Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve - Edinburgh

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Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ

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This is a great place to go for a walk which can also incorporate a further walk up either blackford hill or braid hill, and there's an excellent new cafe at the entrance to the hermitage walk. It can get very slippy if icy so be careful but a great walk which can integrate with other walls in the area. Beautiful wooded areas as well and lots of places to explore nearby, would recommend as a good day trip with children or an afternoon walk. Also check out the nearby braid hills hotel which has great views from their restaurant and decking area.

Walking from the hermitage you also have access to Morningside nearby which had loads of wee ships to wander around in, and a number of excellent cafes and restaurants. You could also walk from the hermitage of braid to the observatory at the top of blackford hill and from there into newington-a decent walk but really stunning views from the top of blackford hill and then beautiful architecture as you walk to newington. There are steps and it's quite steep going up blackford but anyone who is reasonably fit shouldn't have any bother. Hope this is helpful but just enjoy walking in the beautiful surroundings created for us to enjoy!

5 by Andy Loz Review source

Blackford Hill, The Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Pond are located just past Morningside and before the Braid Hills.

For a city walk, however, it is surprisingly rural with only a little over 100 yards of road along the way.I like to walk up Hermitage Road and enter the walk at the western side of the Hermitage walk. The Braid Burn gurgles though a deep wooded glen before the steep slopes of Blackford Hill are revealed. And it is only when the top is reached that the sight of Edinburgh laid out in front is there to marvel at.

The other five hills can also be seen - Calton Hill, Castle Rock, Corstorphine Hill, Craiglockhart Hill and the Braid Hills, not to mention Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Craggs. It really is hard to believe you are in a capital city.

The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh is located near the summit and at the bottom of the Hill Blackford Pond is home to many birds and a play park. I love climbing up the hill on an evening and watching the sun set over the city.

5 by Carol Wilkin Review source

You’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to romantic spots in Edinburgh, but one that really stands out is Blackford Pond. Swans glide elegantly across the pond as you follow the winter sun in and out of the trees. It is a truly beautiful place.

Make sure you have your hiking boots on as once you’ve seen the swans, climbing to the top of the hill is a must. You will come out at the top of Blackford Hill, near the Royal Observatory, where you can see across the whole of Edinburgh. You’ll be left speechless. Once you reach the top, I recommend curling up with your loved one on a blanket and take in the views. With the city at your feet, it’s all incredibly romantic.

5 by Chiara Pannozzo Review source

We had a little Sunday stroll below the hill in the woods. Lovely scenery and a brilliant place to walk your dog although if it's been raining take a towel for your dog! This is a popular place for dog walkers, if you are scared of dogs then not the place for you. Wear good walking boots as some place can be a bit muddy and dress in appropriate warm clothes with the seasons. The cafe on the corner is great with plenty outdoor seating with shelter from the rain. If you have plenty layers of warm/waterproof clothing then it's lovely to sit outside with your hot drink.

5 by Review source

Oh, and so beautiful! My favourite view of the city of Edinburgh. I love the parking (free) so that you don't have to walk up the hill. I spent a quiet afternoon there enjoying the view, and a slight breeze on a warm day and seeing various walkers, and dog walkers, and family groups etc as they strolled by. Don't expect loo facilities or an ice cream van. Do expect gorse bushes and a viewpoint.

5 by Serena Lindsay Review source

Easy parking out front and a delightful wee cafe at the entrance to the nature reserve, Hermitage of Braid is great for a stroll or for walking the dog. A beautiful little stream and weir as well as some of the most pretty cherry blossom trees in the blossoming season. See also the permanent and specific exhibitions at the headquarters regale building, 7 minutes walk from the entrance.

4 by Kathy Muir Review source

Amazing beauty spot within the city limits. Walk for miles without worrying about traffic while viewing kingfishers on the water, unusual rock and geological structures, craggy hills and leafy dells. Popular with horseriders, dog walkers - and golfers (bordered by four separate courses). Panoramic views of the city - and a long way beyond - from both Braid Hill and Blackford Hill.

5 by Review source

Visit here regularly with my family and also run here on my own. Excellent selection of paths from paved and flat along the Braid & by the pond, to much more demanding routes up Blackford Hill and along the wooded ridges either side of the Braid. Fantastic views of the city, Firth of Forth, Braid Hills & Pentland Hills from the top of Blackford Hill.

5 by brendan paddy Review source

My all time favourite hill in Edinburgh. Great views over the castle, Arthur's Seat, the Pentland Hills, the forth and east Lothian. Great place to play for kids and grown-up kids alike. Quite steep to get up there, with access to and from two sides of town. If you then get down towards Morningside the trails around the forest and the pond are lovely.

5 by Lara Campana Review source

Lovely area to walk or run. The hill is quite steep and wild but there are more sheltered and gentle walking down in the hermitage. Very popular with dog walkers. On the North side is a duck pond where a very small playground it sited - only really off use for entertaining small children for a limited time! There are many types of bird in the area.

