The Toll Gate - Wood Green, London

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26-30 Turnpike Ln, Wood Green, London, N8 0PS

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Great food and drinks but the staff is abysmal. Finally found this local towed the end of our stay in London. Dropped in for dinner and we were ignored at the bar for 5 minutes. Finally, one of the patrons asked if we needed help and let us know the procedures of getting food. After being served the food my daughter noticed they did not include avocado on her burger and I got up and told the lady who had served us. She went to the kitchen and then came to our table and told me that the chef said he did put it on the burger. We showed her the food to prove that we weren't lying. She went back to the kitchen and plopped down a plate with a half avocado. No apology, no explanation. My daughter tried to cut the avocado and it was so hard that she could barely cut it, completely unripe. All on all, we had a good time due to the fun people and lively atmosphere. I just wish the people who worked there enjoyed their jobs (they weren't just surly with us but also when interacting with the locals).

3 by Review source

Definitely the lower end Wetherspoons Pound cheaper than other Wetherspoons food in the area but there is a reason. A mile away you have Mossy Well which is 4-5 star and in opposite direction Spouters Corner. 10 minutes walk. That’s about as polite as I can review this place. It serves cheap beer
Update: I always go back to make sure It isn’t a mistake. Same same same even the staff hate working here. A barman came and collected the glasses at my table. totally blanked me when I thanked him.” I was alone at the time” Stood at the bar TEN minutes on arrival “ it wasn’t busy” he went for his dinner “ saw him collect his dinner from kitchen” and left the new guy clueless on who to serve next. Avoid unless your really skint.

1 by Simon Day Review source

Crack heads selling stolen goods in the pub drug dealers openly selling and using on premises the bar staff are badly trained and have an even worse attitude the treat the regulars who keep the pub afloat with naked contempt and when a customer takes umbridge to being like crap by jumped up barstaff with an over inflated idea of they're station they get barred and the manager James encourages all of the above with his smirky apathetic smug attitude towards running a bar,I've heard rumours it's being closed....fingers and toes crossed while in a wooden box

1 by Review source

I love the staff there especially Tony as the manager is very nice guy. When I feel like to go out for a beer or something to eat I feel so happy to move into the Tollgate. All the staff there have a very positive attitude when I'm attending the bar. Even if there is a lot of people waiting they select everybody equally which I am so happy with. I feel as a with Witherspoon spoon everybody needs
whether they are a deputy Manager Duty Manager team leader they all are acting within

5 by Chay Smart Review source

The beer is cheap (relatively speaking that is - relative to today's prices. Now, back in the day...blah blah...night home...blah blah....change from a fiver...) and the WiFi works, so I can listen to some metal (and the occasional foray into baroque) And no one moans about, nor counts the pints, how much I drink. What more could one want...burrrp!!!

5 by Review source

A locals pub. Yes it does have some characters but that gives that warm inviting feel and the opportunity to view a microcosm of London Life. Good beers and prices. Very freiendly staff who take tine to get to know you. My partber and I are very happy to new have becone established regulars. My advice? Come and take a slice of London home with you.

4 by Review source

This was a pleasant surprise, I didn't realise the pub was so spacious and had a big restaurant style eating area, also was very impressed with the real log fire, and free continuous refills of tea and coffee, the breakfast was great such fantastic value I had the veggie option and was not disappointed. Will definitely be a regular here

5 by Review source

Great selection of real ales and fantastic weekly food nights (the buffalo wings on 'Wing it Wednesday' being the highlight) at the low prices Wetherspoons are famous for. Whilst the clientele are more of the old / lonely / alcoholic variety, the staff are really friendly making it the best pub in the Turnpike Lane area.

5 by Review source

What HAS happened to the service in this pub? It’s been different for a few months now but i held off a review just in case it was a blip. Service at the bar is slow, unfriendly and with a can’t be arsed attitude.
It looks like a different management team to me. I really miss the old bar staff.

