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Having been back a few times, I thought I would revise my review. I really like the concept of Carve: easy to order through their systems, quick service, friendly staff, well cooked meats, but a few issues means it falls a little short.

The portions are small. You can upsize them, but you still have small sides. When I have ordered the beef, it's been cold, which isn't hugely appetising and the sweet potato fries have been cold and crunchy, and that just doesn't work. Essentially, what I am saying is it seems close to delivering everything that you would expect from it, but somehow falls a little short in a few ways all at the same time: small portions, cold, lacking a little in flavour. Of everything I have tried, the pork belly bun is the best, but I feel the menu needs a little bit of work still before this place really hits the point where it needs to be. It seems they are working hard on changing and improving things, so I will keep coming. If anything, if you're not very hungry, it's great value.

3 by Mike George Review source

Friendly staff and good food, what's not to like? We were a tiny bit skeptical when we came. After all, I never heard of this place before but we were looking for a quick bite that is warm food and this looked decent from the outside. We ordered via the Kiosk which could have been simpler but a staff was there who made things clear. Food was decently priced and we ordered three beef brioche burgers. We were advised by the staff that they are going to be medium rate. We said it was fine but inside I was skeptical whether they can pull off a proper medium rare burgers. Most places either leave it too raw or just make it well done. To my delight it was perfectly done and the medium burgers tasted great. We were given choice of suace and I went for honey mustard which I loved. I definitely recommend this place. Next time I will probably add extra beef portions.

5 by M Ashraful Anam Review source

I went here for my first time today as part of meal pal and I will certainly not be rushing back anytime soon.

The customer service was shocking, there was a lady who I can only assume was new and she was brilliant. However her colleagues one who I assume was her manager was rude and was swearing in front of a number of customers. One man said and I quote 'f*** this station' and walked off. The other man (who is presume was the manager) insisted on me showing my meal pal code to him despite the nice lady explaining to him I had shown it to her. If you don't trust your employees why employ them?

Hats of to the lady if I was being sworn at in a working environment I would not be there for long.

1 by Review source

Positive: Good and healthy food, big enough portions and friendly staff
Negative: Weird concept of ordering, where someone has to lead you through the process first time. In 10 minutes while we were there, at quiet time, there were 4 customers of whom 2 left as they didn't understand how to order. One succeeding was thanks to being noticed by staff and one was a repeat customer. Even with keeping the same concept they could add more explanations to these touchscreens. Selection of meals is quite small as well - four possible options, all called protein pots in menu. (If you don't like horseradish, don't select salted beef)
Probably won't visit again.

3 by Review source

We've been going to Carve for lunch every now and then since it first opened as it's very close to our office and we all love it! The breakfast is hearty and gives you a great start to your day, the lunches are generously sized given the price and the pancakes are awesome as well! The meat is always freshly prepared and tastes delicious!
The staff has always been kind and helpful, and with seating available it's also a good place for our team lunch every odd month.
Can only recommend giving Carve a try, you won't regret it!

5 by Review source

Been there in the morning and asked for worker's breakfast as it was recommend from the manager!
I've told him that I'm hungry and being a big guy I needed quite a solid portion!
I'm disappointed as the eggs had their whites raw and 100% these are not free range as is stated (yolk had a very pale yellow) and the quantity is not anywhere near what I expected (few beans, half tomato, half mushroom, 2 small bacon rashers, 3 thin slices of sausage and 2 raw pouched eggs)
I wouldn't go back!

1 by Review source

I have been to this establishment a number of times and it used to be a decent place. However, recently I am getting smaller and smaller portions on the meat. Not only that, the small patch of meat given is 2 out of 3 times mostly fat! Not the best idea for a healthy diet.

I held on until today, when I decided to pay £2.95 for extra meat. The person serving gave me a normal portion. Only when I questioned, did he go 'Oh yeah' and gave me 3 (4cm x 1cm) pieces extra - THAT for 3 quid, is the final straw!

1 by Review source

Got a Deliveroo delivery and I can see how this could be a good place, I found the food a bit poor.

Delivery took only 15 mins, but the sweet potato fries were luke warm. Beef was meant to be cooked medium rare, but it was cooked medium well and was pretty tough to chew. Halloumi was Luke warm. Salad was packaged with the warm meat meaning the lettuce, tomato and cucumber were warm and slightly wilted. Wrong drink was given, however I couldn't be bothered getting a replacement.

3 by Review source

Lunch time service is appallingly slow! Work behind the counter is badly organised. It is supposed to be efficient conveyor belt & separate station workflow in theory, but in practice, does not work , especially if there are 6 people doing each others work and not communicating properly. All this happening in front of the amused clients.
For the same roast beef&Quinoa box opposite in Tesco, I can spend 5 min in a 100 meters queue. Here I spend 10 min in a queue of 4 people!!

