious but standout for me were the artichoke, gumbo and grits. Taking another group of friends this week, if we can get a table :))

5 by Elizabeth Skerritt Review source

Love the fact this pub was saved from yet more housing, love being able to get cajun food in London, love the drinks selection and cocktails. On the constructive side, food slightly overpriced by a quid or so, and the naive Nola style decor spliced with British pub vibes needs a bit of aging / bedding in ... in the round, would defs come back.

3 by Claire Fourel Review source

Gastro pubs nu heart of the most exclusive area of \\u200b\\u200bLondon where all the English go to drink and to eat. Creole fascinating and excellent quality with excellent ingredients cooked with skill excellent chefs who follow one another, not to mention the real ales which are served at the old classic counter Inglese style! To live!!

5 by Matteo Lulli Review source

In contrast to what appears to be a complete hatchet job below, the food is excellent, portions are large, and the quality of the ingredients is clearly very good. The grits, biscuits, chicken, boudin were absolutely delicious, although my one gripe would be give me more gravy! A little thimble is not enough!

4 by Review source

From a southerner, best place for southern food in Central /East London. Grits are done right. Jicama slaw and collard greens. Sadly, *No more fried okra*. :-( pecan pie pleases. Great local pints. In terms of #accessibility you have disabled toilets, child changing facilities, and unisex stalls.

5 by Jennifer Smith Review source

A quiet old pub by the canal, transformed inside into a very relaxed Louisiana-style bar and restaurant. Great cocktails, a seafood-heavy menu of Southern classics – oysters, gumbo, po-boy sandwiches, grits and greens, and fried chicken too. Amazing Pecan pie. Nothing else like this in London!

5 by Review source

Delicious food, great drinks and a fantastic atmosphere! Friendly, helpful staff. As usual, the gumbo was a must have and we particularly enjoyed the mixed grilled oysters this evening. The menu appears to have changed since my last visit - quite excited to see what will be new next time.

5 by Review source

This place is serious.... seriously good. From the nice welcome from the staff to the little bar sweet n salty n spicy pecan nuts. Everything is top notch. But holy cow the po boy sandwich are good and i think the fried chicken with grits and biscuit the best chicken in london. Love it.

5 by Aaron Bhugobaun Review source

I love the food here - the gumbo is really excellent and the po-boys are solid. The people who work here should bring a bit more of the spirit of New Orleans to go with the food and it would be amazing. Still go, just don't expect a side of Southern hospitality with your po-boy....

4 by Review source

Shockingly terrible cajun food. Stale baguette use for shrimp poboy. Not overly stuffed as it should be. Shrimp not properly breaded before being fried. Mayo instead of dirty gravy. The only thing that save it slightly were the mustard greens which were tasty - and fried okra ok.

2 by Paul Musselwhite Review source

My new favourite place in London. It's like being back in New Orleans. Beautiful inside, great music and friendly staff. The cocktails are great, especially the Hurricane. Boudin Balls are as good as NOLA's finest too. Can't wait to try more of the menu

5 by Plwm Bobo Review source

If you like Southern cooking and have been to Louisiana, you'll find the food here just as you found it in Louisiana. Whether it's the crabcakes, poboys, blackened chicken or the gumbo this is authentic, true to its roots and reasonably priced food.

5 by Colin Smith Review source

Found this 'Louisian' pub/restaurant in Angel....absolutely amazing!
Food was great,loved fried okra and the crawfish pie,the po'boy with fried oysters and bacon was delicious.
The staff was so cool,expecially Dario.

5 by Marinella Annunziata Review source

Great place to go but make sure you book an early table. Booked for 21:30 got seated late then told the kitchen closed at 22:00 and the crawl fish we went for they had run out of. Would have been much better if they hadn't sold out.

3 by Nikolas Jones Review source

The food here is absolutely wonderful - and the staff are brilliant. Nothing seems too much trouble. The fried chicken is just wonderful and they've a great selection of beers on offer too. Nice atmosphere and good space for a group

5 by Review source

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