2 by Richard Harris Review source

Great local pub. Food is excellent as well as the service. Crowd is a good mix of locals and friendly. It does get crowded but I usually have no trouble finding a table. I love using the weatherspoon app to order and pay instead of walking up to the bar. Excellent prices for food and drink.

5 by Fernando Parra Review source

I come here every Tuesday for steak since ages, and I always had the best steak here, if I have to compare it with all the other wetherspoon in North NorthWest and central London where I had the opportunity to go to. Chips especially are delicious and perfectly fried.

4 by Gianluca Simone Review source

It was a bit odd to see so many middle aged men drinking at 11am, but there they were. Iain and I decided to get breakfast anyway and take advantage of the cheap Wetherspoons pricing. Unfortunately the service was a hit or miss, but the food was still good.

3 by Katherine Poole Review source

Hit and miss with service. None if the staff smile unless you are a regular and you will certainly be served after regulars too.
Food ok as are prices but the staff really need to realise that without customers they have no jobs.

2 by Review source

Probably my favourite place in London! Good prices, nice food, amazing staff (Joan you are the best my dear!) that always have a nice smile for you, and full of crazy people who makes my evenings even funnier! Love it!

5 by Review source

It's a weatherspoons pub: cheap drink and food which is acceptable. It has odd lighting towards the back. Don't go to admire the beautiful architecture or locals (you won't get it) go for the cheap liquid

3 by Mark Robinson Review source

The food is the only thing nice in the place. The fat man that can't sing and always sings anyway while the barmen tell him to stop but he carries on anyway. Every day . Just bar him and it would of been a 4

1 by Review source

Old fashioned town centre, high street pub with lots of inside space and some outdoor tables set just off of the road. Beer was good when I visited. Close to Morrison and bus stops for a break from shopping.

4 by Lester Muirhead Review source

The cheapest Wetherspoons around & the service is the quickest...the garden is on the front of turnpike lane but it's got a fence with hedges & plants the friendly atmosphere makes up for it x

3 by Annette Sharpe Review source

Massive Wetherspoon pub family friendly although most of the clientele are the local pensioners. The best pub manager in the region and extremely welcoming and friendly staff. The food is always lovely.

4 by Chama Nachula Review source

Standard Spoons pub. One of the few area pubs that are crowded on a Friday night. Can sometimes get a bit rowdy towards the end of the night but staff are generally good at keeping things orderly.

3 by Tobias Moon Review source

Like all Wetherspoons, great value food & drink with a vast range of beers. Compared with other Wetherspoons pubs, It's very dark in there but probably great for Halloween night!

4 by Ydna Samoht Review source

Very popular pub. Prices are reasonable. Varied selection of ales and lagers. Noisy and busy (Friday), sometimes takes a long time to get served. Plenty of seating inside and out.

3 by Review source

Not friendly and some rude customers in there, especially if you go with a lady. Avoid unless you just want a quick drink otherwise there's no need to go here

1 by Daniel Waschilowski Review source

New in the menu, pulled beef burger. I like the idea of the coffee refilling system. I can see many of the customers has now drinking coffee instead of alcohol .

4 by yeeha Wongi Review source

Very nice place. The staff are polite. Great food.
We stayed with two kids (3 and 6 years old) who immediately brought the burger to them with more chips.

5 by andrea maniscalco Review source

Ok it's not posh but this is a big, roomy pub with loads of good beers, good prices, masses of space, different people, friendly and genuine and welcoming.

5 by Matthew Bradby Review source

One of the reasons the 'Spoons gets a bad name. Lots of locals having fun but if you don't live round 'ere it'll seem like a bit of a hole.

2 by Tim Mustoe Review source

Nice on the inside, good food and good beer. We occasionally pop in for breakfast or lunch. It's a good weatherspoons chain. Definitely a local spot.

4 by Pablo Savva Review source

New staff (or a new policies?) are strange :-D
I agree the changes...but will I have to run my food from the kitchen to my table, 'tomorrow' ?

4 by Review source

Standard Wetherspoons with a good range of beers but the service is apalling. One barman was rude, unhelpful and agressive with several of our party.

2 by Andrew Gill Review source

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