1 by Review source

Love the place, amazing vibe, great customer service, will definitely be returning soon. Not too pricey considering the location also.
Food cooked to a lovely standard.
The beef melted in my mouth as well as the pork.
I heard they also have opened their bar which is fantastic can't wait to go and enjoy a nice cold one there after work.
5* hands down.

5 by Review source

I've been going here at least twice a week since it opened earlier this year, but recently the portions have shrunk massively. Today my pot was only half filled with just two small slices of beef and a few chips, so I actually had to go and get a sandwich from the supermarket afterwards. At £7 a pop it's no longer value for money so won't be going again. Shame

1 by Review source

Simply well cooked meat with interesting side dishes served in one container. Easy ordering system with one set price then off to the counter to select from the four options. Roast turkey, roast pork, roast beef and salt beef, all with various side dishes. They also serve breakfast but i haven't tried it. Nice seating area and no extra charge for eating in.

4 by shai zach Review source

This has good potential: the meats are tasty and properly cooked. The selection is pretty good.

However, they are trying a novel service approach which should make offering easy and fast which it is. The staff however don't seem to be on the same page.

It will get sorted and when it does they will go up a star. Worth giving it a try.

3 by Alan Perestrello Review source

Great little place. Was my first trip and I'll definitely be going back. Ordering system is electronic but easy to use. Portion size was great. I had the lamb which was tender, slightly pink and full of flavour. Staff could not have been more welcoming and friendly. Water jugs on all the tables. Look forward to trying the rest of the menu!

5 by Sonia Fletcher Review source

Very good concept but the food is too rare. Ordered the beef as take out and it was extremely pink, I made the mistake in not going back to request something else. I ate it and got really bad food poisoning. If you're getting your food you take away double check it in case it's too rare. Won't be going back there.

1 by Review source

I asked for meat-free options and the only thing I've been proposed was halloumi which I cannot eat since I'm dairy intolerant. At the end I got some sweet potato fries literally loaded with chilli and some orzo pasta with way too much parsley which ended up having cheese - so it made also sick.

1 by Review source

I really like this place for lunch. Price wise it's above average but the flavours are really good. My personal favourite being the roast beef and sweet potatoe fries. The decor is casual with a a few areas you can sit.

Always enjoy going here when I'm in the area.

5 by Scott Christian-Lim Review source

The restraunt is amazing. I come here on lunch at work and there's rarely a queue and the meat quality is so high and the range is brilliant. the Price point is reasonable to high but the portion size and quality well males up for it. would recommend to any meat eaters.

5 by Review source

Beautiful food, clever concept, cute staff, served quickly in trendy surroundings, what more could a hungry girl want...! Jerk turkey is all mine, and the right side of hot, with a scotch bonnet sauce that tickles and tantalises even the most difficult of palettes.

5 by Review source

Just found this place while on a day trip around London. It's amazing. The food is really tasty and the portions are good and filling. They staff are friendly and helpful. Will come here again next time we are in London. Just need one to open in Liverpool!

5 by Victoria Downie Review source

Food is not warm enough
Side dishes taste like they have been reheated + waiting for hours
Slow service
No real chance to customise the dish you get to suit your own tastes
Feels over-priced
Won't be visiting again

1 by Review source

Good meat. Medium sized portions. Seriously let down by a lack of choice when it comes to the base dish.

Mac 'n' cheese is a garbage dish for garbage people. Don't serve it with otherwise good pork belly.

3 by Peter Arnold Review source

Simple but healthy and delicious options. Good concept and better than most other fast food restaurants. Portions are not big but enough. The turkey option is particularly good. I also recommend their spiced drinks that they offer.

4 by sarhang hars Review source

Love the place and the vibe! Food is great, they serve the food in front of you, the meat is so good and tender full of flavour , as well is a easy place to go ans enjoy there or if you are in a rush you could definitely take away.

5 by Review source

Really like this concept! Great protein heavy options, with great meat quality. Every time i've gone now, the owner is always around, helping customers out and making sure customers are happy. What a lovely touch!

5 by Mariam French Review source

I went into Carve for lunch on 8 June. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the computerised menu. But the food is great. Really good quality beef and perfectly cooked. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.

5 by Review source

Has potential. BUT the food is over-priced for the portion size, and due to slow staff is served luke warm. Lower the price/increase the portion size and hire more efficient staff - you'll have more customers!

2 by Review source

Always enjoy lunch here better quality than anything the area has to offer, becoming very popular now with the locals. Beautifully seasoned prime meat carved fresh , I wish more city concepts were on this level !

5 by Review source

THIS. IS. DELICIOUS!!! Their beef is just melting in your mouth, the staff is brilliant and even the owner comes to say hi to you and check if everything is good. Will come back many times!!!

5 by Rad Did Review source

Really good quality food and very tasty ! I could eat here every day ! Love the jerk chicken and pork belly ! One of my favourite places to eat in the area. Highly recommend

5 by Review source

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