5 by Tim Keen Review source

Here's an old poem about Blackford Hill, I think it's by Sir Walter Scott in Marmion.

'Blackford, on whose uncultured breast,
among the broom and thorn and whin,
a truant boy, I sought the nest,
or liss'd while I lay at rest,
while rose on breezes thin
the murmur of the city crowd.'

5 by Green Ranger Review source

The views from the top of Blackford Hill are fabulous, giving a panorama of Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat/Salisbury Crags. To the north beyond Edinburgh you can see the Firth of Forth, and the Pentland and other hills to the south. In mid May the gorse is in flower with vast swathes of yellow on all the surrounding hills. A lovely place!

5 by Leslie Jones Review source

Excellent park near city centre. Beautiful walks. Central house with ranger information and visitor centre. Lovely river through the middle. Some interesting wooden structures scattered through for kids. Access both ends morningside and liberton. Parking free on street at both ends. Cafe now at the lodge at morningside entrance.

5 by Susan Dunn Review source

Blackford hill on its own is a lovely place. A nice gentle walk takes you to the summit, where there are beautiful views of Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside.
Add to that the wooded valley with the Braid burn running through it that leads from there to the Hermitage you have one of the nicest walks in Edinburgh.

5 by Owen Thomas Review source

Love this place. Open hill with great views over the city (&you can park v near the top if you're feeling lazy!), A river walk through beautiful Forrest, an old golf course you can wander through and a cafe with a wood fired pizza oven and cake. What more could you want?! One of my favourite places in Edinburgh

5 by Review source

Stunning views of the Fourth, bridges, Arthur's Seat and the city of Edinburgh. Great spot to go for a stroll right here in the city. It gets really windy so dress warm. Dogs and people come for walks in the sun, rain and snow. Be careful of the icey steps on your up and down.

5 by Brianna Barrett Review source

There's no better to way to spend a summer night than with a picnic or barbecue on Blackford Hill. With the best view of the city, you can watch the sunset over Edinburgh and then stargaze next to the observatory. A quiet, pretty and relaxing place to sit or take a walk.

5 by Cat Morley Review source

Great place for a Sunday walk with friends and family. Kid friendly too and there's a kids area at the end of it with slides etc.
Gives you a feeling of being in the countryside without having to go too far from the city. Close to local pubs too for a bite after.

5 by Review source

A nice wooded walk wiith a river on one side and hills on the other. It takes you from Morningside to near Cameron Toll. There is a nice cafe at the Morningside entrance. Good for dog walking and children to run around. Has a Heritage center and an old Ice storage cave.

4 by Review source

Excellent area of town to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Great walks of various distances make it often frequented by family and dog owners. One of my go to places to get a spectacular panoramic view of the city and across to Fife on a clear day.

5 by Thomas McAdam Review source

I often walk through the hermitage of Braid and I always thoroughly enjoy it. The trees and the stream that runs though it are absolutely beautiful ☺ There is a little cafe at the end that sells lunch, hot drinks and cakes which I often go to with my daughter.

5 by Sophie Medrano Review source

Lovely part of town. Like a country escape in the heart of Edinburgh, this is a great place for a quiet walk around the large pond.

Feed the ducks, roam in the woods, or follow the path up Blackford Hill for some stunning views over the city.

5 by Jim Kiralfy Review source

Great place for a casual walk if you live or work nearby. Promises a wonderful overview of the City of Edinburgh from the south on a nice day. The Royal Observatory is a bonus. The only problem is that the grass slope can be a bit slippery after rain.

4 by Chun Lin Review source

Easy access for those living in Edinburgh, with easy walks around the hermitage and Blackford pond, for those with a little more energy Blackford hill offers great views across Edinburgh and the Forth. Great for night time views across the city

4 by Nicholas Cross Review source

It's a great place for either a short stroll to the duck pond or a longer wander through the woods or up the hills. If you're up for the climb (there are stairs, just lots of them) the views over Edinburgh are lovely.

5 by Chris Stratford Review source

One of Edinburgh's best kept green spaces, lovely way to escape the city and enjoy a walk amongst nature, it has it all, streams, forest, lawns, flowers an hills. Great to be shared by cyclists and dog walkers all year.

5 by Benjamin Eayrs Review source

Great wee walk up the hill. Stairs are a killer but great view at the top. Also a great walk through the forest on the southwest side of the hill with loads of little paths leading off the main one to adventure down

5 by Review source

A great place to go for a walk at any time of the year. My kids love exploring the trails and enough to keep them stimulated for ages. Also a great place to take your dog for a walk, always plenty of dog walkers.

5 by Jonathon Fowler Review source

River, hills, woods, lake. Every time I went there I discovered new treks. It's amazing that almost within city boundary such wilderness exists. Perfect for dogs. They love jumping in and out of water.

5 by Saurabh Singh Review source

Lovely local reserve, good mix of multi level woodland, paved paths, streams and you can walk up Blackford hill for a view of the city. The herb garden is worth checking out if you're into plants too.

5 by Roy Schuller Review source

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